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  1. That laptop looks disgusting. I believe it's an ancient HP, but you can see the hand-salsa and crusty slop-finger-dust all over the keyboard and speakers.
  2. Yeah, but that Under Armor ad = 1 Javy Baez contract, so gotta make sacrifices somewhere, haha.
  3. I'd rather them do this than deal with the ragtag bullpen from the foul territory. I get the benefits of them warming up in the elements, but it's not a good look.
  4. Couple things: I think the Cubs could've done much, much worse than what they did. The WINTRUST on top of the left field scoreboard is the most garish part of it. the Budweiser script above the RF scoreboard feels relatively natural. While at the park it's really, really awesome to watch instant replays live on the modern LED screens and plus they'll bust out highlights of classic "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with Harry from time to time or show clips of Sandberg/Williams/etc during pregame. My brother and I got our Wrigleyville fix before and after the game since the ballpark is obviously ensconced in the neighborhood, so I don't feel like the scoreboards detracted from the experience whatsoever. If anything it added to it. Again - just my two cents. I sympathize with purists; merely offering my take. On that note... The current scoreboard era of Wrigley is going to be forever associated with winning a World Series. That alone must be taken into account. The "new" nostalgia effect gave the Ricketts family all the reason they'll need to do more ad-related stuff so long as it doesn't take out the ivy or the marquee.
  5. Damn, that's incredible. Been there a couple times since the scoreboard and renovations were mostly done, and I gotta say - the scoreboard is awesome and the amenities within the ballpark are much, much better. The bleacher experience was fantastic, and while some of the romance of the neighborhood surrounds was lost, I don't find it made the experience worse for ware.
  6. Hope you've got your walkout shoes on for that one, too. What was rubbish about King Arthur? It looked like just another film that nobody wanted to be made, so I'm curious if it was as hollow as its premise.
  7. I was always a fan of Camden Yard, but that Rockies sunset photo is amazing. There's something breathtaking and magical when a baseball stadium has the perfect golden hour vista showcase of both its landscaping/architecture contrasted against the vivid colors of the dying day painted across the skyline. Even the stupid Cardinals and the admittedly-great Busch Stadium does this wonderfully: This is why it's very disappointing to watch games in domes or mostly-enclosed horseshoes and the like. Baseball is an outdoor game.
  8. Myles Garrett plays high school football:
  9. I'll nominate blink-182's "Good Old Days." Fun, dancy tune about ambiguous youth-like stuff written by 40-somethings, just how I like it.
  10. Ugh. I also heard he wasn't at his best last night, performance was, but was still excellent.
  11. Rumor was they found him in his hotel room with something around his neck, but who knows.
  12. Not sure if suicide or what, but he died hours after finishing a performance in Detroit, MI with Soundgarden.
  13. Meh. There's still Sonic Mania, which is legit.
  14. It weirds me out that Rocket League is joining up with WWE. This game has gotten huge.