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  1. What Floats your Boat?

    Starting a new job in downtown Cincinnati in a week and a half! I can't wait to work downtown and do something that excites me, but It's going to be really hard to leave the people I've worked with over the past three years.
  2. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I hate when announcers refer to players as "a [Player's Name]" and not just the player's name. "The Cavs are good right now with Lebron, but throw in a Kevin Love, a Kyrie Irving, and their the top contenders in the East." There's not a bunch of Kevin Loves and Kyrie Irvings floating around for everyone. This is like when basketball announcers starting pronouncing the word "length" as "lenth" a few year ago.
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    A few months ago we created a work-only open mic night at a local bar, for next Thursday. The venue said that if we get a smaller group of people we get a sectioned space of the bar, which comfortably seats 30 people. If we can get between 70 and 100, they will shut down to the public and we get the whole place (FOR FREE). We need to give a final number to the by next Monday. We had three ways for the people to RSVP to the event so we can have a final number: put your name (+ guests) on a piece of paper in a box on the first floor, put your name (+ guests) in a box on the second floor, or RSVP online using an online RSVP website. But so many people keep telling the people they work next to that they'll be there, but refuse to RSVP using one of the three ways provided. The venue is being nice enough to let us use their space for free, and I have no idea what number to tell them.
  4. Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

    With Coldplay being in my top two favorite bands, I've honestly never been more excited for a halftime show. Been hoping for this for a long time.
  5. 2015-16 College hoops

    Based on the UA sheet they revealed earlier, it appears SFA will be using that yellow template.
  6. What Grinds Your Gears...

    In the past year he's worked here, someone on my team at work has come into work still drunk over 20 times, reeking of alcohol and takes daily naps in his cubicle. Boss has yet to notice and it's the cubicle right next to hers. I can't do this.
  7. Tony Stewart sued by Kevin Ward's Family

    I think Tony Stewart's career be done regardless of what happens with this case. As he much as he loves all types of racing, this season is not going really well.
  8. 2015 NASCAR Season Thread

    While Kyle Busch doing what he's doing is awesome, I still don't think a potential series champion should miss 1/3 of the season. I was talking about this with my brother today: If NASCAR was like Golf/Tennis, what would be the Four Majors? Daytona 500, Coke 600, and Brickyard seem like the obvious three, but what would the fourth be? Martinsville, Bristol, Daytona Nigh Race, Darlington?
  9. Name That Font!

    Does anyone know this font? The Reds have been using it all over their stadium since about May. It's what they use on their scoreboard now too.
  10. The Home Run Derby was one of the greatest sporting events I've witnessed in person (it would have been great if someone else had won, but Todd Frazier winning just added to it). I was in right field last night and it seemed like the home run balls hit formed a perimeter around our seats. WHAT A BLAST. Our seats are closer to the field tonight. Hoping to get some TV time.
  11. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Someone I'm pretty good friends with at work was having a conversation with a customer on the phone and what I heard was "Yeah, I feel that way too. We're [Christians] the only ones who when we discriminate it's such a big deal. We're the only group that isn't allowed to discriminate." Sigh.
  12. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    Work stuff happened and I forgot to post the football uniforms. Nothing special, but I love this template on the basketball team in the early 2000s and wanted to replicate it somehow.
  13. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    Here's what I did with Women's Basketball. Cincinnati, for a long while, has been a team that emphasizes the black and white of their color scheme, and then accents with red. With this series, rather than have on solid brand all the way through (the way they're doing in real life, but would be kind of generic and repetitive for a concept series), I have the freedom to do different things for different sports. For women's basketball, I emphasized the red more than anything else, and used black as the accent color. I used a very similar striping pattern, giving more weight the red stripe. I also used an athletic mark to run with the striping along the shorts. This time it was the full Bearcats wordmark. C+C as always.
  14. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    I had a lot of these done before I saw that today and was satisfied with what I had. The italicized work mark and non italicized numbers clash, in my opinion.
  15. I've had a few ideas for this and with Cincinnati and Under Armoir making their deal official today, I thought what better time to post it. I'm going through the athletic department and doing uniforms for most sports (from basketball to golf). I think I have 9 total. Doing the different sports allows me to some different styles with design, colors, etc. I'm starting with men's basketball. Everyone loves the Jordan era basketball uniforms. But these will not be those. That design might make an appearance later. I wanted to something not too far out of the ordinary. So the bottom of the shorts features the line under C paw logo as part of the stripe design. I didn't want to have the jersey be completely empty, but I didn't want anything in there to seem too unnecessary or overblown. The women's uniforms will be petty similar, with some minor changes.