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  1. CS85

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    What I don't like about this, which admittedly isn't much, is that the Marlins identity is completely forgotten. They're going full culture/flavor, which is wonderful, but it's like...why not just rebrand?
  2. CS85

    2018-19 NHL Season

    This is what bums me out primarily about this whole thing. Barry Smith finally getting his seat at the adults table with a direct line to Stan Bowman stinks like hell. If he's there to give Colliton some guidance, whatever, but I get more of babysitter vibe. A lot of band-aid ripping off still to be done, primarily in regards to purging themselves of the albatross contracts left and right and letting their 33-year-old coach work with a big pile of 20-somethings while they salvage whatever's left of their system. This is where it'd be pretty interesting if you had guys like Dano and Hartman along with Panarin, Leddy, Kevin Hayes, Schmaltz, DeBrincat, etc, and going balls-out with speed and athleticism. Instead the bulk of the roster is essentially one giant pile of dead flesh that needs to be sloughed off, hoping you haven't ruined the shiny young talent that would still remain. Who knows.
  3. CS85

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Blackhawks fired Joel Quenneville today. Writing was kind of on the wall, but meh. Bowman's show now. *hurls sarcastic confetti*
  4. CS85

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    The matchup that got me into the NBA, during the fading twilight of Jordan going against the thorn in everybody's side in Reggie Miller. Two of my favorite uniforms of all time in one shot. The 90s NBA in general holds a wealth of nostalgia for me, but I won't post a ton of pics. Just a few.
  5. CS85

    New Travel (Trvl) Channel Logo

    Agh, let's not be too generous here.
  6. CS85

    New Animal Planet Logo

    I like it, generally. It kind of looks like a cradle about to fall off the crest of a waterfall, a flourishing wave of Captain Hook's arm, or an eyebrow with a massive bead of sweat forming above it. It's an upgrade.
  7. CS85

    Different Teams, Same Elements

    http://www.espn.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/12724/the-uni-watch-history-of-the-wishbone-c http://www.espn.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/13132/more-uni-watch-wishbone-c-history Apparently the wishbone C started with Carroll University in Wisconsin. The Bears only started using the wishbone C in the 60s as an homage to the Cubs (as is their name and for a long time they shared Wrigley Field). I believe their C was modified at some point to prevent a lawsuit, in typical Halas fashion.
  8. CS85

    Cheaper Photoshop Alternative

    I've been using Krita a ton lately, particularly for digital illustration, and love it. It's free. https://krita.org/en/
  9. CS85

    Congratulations, Lottery Winner!

    $50 - Pay tnak to masturbate in front of a webcam for about 30 seconds. $150M - I'd buy Barstool Sports and have the site autoforward to a gif of tnak masturbating. $449,000,900 - I'd spend on property in Green Bay near Lambeau, and build sculptures of Curly Lambeau and Brett Favre giving various 2000s celebrities handjobs. $50 - I'd buy 5 months of the WWE Network, what a bargain!
  10. CS85

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    0-3 in them, so look for them to win once they wear the city editions and yeah, they'll never wear gold again.
  11. CS85

    Worst owners in Sports

  12. CS85

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    I love the script I, and while the block C is uninteresting, it's innocuous and inoffensive - in other words ideal for a team trying to gracefully work toward a rebrand. I hope beyond hope they roll with Spiders. That would be gnarly.
  13. CS85

    2018 MLB Postseason: Team Twitter Emoji Hashtags

  14. Better team won. Cubs are misery to watch. Bryant in particular looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.
  15. CS85

    2018 MLB Season

    Wasn't trying to wave a signal flag for pity, friend. I'm well aware of how good the Cubs situation is in comparison to others. Just kinda throwing my two cents out there since I don't really talk sports on this forum much anymore.