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  1. That's actually one of the last things I'm concerned with, namely because LP for years has sort of been torn between being what their old audience wants (Hybrid Theory/Meteora) and trying new things. I feel like they were at their best when making music for themselves (A Thousand Suns/Living Things), personally, and Shinoda especially has been very explorative working in new ways. They were at the worst as a rock band/"return to roots" thing, IMHO, since it felt like they were intentionally limiting themselves to re-summon the audience they pushed away with their more electronic stuff. Minutes to Midnight had its moments, but it wasn't nearly as jumbled a mess as The Hunting Party. I didn't listen to One More Light at all yet outside of the single, but "Heavy" was severely uninspiring, in spite of its reaches into unbroken LP ground. Shinoda and co. will find their way into a new era, and hopefully they use Chester's death as a stimulus into making the art of their lives.
  2. Just watch the Made in America documentary series. Not only should you watch it out of sheer appreciation for its quality, but it tells you everything you need to know about OJ, his relationship with the black community and being black, but the evidence against him was comical. He murdered those people. The prosecution bungled almost every possible avenue of pursuit against Simpson, and what they didn't mess up, exterior forces warped: Racist cops, Rodney King, the LA riots, juror chaos, and the better part of 200 years worth of slavery, bigotry, and justified resentment against a white establishment. It all came home to roost in the trial with 9/11 media coverage, and ended up freeing a murderer because he was black, despite him spending the better part of his life refusing to acknowledge his blackness and deliberately ignoring the struggle of Civil Rights, all because he didn't want to be black - he wanted to be OJ. ------------ OJ has always been one of the most charming people on the planet. Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix stand up summarizes essentially everybody's feelings regarding OJ in years after his legal exoneration, and I apologize for the quoted slur: “OJ Simpson, one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. He was nice to me, nice to my friends. The conversation was filled with warmth, levity, humor, and wisdom. We talked for 90 minutes and then suddenly, the Juice said, ‘You know what, I’ve got to be going. But it’s good to see you again, and I’m glad things went so well.’ I said, ‘Thanks, Juice.’ … He said, ‘No, thank you for your hospitality. Good night, guys.’ And we said, ‘Good night,’ and he just walked out of the room. And as soon as the door closed, we all looked at each other like, That n---a did that .” He can charm and dazzle and schmooze people expertly - it's been one of the blessings of his life in addition to his athletic prowess, but the stench of guilt will never leave him.
  3. They were involved in the After The Thrones show on HBO (akin to The Talking Dead), and it was mostly cringe. It takes something already larger than life in both its lore and production and covers it in frosting. It's cloying. Just let the show be the show and let us handle the flow of conversation in our chosen capacity.
  4. Still killed her.
  5. I sincerely hope this isn't true. Been a fan of LP since I first heard Crawling, and their first 3 major albums (Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Reanimation) were a large part of my super-angsty high school life. Later albums were nice yardstick moments in my 20s. Chester is (was?) an incredibly talented guy, and if he is dead as is being reported, it's extremely tragic for both his fans and his family/friends.
  6. Chicago: Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan, Jonathan Toews, Harry Caray Champaign: Red Grange, George Halas, Dick Butkus, Lou Henson, Deron Williams Charleston: Tony Romo, Sean Payton, Mike Shanahan, Jimmy Garropolo, Matt Hughes
  7. Cubs get: SP Jose Quintana White Sox get: OF Eloy Jiminez (#1 overall Cubs prospect) P Dylan Cease (#2 overall Cubs prospect) INF Matt Rose INF Bryant Flete So nothing major happened in Chicago today.
  8. C-U (this is as close to something as a logo of theirs as I could find), and Coles County Memorial airport.
  9. How could a team with such a good color scheme and rock-solid design foundation (90s Suns) so willingly keep hurling themselves into the oblivion?
  10. Let's break a record for quickest locked thread
  11. I think the issue with Heyward was that it was fairly obvious Hayward made his decision days, if not weeks ago, and was putting out false stories about not being able to make up his mind in order to finalize the wording of his ghost-written farewell piece. The problem with Players Tribune is that it's decaying into a PR zone for athletes instead of a candid, revealing "in their own words" museum. Hayward's agent likely brokered this, no doubt encouraged by Durant and others who have done the same, to help assuage fans of the Utah franchise who may have been on the fence about burning their Hayward jerseys.
  12. As long as James Dolan owns the team, nothing changes.
  13. There's MANY movies on this list for that very reason, which gets old in very short order. Easily the worst thing we watched so far was a silent film from 1916, Intolerance, that is almost 4 hours long and absolutely mind-numbing to sit through, but FOR THE TIME OMG INNOVATION AND CREATIVE FILMMAKING BLAH BLAH. For that reason, it's like 50 spots ahead of Pulp Fiction.