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  1. Just doing a little ol' 'Bumpty Dance'
  2. Are you a fan of the only football that matters? Have you been here for at least 6 months and made 500 posts? Are you currently alive? Are you reading this post now? If you answered 'yes' to two or more of these questions then you are qualified to join the Elite Football League! Apply here!
  3. They did.
  4. I did, and it would be correct, but I kept getting angry messages from Habs fans saying it stands for Habs (which it doesn't).
  5. Central -
  6. Pacific --
  7. Metropolitan -
  8. Helmets! Atlantic -
  9. Might as well finish off the rest, Metropolitan Division!
  10. http://bit.ly/nhlfootball and @jimmyn64_
  11. Atlantic Division
  12. What I basically did was take the basic striping pattern from the away/third and turned it into a Northwestern stripe for a little more consistency across the brand. Since the NFL has (for the most part) a lot of consistency between home and away uniforms, I wanted to keep the amount of teams I did with significant differences between uniforms to a minimum. That being said, if you have any suggestions on how to make these more "Wild" I'm all for it!
  13. For those asking, the mockup template is from yellowimages.com, although I did a lot of modification to add more depth to it. Here's the first CCSLC exclusive alternate, along with the Central Division!
  14. I've posted the whole series on my Behance, but I'll still be posting here for feedback! I'm also going to do them in batches, so I'll start by finishing off the Pacific Division. There are a lot of alternates as well that didn't make it to the Behance project, but I'll be tossing them up here as a kind of "CCSLC Insiders Bonus".
  15. I've always enjoyed making crossover concepts, they just have a different feel to them. Finding ways to translate brands and styles across different aesthetics can be challenging but I honestly find it fun! I've already completed all 30 teams, but I'll be posting them individually so feel free to add feedback. I'm looking to make these all the best they can be! For the most part, I tried to keep these teams within modern NFL aesthetics; generally consistent design and without too much being "out there" (no Buccaneers to be found here). First up: Anaheim Ducks