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  1. I keep hearing the same 5-10 songs from the Madden 17 soundtrack on what seems like every other promo on television. It started with a few for every new Fall ABC show promo. But now they're popping up on ESPN, FOX's World Series coverage, and CBS's football coverage. I've never seen anything like it.
  2. (this is the largest picture I could find of my old CCSLC NAHL logo I created almost ten years ago) Should I be upset? Happy? Proud? Are they really that similar? Does the name just lend itself to this design?
  3. So far, we don't know why it's funny, but it is funny? What the hell does "Dicks out for Harambe" mean?
  4. Apparently, last night, my old High School had a football game and one of the students dressed up as the, now infamous, gorilla that was shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo months ago. Three months later, why is this obsession still present? Why is it considered hilarious now, and why was it ever so supposedly goddamn funny? All I want is for someone to seriously explain this to me, since I'm so out of touch with my own generation.
  5. Last night I checked a Draft Kings account from 3 years ago and found that I had $13. Entered an NBA contest and won $125. This morning I went back into my Twin Spires account (haven't bet since last year's Belmont Stakes). I made about $60 in bets on the Derby. I boxed a $1.50 Trifecta with Gun Runner, Nyquist and Exaggerator, and won $121. About an hour after making this bet in the afternoon, I placed essentially the same bet: a $1 trifecta with Nyquist, Exaggerator, and Gun Runner. Won $85! No idea why I made almost the same bet twice. Buying a lottery ticket tonight.
  6. This year I said Patrick Rodgers was dark horse to win the Masters. He wasn't even in the field.
  7. Just pre-ordered OOTP 17 for Tuesday. Trying to get a good basketball sim as well. Does anyone have any experience with Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball? Is it good? I'm probably going to wait a few months anyway and see if I can save a few dollars.
  8. After not looking like I would find enough people this year, tings are coming together for my "Draw Team" + the spread Bracket Pool this year. Good times. AND, after like 6 hours of tinkering, I was able to automate the process of keeping up with it this year by finally finding the right conditional formatting in Excel.
  9. I tried to do a basketball team over the summer and the same thing happened. I ended up paying a crapload of money and we had three people show up and pay. Although, speaking of kickball, if you're back in Cincinnati....
  10. Trying to plan an adult kickball league with people from my old job from afar. Via email. I NEED ANSWERS
  11. Starting a new job in downtown Cincinnati in a week and a half! I can't wait to work downtown and do something that excites me, but It's going to be really hard to leave the people I've worked with over the past three years.
  12. I hate when announcers refer to players as "a [Player's Name]" and not just the player's name. "The Cavs are good right now with Lebron, but throw in a Kevin Love, a Kyrie Irving, and their the top contenders in the East." There's not a bunch of Kevin Loves and Kyrie Irvings floating around for everyone. This is like when basketball announcers starting pronouncing the word "length" as "lenth" a few year ago.
  13. A few months ago we created a work-only open mic night at a local bar, for next Thursday. The venue said that if we get a smaller group of people we get a sectioned space of the bar, which comfortably seats 30 people. If we can get between 70 and 100, they will shut down to the public and we get the whole place (FOR FREE). We need to give a final number to the by next Monday. We had three ways for the people to RSVP to the event so we can have a final number: put your name (+ guests) on a piece of paper in a box on the first floor, put your name (+ guests) in a box on the second floor, or RSVP online using an online RSVP website. But so many people keep telling the people they work next to that they'll be there, but refuse to RSVP using one of the three ways provided. The venue is being nice enough to let us use their space for free, and I have no idea what number to tell them.
  14. With Coldplay being in my top two favorite bands, I've honestly never been more excited for a halftime show. Been hoping for this for a long time.
  15. Based on the UA sheet they revealed earlier, it appears SFA will be using that yellow template.