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  1. I went to a retro gaming expo last week and some booth was selling an NES Classic for $500. :censored:s. There's no way Nintendo will make enough SNES Classics to satisfy demand. I do think there will be plenty of Genesis Classics (HDTV, wireless controllers, 40+ games) however, around. Nintendo's supply issues will be Sega's gain.
  2. That's a really good question. Threatened by change, I guess. The XFL was the best example of this. Everyone killed it, and I never really got why. Yes, it was goofy and McMahon is a buffon, but it also had some interesting ideas -- several of which have been incorporated into other pro sports. People hated the UFL too (that's gone, right?). More options for entertainment and more options for guys playing the sports seems the best outcome for everyone.
  3. Fair enough. I should have known better than to say any sort of prohibition was worth it. I think history shores that it generally doesn't work. The American opioid epidemic grinds my gears.
  4. A random redditor said today's Brooklyn show was a lot of fun. I do wish it was on TV live though; any "production" of it is likely to be very lame.
  5. Maybe, but there's no way you can actually know that.
  6. In the mid/late 90s I really loved ska (obviously), and thought this was the height of record design: I mean, it's clearly the epitome of everything 90s ska -- cheap Photoshop effects, overly sexual ska puns, and porkpie hate/two-tone virtue signaling. If you like third wave ska, the album holds up well.
  7. Well, on the other hand, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among young people. There's a real substance abuse problem in this country and all of us are one or two degrees of separation away from someone who has overdosed or is in a place where they're likely to do so.
  8. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing. If you look at StreetView, there's a fancy Porsche SUV turning in. Probably Pat Patterson. It must be a trip to live in the Holly Cove apartment building four doors down from WWE HQ.
  9. Video of Rob and Magic telling Lonzo he's going to be a Laker: https://out.reddit.com/t3_6j4pq1?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstreamable.com%2F1fhkx&token=AQAAR65OWU3W6zb830G6PCG3ERivkMlmZIhRAj9ruJMkxa6zVbBe&app_name=mweb2x Nothing will ever beat NIK ROCKS, but it's cool to see both sides of this transaction, including Magic calling the pick in. "My man"
  10. I mentioned in my Bill Simmons thread that we could benefit from a sport media thread. Well here it is! This is where you discuss sports media, link to Awful Announcing stories, post Gus Johnson clips, and more. I've been looking for a place to discuss Gawker vs. Hogan, and this is good as any. After too many days' silence, Gawker finally spoke up: http://gawker.com/the-hogan-verdict-1766460791 If Hulk Hogan's penis is the hill they wanted to die on, they deserve what they can get. This is the exceptionally bad opinion from Nick Denton's post: "If only you hadn't read what we posted, we wouldn't be in this mess!" No one wanted to see Hulk Hogan have sex, and Heather Cole definitely didn't want the world to see her have sex. That Hogan is a public figure or that he said embarrassing racist things is irrelevant; there's no public right to know about the sex lives of others.
  11. The post-draft pod, plus some of the draft previews with Titus. Way too much talk about Duke/UNC/Kansas/Kentucky like any of that stuff matters. Plus it crystallizes that Simmons has surrounded himself with a bunch of young white dudes who have the same opinions and it's kind of a bummer. I listened to the simulcast and got as far as Windhorst installing a phone update. It was pretty good! I wish I had caught the Periscope last night.
  12. A day later and I'm realizing the Bulls chose bad Kris Dunn, ACL-torn Zach LaVine and that Finnish guy instead of Kevin Love and likely someone else. WTF.
  13. The Ringer's NBA podcast coverage features way too many frat douches complaining about UNC and Duke.
  14. With a lower cap, is Griffin a max guy? I don't think so but it feels like someone will overpay. OKC is notoriously cheap but Griffin would be a folk hero. New York is probably the perfect landing spot for an overly injured power forward. Blake was once an amazing talent. Not he's an injury guy and it's sad to see.
  15. Can we agree that the NBA draft is way better than the NFL? I know that there are five times as many players who need to be drafted into football, but one evening compared to four days is so much better. Though I do like the NFL bringing in team reps for later rounds. Maybe the NBA can do that in round 2 next year?
  16. The Warriors hit home runs on recent draft picks, including guys like Ian Clarke, McCaw, and now they bought Bell from Chicago. The Spurs have a strong history of finding gems later in the draft. If you emphasize scouting and player development you can build without tanking. The Sixers went looking for shortcuts. Maybe it'll pay off; who knows. But I don't think the ends will have justified the means because other teams don't meet to throw away seasons to rebuild. I like how in all the #process hysteria we pretend Okafor and Noel don't exist. One of those guys is even still on the team. They don't count?
  17. The Warriors won a title without tanking. The Wolves look awesome without tanking. The Celtics are doing the process without tanking. Again, the Sixers may be great and if so good for them. But it'll only be because they stopped putting all of their eggs in the draft basket and started developing an actual team like grown ups. Hinkie was a charlatan with simple ideas that were confused for genius. I hope the Sixers are good. The Colangelos have done a good job resussictating the team.
  18. Last six NBA drafts have produced the following: - Kyrie Irving* - Klay Thompson* - Kawhi Leonard* - Anthony Davis - Damian Lillard - Draymond Green* - Giannis Aintgonnatypehislastname - Rudy Gobert - Andrew Wiggins (2014 draft was kind of a dud) - Karl-Anthony Towns - Myles Turner - Brandon Ingram - Jaylen Brown * = won a title You'll also note that the list is top heavy, showing that it generally takes a season or three for talent to mature into superstar status. Five guys play at a time. Established guys are better conditioned than they were a generation ago. A lot of the current crop of stars were drafted ~ 2008-2011. Let's see where we are in 2020 and who's running the league then. Maybe it's the Warriors. Maybe it's the Wolves. The league has problems, but it doesn't make sense pretending that incoming talent is no good. It just needs time.
  19. So the bolded part is decidedly not the process. The process is to tank until you're absolutely sure you have generational talent, and then all of a sudden you win. Player development, smart trades, and complementary FA pickups were beyond Hinkie. You're seeing now the efforts of the Colangelos actually developing a roster. And that's another thing -- if the Sixers end up being good it should not be seen as validation of the process. It should be seen as validation of building a team effectively and maximizing resources Hinkie couldn't and didn't do that. EDIT: I have no idea what Dwight has to offer, but Malik Monk is really exciting. He could end up making everyone else look really stupid this draft.
  20. The Wolves got Butler and the 16th pick? Jesus Chicago. Sorry Bulls fans. That's terrible. EDIT: Also terrible? The Ringer dorks: I don't need to see those guys.
  21. If the process involves drafting three centers in a row, two of them broken, then no, I'm not arguing for that. Earlier this week, Butler had the potential of playing for one of the two best teams in the east. Now he's playing on the at-best 5th team in the west for a coach who's going to take years off his career. The process assumes there's a one-size-fits-all approach to team management and, again, that's facile. You can't just lose and hope you strike it rich in the lottery. You need something (like player development or vets) to fall back on. The Sixers might win 50 games this season and 65 the next. This might all be validated. I just don't think it will be. EDIT: Risky move for the Knicks to draft another Frenchman.
  22. NBATV is $10/month I can't justify. Maybe next year for the playoffs. It'll be interesting to see what Indy gets for George. Love seemed like good value, considering he's also a good player and locked up for a few years. You'd hate to see Indy overplay their hand and get stuck trading George for peanuts. Someone's going to get desperate. Boston not landing Butler is the clearest indication they're playing for 18/19.
  23. Lonzo is going to be awesome and I bet his dad fades away. Even tonight they weren't really indulging him much. Who is this woman playing Roy Firestone? No one cares about that stuff. Ooh....bad move Phoenix. Jackson asked for a damn visor. This is where he learns about the reality of NBA merchandising.
  24. Do you mean overseas competition as in other leagues? Or player movement? If the former, for the west coast at least, EPL is pretty difficult. The games play weekend mornings, and often well before I wake up. The Champions League Final is mid-afternoon, which is nice, but it's not really "appointment TV" viewing. MLS can deliver a passable version of the same product in time zones that work for most. But I think TV is putting the cart before the horse. The in-person experience, even if tickets skyrocket, is unmatched by almost every other league. No play stoppages and a set timeline for each game is such a benefit that you don't realize until you start going to the games. Predictability is great.
  25. Butler, KAT and Wiggins could be really awesome but I can't imagine Butler wants to be playing in Minnesota.