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  1. In other fun news: 1. Paige & ADR are getting married, and ADR firmly believes that the leak of images/videos was part of a WWE conspiracy 2. It appears Pitbull and freakin' WWE regular Flo Rida will perform at WM33
  2. Our long national nightmare has come to an end. She was never going to be , and never will.
  3. One garbage show shouldn't excuse a network's agenda to trot out freaks and aggrandize controversial figures just to get the unwashed masses to tune in during commercials in Trump coverage.
  4. I really dug those old Warriors uniforms. I know they were a total departure from their heritage, but the color scheme and design was loud and fun.
  5. Ratings > integrity
  6. Good to hear! Dork
  7. Here's who we've got so far: LA_Angels Rj0498 ~Bear pianoknight Infrared41 and myself If ImmortalLickspittle wants to participate, he's more than welcome to.
  8. You can still buy Surge, you know.
  9. Haha, this guy right here.
  10. I imagine a drill? Dork.
  11. Right, I was thinking limited to North America and making a decision as to either logo or uniforms for this draft, not both.
  12. I'm honestly surprised they're not doing something to discipline Crosby. Methot's going to miss several weeks, apparently. If this was the other way around, Methot would've been suspended likely multiple games.
  13. ...ok? Thanks?
  14. Hey folks. I was thinking of doing something fun with the NFL Draft on the way, and I figured some of you would be inclined to join in. I'd like to propose the following: A multi-round mock draft where a group of us select either logos or uniforms, and we can evaluate who made out the best in the end. My first proposal is rather broad: The goal is for each participant to flesh out the most aesthetically pleasing 'league' by drafting logos geographically to fill up a Western, Central, and Eastern conference. The other option is simpler, to where we simply do fewer rounds, drafting the uniforms or logos we personally feel like are the best, and in the end compare our selections and have a laugh. Anyone interested?
  15. Does it involve camo? ✘ Does it involve navy? ✘ Does it involve BFBS? ✘ Does it involve roundels? ✘ It's cleared the hurdle.