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  1. At this point I'm basically mocking anyone who even bothers to care, myself included.
  2. I approve of the Dolph push. I don't approve, however, of JBL being employed any further by WWE. Inexcusably awful and constantly buffaloing Mauro. I'm sure it is something about respect and JBL playing some veteran wrestling bullcrap card.
  3. Am I allowed to make fun of this maniacal Sanders fan/Clinton protestor or is that not allowed either?
  4. That Michelle speech was the goods though.
  5. True, but it's not like the guy is dead. They're heartbroken and understandably crushed about their cause being undermined by the party who didn't really invite their candidate, but she's weeping like his funeral dirge is passing by.
  6. Not sure, but he may have referenced when I called her a piece of crap a few pages ago?...I don't know.
  7. Good lord. Nobody should react this way to an endorsement speech.
  8. "Universal title." WWE Creative, folks. Dozens of people in a room couldn't figure out anything better.
  9. You've gotten a LOT better, man. Very cool progress.
  10. When is the first ever BASS live event? We need to make this happen someday. Does anyone actually buy and enjoy caramels? Like Werther's Originals type stuff. When Bill Cosby and Jerry Sandusky are in hell, how will each be eternally tortured? Which member will inevitably get the politics thread closed down in November? Who are your dark horses?
  11. That requires knowing how email works.
  12. Well hold on, that's not true. Daniel Bryan got a huge push and won a triple threat Wrestlemania main event win over a guy Vince loves and a guy who would go on to star in a smash hit comic movie later that year. He got one of the most incredible moments in WM history after a push orchestrated purely because the fans wouldn't tolerate any other outcome. After his body broke down after that, he got an IC title push that was meant to restore virtue to that belt, but his body betrayed him again. He got his opportunities.
  13. I'm sorry if I come off like I hate the WWE and find the product abominable. It's not - it's just okay, some good, some bad. They're trying things, and I appreciate that. I obviously love wrestling but my confidence in their execution of things while Vince McMahon is running the company in these his elder years doesn't inspire me a lot. I want to see Corey Graves blow minds on Raw and make Cole look like an amateur. I'd love for JBL to fail on Smackdown, too. I loathe those two with a fiery passion if you couldn't tell already. Their ruination of the good things WWE does with their insipid, awful commentary is a major reason I can hardly watch these days. It sometimes doesn't feel like they are fans of their own product, like it's an enormous burden to actually strive for creative ideas and fundamental storytelling. They would rather just follow the flavorless formula they've kept to instead of doing what wrestling should do every few years and throw the book out the window. On occasion they'll wait for another promotion to do something bold and unique, then use their money to rip it off and do it in their own crappy WWE way. It's like they can't help themselves.
  14. Apparently DWS held out resignation until she got a consolation prize. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2016/07/25/daily-202-with-dws-ouster-on-eve-of-convention-10-questions-for-the-week-ahead-in-philadelphia/57956b5d4acce20505133c10/ But the Florida congresswoman did not go quietly or without a fight. It took pressure from the White House – including a phone call with President Obama – to get her to finally see the writing on the wall. Two reliable sources say Wasserman Schultz was trying to make top aides take the fall, rather than take personal responsibility. Until the end, she struggled to understand what a lightning rod she’s become. “There was a lot of drama,” a Democratic member of Congress involved in the discussions leading up to her resignation told Philip Rucker. “She made this as painful as she could. She did not want to go. ... She wasn’t going to resign until the president called her. She put a lot of people through hell.” ----------- Bernie also stated that he encourages his supporters not to hijack the event, but I think they've made up their minds to do just that. Which is fine. Let it burn.
  15. I think the other demographic is more specific, and that is hardcore fans who make excuses to justify still watching. They're used to people attacking the product and feel like it's not worth starting over w/ another promotion, so they weaken on their expectations and put an exceptional value on tiny moments that don't really make an impact. Like the debut of Bailey last night - a lot of these guys are drunk on NXT - and she got a huge pop, and to them that's a watershed moment in wrestling history recently, when really it's just a nice thing that WWE could still and most likely will ruin; not to mention the overall mediocre nature of the product right now.