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  1. Probably the perfect representative of this thread. All those great years in Phoenix in that terrible, terrible uniform.
  2. LeBron is a fun guy: https://streamable.com/jeg4c
  3. DG_Now

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I had no idea this ever happened. Or that he played until 2004! So which is Ward's correct uniform? This? Or this?
  4. DG_Now

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    That is really cool. MLS 3.0 is awesome.
  5. DG_Now

    The Sports Media Thread

    I wonder how it compared to the NBA Summer League final. Which is what I was watching instead.
  6. If he sits out he doesn't accrue a year of service, correct? That would just delay his free agency until 2020. At a certain point he needs to play basketball. I'm not sure what he thinks the NBA is actually all about.
  7. DG_Now

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    That seemed really clear to me. Croatia had some bad luck with the :censored: Riot thing and a corner that wasn't called a corner at the very end of the game, but France was clearly the better team. 4-2 is as clear a scoreline as anything.
  8. If any team didn't learn the lessons of Carmelo's trade to the Knicks, it probably would be the Lakers. Though if the Raptors are trading Kawhi mid-season, it's because it's been a total disaster and LA could then probably pick him up for peanuts.
  9. DG_Now

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Ah, got it. I thought so. I really liked their Nike kits. I hope they end up with something similar:
  10. At the same time, Kawhi is getting some very bad advice from a family member who seems to be in way over his head. Who the hell knows what Kawhi is going to do. I don't get the trade. On paper, it looks like a home run for Toronto. They didn't give up nearly what the ask was from LA. DeRozan is good but he clearly maxed out his potential for what he could do with the team. They'll miss his scoring, but Kawhi is an MVP-level player. Plus the Raptors are getting Danny Green in the deal (apparently?), so that's good for them. I don't think this pushes Toronto over Boston, but it may. Toronto has a great roster that just got better and they didn't lose Van Vleet or OG. Assuming Kawhi shows up and his head is on straight, Toronto will be very happy. Too bad there's no guarantee of any of that. Good luck San Antonio. They'll have a nice team, but they'll get fighting for an 8 seed all season long.
  11. DG_Now

    2018 MLB Season

    I have no idea how his comments will even play in baseball. The sports has seen a major demographic shift in its makeup over the past couple of decades and I'm not sure what audience or audiences it is even appealing to. I think an apology and everyone moving on is probably okay.
  12. DG_Now

    2018 MLB Season

    I think teenagers were self aware enough in 2012 to not post n-bombs. We had experience of social media meltdowns even then. And I think it's part of the game for all pro ball players to go back and clean up their social media. There's an industry for that service and everything. His agent probably should have given him a hand a while ago. I know you (and Bill Maher) aren't big fans of the outrage machine, and I share your concern that all of us can be othered out of existence. But at the same time, free speech isn't free, you know? The consequences for posting anti-gay and anti-everything tweets are pretty clear and have been for some time. On the topic of baseball, has the ASG become the baseball version of the NBA all star game? Do pitchers just not give a :censored:? Or are hitters that good?
  13. DG_Now

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Submitted to Adidas? I thought it was the other way around?
  14. LeBron already wore Lakers gear: $500 for those shorts! Adam Silver is probably so jealous.
  15. DG_Now

    2019 Copa America

    Brazil getting a lot of use out of those World Cup stadiums. Good for them.