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  1. I've read that WWE will never come back to Safeco because they thought people didn't buy Mania 19 on PPV due to the city. It's weird too, because the card that year included Rock/Austin, Brock/Angle, and Hogan/McMahon. At the same time, though, it was as WWE was beginning its nadir post-Attitude era (but for real). Would anyone be so incredibly petty or stupid to not buy a show because of the city it's hosted from?
  2. Looking back in history, the weird Mania location was for 11. I know 1995 was a down year for WWF, but couldn't they have done better than Hartford? What was the thinking there? Also, as long as I'm looking back, Wrestlemania 2 (kind of), 7, 12, 16 and 21 were all in the LA area. 12, 16 and 21 are especially surprising given that they had such a hard time filling Mania 7.
  3. Oh cool. Nothing about increasing player safety. Glad to see their priorities are in place.
  4. It's been a while, but I remember a bunch of banners with Reds history as you enter the stadium area, and a Reds museum near the main entrance. Those and the usual plaques with Reds info. I also recall a base path out front, which (according to Wikipedia) represents the old Crosley Field. It's a cool place, and had a different vibe than other MLB parks I've been to.
  5. Tropicana Field is the absolute worst. It's ugly inside, it's ugly outside, and there's nothing (well, was nothing circa 2002) near the stadium, plus it -- like everything else in the Tampa/St. Pete area -- is 45 minutes away from everything else. Tear it down, move the team, and start somewhere better. I was just in LA and saw Dodger Stadium from the plane. Bummer that I couldn't see it in person; maybe next trip. I did go to Staples Center. My seats were awesome (110, row A), so my experience was likely atypical, but for a building that looks so intimidating on TV, it's actually pretty well appointed in person. Plus that they make the area unique for each tenant (Kings, Lakers, Clippers) is pretty impressive. And until I go someplace better, this remains my favorite place to have watched a game, and that's across all sports: Big league stadium, small league prices, and a focus on baseball that even made me -- a longtime lapsed baseball fan -- care about Reds history.
  6. And now he's the biggest movie star in the world. It's amazing.
  7. You're not going to put that on your head, are you? Buying lice on eBay seems like a bad deal.
  8. And yet, Roman Reigns.
  9. It's official: http://www.hottimeinoldtown.com/2017/3/20/14994460/bastian-schweinsteiger-to-cf97-its-happening
  10. "We're everything the NFL won't allow them to be. Their brand as much as our brand." Ha ha. GTFO. Good beginning on a conversation on health though, especially since the WWE -- after a grim 20 years denying -- has fully embraced concussion protocols and heart care in a way the NFL likely never will. I'd be more impressed if they paid for wrestlers' health insurance, but baby steps matter too.
  11. I worry that by the time I actually make it to DC and the United are playing, I'll miss seeing them at RFK. I have a real soft spot for outmoded stadiums, and RFK is a dying breed. I'd love to see a game there.
  12. I don't remember if it rained in Signs, but, that it could seems like an obvious plot hole. There's humidity in the air! So dumb.
  13. Indeed. I actually think The Ringer has turned a corner a bit. The Medium platform still sucks, but the Ringer has been finding its voice. It helps that Simmons is writing again.
  14. Signs was the stupidest. The Village was OK, but it came at that time when you saw an M Night Shyamalan movie wondering the entire time what the twist was going to be. The "gotcha!" gag only works so many times before it's a gimmick. I think The Village was where he wore himself out. I know that I haven't seen a Shyamalan movie since.
  15. There are two ways to get fans to have the intended reaction for Reigns: 1. Turn him heel. He'll be the most over heel on the roster immediately. People may cheer, but I think even smart fans would rather boo him. I think the biggest problem is they'd lose merchandise sales (Reigns is top three in the company). 2. Have him go an extended losing streak. The problem with Reigns is that you can't connect with him. At all. He generally doesn't show any vulnerability, and when he does, you know he's going to win (I didn't watch tonight; did he win?), so you can't get behind him. Even when Hogan was at his peak, he'd get the holy hell beat out of him between matches. So while he won all of his big angles, he got stretchered, knocked out, turned on, and otherwise showed his ass between matches. Reigns might take a big bump now and then, but he's always standing tall at the end of the show. It's the same problem they have with Stephanie now, and with Triple H years ago -- they just can't let the chosen few ever show real vulnerability. It's maddening. EDIT: Yikes.