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  1. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Anyone who uses "PC Police" in a response to blatant bigotry is somebody who shouldn't reproduce, which means they already likely have 2-3 kids.
  2. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    I'm reading about how NXT is basically dead soon. What the hell is happening?
  3. Game of Thrones Season 6

    I agree with most of s_M's post, because while a lot of this is cool, they've kicked the can enough on so many things that I'm not terribly impressed by last night's episode. It felt like a reversion to the mean of typical GoT episodes of the past where storylines for a couple characters gained traction, but overall it was a "cool-down" ep where a few pieces moved around and things that ultimately don't matter (anything to do with the Faith Militant or House of Black and White) get showcased just to calm everybody's down before things get nutty in the final handful of episodes. More microthoughts:
  4. SunChips Branding 2016

    Upgrade, but I mean...it's SunChips. Their brand has been trash for years.
  5. Back at it again with the confused posts.
  6. Pepe is sort of old hat, no? And honestly this is the stuff that future societies will dig up about this era and be insanely confused about.
  7. SunnyD Branding 2016

    To be fair, Sunny Delight has never had a good logo or branding.
  8. Behind the Avatar (a podcast)

    I want you and Mike on separately at some point for sure, it'll happen. And honestly Reese's Pieces are all anyone needs at a theater. Personally I'm of the opinion that I should ditch this box bullcrap and invest in the big-ass bags of them from a grocery store that cost 1/4th the price of the tiny box.
  9. 2016 MLB Season

    Any White Sox fans want to explain what the hell that just was?
  10. I think we're still in the death throes of Crying Jordan era, but 'here comes dat boi' has effectively died on 4chan, which means that by the time Facebook Parents start understanding what the hell it's about, it will permeate through to my generation's embarrassing clutches for cringey abuse. Further reading. I think the underground dark horse will be "cuck," which I don't even know if it is a meme, really, so much as an insult associated with Donald Trump. A cuckold, of course, is a legitimate word for the husband of an adulterous wife — but that doesn't really do justice to what they're suggesting here, either. The people who throw this term around are most likely referencing a type of pornography whereby a (usually, white) man is "humiliated" (or ironically thrilled) by being forced to watch his wife having sex with another (usually, black) man. I'm not going to link to this, but feel free to Google it. So what does this have to do with conservatism or politics? By supporting immigration reform, criminal justice reform, etc., a white conservative is therefore surrendering his honor and masculinity (and it won't be long before his women folk are compromised, as well!). A cuckservative is, therefore, a race traitor. [The Daily Caller]
  11. Behind the Avatar (a podcast)

    E09 - Still_MIGHTY MP3 STREAM Thanks to Zach for hopping on! I had a great time doing a 1 on 1 with him, and I hope you all enjoy the interview as well.
  12. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Looks like the Trump/Sanders debate is dead. The Donald says no. "Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged ... it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher," Trump said in a statement.
  13. The Sports Media Thread

    I'm with you. Berman was one of the first personalities I saw when getting into football 20 years ago or so, and Sundays flipping between ESPN and Fox's pregames used to be such an amazing 1-2 of entertainment, hype, and analysis. Whether people like him or not, he's synonymous with the NFL on television, and ESPN won't be the same without him in many respects.
  14. Tampa has found a loophole:
  15. 5th Avenues are exquisite. Perhaps my favorite candy bar ever.