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  1. CS85

    NFL 2018 changes

    Are these brown or black? If they're black...why?
  2. CS85

    NFL REDESIGN (Dolphins 9/20)

    These are marvelous, but feedback: ---------- BENGALS Good: love the numeral fonts love the logo love the script Meh: I'd just go with a white and striped helmet with traces or orange or an orange facemask the script wordmark needs a little bit more "finishing," but it's almost there ---------- VIKINGS Good: logo is fantastic wordmark hits the mark Meh: I feel the darkening of the purple is a negative, but that's my two cents ---------- RAVENS Good: Font choice is solid the BR interlocking logo is close to being great Meh: I felt personally the design elements were way too modern (gradients, no, no) design overall felt too gloomy (which makes sense, but still) ---------- The Giants, Jets, Bucs, and Lions are essentially pristine. I wouldn't change anything. Only thing I didn't like about the Chiefs logo is the yellow bottom of the arrowhead.
  3. CS85

    Buffalo Wild Wings new look

    Better but still mostly crap.
  4. CS85

    NFL 2018 changes

    I think elements of this design will translate well in a few years when they inevitably rebrand again, but as for now they are indeed a kludge.
  5. CS85

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Those are two goddamn football uniforms right there. My goodness. Fantastic.
  6. CS85

    Unused Logos and Uniforms

    I dig. I will always insist the White Sox are walking the tightrope between good and bad design; I just wish they'd fall over in one direction or the other, because the elements for each outcome are present.
  7. CS85

    Indians Remove Chief Wahoo from Uniform in Toronto

    Hell yeah. Spiders would be a kickass team name/identity as long as you do it right.
  8. CS85

    2018 NFL Season

    Since 2012, in games vs. the Bears that Rodgers has finished, he's done a lot of damage: 30 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions, averages 253 yards per game, and a 115.3 average passer rating. Since 2012, in the 8 contest the Packers put up at least 24 points against the Bears, Randall Cobb has been the bane of the Bears existence: 42 catches for 559 yards and 9 touchdowns. Obviously these numbers are a bit off considering this was during the prime of Rodgers' career against a dead/rebuilding franchise, but it's still mind-boggling. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers exist solely to deposit gallons of salty piss down the throats of millions of Bears fans and it shows that the only way the Bears can win is if Rodgers is either too hurt to finish or start a game. Yet they give him ~5 seconds to complete passes in 4th quarter comeback situations, namely because the offense decided to run cutesy backfield passes on 3rd & short time and time again when Jordan Howard was averaging 5 yards a carry against a pretty tired Packers defense. Nagy and Trubisky have a lot to learn from last night, and next week against the Seahawks won't be a picnic. Very easily could be down 0-2, and if the Bucs keep scoring like they do, 0-3. I hate being a Bears fan, but I'm stuck.
  9. I love Life cereal, and this is an excellent redesign. We don't need the aura-glowing Quaker there to divinely bless the forgotten cereal. Wordmark is fun.
  10. CS85

    2018 NFL Season

    I hate being alive.
  11. CS85

    Indians Remove Chief Wahoo from Uniform in Toronto

    I think this board's long-standing membership is no longer greatly stirred by anything Cleveland/American-Native-logo-related in terms of outrage. It's all been done before; it's all been said before. It's tired. I'm tired.
  12. CS85

    Logo Design

  13. CS85

    New Library Of Congress logo / branding

    I get what they were going for, and it's interesting, I suppose, but something's missing. Can't put my finger on what. Feels barren, somehow. Unfinished.
  14. CS85

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    I wish the box design would be of a poacher mounting a severed lion's head on his wall, or maybe an Asian gentleman, idly glancing at his flaccid penis, fervently grinding up the still-bloody horn of a rhinoceros.