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  1. That logo looks so good I can smell an alternate jersey in the near future!
  2. Those Stingers logos look so good I can see the OHL Sarina Sting wanting them.
  3. As much I would love to see this team move back to Halifax, or move to Ottawa but I believe that this team will do a lot better in Houston than in New Orleans that's for sure.
  4. A_J_H

    Re: Photobucket

    I used to use Photobucket, before they put that 3rd party stupidity, their site is slow to load from both upload, and download, it was a pain in the butt. Now I upload most of my concepts to Google photos, and some on my DeviantART. I'll might considering imgur site down the road.
  5. Chicago vs. Toronto will be a great match up for the cup!
  6. All Canadian Lewis Cup finals now there something I'll keep a eye on it!
  7. A_J_H

    2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    About time they change their jerseys, now change the logo and we're good!
  8. A_J_H

    2016-17 CHL uniform/logo thread

    They need to go back to those jerseys and quick.
  9. A_J_H

    NLL new logo

    Am I'm the only one that think the star is a ninja star?
  10. A_J_H

    Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    The word is the owners that took the team to Hamilton also owns the name. That's what I heard, if it's true then it makes sense to me and shows how bitter Hamilton is in losing an AHL team and have to live with an OHL team, while Belleville lost an OHL team but gain an AHL team.
  11. A_J_H

    2016-17 CHL uniform/logo thread

    So the Bulldogs are wearing the Pens knockoffs while pulling the Bruins with gold socks. Very original Hamilton, good grief.
  12. A_J_H

    South Park 20th Season Logo

    It's a not bad of a logo if I say so myself.
  13. A_J_H

    IHL 2017

    Dude I tell you if my Chatham Jr.B Maroons ever decide to give themselves a new look, I hope to god that they find you and give you crazy amount of money for that design from logos to the jerseys!
  14. A_J_H

    SportsSquatch.com stealing designs for profit

    Every time I look at that site I laugh at it. That site is a joke I mean would you buy my team Japan jerseys with a logo that was made from MS Paint? I thought of letting anyone know about this, but with the price of $99.00 (now $64.99) I say nah. Beside with those prices, and unhappy customers this site with fall apart and karma will bite him in the butt. P.S. Sports Squatch use to be called Hockey Yeti.
  15. A_J_H

    2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Would it kill them to the league's logo inside the collar like the NHL does, I mean how hard is it really?