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  1. College Football 2013 Season

    So Georgia Tech will have a throwback game. From the Media Guide: "The centerpiece of the season-long celebration comes Sept. 26 when Georgia Tech hosts Virginia Tech in an ESPN nationally-televised Thursday night game. Every Yellow Jacket Football All-American and Football Academic All-American will be invited back to campus and will be honored at halftime. For the game against Virginia Tech, the Yellow Jackets will wear throw-back uniforms, which will be unveiled at a later date." There's also a 100th season logo for Grant Field:
  2. Thrift Store Gems 2013

    Not quite a thrift store find, but I found an Oregon helmet at an antique mart in Atlanta the other day. This isn't my picture, but it was this style helmet, for $125. Probably not a bargain, but I thought it was interesting.
  3. 2013 MLB Postseason Logo?

    The Press Box site doesn't get updated the moment new logos are posted...
  4. 2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    So that logo was initially on the cream throwbacks as well?
  5. New Gwinnett Gladiators Dark Jerseys

    Yeah, those new threads suck. What's wrong with the currents? I can see freshening it up with a gold or maroon version, but a dull template with the city name slapped across? WEAK.
  6. Blackhawks logo. Thing.

    I like the idea, but it's too Florida State-esque.
  7. If The Orioles Make It In

    I ilke how they stole the rays plaid Actually, if I remember correctly, that plaid texture is a part of the Postseason style guide as a whole; not just for the O's....
  8. New Facebook logo

    Yeah, I just got it today as well. Booooo
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2012

    I got the Falcons version of that Saints shirt for $12 at a local Marshalls. I've seen a boatload of replica jerseys for Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Michael Turner, and Roddy White at stores here as well. No authentics yet, but I can always hope.
  10. Locker Room thread

    Um, That's false, unless they've added those since when I was in there last year...
  11. 2012 MLB & Logo Changes

    I haven't seen this posted, but this is a Chipper Retirement logo. It also is part of the poster series that the Braves will be giving away at games.
  12. Seems Miami is in trouble again

    UNC should be tossed in that discussion as well. Unreal.
  13. NCAA Football 13

    Biggest issue I've noticed so far are Notre Dame's helmets. How did nobody notice they were brown before the release???
  14. Has this ever happened before?

    Well, we are #1 in something: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomvanriper/2012/02/28/americas-most-miserable-sports-cities/
  15. Thrift Store Gems 2012

    I'm in the metro area, and keep up with Marshall's/Ross/TJMaxx, and we haven't been getting Braves jerseys or anything. Just tshirts and snapbacks at the moment. Earlier in the spring/late winter they did get blank authentic Hawks jerseys, and replica Thrashers jerseys, but that's about it recently...