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  1. Supposed to be big news out tomorrow. Rumor is that WWEN is involved and that it may devastate the indie scene. My guess is that WWE will enact a policy regarding money take from streamed events and it'll screw the wrestling talent out of some moneys.
  2. Is this an all-time low for NFL football? Like as an on-field product?
  3. It's such a great feeling not to be held hostage by the Bears today. I'm so glad they lost Thursday and got the weekly humiliation out of the way early so now I can not watch football whatsoever this weekend.
  4. Whatever, Greg. I've heard you trying to quietly munch caviar during my BASS days.
  5. Great perspective. Thanks for handling loss with class. Also Jansen is unhittable.
  6. Some people never thought they'd live to see this:
  7. Spent the entire game thinking of my dad, my mom, and my brother. They've waited for this for so long, like so many. Four more. It's amazing to see this. Make history.
  8. *Having* a standard controller is one thing (I'm sorely glad the "pro" controller exists, btw), but designing games around it? It doesn't happen. Nintendo for at least all of the Wii and Wii U era games had games that either were designed 100% outright around the use of the gimmick controller (see Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy, Star Fox U), or occasionally forced you to use the gimmick whether you liked it or not (Mario 3D World). There are way more titles burdened by the gimmick than not, but nothing could've been more restrictive than the Wii. Wii is the worst and greatest console Nintendo has ever made. The Wii itself transcended gaming into the farthest reaches of casual audiences, capturing even the elderly in some circles. The Wii Fit game & Wii Sports especially were far reaching achievements in sales and publicity that didn't occur in console gaming since the days of Pong & the original Mario Bros. The burden of this was that the console essentially abandoned anyone who wanted to get one console: They wanted their Call of Duty & EA Sports games to be played in addition to Mario & Zelda. The forced gimmickry of the nunchuck virtually exiled a TON of 3rd party developers who were sure as hell not going to waste time/money on making the stupid controller work with their games, much less scale back the product to accommodate the weak graphical power of the Wii console. Wii U had similar problems, in addition to the myriad of poor decisions that will forever be woven around that particular console's tragic lifespan. Strangely enough I consider the Wii U an infinitely superior console to the Wii and played a few games on Wii U that are among the best game experiences I've had in years. The only use I got out of the Wii was it's virtual console to play a few games from the SNES era I hadn't nailed down yet.
  9. This is important and part of why Nintendo is where it's at and why they may have over-risked in their attempts to innovate and walked away from their audience in many regards. Part of what makes consoles so appealing is consistency and nostalgia. Xbox & playstation have refined their controllers to keep them simple, effective, and appealing to gamers who grew up playing any version of those consoles in the past. Nintendo, starting w/ the N64, have felt the need to revamp their controller a little more each time, ultimately going HAM with the Wii. With each new Nintendo console the power capabilities have become lesser and lesser, and will ultimately someday be generations behind while Sony & Microsoft put out consoles that are decent for the points at which they are released. Nintendo will likely be putting out a console this spring that is equivalent to the power of a 2012 desktop computer with a small percentage of the materials enclosed worthy of a 2016 gaming machine. Obviously Nintendo is not attempting to do the safe play at any time these days, as their nostalgia value is in their precious first-party titles. Part of what made the Wii U fail was a horrific schedule of when those titles would come out, further bolstered by the awful forced gimmickry of the gamepad that nobody asked for or wanted. They are ultimately heading down a weird road: One day there will be no 3DS or Nintendo; they will become a single malleable thing. Mobiles can be consoles can be mobiles, etc. The only thing preventing this is the consumer, and if the Switch doesn't sell, Nintendo may not have much time left. I give them credit - they are pushing the boundaries and want to change the way gamers experience games, but they keep vying to change their audience and the general fringe consumer can't keep up OR doesn't want to spend $400 on a console that requires the user bending to the will of the console's wonky controller. If sales for this console fizzle out, I wouldn't be shocked if at some point Nintendo ceases console creation and focuses on either making a phone/mobile hybrid or becomes an outright developer of its own 1st party IPs, selling the rights to publish to Microsoft & Sony.
  10. Your momma so ugly, I wouldn't grab her . I mean, have you seen her? Nasty woman.
  11. https://streamable.com/weie @infrared41 this is right up your alley. I could watch this all day.
  12. I actually liked the Bears full-navy socks, but yeah - shouldn't go all navy top-to-bottom again.