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  1. I did, and it would be correct, but I kept getting angry messages from Habs fans saying it stands for Habs (which it doesn't).
  2. Central -
  3. Pacific --
  4. Metropolitan -
  5. Helmets! Atlantic -
  6. Might as well finish off the rest, Metropolitan Division!
  7. http://bit.ly/nhlfootball and @jimmyn64_
  8. Atlantic Division
  9. What I basically did was take the basic striping pattern from the away/third and turned it into a Northwestern stripe for a little more consistency across the brand. Since the NFL has (for the most part) a lot of consistency between home and away uniforms, I wanted to keep the amount of teams I did with significant differences between uniforms to a minimum. That being said, if you have any suggestions on how to make these more "Wild" I'm all for it!
  10. For those asking, the mockup template is from yellowimages.com, although I did a lot of modification to add more depth to it. Here's the first CCSLC exclusive alternate, along with the Central Division!
  11. I've posted the whole series on my Behance, but I'll still be posting here for feedback! I'm also going to do them in batches, so I'll start by finishing off the Pacific Division. There are a lot of alternates as well that didn't make it to the Behance project, but I'll be tossing them up here as a kind of "CCSLC Insiders Bonus".
  12. I've always enjoyed making crossover concepts, they just have a different feel to them. Finding ways to translate brands and styles across different aesthetics can be challenging but I honestly find it fun! I've already completed all 30 teams, but I'll be posting them individually so feel free to add feedback. I'm looking to make these all the best they can be! For the most part, I tried to keep these teams within modern NFL aesthetics; generally consistent design and without too much being "out there" (no Buccaneers to be found here). First up: Anaheim Ducks
  13. Really awesome to see this. I've been (wether I knew it or not) battling a healthy mix of depression and anxiety pretty much my whole life. On top of that, I was also fairly recently diagnosed with pretty severe ADD; The doctor who I worked with for that literally said he was amazed I finished high school with my results. All of that together is a really volatile mix. There have been moments of crippling depression, anxiety attacks, massive internal guilt trips, all-consuming rage, and lack of any feeling at all. I didn't seek any professional help until college, and it was an awful experience. The people I worked with didn't listen very well, which led to me being on medications that did not work at all, or worse even amplified my already massive mood swings. After a few months of this I just stopped going, feeling like I'd rather deal with what I had before than what I was getting. For my last two years of college I was struggling to get through. My grades declined and I lost interest an anything I was doing. I also essentially became a functioning alcoholic for a time, bringing bottles of "tea" to class, and drinking myself stupid at home when alone. I finally managed to get through it, didn't go to my own graduation, and attempted to get life going. During all of this, I had a girlfriend who became my fiancé and then my wife. After a bit of financial struggle I finally got myself a full-time job as a graphic designer, and for the most part everything was good. Even with everything going well, I still had a kind of "hollow" feeling. During a really low internal point, my wife finally got me to go back to seeing a professional. This time, it worked out. I've changed who I've worked with since then, but I am still going and the improvements have been vast (although I still have a long way to go). I currently have a therapist and psych who not only listen well, they also help me through things and keep in contact with each other. Right now I'm seeing my therapist about once a month and I'm on a bit of a cocktail of medications that, for the moment, are working. There are still bad days/weeks/months, but they are a lot easier to deal with than they were before. Now for my preachy advice column; The first step is the hardest - Try not to beat yourself up if you haven't scheduled an appointment or even found someone yet. Shop around - Only you know what works for you and what doesn't, and there are plenty of professionals around. Be honest - I've had friends who were improperly treated because they weren't honest and open with their therapists/psychs. Well that's about all I've got, thanks for letting me rant.
  14. These are all really clever and well executed! I'd love to see what you could do with the Providence Friars.. Maybe a misshapen monk?
  15. For a moment I was surprised that this hasn't been posted yet, then I remembered there are only like 2 active Rhode Islanders on the board. RI just went through a rebranding process, and some of the local's aren't totally pleased with the results. First off, here's the new logo, designed by Milton Glaser of "I <3 NY" fame: There's an article about the whole thing here. The best part is this little nugget, though -- Although I may not be the biggest fan of the logo (even less the slogan), the entire fiasco surrounding the whole project is the most "Rhode Island" thing to happen in a very long time. During the divisive time that is election season, at least we have something bringing everyone together!