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  1. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I might go to see The Hobbit in theaters -not- because I know anything about LOTR, but because they're supposed to air the first 9 minutes of Star Trek before the movie. I am painfully excited for the sequel to come out. This is the list of every theater that's participating:
  2. What is the right reason and amount of teams to root for?

    They caught my eye in a series with the Red Sox, and then I gradually started following them online and on games shown in my area. Within six months, I'd bitten the bullet and signed up for MLB TV so I could keep up with them. Something about the underdog gets me every time. ...And really, what bigger underdog than the Royals?
  3. Proof that the world is not as bad as you think...

    I'm undoing the discomfort that video caused me with this .
  4. What is the right reason and amount of teams to root for?

    I've never gotten the idea of falling in love with a team strictly because they're local. It's probably because my family weren't huge sports fans. I used to catch Yankees-Red Sox games on TV, so at 8 I decided to be a Red Sox fan. Then, at 15 I fell in love with the Royals, so for a while they were my second team. Now, I can't even bear to associate with the Red Sox, and stopped rooting for them in 2006 to focus on my last-place KC darlings. I'm also a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I didn't really start rooting for the Bruins until I watched them lose a heart wrenching Game 7 (curse you, Flyers!) I have tons of teams I like in the NFL or feel a soft-spot for, but since I'm a born-and-raised Rhode Islander, they have no backing based on my past or connections. I simply like who I like. And in the age of 1000+ channels, you can really follow almost any team from wherever you are.
  5. Unpopular Opinions (Pop Culture Edition!)

    I STILL love Friends, and watch it from time to time. I'm also in love with Matthew Perry, which is why it hurts me that he hasn't found a show that can stick. Studio 60, Mr. Sunshine... Go On hasn't even aired its preview episode yet, and it's already been panned by critics. When will someone give that man a good show to star in?
  6. Proof that the world is not as bad as you think...

    ...I wanted to get in on the cute. Although with so many cats, we may have a conflict of interest.
  7. THE Video Game Thread

    If you return any sports game to GameStop about 3-4 months before the new game comes out, you can usually score somewhere between $15-25 for a copy. That's not great by any means, but since games returned the day they come out only get $30 back at GameStop, it's not a bad return. Mass Effect 3 comes out tonight at midnight! And I could not be more of a fangirl about it.
  8. 2012 MLB Predictions

    Clearly, the Royals will be in the playoffs, so people stop pitying me for loving them. ...Actually, I'm calling that we'll be at or above a .500 record by the All-Star Game. I think we can do it this year, and that would make me ecstatic.
  9. Men's #1 Rule!

    My buddy in college was obliterated drunk at this party. This girl, who I felt was pretty attractive, comes up to him and is blatantly hitting on him. We stood back and watched her throw herself at him, he said something to her, she slapped him and walked off. We asked him what he said to piss her off, to which he replied in a slur, "I said 'just a little too chubby.'" Can I just point out that the face slap has got to be the ultimate double standard? Can't lay a finger on her, but we can freely be assaulted because we deserved it. I hate the face-slap. I also hate when women slap or punch their significant others, etc. because they can. It's so passive aggressive and such an attempt at control. McCall, you can lurk too --- just not outside, in the shrubs. That creeps us out a bit ;D
  10. Tournament of Bad

    And, for video games:
  11. Men's #1 Rule!

    Sometimes, we still lurk here.
  12. is engaged to JimmyN64 :D

  13. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I miss him.
  14. College Classes.

    ...And this is why I could never be a Physics major. The idea of that being a light semester made my head spin! I'm double-majoring in Public Relations and English, and my lightest semester yet involves taking a class that analyzes video games. Video games.
  15. The What-If Thread

    Vancouver would've still burned. 100% agreed.