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  1. fnz

    Uber has a new logo

    Well it looks like every other logo. I think they chose the 'capital lowercase U because the tail/line on the right of the U matches up the one on the left of the lowercase B to form double lines that you;d see on a road. (Someone works in marketing!)
  2. fnz

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    Ohhhhh I just noticed the side panels are one-side only (home and away). I like these, a lot. As a Grizzlies fan, I'm happy.
  3. I was excited when I first saw Conrad's rendering, but these....they look cheap as hell. I'm glad the shorts have wide panels (I love wide panels on shorts, with no panels on the jerseys), but the striping makes these look like some generic shorts from KMart. The black side panel...woof.
  4. fnz

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Ugh. Croatia was the only team of the last four I didn't want to see win. I don't know if I like anyone on the team.
  5. Group A 1) Egypt 2) Uruguay 3) Russia 4) Saudi Arabia Group B 1) Morocco 2) Spain 3) Portugal 4) Iran Group C 1) France 2) Australia 3) Denmark 4) Honduras Group D 1) Argentina 2) Nigeria 3) Iceland 4) Croatia Group E 1) Switzerland 2) Serbia 3) Costa Rica 4) Brazil Group F 1) Mexico 2) Germany 3) Sweden 4) S Korea Group G 1) Panama 2) Tunisia 3) USA 4) England Group H 1) Colombia 2) Senegal 3) Japan 4) Poland
  6. This makes sense (I kept having this false memory that Kyrie played like 8 games this season). I just think getting to Finals is a major step, and there anything can happen (Cleveland proved this in 2016), and that Brad Stevens is the type of guy who can make up for those "on paper" differences between teams.
  7. I only used regular season wins because everyone always says the Eastern conference is too easy, so I used the only comparable WC for both teams. But if we're ranking the NBA teams, it's not like the Cavs or Celtics are 25th/26th on the list, they were both top 6/7 at worst last season (but yes the jump between 1&2 to 3-7 is sizable). The Cavs could be close to championship caliber - any team that has Lebron certainly is - and we all know the reason Lebron would entertain free agency is that the Cavs have no assets to trade away, or wiggle room to make changes and improve. So many people say the Celtics are one star away from being a real Finals team. That is literally as close as you can get to being championship caliber in today's NBA. I really don't think the initial statement was that laughable. That one star could really be either of the guys coming back from injury.
  8. They were within one game of making the NBA Finals, no? They had 10 less wins than Houston, and 3 less than Golden State. They went 1-1 against both and had a higher winner percentage against the WC than Golden State. Would they have beaten either team in the Finals? We don't know that. Maybe they could have won a game or two. That's as close as you can get to being championship caliber (especially considering so much of your cap being eaten by two people not playing)
  9. fnz

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This was actually brought up by a FIFA official to avoid these draw scenarios.
  10. Trae averaged 26 points, and 7.5 points per game after December. Yes, his turnovers jumped by two per game. Then again, he was playing against tougher competition in the second half. He was also 19 years old. Unless you're talking about Oklahoma's W/L record. In that case, as a reminder, basketball is a team game.
  11. I think it's mostly the fact that there's games on top of games on top of games at all hours of the day. It's like an NFL Sunday, but not boring.
  12. fnz

    Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Were were so close to an Indiana vs. Memphis NBA Finals in 2014. As someone who doesn't give a :censored: about TV ratings, I would have LOVED this (it didn't hurt that I'm a Grizzlies fan. And that Lance Stephenson was on the Pacers that year). 2003 NCAA Men's Championship. Marquette got blown out by Kansas in the Final Four, but it would have been cool to see Carmelo vs. D-Wade in college. 2013 NCAA Men's Championship. I was there and Wichita State had a lead before halftime against Louisville. I would loved a Michigan/Wichita State final. Last year's NCAA Men's Championship. A Pacific Northwest final would have been awesome with Oregon/Gonzaga.
  13. fnz

    NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Are these actual throwbacks - both Xavier's and VIllanova's? Other than the wordmarks, these essentially the template that was used by SO MANY smaller Nike schools this year (the ones with the cursive wordmarks). Also, does it bother anyone else how many schools (Nike) are wearing the same template? The one that Houston & Loyola are wearing
  14. fnz

    Rice Krispies new logo/packaging.

    I feel like we might see other updates coming. The font between all the Kellogg's cereals is part of the same family, I believe, so you can tell a by the font what a Kellogg's cereal is (you can see with Corn Pops & Froot Loops). So I'm either expecting the rest of the cereals to follow suit, or maybe they're all getting a somewhat signature look?