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  1. Defunct Football League Logos

    In my downtime lately I've been researching and tracing old WFL, USFL, etc. logos and I figured it was about time I did something more useful with them. Major credit goes to the Gridiron Uniform Database, @CC97, and @ColorWerx for all the references! Feel free to follow along as I upload to imgur. Here's some WFL stuff to start --
  2. Defunct Football League Logos

    I'm actually working on gathering more and cleaning up my current UFL resources. One of my goals is to also have a flat version of each team's logo in their Pantone colors (thanks @ColorWerx!) --
  3. Defunct Football League Logos

    All the other XFL primary logos
  4. Defunct Football League Logos

    XFL Birmingham Thunderbolts Full set on imgur -- https://imgur.com/a/47wzyuc
  5. Made myself a template that you can feel free to use -- Vector and Paint Files Let me know if you use these and if you have any feedback!
  6. Name That Font!

    Slightly more challenging -- EDIT -- It's Aura Oblique
  7. Name That Font!

    I'm re-creating a lot of the XFL identities, and this font is driving me crazy --
  8. WNBA Concepts

    The new templated designs are worse than ever before, so I took matters into my own hands. I decided to go with the same sponsor setup that the NBA has, with the exception of Verizon which was moved to the back under the numbers. First up - Las Vegas Aces
  9. WNBA Concepts

    Updated the Sparks collars to match the rest of the trim. Washington Mystics -- I have some "Statement" edition unis and whatnot that I'll post as soon as I mock them up, but this wraps up the main part of the series!
  10. WNBA Concepts

    Phoenix Mercury
  11. WNBA Concepts

    I was hoping the blue stripes would avoid that scenario, I'll have to change that up. LA Sparks - inspired by retro Lakers and I created a new wordmark for the jersey that fits with the Lakers brand and drops the swoosh from the R.
  12. WNBA Concepts

    Minnesota Lynx - Inspired by but not completely copying the Timberwolves
  13. WNBA Concepts

    Indiana Fever - This is the first one with a stock Nike design (Nike Breakaway) that I tweaked to make unique to the team.
  14. WNBA Concepts

    Chicago Sky --
  15. WNBA Concepts

    Dallas Wings - got rid of the royal blue and red, they only served to distract from the otherwise really tight color scheme. Also made a new "Dallas" wordmark to match the "Wings" and a modified version of the Hornets number font.
  16. WNBA Concepts

    Here's my tweaked WNBA logo - New York Liberty, inspired by the Knicks with some Liberty Green to help them stand out --
  17. WNBA Concepts

    Connecticut Sun I upgraded the secondary logo to the primary and ditched the current primary. For a new secondary, I made a cleaner version of the sun in the Mohegan Sun logo.
  18. WNBA Concepts

    Atlanta Dream -
  19. WNBA Concepts

    So I'm not sure if that logo was actually released or just from something I downloaded, SO instead of that here's Seattle! Inspired by the 90's SuperSonics.
  20. The Concepts of Tomorrow... Today!

    I've been toying around with 3D models and software lately, and here's the first "sports texture concept" I've made that's worth posting! Instead of my usual Photoshop mockups, I've taken my design and placed it in a texture for a 3D model, which I then rendered. Here's my original design and then what came of the rendering. It's just a football helmet for now, but as I find more resources I'll expand on the types of designs I can display! My EFL team Helmet Renderings These two took about 12 hours in total to render (the translucency on the facemask clips ramps that up) You can check out the model in more detail on Sketchfab -- https://skfb.ly/6xHAJ
  21. The Concepts of Tomorrow... Today!

    Tennessee Titans concept -- https://skfb.ly/6xKHH Each of these took about 2 hours to render, much better than the 12!
  22. NASCAR as Formula 1?

    I've toyed with a similar idea, great execution so far!
  23. The Concepts of Tomorrow... Today!

    I used Adobe Dimension CC, which is new so they're still working out the kinks. I found the model for $50, but I've also seen others for free that are decent if you can convert them to an OBJ or other format you need.
  24. Defunct Football League Logos

    WFL Chicago Fire
  25. Defunct Football League Logos

    WFL Birmingham Vulcans