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  1. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Exactly. I'm sorry if this offends the PSY homers' delicate sensibilities, but Paterno is a scumbag for this. He has a reliable reason to believe that one of his coaches is a child- er. Then he allows that same coach access to the facilities in retirement, and doesn't say anything when the child- er starts bonging kids around. Here's a point I haven't seen addressed, and it goes right to Paterno's plausible deniability. One assistant reports that another has been molesting children. Paterno either believes him or he doesn't. That means on his staff he either has a child-molestor or a liar. So why didn't he get rid of one of them? The fact that he kept them both around tells us a lot. But in 2002 Sandusky Wasn't a staff memmber. You can't fire someone that's not an employee right?