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  1. Rice Krispies new logo/packaging.

    I feel like we might see other updates coming. The font between all the Kellogg's cereals is part of the same family, I believe, so you can tell a by the font what a Kellogg's cereal is (you can see with Corn Pops & Froot Loops). So I'm either expecting the rest of the cereals to follow suit, or maybe they're all getting a somewhat signature look?
  2. That is a nice barn. Kansas falls to TCU is the Big 12 quarters. The worst thing about the arena is that the only thing that fills it up seems to be high school basketball (which makes no sense). But it might be the best in the area - until 5/3 Arena gets renovated.
  3. NKU was allowed to play in the Horizon League Tournament last year, but not the NCAA Tournament. Their old conference, the Atlantic-Sun allowed them to do the same.
  4. The Horizon League tournament this year is absolutely bananas. The first FIVE game of the tournament had the worse seed winning, with semifinal matchups featuring the 4 vs. 9 & 6 vs. 10. The best seed remaining? My alma mater, Northern Kentucky University. In their first year eligible for the NCAA Tournament, the Norse are now one win away from the making the Tournament. I interned in the athletic department in their first D-1 year and never dreamed it be this short of a time before they were within one game of the tournament. !
  5. (this is the largest picture I could find of my old CCSLC NAHL logo I created almost ten years ago) Should I be upset? Happy? Proud? Are they really that similar? Does the name just lend itself to this design?
  6. This year I said Patrick Rodgers was dark horse to win the Masters. He wasn't even in the field.
  7. 2015-16 College hoops

    Based on the UA sheet they revealed earlier, it appears SFA will be using that yellow template.
  8. Tony Stewart sued by Kevin Ward's Family

    I think Tony Stewart's career be done regardless of what happens with this case. As he much as he loves all types of racing, this season is not going really well.
  9. 2015 NASCAR Season Thread

    While Kyle Busch doing what he's doing is awesome, I still don't think a potential series champion should miss 1/3 of the season. I was talking about this with my brother today: If NASCAR was like Golf/Tennis, what would be the Four Majors? Daytona 500, Coke 600, and Brickyard seem like the obvious three, but what would the fourth be? Martinsville, Bristol, Daytona Nigh Race, Darlington?
  10. Name That Font!

    Does anyone know this font? The Reds have been using it all over their stadium since about May. It's what they use on their scoreboard now too.
  11. The Home Run Derby was one of the greatest sporting events I've witnessed in person (it would have been great if someone else had won, but Todd Frazier winning just added to it). I was in right field last night and it seemed like the home run balls hit formed a perimeter around our seats. WHAT A BLAST. Our seats are closer to the field tonight. Hoping to get some TV time.
  12. I've had a few ideas for this and with Cincinnati and Under Armoir making their deal official today, I thought what better time to post it. I'm going through the athletic department and doing uniforms for most sports (from basketball to golf). I think I have 9 total. Doing the different sports allows me to some different styles with design, colors, etc. I'm starting with men's basketball. Everyone loves the Jordan era basketball uniforms. But these will not be those. That design might make an appearance later. I wanted to something not too far out of the ordinary. So the bottom of the shorts features the line under C paw logo as part of the stripe design. I didn't want to have the jersey be completely empty, but I didn't want anything in there to seem too unnecessary or overblown. The women's uniforms will be petty similar, with some minor changes.
  13. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    Work stuff happened and I forgot to post the football uniforms. Nothing special, but I love this template on the basketball team in the early 2000s and wanted to replicate it somehow.
  14. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    Here's what I did with Women's Basketball. Cincinnati, for a long while, has been a team that emphasizes the black and white of their color scheme, and then accents with red. With this series, rather than have on solid brand all the way through (the way they're doing in real life, but would be kind of generic and repetitive for a concept series), I have the freedom to do different things for different sports. For women's basketball, I emphasized the red more than anything else, and used black as the accent color. I used a very similar striping pattern, giving more weight the red stripe. I also used an athletic mark to run with the striping along the shorts. This time it was the full Bearcats wordmark. C+C as always.
  15. Cincinnati Bearcats - Under Armour

    I had a lot of these done before I saw that today and was satisfied with what I had. The italicized work mark and non italicized numbers clash, in my opinion.
  16. Power 5 is: Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12,ACC, SEC. They are the schools who have autonomy within the NCAA. No other conference has that. The American is in the same level as the Mountain West, MAC, C-USA, Sun Belt and in basketball terms, the Big East, the A-10, Missouri Valley and the West Coast conference...two bid leagues at best. That's what I thought. Have no idea what this guy on TV was saying. Although the Big East could have the third most teams in the tournament. And the MWC, A-10 and AAC could also each have more than two.
  17. 2014-2015 College Basketball

    Why are NBA team templates being worn by college programs? I know Adidas has the NBA contract and supplies uniforms for a ton of schools, but it's like a blatant ripoff. Rhode Island is wearing the Heat uniforms. An exact replica all the way down to the font choice (obviously the team colors differ). Northern Arizona is wearing the Brooklyn Nets uniforms, same number font and everything. I can't remember which school, but someone has the Lakers uniforms as well.
  18. Was watching Cincinnati-Connecticut game, and at halftime they were talking about Tulsa possibly being left out of the tournament. The guy says "I don't how the number 2 seed in a Power 5 conference doesn't make the tournament." Is Power 5 still a thing? Is it even a basketball term? What two conferences (Big East, SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12) would be behind the AAC and not Power conferences?
  19. 2015 Indiana Pacers Redesign

    Agree with everything that's been said so far. The only thing I would add would be to either shrink the 'P' in the roundel logo so that it fits inside the smaller circle, or find someway to match the outlines of both the 'P' and the inner circle.
  20. 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

    Had Kyle Larson won a race or got in the chase on points, he'd be tied with Harvick for second right now. Hasn't finished worse than 6th the whole chase. Logano hasn't finished worse than fifth; he has 40+ points in every chase race. Pretty darn great.

    Gold - 15 Silver - 3 Bronze - 6 (Entry 1 was close to being this list, but I'm not sure how the helmet design - which I loved - would work from the other angle).
  22. 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

    Question about Bristol: If Jeff Burton won that race, does the 14 go to the Chase?
  23. Sports Video Games

    I have NHL 15 and NBA 2k15 preordered for PS4. Just have to pick up the PS4 by September 9th. Though I might get it two weeks early now with the NHL demo coming out. Both of these games look absolutely solid. The MyLeague mode is just gravy at this point.
  24. Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    The only instance where a driver is on out of his car on the track is during a caution, and cars are going about 1/3 speed. Still enough to kill someone, but not "meat and red."
  25. Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    NASCAR/Racing in general is a little different than other sports when it comes to this. IN most of the country the NASCAR season is the only time during the year where you can race anywhere, so for Stewart (who isn't the only driver that does this) to want to race anywhere he can, the only time is during the season. Also, you can't really compare most of the Cup drivers racing in the Nationwide or Craftsman Truck series to any other sport. A lot of these guys really love to race more than anything else. Stewart doesn't have a wife or kids to occupy time off of the track. He races because he loves it. This incident is a tremendous example about how dumb social media is. I wish people would let the legal process play out before coming to such a bold conclusion (Stewart is a murderer/Hillbilly guy deserved to die). This kind of reminds me of the Dante Stallworth drunk driving situation.