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  1. College Football Schedule Sig Requests

    Do you not like me because I don't see the Cornell concept posted ? I see the area where it is suppose to be but not the concept. Where is the other IVY's ?
  2. College Football Schedule Sig Requests

    How bout a Cornell or UConn One Thanks
  3. NCAA Football 07 custom covers

    The only other request I would like is for my girlfriend Player Name: Eli Manning School: Ole Miss System: X-Box
  4. NCAA Football 07 custom covers

    This one is going to be a stretch but if you can try it would make me very happy Player Name: tailback Jamar Brittingham School: Bloomsburg University of PA System: Any
  5. Team Wallpaper Design

    ThreeRequests please and no rush on it: If you can do players how bout Peyton v. Eli or something with them which would look hot on my background If not two teams: New Jersey Jackals of the Can-Am League and of the IVY League Cornell Big Red
  6. Collegiate Athletic Nicknames

    The Cornell Colors The Cornell colors were actually established on the University's Inauguration Day on Oct. 7, 1868. The account from Morris Bishop's A History of Cornell follows: At sunrise on Inauguration Day, said the New York Times envoy, "from all the hills poured forth delightful music, and every few minutes the thunder of artillery from the eastern hills responded to the booming of cannon from a lofty eminence on the west side of town." Students and citizens thronged to Library Hall, which was tastefully decorated with marble vases of flowers and a large cross covered with moss, entwined with myrtle. One the side wall, the motto of the new university was blazoned in evergreen letters, and behind the speakers the illustrious names of CORNELL and WHITE appeared in large white letters against artistically draped red flannel, on which stars cut out of silver paper were pinned at pleasing intervals. Thus, entirely unintentionally, the Cornell colors were established for all time, on the first Cornell banner. Although the Cornell football team was defeated 12-6 in the 1898 Thanksgiving Day game by the University of Pennsylvania, the Big Red made quite an impression that day. The team's colors impressed Herberton L. Williams, comptroller and general manager of Campbell Soup Co., who attended that game in Philadelphia. The story is that Williams was impressed by the brilliance of Cornell's red and white uniforms and later insisted that the company adopt those colors for the labels on its cans. The company's original colors were black and orange. The new colors began appearing in 1899. That decision has been a lasting one. There has been little change in the design of the basic labels and no change in their color since then. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cornell Mascot Cornell has never had an official mascot, but early in the school's athletic history a bear took over as its most recognizable symbol. The first live Cornell bear mascot appeared in 1915 during Cornell's undefeated and national championship football season. Since that time, there were three others. The last edition - Touchdown IV - was never allowed on Schoellkopf Field despite strong publicity campaigns by the Cornell Daily Sun and undergraduate groups. The bear was invited to Cleveland by the Cornell alumni in the city, and was then shipped in a dog cage, to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State-Cornell game. At this point, the Animal Protective League stepped in and decreed that the bear was to be let loose in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania. The current mascot is a Cornell undergraduate who performs at various varsity athletic events, including at all football and men's ice hockey games. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cornell Nickname The nickname "Big Red" for Cornell teams originated in 1905. The late Romeyn Berry '04, then a recent Cornell graduate, was writing the lyrics for a new football song. Since Cornell had no nickname at the time, Berry simply referred to Cornell as the "big red team" and it caught on. Berry was graduate manager of athletics from 1919 through 1935 and was recognized as an outstanding authority on Cornell, its traditions and personalities. He was a distinguished writer and newspaper columnist locally. For his musical composition Berry won $25. The song earned a spot in the Cornell Verses, joining rowing songs and other lyrics descriptive of Cornell life. The Big, Red Team See them plunging down to the goal See the ruddy banners stream Hear the crashing echoes roll As we cheer for the big, red team Yea! Yea! Yea! Chorus Cheer till the sound wakes the blue hills around Make the scream of the north wind yield To the strength of the yell from the men of Cornell When the big, red team takes the field Yea! Yea! Yea! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cornell Songs Alma Mater Far above Cayuga's waters With its waves of blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater, Glorious to view Chorus Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Loud her praises tell. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, all hail, Cornell Far above the busy humming Of the bustling town, Reared against the arch of Heaven, Looks she proudly down Cornell Victorious From blue Cayuga From hill and dell, Far rings the story of the glory of Cornell. From east and west the crashing echoes answ'ring call. "Cornell Victorious; the champions of all." Cheer! Cheer! Here we are again, To cheer with all our might! Cheer! Cheer! Here we are again, To cheer for the Red and White-Fight! Fight! Fight! Cornellian colors we'll defend; We'll hear the echo of our cheer. Oh, here we are! Here we are again! (Repeat the first five lines) Give My Regards To Davy (After each touchdown/goal) Give my regards to Davy, Remember me to Teefy Crane, Tell all the pikers on the Hill That I'll be back again. Tell them of how I busted Lapping up the high, high ball We'll all have drinks at Theodore Zinck's When I get back next fall. From: http://cornellbigred.cstv.com/trads/corn-trads.html
  7. Tank Stumper 5/12/06

    With the 2nd Pick in the 1985 NBA Draft the Indiana Pacers select Wayman Tisdale (PF) Oklahoma
  8. NCAA Baseball Concepts

    I would like to request a UConn & a Cornell one please so i can set these sweet concepts as my sig
  9. Minor League Baseball Hat Question

    Wait does the our minor league team have to have an MLB affliation or not because if not i opt for the team i work for: New Jersey Jackals http://www.jackals.com/merchandise/photos/P1010047.JPG Letter B is our everyday hat & Letter A is our "Sunday"
  10. Tank Stumper 5/1/06

    Wasnt it Matt Nokes ???
  11. AHL

    Albany & Utica used to be the New Jersey Devils "farm" team correct ? Who is their new "farm" team ?? If they dont play in the AHL what league are they now in ???
  12. a stupid question

    How do I get do those License Plates customized ? It is more curiosity than anything else. Is there a program or a website to create them ?
  13. Tank Stumper 3/21/06

    Interim President Austin Gunsel (1959-1960, following death of Bell) Commissioner Bert Bell (1946-1959)
  14. Tank Stumper 3/20/06

    Well Maybe i could be Texas Western aka UTEP from 1966 but I could be wrong because I dont see a lot of them because I live on the East Coast but if not them it has to be Loyola of Chicago in 1963