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  1. Unreal. UVA dogged it so much the last couple minutes. Shameful. That said, historic showing for USMBCHABSCUVAWGHIOSWGC.
  2. The White Jaguar is really being pushed. That's not inspiring.
  3. The Sports Media Thread

    The Berns/Goff combo was never going to function. I'm glad it's ended. I can only take so much national NBA talk. Parkins has done a decent job and he should do well in the afternoons until Mac departs sometime this summer.
  4. NBA Changes 2017-18

    "I've got it! Let's go from a logo, now hear me out, to...a wordmark!" "Carl, that idea sucks ass." "But think of it, gentlemen! We only use 1 color per conference, which saves us roughly 80 cents a shirt/hat/sticker, and with those profits we can - " "- why we could gild our yachts!" "YES! Now you see, gentlemen!" "My God, Carl. Think of the quality of prostitutes and cocaine we could procure with all this new income."
  5. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Landry is a Brown.
  6. NFL 2018 changes

    I'll clarify. From probably 2000-2004 (Jauron era) the Bears wore white-on-white as their road primaries. The navy pants were but a memory. After Lovie's hiring, the Bears wore white-on-white sporadically on the road, going 70-30 with the navy pants getting featured way more. Since roughly 2007, the Bears haven't worn white on white a single time that I can remember.
  7. NFL 2018 changes

    This is all the Browns should ever wear, honestly. I'd scream in ecstasy if the Bears ever wore white-on-white again. I don't know why they've been so gung-ho on wearing the navy pants on the road for the last 12-odd years. Disappointing.
  8. I really want a Browns that basically looks like this. The Browns can't have a white helmet, because the helmet IS their brand. No matter how many times they try to shoehorn a wordmark, it's simply not going to work. The Browns have the helmet, the bulldog, and the elf. That's fine. It's unique, it's weird, it's Cleveland. Orange, Brown, White. Flat, matte, simple, clean.
  9. Rotten Tomatoes New Logo & Site

    I like it. Delicate upgrade.
  10. They're all getting it from reddit which is getting it from twitter which got it from here which got it from someone's ass.
  11. Meh, just leave it. If he/she is full of it, they're full of it. If they're legit, they're legit. I know it's fun to call out phonies, but it all feels like a waste of time. Plus I don't want to read any of this crap.
  12. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    As if hockey wasn't white enough already.
  13. The current font was one of the few things their overhaul got right, so I too would be bummed if they ditched it. I'm not against borderless numerals, personally.