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  1. Big Play/Player/Moment Wallpapers

    ODB and the catch for iPhone 5s if possible
  2. NFL/NBA Player Wallpapers (Taking Requests-NEW STYLE)

    Odell Beckham Jr. & "The Catch" please
  3. Chrome Logos

    If you are still taking request...Mr. Met, Old Uconn Husky logo, and FDU Knights logo please
  4. Glowing Logo Wallpapers

    I just found this post and it is amazing. Is there any chance you still start these up again? or is this a graveyard posting? Can someone please let me know?
  5. Hi all, I need ideas for new nickname for my fantasy baseball team. The only requirement that I ask is that the nickname starts with the letter B. Can you please help me? I have previous used the Blazers but I want something to stand out. For example there is a dentist in the league and he is the Plaque Attack. I want something creative. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks, NJMojorising
  6. Jersey iPhone Wallpapers

    If you are still taking requests: 1. NY Giants Blue #90 (Pierre-Paul), 2. NY Giants #58 Mark Herzlich, 3. NY Jets #6 Sanchez Green and finally a White Eli Manning one Please
  7. NCAA Football iPhone 4 Wallpapers

    A few requests please: Fairleigh Dickinson University old logo without Fairleigh Dickinson in the arch is the old logo-Basketball court background, Cornell with the bear in the C, & Northeastern with the split N Ice Surface Background last but finally not least the Tigers "D" on grass please. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work
  8. Tile Wallpapers/Signatures/Avatars/Cover Photos Etc

    Iphone Wallpaper for Fairleigh Dickinson University and Northeastern University with a split N if possible please
  9. iPhone Lockscreen Tab Wallpaper - UPDATED for requests!

    Amazing work dude...Can I make a request: Can I get one for Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights the old logo with burgundy and blue if you need a reference look at the CCSLC main page --> http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=6880, Northeastern Huskies and finally the SUPER BOWL Champion NY FOOTBALL GIANTS with the giants NY as the background and the SB 46 logo on the stripe? Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing job!
  10. Fan Packs?

    Has anybody sent away for these and does anybody have a list of e-mail addresses of the teams that do give away fan packs ?
  11. New York Giants

    As a die-hard GIANTS fan I dont approve sorry but I am entitled to my opinion right?
  12. Glassy Icons

    If you still taking request: FDU Knights logo, NY Giants, NJ Devils, and NY Mets if possible ?
  13. First quality wallpaper: Josh Cribbs

    If you are making others/taking requests can I please have a Hakeem Nicks or Justin Tuck one with the Old GIANTS logo?
  14. Fantasy Football Team Rating

    8 Teams total !!!