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  1. Name That Font!

    Does anybody know what font is being used to display "Los Angeles" right above Good Morning America At The Oscars?
  2. 2011 MLB Postseason

    Thank you, Red. As for Frank TV, according to Wikipedia it lasted only 2 seasons, and 15 episodes. In other words it was only slightly more successful than the Geico-inspired Cavemen spinoff show. But I agree, thank God they cut out the 15,000,000 advertisements concerning the show. If a station has to pump up a show that much, you should already know it's bad.
  3. 2011 MLB Postseason

    Usually not. I'm a very combative person.
  4. 2011 NFL Season

    Well, obviously there's some skill involved, as you mentioned. It's just that, in all fantasy sports, football in particular, if you score an average of 120-130 points in your league on a weekly basis, but you go up against others who put up say, 150-170 points, week in and week out on you, it's very clear that fantasy football is certainly more luck-based than skill-based. Besides, you can never actually play defense against your opponents offense (at least, I've not heard of one like that before) you only score points based off of your team defense or individual defensive players. So more or less, I don't mean, any idiot can win in fantasy football, but simply that, you can have a great roster, the matchups, and still be unlucky. Furthermore, I'm shocked that Miami isn't looking to David Garrard to replace Chad Henne. I mean, the man is a serviceable quarterback, and would do fairly well with the weapons that they have there.
  5. 2011 MLB Postseason

    Hell, that's what I do all the time if my team isn't in it. About the only two sports I'll watch even if my team is eliminated is football and hockey, but that's because I like those sports more. To the "rather quite pathetic" comment, I've always found that whether it's sports-related or not, people who just root for someone to fail show a severe lack of character on many levels. I mean, take the New York Yankees, or an individual player like LeBron James... do I root for them to win? No. Do I care if they lose? No. I simply don't tune in regardless, because I have better things to do with my time, since my life will not drastically change depending on whether they win or lose. But yes, I get the point you're trying to make, and that you're one of those people.
  6. Rays Attendance Woes

    Wishful thinking... but I'd love to see them in San Antonio.
  7. Denver Broncos Get Approval for Orange from the League

    I'm not a fan of the modern helmet and pants stripes being mixed with a more retro-based look like that, but everything else is indeed beautiful.
  8. NFL uni combos you'd like them to try...

    Well, to be honest, the orange pants might their jersey pop more, compared to when they wear their typical white pants and their entire set seems to be missing an element. I grew up when Cleveland did wear the orange pants, and since their helmet is mostly orange, I think it fits them well. Plus, and this isn't a dig at Cleveland or Browns fans, but it's not like the Browns have won anything since 1964, so you might as well look good, even if you're not that good as a football team.
  9. THE Video Game Thread

    Let me guess, you're not a fan of level-grinding, or filling out the bestiary, right?
  10. 2011 NFL Season

    That's because it's baseball compared to football. Unless your player essentially sucks the entire year (think Ubaldo Jimenez) you're not going to read about it, or see it, like you can with fantasy football. Which once again, doesn't provide it's players with enough opportunities to make a consistent impact. Now, if the NFL was a 68-game season, then the issues you listed above probably wouldn't mean as much. Besides, I agree with Arian Foster going off on Twitter, because a bunch of fantasy nerds were trying to contact him about how he was feeling, it's not like he's the only runningback out there people. EDIT: Exactly, niners. You tend to pay attention to teams you might otherwise not with fantasy football, and it's interesting to follow a variety of teams development or regression, but I'm glad people haven't reached the point where Cam Newton is considered a better quarterback than Tom Brady, because he puts up more fantasy points. I mean, I hope the general sports fan would understand that there's a difference between Madden, Fantasy, and you know, the actual NFL.
  11. THE Video Game Thread

    That's your problem though. Anytime you replay an rpg, or in this case an action-rpg, it's going to feel more tedious doing everything the second time around. Seriously though, no one on here is excited about that game coming out. Or is this case of "it's too popular, therefore it sucks" mindset? Speaking of games, has anyone heard of when EA will provide a jersey patch for the Jets, or are they going to be the Winnipeg Shields this year?
  12. 2011 MLB Postseason

    No offense, but you wasted your time with your reply to mine, since the individual I'm talking about is clearly a fan of the Boston-based teams (look at his signature.) Therefore if he's focusing more on his hatred of one team than the other good teams he has to cheer for, it's rather quite pathetic.
  13. 2011 NFL Season

    Yeah, but fantasy baseball is way different from fantasy football. Beyond the obvious, I've seen a team consisting of Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, and Antonio Gates go 4-10 during the regular season. The guy couldn't catch a break and got screwed by everyone having a career week against him. Fantasy Football is a lot more luck-based than skill-based. Sometimes you can get lucky on the waiver wire, but you can't really compare knowing the stats in football to baseball, because of the amount of games, and the formulas used in Moneyball couldn't be applied to football, unless you're focusing on attempts/targets, which once again can screw you because football is less a one-on-one game like baseball is. Beyond that, to me I consider it a male-bonding experience. You do it with some buddies at work, sometimes give each other crap, but it's the typical 10% that make everyone look bad.
  14. 2011 NFL Season

    I think you're being a bit extreme there, Lights Out. Sure, it's great when your fantasy team or teams win. But really most fantasy owners don't take it to that level. At least from the people I play it with, (we treat it as just icing on the cake, on top of our "real" teams winning.) Personally, I think ESPN and other networks cater to it because it's now more normal to engage in fantasy sports than it was ten years, and certainly prior to the internet.