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  1. More proof the world is going to crap

    http://dennismichaellynch.com/top-silicon-valley-ceo-jailed-for-child-rape/ Kill people like this.
  2. Tank in the news

    I'm imagining this as the preface of a 500+ page pmoehrin autobiography. ----- Look, the internet is a wasteland. It's a petri dish that became an electronic sewer and we are all its slowly-mutating dwellerfolk. At the highest levels there are some who float on slates of crust, waiting for a rescue effort that will never come while still others lifeboat around in naive innocence thinking they'll never sink. At its lowest, where the light never touches, bio-luminescent pornographers, snuff-film trotters, and architects of humanity's worse exports writhe in a constantly churning, endlessly masturbating froth where cruelty and dignity go unrecognized. Meanwhile the message board remains primarily an echo chamber submersible, the most durable Nebuchadnezzars of which try to dim the lights around the endless toxic green surrounding them, preferring to comment angrily about whatever banality is provided within their daily Rage Ration while laughing emptily at impossibly cute kittens and wrinkly dogs. We are all in Hell, and we are aware we are in Hell, but Hell could always be worse. We aren't trying hard enough yet, but give us a few more years; the internet is young. You can always count on human beings to ruin any good thing in time, and when it comes to the internet, we've barely even begun.
  3. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    TL;DR: hedley is responsible for 9/11
  4. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Happy for both franchises. Series should be fun.
  5. There's no way this was planned, but I think it will work out better for everybody. Styles/Balor should be a really good match and while Angle won't likely do much out there wrestling-wise, it'll be cool to see him lace up the boots while he's still in shape enough to do it.
  6. 2017 NFL Season

    If only people understood the suffering and anguish of being a Patriots fan. It's been a hard 17 years for them, so we should really check our privilege.
  7. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Doesn't matter. Cubs never were in this and Maddon's conceded. Start all the seniors, Joe. Not worth taking a bow over this frustrating season full of deadwind stretches of lifeless bats and bullpen collapses. They had the magic last year. All that happened this year was This Year, and there's issues that need to be handily addressed by a scrutinous baseball eye and a few crafty acquisitions. I don't hate the Dodgers, but they also are not somebody I really care about. I'd rather see the Astros win it all, but Yankees/Dodgers = tweet me when somebody wins. I hope you all enjoy yourselves.
  8. It's cringe/embarrassment of the highest order, and no result can make either wrestler look better. It's simple-minded Halloween kiddy bullcrap.
  9. Roads

    Isn't that completely counter-intuitive?
  10. Minnesota Timberwolves

    The Wolves logos, colors, etc? Fine. Their uniforms are boring as hell and devoid of personality or anything that suggests they stand out.
  11. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Agreed, that was indeed stupid. These advanced beings were all over the world but never encountered rain? Fog? Mist? Any large body of water? That said, the movie used aliens as a plot device for the real core message of the movie: Faith and belief that everything happens for a reason. Is it executed in a weird way? For sure. But I, again, enjoyed the presentation, the actors, and the script. I don't let the gimmick bother me.
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Bears "win."
  13. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Not really fair to MNS. He's a fine moviemaker for the most part. Signs, Village, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable? These are all very enjoyable movies, IMHO. Even Lady in the Water was reasonably decent. I'll totally grant you that The Happening was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I've heard nothing but bad things about After Earth and Avatar, but he's coming around. He wrote Devil and that was a pretty solid movie for what a minimalist concept it was. I've heard very good things about Split, too. Here's the major problem M.Night has always had, and that's the distributors and marketing team behind him got absolutely drunk as hell on making him the new Hitchcock. Granted, he kind of did that to himself with the whole cameo bits and twist endings people came to expect, but when your goal is to make movies that are mysterious, nuanced, and interesting becomes torn down by a marketing team that calls you "the new master of horror" and says "the ending will haunt you," there's no way to live up to that, much less having everything you do get compared to one of the best filmmakers ever. I guess I'm happy to defend M. Night because his movies are unique without being pretentious, and the style of his storytelling appeals to me. If moviegoers are upset that his twist endings aren't blowing their minds, that's on them, not him. Just look at his movies as movies and less as "how far did the twist ending hit the ball" and you'll enjoy it more. For your part, sure, I can totally see why the dialogue would annoy you, but it seems to me like it's just not your flavor of movie, which is totally acceptable. The subjective nature of movies is beautiful in this regard. That said, anyone over the age of 11 who feels like The Emoji Movie is a masterpiece should be drowned.
  14. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I think it's maybe an issue with the dialogue? I feel like the cast does a very good job working with a fairly wooden old-timey sounding script which is meant to be delivered in something of a wooden way.