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  1. Yakball Concepts

    I love the name, it's super original. I'm a huge fan of the Purple uniform, but for me Gold just doesn't work as a uniform color.
  2. Yakball Concepts

    That is awesome! Love the double blue!
  3. Yakball Concepts

    GSK, Rolls-Royce, HSBC, Lloyds, British Airways, Standard Life or BP. On another note, Sheffield is awesome. I love the way you worked the steel motif into the design, connecting the city to the steel industry, even if the name was taken. Great Job!
  4. Yakball Concepts

    Magpies looks great. I think Newcastle United would look great in those kilts, nevermind a team in a Yakball League. My only gripe in that in the main crest, the Upon just looks wierd. It is designed well, it just kind of makes it seem less like a sports logo, and more like a website logo.
  5. Yakball Concepts

    The Edinburgh crest is unreal! And the color scheme is really original, I love the whole identity, especially the sublimated Scottish lion on the field.