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  1. The Hershey Bears are an example of brown being a potentially incredible design element if you do it right. FC St. Pauli rocks it, also with a splash of red in there. I don't want to hear this crap about brown being a lousy color. Brown is beautiful.
  2. For 2018/19 it's a good deal for TOR if Kawhi decides he actually wants to give a rat's ass. If he plays not to get injured and worms his way out of there to play with Lebron in LA, which is what will happen, everybody looks stupid. TOR looks stupid because DeRozan was a Raptor-for-life and they verbally promised not to deal him, burning that bridge. This months after firing the coach of the year. The prize acquisition will give them 40% effort and abandon them, only to end up losing to the Warriors in the 2019/2020 WCF.
  3. Yeah, way too busy. The colors are great, but too much crammed into this one.
  4. This concept is solid. All that said, I cannot emphasize how much that the Swinging Friar must feature. It's like the damned Brownie Elf. This logo is vital to the dignity of the franchise, whether the franchise likes it or not.
  5. CS85

    Boca product line - New Packaging

    It went from being forgettable, generic mush to being loud, obnoxious simplicity.
  6. CS85

    2018 MLB Season

    Cardinals fired Matheny. Heheh.
  7. It's fine. "It could be worse" isn't much of an endorsement, but it'll do. The Clippers, on the other hand, now need to reflect on their life choices.
  8. With how our culture handles preorders in general, it's a wonder anyone can afford rent and groceries. In Lakers purple and gold, hell yeah. All day long, son.
  9. I'd be down for something along the lines of this: The Christmas uni was kind of copy-pasta'd around the league, but going to something script-y/flow-y like that would be appropriate for the franchise. Keep it minimalist/classic and don't you dare do what the Clippers did.
  10. At least Cleveland got one.
  11. CS85

    OHL: Guelph Storm Unveil New Primary Logo for 2018-19

    Looks like Oscar the Grouch peering out of a Wizard's hat.