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  1. DG_Now

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The idea that USL is a better product than MLS seems rooted more in contrarianism than in fact. USL is a valuable product, but can't ever compete financially with MLS. And it really shouldn't. In 20-40 years there may be a pathway to pro/relationship among the four American soccer leagues, and that seems like a reasonable goal. But that's about as close you can get to the idea of USL surpassing MLS.
  2. DG_Now

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    That's actually a really great idea for WWE.
  3. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    Maybe the QB has flag football rules. It would be great for pocket passers, though less so for running QBs. But for some reason, I feel people would be okay with that.
  4. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    "Roughing the passer" is this year's football move. Why don't we have roughing the receiver penalties? Or roughing the runner? Or roughing anyone? Why is Booger McFarland sitting on some random chair? What is this?
  5. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm guessing you haven't seen the plays in question?
  6. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    This is a bad sentiment at odd with physics. Games are played in real time and often officiated at half-speed. It ain't right.
  7. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm so old I remember when the Patriots started a season 2-2 and looked like crap through four games. Then they only lost one more the rest of the way until the Super Bowl and almost won that too.
  8. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    Bills win, Pat's lose. That's all I can ever hope for.
  9. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    The most devastating play in football: roughing the passer penalty. Soccer-style QB dives are going to become a thing, and really, you'd be dumb not to. If any QB feels a brush of contact they ought to hit the deck. It's just playing the percentages.
  10. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    The NFL and its officials' war against momentum is really something else. In addition to throwing a home run ball with a defensive offsides call, it seems like another good strategy might be for a QB to take an unblocked sack if it's just going to be a first down and 15 yards in your favor.
  11. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    2012 should have been transcendent -- Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden were picked in the first round. There were three Super Bowl-winning QBs in the draft though: Russell Wilson. Nick Foles and the legendary Brock Osweiler.
  12. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    I got to the game via Reddit. Josh Allen is looking great today. How?
  13. DG_Now

    2018 NFL Season

    Granted, I'm only watching the box score, but if I were officiating a game that had too much action on the home team -- even at -17 -- I would officiate it like this. That, or the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen have supplanted the Chiefs and Mahomes as the next great NFL dynasty.
  14. DG_Now

    The Sports Media Thread

    I'm not sure about the Ryen Rusilo podcast on the Ringer. I really enjoyed his guest shots on the BS pod, but his solo stuff is a little too cool for school.