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  1. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seattle Supersonics. An NHL team is far more likely to happen than an NBA team, so you might as well take a shot now.
  2. 2017 NFL Season

    I turned on the Steelers game 10 minutes ago, and it feels like there's been a flag an average of every other play.
  3. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Classic : Also:
  4. NFL 2017 changes?

    Bills should wear a red helmet again.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    I thought this Ringer piece of the Stanton trade was pretty illuminating: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2017/12/9/16756778/giancarlo-stanton-trade-miami-marlins-new-york-yankees-bruce-sherman Essentially, and consistent with the Marlins Way, it's salary cutting for the sake of cutting expense rather than for rebuilding.
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Wearing colors at home doesn't work for the NBA. It's confirmed.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Congrats TFC. Clearly the better team for a second MLS Cup in a row, but this time a champion. I'm bummed as a Sounders fan, but I really like Jozy, Bradley and Giovinco. If my team had to lose, I'm glad it's to the greatest MLS team of all time.
  8. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Yeah. More Sounders than Seahawks.
  9. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Check out Brandon Ingram hitting game-winning three pointers on the road. Nice.
  10. 2017 NFL Season

    CenturyLink is open this weekend.
  11. I mentioned in my Bill Simmons thread that we could benefit from a sport media thread. Well here it is! This is where you discuss sports media, link to Awful Announcing stories, post Gus Johnson clips, and more. I've been looking for a place to discuss Gawker vs. Hogan, and this is good as any. After too many days' silence, Gawker finally spoke up: http://gawker.com/the-hogan-verdict-1766460791 If Hulk Hogan's penis is the hill they wanted to die on, they deserve what they can get. This is the exceptionally bad opinion from Nick Denton's post: "If only you hadn't read what we posted, we wouldn't be in this mess!" No one wanted to see Hulk Hogan have sex, and Heather Cole definitely didn't want the world to see her have sex. That Hogan is a public figure or that he said embarrassing racist things is irrelevant; there's no public right to know about the sex lives of others.
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Yeah, I agree that the first half was suspect. Maybe the refs were making up for taking away a win from Seattle in week one. But yeah, NFL officiating is the drizzling :censored:s.
  13. 2018 MLS Kits

    (I thought it was funny. Mean as hell though.)
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    DC United does a good job incorporating DC iconography without being over the top RWB: Unfortunately, there's a hint of Third Reich, so you win some and lose some.
  15. International Football 2017-2018

    Iran and Morocco in the same group sticks out. I like Panama's chances to get through.
  16. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    If that's the case, I still don't understand the case for Sacramento. Yes, the organization has its ducks in a row and I applaud that, but I just don't understand the value of the market. The NBA moved there when David Stern wanted to be the only fish in the pond. Why does the MLS want to be there too?
  17. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Maybe it'll be on the Lakers, and maybe not, but Brandon Ingram will be a 20+ ppg player in the league. It's been a lot of fun watching him build his confidence as a scorer.
  18. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Oh cool. Lakers wearing purple at home.
  19. Spike TV New Look New Name

    You skipped "The National Network." Will Paramount Network keep the Ultimate Fighter? Is that still on Spike?
  20. Players with the wrong hair style

    Where do we stand on Carmelo? With or without cornrows?
  21. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    At the halftime, Alexi Lalas handicapped the options as Cincinnati/Nashville in front, followed by Sacramento and Detroit; Detroit specifically handicapped by lack of an SSS. That's where I rank them too. Building out the center of the country seems smart, especially since we're pretty well stocked on the coasts. This map is outdated, but it does help contextualize where franchises currently are, and why another California team doesn't seem essential (plus LAFC coming on next year -- with Robert Lewandowski ). Also, nice goal Jozy!
  22. NBA Changes 2017-18

    That's a good point. Even when the Nets had their golden years, you never saw their merchandise anywhere. Partly it's because the NBA was in a nadir period then, but, my personal opinion is that those Nets uniforms and logo were pretty dorky.
  23. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Are we still assuming Miami will happen?
  24. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    The Grizzlies were up 2-1 on the Warriors in the 2015 Playoffs and lost in large part because of an injured Mike Conley. Memphis has had some terrible injury luck in the playoffs and have always felt like they deserve an "incomplete."