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  1. is engaged to JimmyN64 :D

  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I miss him.

  4. No, Dennis is a menace!

  5. Whatever it is, it's a menace!

  6. It's not my avatar, it's just my personal photo! =P

  7. I strongly dislike your choice of an avatar.

  8. It's a good thing that Lindsay started that thing. It managed to get one of our more... shall we say... colorful... members removed.

    Welcome aboard, by the way. I thought the "bow" was an archery bow at first, but now that I've had several sips of coffee... turns out that it's, y'know, a bow. ^_^

  9. Wow. Way to spark an 18 page discussion, all because you're a girl. I read some of it. I don't think Tom Brady's anything to get hung up on either ;D

  10. I've heard there's an extreme shortage of girls here. Is that really the case?

  11. haha i don't wear jerseys either... just jeans and tees :P

  12. Yay, another girl! It's alright if you don't like frilly outfits; I like them enough for multiple girls. Haha. But don't worry, I still wear jerseys & I'm not afraid to get my outfits dirty ;D

  13. I'm a girl too! Yay! But I don't like frilly dresses.