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  1. CS85

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    Ojeda's logo has nice bones, but the distressed stuff is very, eh, tacky. Tulsi's is the clear winner.
  2. CS85

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I have no idea why I watch this crap anymore.
  3. CS85

    2018 NFL Season

    cue Hue Jackson
  4. https://blog.stephenwolfram.com/2018/12/the-story-of-spikey/ For a number of years I've worked for Wolfram Research, and their logo is pretty neato: The rhombic hexecontahedron (gesundheit) has a bit of a storied nature to it, well beyond our company. This blog entry by our owner is very well done, and an interesting look into how a company came up with and embraced a logo.
  5. BACK OF BRAIN: "You know this is going to be some god-awful concept-come-to-life, like the team brass google image searched 'NY JETS CONCEPT' and one addled dope fell in love with xXx69COD-cuck69xXx's jersey concept for Madden 2017 and now suddenly wants to make it the brand, in spite of everyone telling him not to." HOPE: "Oh c'mon now. The Jets can't screw this up. There's a lot of good places to start from here, and with the simple color scheme it won't b-" BACK OF BRAIN: "Black. There's going to be black and you know it. Lots and lots of black. Like LA Clippers amounts of unnecessary black." HOPE: "That was a freak accident. Didn't you see the video? There was green!" BACK OF BRAIN: "Yeah, but it was very green, wasn't it? Like neon green, yeah?" HOPE: "Well sure, but that fits the-" BACK OF BRAIN: "It's going to suck, Andy. The whole world will see it, and the worst part is?....people will love it. You snobs will turn up your noses at how ugly it is, but dumbass tweens will think it's the coolest uniform EVAR, and pay $2.99 DLC to get it into the latest editions of Madden; their parents will shell out millions to buy them the latest uniforms so that their little darlings can dress like embarrassing futuristic Nike abortions for years to come!" HOPE: "NO. THE JAGS. THE JAGS GOT IT MOSTLY RIGHT. TH-THE VIKINGS! EVEN THE BROWNS ARE WORKING ON SOMETHING DIFFERENT, THERE'S-" BACK OF BRAIN: *douses hope in a chloroform rag*
  6. CS85

    NHL 2018-19

    Please, for all that is good and holy, yes. These are abominations.
  7. CS85

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seattle Sockeyes? I mean I get it, it's a regional fish, but that brand feels minor league.
  8. CS85

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    How remarkably uninteresting.
  9. Start with this: Be inspired by these: Make something that doesn't look like this: and....go
  10. CS85

    Update to No Politics rule

    I hope this song is in the new Lego movie.
  11. CS85

    New Cox Communications logo

    Nice big Cox they have there.
  12. CS85

    2019 MLB Changes

    As much as it pains me to say, that's a beautiful uniform.
  13. CS85

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I personally dig this quite a bit. The home look is very strong, and if anything I feel like the Miami script across the chest should be bigger, bolder. Same with the admittedly half-interesting numerals. Road grays are alright, but there's very few road looks in MLB that look good (IMHO). The main weakness is the blue alt. It needs, and I mean needs red in there. Whether it's some kind of loud sleeve patch, a chest stripe, or as part of the chest emblem, it's lacking. Otherwise this is good. Well done, Marlins.