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  1. 2018 NFL Offseason

    When's the next CBA? NFLPA will put that on the chopping block, priority 1.
  2. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I'd sign off on that. I'd personally replace the green/brown/fatigues-esque color with something leaning toward blue, but keeping it the same kind of hushed, desaturated style to be sure that the gold was served.
  3. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    Guessing it'll be something like this, maybe even using their unused logo from the 90s:
  4. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I always felt like the Nuggets were a bit misguided about their identity. The 90s look where it was so dark and bleak sucked. They aged terribly, too. The Carmelo-era blue was a step up, but they still don't own an identity. GOLD. YOUR IDENTITY IS "GOLD." IT MUST BE THE FEATURED COLOR. EVERYTHING ELSE MUST SERVE GOLD. YOU'RE WELCOME. THAT WILL BE $25,000.
  5. I feel like the best way to go about this would've been to put an actual wing logo onto a bottle of Hidden Valley.
  6. This is where the thread should start and end.
  7. Scientifically accurate raptors

    scientifically accurate cartoon playing basketball
  8. Hall of Very Good

    RB Thomas Jones QB Mark Brunell SF Jalen Rose RP Mike Remlinger These are the names that came to mind.
  9. 2018 MLB Season

    ESPN's mic-ing of the field is stellar. Gives us moments like this, good freakin' god: https://streamable.com/1nbwv Sound off the bat is like cocaine.
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-allows-sports-betting-across-country-n868956 The U.S. Supreme Court acted Monday to bust Nevada's monopoly on legal sports betting, allowing more states to get in on the action and reap the tax benefits. The court struck down a federal law that required states to ban gambling on the outcome of sporting events. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was highly unusual: it did not ban sports gambling nationwide as a matter of federal law, but it said the states were not allowed to permit it.
  11. Impossible to say. You can't properly evaluate eras until many years after the fact. Perhaps we are in the greatest era of one or two leagues, but all-around is an impossible parameter to gauge.
  12. New Best Buy logo

    That includes "expanding what the company sells and evolving how it sells," executives said last year at the company's investors day conference last September. In April, the retailer announced a partnership with Amazon to be the exclusive brick-and-mortar seller of Amazon's Fire TVs and said it would open its first new store in seven years. "Telling the story of our people — and how we make a meaningful impact on customers’ lives — is at the heart of this work," Best Buy Chief Marketing Officer Whit Alexander said in the blog post this week. "Our people are our insurmountable advantage." So in other words they're going to get shuttered by Amazon, and none too soon. Overpriced hole anyway. Nobody likes to go to Best Buy to overpay for your bullcrap, much less be hostage to your obnoxious employees. Get closed.
  13. New Best Buy logo

  14. NFL Draft Picks

    I think 18 is a fatter, snowman number. 19 is also close, but 18 takes it ever so slightly.