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  1. I think it's mostly the fact that there's games on top of games on top of games at all hours of the day. It's like an NFL Sunday, but not boring.
  2. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Were were so close to an Indiana vs. Memphis NBA Finals in 2014. As someone who doesn't give a :censored: about TV ratings, I would have LOVED this (it didn't hurt that I'm a Grizzlies fan. And that Lance Stephenson was on the Pacers that year). 2003 NCAA Men's Championship. Marquette got blown out by Kansas in the Final Four, but it would have been cool to see Carmelo vs. D-Wade in college. 2013 NCAA Men's Championship. I was there and Wichita State had a lead before halftime against Louisville. I would loved a Michigan/Wichita State final. Last year's NCAA Men's Championship. A Pacific Northwest final would have been awesome with Oregon/Gonzaga.
  3. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Are these actual throwbacks - both Xavier's and VIllanova's? Other than the wordmarks, these essentially the template that was used by SO MANY smaller Nike schools this year (the ones with the cursive wordmarks). Also, does it bother anyone else how many schools (Nike) are wearing the same template? The one that Houston & Loyola are wearing
  4. Rice Krispies new logo/packaging.

    I feel like we might see other updates coming. The font between all the Kellogg's cereals is part of the same family, I believe, so you can tell a by the font what a Kellogg's cereal is (you can see with Corn Pops & Froot Loops). So I'm either expecting the rest of the cereals to follow suit, or maybe they're all getting a somewhat signature look?
  5. That is a nice barn. Kansas falls to TCU is the Big 12 quarters. The worst thing about the arena is that the only thing that fills it up seems to be high school basketball (which makes no sense). But it might be the best in the area - until 5/3 Arena gets renovated.
  6. NKU was allowed to play in the Horizon League Tournament last year, but not the NCAA Tournament. Their old conference, the Atlantic-Sun allowed them to do the same.
  7. The Horizon League tournament this year is absolutely bananas. The first FIVE game of the tournament had the worse seed winning, with semifinal matchups featuring the 4 vs. 9 & 6 vs. 10. The best seed remaining? My alma mater, Northern Kentucky University. In their first year eligible for the NCAA Tournament, the Norse are now one win away from the making the Tournament. I interned in the athletic department in their first D-1 year and never dreamed it be this short of a time before they were within one game of the tournament. !
  8. (this is the largest picture I could find of my old CCSLC NAHL logo I created almost ten years ago) Should I be upset? Happy? Proud? Are they really that similar? Does the name just lend itself to this design?
  9. This year I said Patrick Rodgers was dark horse to win the Masters. He wasn't even in the field.
  10. 2015-16 College hoops

    Based on the UA sheet they revealed earlier, it appears SFA will be using that yellow template.
  11. Name That Font!

    Does anyone know this font? The Reds have been using it all over their stadium since about May. It's what they use on their scoreboard now too.
  12. Name That Font!

    Anyone know what font the player names are in?
  13. Rarely seen jerseys

    Yeah you can see the orange outline on the front of the pants stripe (normally on the white pants) on the Offensive Lineman in the left of the picture (#75?). I wouldn't mind seeing that on the field though.
  14. Rarely seen jerseys

    Bengals black pants. Only worn once until their current set.
  15. New Vikings Uniforms

    I just noticed that part on the sleeve striping that expands on the back of the sleeves. Completely ruins this for me. Just continue the stripes and you have a winner. I can deal with the numbers, the side stripe is something different. But i don't see a reason to mess up the sleeve stripes.
  16. NKU. Have to correct that as an alum haha
  17. And with the superconferences possibly forming, that may very well be the case. And ND would definitely be the regular favorites to win the ACC. Assuming FSU, Clemson, GT, UVA, VT and NC State leave and, say, the ACC gets back to 14 by adding Cincinnati, UConn, South Florida, Army and Navy in addition to ND, the conference could look like this: Boston College UConn Syracuse Pittsburgh Louisville Cincinnati Notre Dame Army Navy Wake Forest UNC Duke USF Miami Notre Dame has a chance to dominate. Miami's only relevant, it seems, every so often. Louisville will tough at times but, all-in-all, the Irish could take a playoff spot almost year-in-year-out. Miami's only relevant every so often, yet Notre Dame has one great season and they have a chance to dominate?
  18. Never thought I'd be ready to give up on college athletics. Sure enough, it seems that moment is coming closer and closer.
  19. Your Favorite Teams?

    I remember asking someone from Utah about this on a cruise once. That was their exact response.
  20. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I think the guy did a great job answering these questions in a reasonable manner, especially given the moronic questions he was being asked.
  21. I've been wondering the same thing. Seems both of these schools are going to have to go back to C-USA? Independent?
  22. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I don't. If they win one without any depth at all or a quality starting point guard or center, that'll be impressive enough to me. I'm surprised you haven't come out sand said that the Clippers will win a championship before the Heat will.
  23. While my opinion of October 18th isn't nearly as harsh, I agree that any tribute outside the one October is planning is just overkill. For what it's worth, in the hooligan department October 18th is a bush leaguer when compared to December 31st or April 20th. Any day assigned the Wednesday before Thanksgiving seems to find it's share of trouble too. No one seems to understand why but it happens more often than not. It's a lot like how The Bears can never seem to get a decent QB. Weird and unexplainable. But I digress... I'm as big a fan of October 18th as the next person but the tragic accident is causing us to lose perspective. It also sets a dangerous precedent. Are we going to roll out long impassioned tributes for every time a day dies? Also, if a day dies and doesn't get as big a weeping ceremony as another die then it gives the appearance that the day wasn't as important. Eventually we'll just run out of days and they'll all be in the triple digits. I just heard that in order to drum up fan support for its next, but long awaited, appearance, February will break out new Feb-Fanatics jerseys next year, for the diehard members of its fanclub. They'll really have no historical significance whatsoever, just a mix and match of your favorite different February looks from the past. A February spokesperson says that the "new" design is necessary since they play in such a small market, as it's the only way to make enough money.
  24. Are you really trying to say the Big Ten is better than the Big East in basketball?
  25. Name That Font!

    Does anyone know where I can find a free version of the font Champers LET?