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  1. I guess I'd be happier if they embraced teal/turquoise more. No denying that turquoise is a big part of southwestern culture, especially in Arizona.
  2. Never understood why the Diamondbacks are so desperate to get away from purple. It's cool they brought back teal in subtle ways, but they won a damn title with purple and teal. There's no shortage of teams that wear variations of blue and red, why not embrace what makes you unique? It's like the Coyotes going to their stupid brick and white scheme. Stop trying to shovel dirt on top of your own tradition, even if it does radiate 90s a bit. The Raptors should be ashamed of themselves too. Red and black are lame as hell. Stand out, damn you.
  3. The Avs alternates had me thinking the Blackhawks were playing the late 90s Tampa Bay Lightning last night, so much so that I kept texting my Lightning-fan friend accidentally to give them a hard time. I squealed in a rather unmanly fashion at each of Kero and Hinostroza's goals. I may also have swooned in a tumblr-girl way when goal-starved Teows dished the empty netter to Kero at the end of regulation.
  4. Houston promotes Vrabel to DC.
  5. 49ers are expected to offer job to Shanahan after playoffs. Will request 2nd interview.
  6. Yep, it all fell apart. As twitter news tends to do.
  7. Bears ownership begs to differ.
  8. Silly stuff in wrestling has a place - fans will generally accept it with certain characters - but when you take a guy like Hogan or Warrior or Macho Man, guys who got over traditionally, and have them see ghosts in the mirror or travel trans-dimensionally, it's ing stupid. When the Undertaker crucifies Stephanie in order to demonically wed and presumably impregnate her with his foul seed, calling down lightning & ritual chants from his minions as he recites in Satanic tongue, nobody really questions it because it's the goddamn Undertaker. When the Undertaker rises up from his coffin, floats up out of the jumbotron, and into the night sky, nobody really questions it because it's the goddamn Undertaker. When Bray Wyatt appears out of thin air after the lights go out, nobody really questions it because it's the goddamn Underta- uh, well you get the point. Some may say, "Well Kane is basically red Undertaker, explain why his evil stuff hasn't held up!" I will. Kane would have totally worked long term if they hadn't transitioned him into the comedic/corporate aspects of his character. It worked with Undertaker because he simply shed himself of the mystic and declared he was going to kick everybody's ass - a message we can all get behind. Kane, however, did the Team Hell No thing which made him a comic foil to Daniel Bryan, and eventually joined The Authority in an ad-hoc supervisor position where he often wrestled in slacks. WWE would then conveniently transform him into a Demon again whenever they saw fit, and you can't just flip a switch like that. People got used to Kane as a funny character or a jobber. He became a really minor threat; a summer PPV guy who killed time and put guys over in the slow months. So when Brie Bella is dragged into Hell, which is located conveniently underneath the WWE ring, everybody questions it because two weeks ago Kane was wearing a shirt and tie cutting comedy promos in between jobbing to Roman Reigns. It's ing stupid. Anyway I've lost my train of thought, so here's Scott Steiner beating 4 guys up in a pointless squash:
  9. Courtesy of Dr. Doug on twitter: lol. In regards to Berman, he's a controversial figure, ego-maniac, over-exposed doofus. That said, he's an icon, a game-changer of the industry, and he made Sundays all the more richer for his weirdness and unique flavor over the years. It's easy to say he was annoying or drop a "You're With Me, Leather," but I'm willing to admit I have a lot of respect for his career.
  10. At least I'm man enough to talk to my family. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/15/sports/football/aaron-rodgers-green-bay-packers-nfl-playoffs.html?smid=tw-nytsports&smtyp=cur&_r=0
  11. I still hate Aaron Rodgers and I hope he dies. Edit: preferably soon
  12. Who could forget the King of the Road match? This was one of my first WCW matches I ever saw.