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  1. These are good points.
  2. I'm sorry to have missed the game today. Chile is ranked 4th by FIFA right now, behind Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Should be Germany 1, Chile 2, right? Chile is killing it at international competitions.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that! Harrell is good; I like him. At least that's one positive for the Clippers.
  4. Wait, the Clippers could have had Melo, Griffin, Paul, Jordan, and Redick, and said no? Doc should be on his ass today too. Apparently the Rockets are pushing for Paul George too. I bet, like Butler, Indiana is more amenable to an offer that gets him out of the conference. Without playing the trade machine, maybe some variation of Ariza, Harrell, Capela and Anderson?
  5. They had a window but everyone got hurt at the wrong time. Itjust goes to show how important injury luck/maintenance is. The Warriors have been mostly healthy the last three years and have three conference titles and two championships to show for it. No one else in the West has kept bodies on the floor like they have.
  6. Did Doc make that decision? Does Paul get the supermax? Did anyone notice that Harden needs to be the primary ball handler to be successful? The Clippers are done. With a damn whimper too.
  7. Curtis Axel could easily ape the persona of Arn Anderson, which is basically what you're suggesting. The problem is that he has the personality of Brad Armstrong and I just don't see that changing. I do think WWE needs more guys who look less like dweebs and more like ass kickers, but Axel (and soooo many others) have been emasculated so many times on TV that it gets hard to take them seriously. With a haircut and a satin jacket, Axel could look awesome. But can he ever deliver outside of the ring?
  8. It must be frustrating that someone with no industry experience was more entertaining in five minutes than you've been in five years. If Curtis can take anything away, it should be: 1. Shave his damn head, and 2. Keep it shaven And then figure out a way to be entertaining. Of course, nothing excuses dropping N-bombs on live TV.
  9. I've watched clips of the Ball segment on RAW last night and thought it was a lot of fun. He's definitely making the most of his time in the spotlight and clearly knows how to spark a reaction. His kids seem to be having a good time too. Miz was a pro during the segment as well. He's really good at being a leader during those talking segments.
  10. Watching on FS1 now. Presentation is professional and it does a great job of avoiding some of the gimmicks that leagues like XFL and Jamballl had. Plus, it's cool to see that some of these guys -- like Kwame Brown -- still look pretty good. I'm not sure about the half-court setup, in part because it feels a little bit like I'm watching guys play 21 in NBA arenas (which I am). Early returns, to me, are positive. I'll be watching.
  11. I went to a retro gaming expo last week and some booth was selling an NES Classic for $500. :censored:s. There's no way Nintendo will make enough SNES Classics to satisfy demand. I do think there will be plenty of Genesis Classics (HDTV, wireless controllers, 40+ games) however, around. Nintendo's supply issues will be Sega's gain.
  12. That's a really good question. Threatened by change, I guess. The XFL was the best example of this. Everyone killed it, and I never really got why. Yes, it was goofy and McMahon is a buffon, but it also had some interesting ideas -- several of which have been incorporated into other pro sports. People hated the UFL too (that's gone, right?). More options for entertainment and more options for guys playing the sports seems the best outcome for everyone.
  13. Fair enough. I should have known better than to say any sort of prohibition was worth it. I think history shores that it generally doesn't work. The American opioid epidemic grinds my gears.
  14. A random redditor said today's Brooklyn show was a lot of fun. I do wish it was on TV live though; any "production" of it is likely to be very lame.
  15. Maybe, but there's no way you can actually know that.