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  1. Hahaha I love the RT shoutout on the back of the Austin jerseys! Really, really nice as well, especially the clash kit. Never thought I'd say that about gradients...
  2. Probably one of the nicest concept series I've seen since Yakball.
  3. These are awesome. Nice to see some African soccer to get some love on these boards.
  4. I love the name, it's super original. I'm a huge fan of the Purple uniform, but for me Gold just doesn't work as a uniform color.
  5. That is awesome! Love the double blue!
  6. Oh, and, I downloaded this a little while ago, but I found the link. Thanks mate.
  7. GSK, Rolls-Royce, HSBC, Lloyds, British Airways, Standard Life or BP. On another note, Sheffield is awesome. I love the way you worked the steel motif into the design, connecting the city to the steel industry, even if the name was taken. Great Job!
  8. Magpies looks great. I think Newcastle United would look great in those kilts, nevermind a team in a Yakball League. My only gripe in that in the main crest, the Upon just looks wierd. It is designed well, it just kind of makes it seem less like a sports logo, and more like a website logo.
  9. The Edinburgh crest is unreal! And the color scheme is really original, I love the whole identity, especially the sublimated Scottish lion on the field.
  10. Shows that I watch over and over again: Community - One of the most creative and witty shows I can ever remember. Easily the best on TV right now (however long that's going to be). Pure brilliant. Well acted too. Arrested Development - Just a really f-in funny show. Sons of Anarchy - I think Charlie Hunnam is a beast and my favorite drama on TV right now. So stoked for the new season. Breaking Bad - One of the more popular ones on these boards, but there's a reason for that Other shows I'm currently into Hell on Wheels Mad Men South Park That 70's Show The Office (US) Parks & Recreation The IT Crowd Also I think The Big Bang Theory is really boring and predictable now. It's like stupid jokes about smart things, while Community or AD make smart jokes about stupid things.
  11. Alright, so I just started University earlier this month, and there is this really cute girl in one of my classes. I got up the nerve to talk to her once, and things went well, but I didn't grab her number then and haven't talked to her in a week now, even though I have seen her in class. I'm not usually like that, High School girls were much less intimidating. What's a brother to do?
  12. It's great really. It's a logo that I think is what the Texans would have used had they not relocated and works great with your theme. Very well done to mimic the Chiefs current logo, but stands alone as a great logo by itself. As for the uniforms, they look good, but I do think red would look better both with your theme of the alternate history, and aesthetically.
  13. Like all the other designs it's beautiful, clean and represents the country well. I love the logo, but the stripes on the home jersey look a bit odd. I would move the piping up a bit so it meets at the collar, in the front at least. I guess you could move the piping on the away set as well, for symmetry.
  14. Hey man, if your still doing these could I get the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Rangers FC, South Carolina Gamecocks football, Germany national soccer team and the WHA Era Winnipeg Jets? If so thank you tons, if not it's all good, I understand that you are very busy.