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  1. I mentioned in my Bill Simmons thread that we could benefit from a sport media thread. Well here it is! This is where you discuss sports media, link to Awful Announcing stories, post Gus Johnson clips, and more. I've been looking for a place to discuss Gawker vs. Hogan, and this is good as any. After too many days' silence, Gawker finally spoke up: http://gawker.com/the-hogan-verdict-1766460791 If Hulk Hogan's penis is the hill they wanted to die on, they deserve what they can get. This is the exceptionally bad opinion from Nick Denton's post: "If only you hadn't read what we posted, we wouldn't be in this mess!" No one wanted to see Hulk Hogan have sex, and Heather Cole definitely didn't want the world to see her have sex. That Hogan is a public figure or that he said embarrassing racist things is irrelevant; there's no public right to know about the sex lives of others.
  2. That's not fun to watch.
  3. Zach Lowe re Chris Paul to the Spurs: "There's been a lot of rumblings about Chris Paul. I think that's real. I think there's mutual interest there." It'd sure be something to see Chris Paul play with a real NBA coach.
  4. Kyrie put on a damn show tonight and LeBron decided to play a 'lil bit. Nice win for Cleveland.
  5. Here's a treat: WCW jobber par excellence The Gambler against a misspelled Erik Watts....in 1999!!!
  6. WCW had the most endearing jobbers. There's no doubt about that.
  7. That's before my time, but it did remind me of a time when 2 guards would dominate from the inside. The Warriors showed that math and probability are more effective, but a guy going in and taking what he wants over and over will always be exciting. Of course, Kyrie loves Kobe, so there you go. Speaking of, I just finished the Brian Windhorst/Dave McMeniman book on the first two years of LeBron's return to the Cavs. Lots of stuff I already knew, but lots I didn't. Including that Kobe and Kyrie were chatting right after the game 7 win, as Kobe has always been Kyrie's idol. You can see it, obviously.
  8. You must be thinking of RAGE and KAOS -- HIGH VOLTAGE!!! In searching for that, I came across these other awesome WCWSN-era tag teams: State Patrol: Old-ass Rock N Roll Express: And of course the Super Barrio Bros (Why weren't they called that??) WCW fans:
  9. Kyrie taking over like it's 1997 is pretty exciting to watch. Some weird fouls in this game too. On both sides.
  10. It's time to see how powerful Dwayne Johnson really is as a box office draw. If he can make Baywatch happen, he can do anything.
  11. Here's my gift to WWE on some potential fun nicknames - Dancin' Dean Ambrose - Dangerous Dean Ambrose - The Lunatic Dean Ambrose (isn't that better?) - Bitter Baron Corbin (BBC LOL) - Superstar Seth Rollins - Irish Becky Lynch - Sam The Man Zayn - All Day Sami Zayn - All Day Apollo Crewes - Apollo Ocean Crewes - Jumping Jinder Mahal - Strongman Braun Strowman - Big Braun Strowman - Bearded Braun Strowman - Fighting Kevin Owens - Cannonball Kevin Owens - Roman The Pain Reigns - Pretty/Handsome/Gorgeous Tyler Breeze - Dirty Curt Hawkins - Karl The Duke Anderson - Luke The Hangman Gallows - Noam Steak Dar - Fit Dana Brooke - Bombshell Dana Brooke - English Aiden English - Scary Erick Rowan - Erick the Red Rowan - Daredevil Sin Cara - Zack Go Away Ryder Okay. So they're not all winners there and no serious performers is ever going to be "Dancing" or "Jumping." And maybe I'm a Chris Berman back. But isn't "The Man" better than "The Underdog from the Underground?" Or something to give someone like Dana Brooke or Sin Cara some personality?
  12. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine was a great wrestler nickname. I also thought Mr 1derful Paul Orndorff was pretty clever. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a good modernish nickname. The Phenom is another. Even Triple H's "the game" and "cerebral assassin" hold up pretty well. Are there any modern, WWE-developed nicknames that are working? I like the Phenomenal One AJ Styles, but he was already that. I'm sure there are good examples.
  13. I'd like WWE to cool it with the nicknames for a little bit. Vigilante! Architect! Viper! Modern Day Maharaja! Empire! Lunatic Fringe! It's so forced and comes off as phony as much of the rest of the product. You listen to any old time podcast (including the very good Edge and Christian one), and they constantly talk about the need for wrestlers to veer from the script and be themselves. It's so true. One thing I like about watching the older shows (late 80s/early 90s) is you can tell people are hitting bullets points but at least trying. Sometimes they get all tangled up on their words but so what? If you over script guys you lose a lot of opportunities for serendipity. WWE loves using organic moments in their video packages ("as God as my witness he is broken in half!") but they reduce their opportunity to create those moments by making everything feel so flat.
  14. We still have the answer to the question of "Can the Cavs win a playoff game when LeBron doesn't show up?" That was bad.
  15. I think they needed a new crop of "What the...?" reaction shots. That certainly did it. EDIT: I'm not sure if Jinder has more veins or back zits. So gross.
  16. That's a good point. "CM PUNK!" is code for "WE DON'T LIKE WHAT WE"RE SEEING." It's like how you can't deny John Cena's greatness -- people are either cheering for him or cheering against him, but it's him that's most important. A huge portion of the roster would love for people to chant their names -- even in anger -- rather than the name of a guy that hasn't been in the federation in three and a half years.
  17. I once stood behind Robert Swift in line at Nordstroms. This thread is mean. But then so too is Elfrid Payton's stupid hair: And while I think these uniforms are more boring than ugly, it's pretty easy to clash with Chris Andersen:
  18. When I was a kid, lots of guys wore robes to the ring - Flair, of course, but also Greg Valentine, Rick Rude, Paul Orndorff, Randy Savage, and guys like Kerry Von Erich and Terry Taylor who wore half-robes. Now there's Charlotte and Bobby Roode. I think more wrestlers should wear robes.
  19. Kawhi is out tonight. Eff Zaza.
  20. The Bulls beat the Jazz 96-54 in 1998. Blowouts happen. A few things to note: - The 2011 CBA hit the Thunder especially hard, forcing the Thunder to pay Kevin Durant more without any negotiation, and essentially led to Harden being traded away. The Thunder could have just paid the tax as Cleveland will, but they also had some misfortune imparted by the leage. Brian Windhorst explained it on a podcast last year, and it's complicated, but totally worth a read. - In 2012, the Warriors signed Steph Curry to a 4-year, $44 million deal that took effect in 2013 and expires this year. He only signed this low a deal because of ill-timed ankle problems. If he signs anywhere near his actual value (he's the fourth-highest paid player on the team and was the sixth-highest paid after the 2015 season), maybe there isn't as much room to sign Draymond to his deal. - The room was made for Durant in large part because of a one- (or maybe two) time major jump in the salary cap due to increased TV rights. Everybody's cap went up, and lots of teams had money for Durant. The Warriors were only there because of A.) the Steph Curry discount and B.) the cap jump. It was well-timed luck. - LeBron James is the best player in the universe and there hasn't been a player so singularly important since Michael Jordan. At the same time, the team's non-LBJ core (Thompson, Love, Irving, Smith) all signed long-term deals through 2020 before the cap jump, so they're all ultimately cap-friendly deals. - The Nets bet big on Pierce/Garnett/Williams and blew it. - The Spurs have the best scouting and player development staff in the league, and they're a Zaza Pachulia hit away from being tied or even up 2 on the Warriors in their series. That said, the Warriors have had incredible injury luck over the past few playoffs, often playing their opponents at below strength. All that to say that while it all feels dire, what we're really experiencing is the best player continuing to be the best player, while the best team has had incredible, unplannable luck that has increased their fortunes and decreased the fortunes of those around them. Because individual players are so important, the NBA will always have a few teams concentrated at the top. This is true since the days of the Celtics. But players get injured. They get old. Contracts run out, and then you've got teams like the Lakers who hit rock bottom. It happened to the Cavs just a few years ago. It'll happen to the Warriors again too.
  21. If you get hot from three anything can happen.
  22. The Bill Simmons podcast has become unlistenable with Celtics talk. One day Lonzo is great, the next he's garbage because he's going to LA. One day Isaiah is the next Iverson, the next he's trash. One day the 1 seed matters, the next day the reason season is 2020-21. The Celtics are like the self-actualized Sixers and it still isn't enough.
  23. Spurs/Warriors would have been a series until Zaza took out their best player. The Tom Brady/LeBron James comparison is really bothering me. Unlike my NFL fandom, where I root for the Bills, I don't have any particular allegiance in the NBA. So while I recognize that the current Pats dynasty is probably the great in NFL history, I'd be okay never ever seeing them in a championship game again. Of course, the makeup of the NBA is so different from the NFL that you'd expect to see turnover in football. But even still, it's been an interesting lesson is perspective. EDIT: If nothing else, the Cavs tearing apart the Celtics is penance for those Pats Super Bowl wins.