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  1. Artmanc3po

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Dallasota Timberwizards
  2. Artmanc3po

    Tennessee Titans Concept Emporium

    The Houston Oilers unis are my all-time NFL faves, so this concept would look great, IMHO.
  3. Artmanc3po

    OKC Thunder Re-Brand

    Probably the most exciting NBA concept I've seen in memory. Modern yet evokes Old West themes, ties in colors and meanings behind "Thunder" very well. This successful franchise deserves a strong identity like this.
  4. Artmanc3po

    Expos logo discussed on sitcom in 1988

    What a great show, and what a great-looking team, the Expos. Always loved their powder blues with the racing stripes, alongside pinwheel hat. Crazy and beautiful.
  5. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Sarcasm: yes, in regards to the above posts about the unpopularity of brown, the Padres shouldn't have dipped into nostalgia in hopes of pleasing a good deal of the fan base or increasing merchandise sales. Instead, they should have further emphasized their primary color--navy--and their secondary color--oblivion--and continued to descend deeper into the vortex of nothingness. Reality: they ain't the Yankees, the Dodgers, or even the Tigers. They can't pull off a subtle, minimalist set. They need some bombast to remain, or become, relevant. Brown and athletic gold is their bombast. We're not talking Marlins glitz or Diamondbacks shock, just brown and gold, which they own by themselves in pro sports. It worked before, it can work again.
  6. Artmanc3po

    2017 Padres concept - Back in brown

    Just love it, especially with the solid gold SD on solid brown cap. Not feeling the A's gold bill. Love the Friar cap with brown bill.
  7. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    First off, before I make a small compliment toward this set, I want to open with some sarcasm: the new primary home and away snakeskin matrix combines the subtle artistry of the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet with the classy dignity of the Cleveland Browns pants. Now that that's out of the way, I have my one positive: everyone's favorite turquoise (not teal) set makes perfect sense for an Arizona team. The beautiful artwork of many of the Native American tribes in AZ, including the Navajo and Zuni amongst others, contains a combination of silver, turquoise, red and black. These colors form a basic and recognizable look for that region, and really help salvage what little can be salvaged here. Even though I would prefer a return to the purple, teal, copper and black from yesteryear, the addition of turquoise is a good thing. I never liked the Sedona red set, especially while the Astros basically wore the same thing for years and wore it first. Eliminate the Jackson Pollock paint splashes from the new set and they're on to something. I like newness and innovation--heck, I visit these forums every day to see just that--but to me I want all MLB sets to kind of look nice together as a cohesive whole. New colors are great, even new design elements, but this is too much all at once, and too randomly.
  8. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Padres, please let the new brown set become full-time in 2017!
  9. As a longtime local fan and Reds fan, I like almost everything about the look, with the biggest plus being the baseball stitching sleeve stripes and biggest minus the gratuitous stars-n-stripes jersey (baseball uses bunting and flags beautifully for patriotic purposes without needing silly alts on the players). That said, I wish they hadn't changed. They look like they did as the Redbirds, and while those are my favorite Louisville MiLB memories, St. Louis moved them to Memphis, leaving a bad taste in Louisvillians' mouths. The black, purple and gold look (preceded by green, purple and gold) seemed like a departure, so this seems like venturing too close to Redbirds memories for me. I don't get it. I'll probably get a new hat (now my fourth Louisville MiLB identity hat), but I would prefer the previous look for this particular franchise.
  10. Artmanc3po

    Rams Concept

    Man, I really miss athletic gold on the Rams. This is a nice modern update on a historic uni. Bring it on, LA, I mean St. Louis Rams.
  11. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Okay okay okay, so the new fauxback has a brown jersey with athletic gold SD on chest and yellow piping, athletic gold pants, brown socks, brown cap with athletic gold "bell" and brown SD? Wild, and crazy, and YES!
  12. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Padres-if they are in fact going to sport a brown-n-athletic-gold fauxback, I would like to lobby MLB to allow them to play their entire 162-game schedule at home, and only play on the day of the week they choose for Fauxback Day. For example, if they randomly choose to wear them on Home Fridays, then each week they play a sextupleheader that day. That will account for MLB's average of one off day a week, hence six games instead of seven. Both teams can just keep a running batting order, to ease transitions between the six games. Add on the time clock used in MiLB, and we're in business. 2.5 hours or less per game, we're looking at getting the whole week in during that 24-hour period. Start at 12:01 AM that particular day, and even with a random extra-inning game thrown in, we should be good. Pause for high tea at 4:00ish PM. To offset the fact that the Padres will be home team every game, the visitors get to keep half the concessions plus each player gets a commemorative brown Swingin' Friar tee shirt. Sound like a plan? (In all seriousness, long live the brown!) Diamondbacks-if they incorporate turquoise into their current color palette, I can live with it. Really essential to have that color represented by at least one pro team in AZ, in honor of the Navajo Nation.
  13. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Mentioned it before. Roads are the same, as with the blue alt. Digicamo has a new digicamo. Home has yellow added and is different than current home. Fauxback is what everyone wants.So...a brown and yellow version of the new navy and yellow home? I'll take it, even though I'd still much prefer a brown and yellow (excuse me, athletic good) full-on change.
  14. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    While this apparent navy, athletic gold and battleship gray are a definite improvement over navy, a tiny touch of random sand, and nothing, it is still not brown and athletic gold. I don't understand it at all, but then again what do I know. I don't live anywhere near San Diego and I root for the BFBS Reds, but I just wish the Padres would go back to their roots. I suppose they'll probably unveil a brown alternate for Friday nights, or some other occasion, but that still doesn't cut it for me. Meh.
  15. Artmanc3po

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Hey Packid, just out of morbid curiosity, howsabout a mockup based on their checked unis, a la 1916-1917? Thanks in advance!