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  1. Like PlayStation, I never owned a Sega as a kid. Bought a used one in high school to get my NHL 94/Sonic 2 fix, but hardly played many of the others. To each their own. You know, I played SM64 and enjoyed it. I beat it, and I was done. It was just sort of a game for me, but nothing exemplary. If I had a 64 growing up that came with Mario 64, I think I'd have a lot more fondness for it and would've fought harder for it to be on this list. Rocket League is definitely one of my favorites. I don't love the community much sometimes, but love the game. Just wish the team would come out with a mode where you can play behind the net.
  2. https://twitter.com/BestFansStLouis/status/833365345553498114 Unreal. St. Louis simply can't help but be trash.
  3. So speaking of "all-time," over the last 2 weeks-ish I've assembled my Top 30 Video Games of All Time list, as in my personal favorites, and today I just published the last chunk. Would love your thoughts on my top choices. 30-26 25-21 20-16 15-11 10-6 5-1
  4. Diaz is abysmal in GoNY. Drags the whole film back, even if it is already a disjointed mess at times. Lewis IS the movie, and the remaining supporting cast fleshes it out nobly, but Diaz and DiCaprio were both wrong choices.
  5. Slash - guitar Frank Stallone - all vocals Weird Al - accordian/whoopie cushion Mel Blanc - carrot
  6. I thought Nice Guys was overrated and dull. I had such high hopes after people heaped so much praise on it, but when I watched it.... *fart noise*.
  7. Ah, now that's more like it. Thanks.
  8. I was simply doing things in a way I found to be easier on my conscience. Now that there's clearly defined rules and we're essentially listing every wrestler to win a match since 1970, I'll wait until you've all sculpted something down and cease caring about the thread until then.
  9. Sounds like Owl City, which I would normally be okay with, but I don't know why they continue under the pretense of Linkin Park at this extent. I appreciate how much LP has transmogrified over the years, but at this point it's like, okay, c'mon.
  10. "Most days start the same — behind the wheel of a white 1997 Dodge Caravan SE outfitted with a bubble-top Mark III conversion kit, a VHS player mounted to the roof inside and a r8hers personalized plate. Mark Davis pilots this machine from his East Bay home to the nearest P.F. Chang's, where he sits at the left end of the bar, same spot every time, puts his white fanny pack on the counter, orders an iced tea and unfolds the day's newspapers. Beside him on the bar, next to the papers, is his 2003 Nokia push-button phone with full texting capability. When someone calls and asks him where he is, he says, "I'm in my office," and sends a knowing nod to the bartenders. It gets 'em every time." "During one dinner with a group that included his mother and Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie, Davis inexplicably handed a piece of paper to McKenzie with the corners torn off. "This is what I need you to get me," Davis said. McKenzie, flummoxed, turned the tiny triangles over in his hands. Seeing nothing, McKenzie gave up. "What is this?" he asked. "Two corners," Davis said. "I need you to get me two corners." "In perfect Davis family fashion, it's a middle finger to convention. Davis travels to Palm Desert to get it cut, just as he traveled to Chico from Oakland to visit a preferred barber long after he left college at Chico State. "I think he's had three barbers since college," [former Raiders WR Cliff] Branch says. "If he likes something, he stays loyal." http://www.businessinsider.com/raiders-owner-mark-davis-bowl-cut-mini-van-2017-1
  11. Doing this a different way with some rules: 8 entrants per 5 year period beginning in 1985, no entrant may be repeated, so choose wisely. Rank in order of imagined seed in dream tournament.
  12. Gotta have Chief Jay Strongbow in there somewhere.
  13. Reminds me of this, which I actually just played the other day:
  14. On paper this would've been incredible if both were in their primes. That said, the match would've been garbage. Goldberg can't go for very long and Austin would've had to go over. Here's a few of mine: Bret Hart vs. Sami Zayn Shawn Michaels vs. Nakamura John Cena vs. Randy Savage Owen Hart vs. Seth Rollins Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Rollins & Reigns
  15. This is hard because so much of it is subjective. Flair, for example, is an all time great who is going to be #1 or in the top 3 of multiple lists, sure, but a lot of people will want to put Stone Cold Steve Austin as a top 5 guy too, but IS he a top 5 guy? It's so difficult to say because the eras are defined by the wrestlers, not so much the other way around. Sticking with Flair, for example, he's got it all - screen presence, mic savvy, technical skillset (depending on how old he is, really), gravitas, solid finisher, master salesman, and could work long matches without hesitation, all the while telling a story in the ring. He could thrive in any era of the industry and work as clean or as blue as each era would dictate. Meanwhile Hogan, let's say, is a guy that has a legend infinitely larger than his actual ring ability. He's a very average wrestler, but still carried companies on his back for 20 years. Does his star power as an icon of the industry put him above a guy like Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels? Does Triple H's multiple roles and ability to adapt over the years give him a higher ranking than an Arn Anderson or Jerry Lawler? Does Eddie Guerrero's or Kurt Angle's ability to redeem a transitional era in WWE history take precedence over the Iron Shiek and Sergeant Slaughter's decorated careers? How do you start? I'll just say this - the wrestlers voted on their top wrestlers of all time in 2011, and their top 5 went as such: HBK Undertaker Steve Austin Bret Hart The Rock