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  1. http://www.wsj.com/articles/be-safe-update-your-iphone-to-ios-9-3-5-1472230036 If you have an iPhone, run Software Update until your device is at 9.3.5 as soon as you can.
  2. Is there a way we can temporarily store their posts behind some sort of wall? They'd have to build the wall first, but I don't know how you do that via forum software.
  3. I think this thread should be available for all parties, unless of course they are muslim.
  4. Certainly there would be morons who want to go for cheap lulz, but that's a hypothetical issue for the mods to deal with should it ever become a thing. And while there's all manner of debatability about whether this thread is pointless, simply declaring the thread pointless is in itself pointless. Like I said before, if the conversation isn't to your liking, nobody's holding a gun to your head to participate. In the end, it always come back to the CCSLC Cycle of Political Threads: Conservatives/republicans see thread dominated by liberal thinking Input "facts" drowned in bias, bad sources, and general neo-racist/conspiracy/nutjob gruel in order to show the liberals what for Are flabbergasted by ensuing ridicule & counterarguments Incite violations of freedom of speech; is reminded quickly this is in fact one of countless millions of discussion bubbles on the internet Points finger back at community for being so unwelcoming/intolerant of their arguments At this point there are several ways for this to go: A: Abandon thread and leave the obviously liberal community to their single thread to discuss their hippie bullcrap and soft minded socialism. This is the best and most optimal option for all parties. B: PM mod team imploring them to outright lock the thread and forever ban political discussion, as the conservative/republican members feel discriminated against. This is the most petty and tedious option. C: Troll the political thread and possibly engage full-blown Blaze of Glory mode. This choice is the most hilarious/sad way to go, and indicates further psychological and/or emotional problems that go beyond politics. Once banned, member will likely take to social media to talk about how CCSLC is liberally biased and is populated and ran by corrupt liberal pansies. We then discuss/mock the banned member in this particular thread.
  5. The mere existence of this thread at 234 pages is a sign that the liberal-leaning posters who can tolerate anyone with a sense of humor (to some extent, anyway) are able to keep the thread from burning down in spite of themselves. In the past there was really only one paradigm of conservative ignorance and outrage who got the thread traditionally shut down by bringing out the worst in everyone, and with his outing, bam - 234 pages and counting. Nobody's requiring anyone to read or post in this thread. If there was a thread created that explicitly stated it was for republicans/conservative-minded discussion only, I'd like to think that people would know better than to troll it and that mods would punish those who did. This being THE political thread, however, obviously has sort of reached a place where it defines the community's political identity, and it's fairly obvious anyone who legitimately wants Donald Trump to be president can't come into this thread with any expectations for fair treatment. And that to me, based on Trump being Trump, is grounds enough for encouraging those who disagree politically with the local population's liberalism to simply not participate in this thread whatsoever for the good of the community.
  6. I'm not terribly proud of this post, but here it is. The internet is, shockingly, not a democracy, and bringing conservative thoughts into a forum that's origins trace back to design, artists, & creative-minded people, almost universally all of which are liberal-leaning, should dictate to anyone with common sense that maybe you're better off just not participating in the discussion. It certainly doesn't help that the current GOP candidate is a demagogic charlatan who grifts his voter base using veiled racism & not-so-veiled ugliness about virtually every topic to ever exist. So are all opinions welcome? No, they're really not, because many of them are dreadfully stupid. If you are voting for Donald Trump, you're voting for the ugly parts of our culture that we're trying to clean up. This is not an endorsement of Hillary at all, but I simply don't see how anyone could vote for Trump and go home feeling good about themselves. You're not going to sell this on anyone, nor are your arguments going to convince anyone to change their vote, nor are you going to improve your standing in this community. Liberal and open-minded thought are the rule here, and when the exception to the rule is so vehemently ugly this election cycle, you'll get more intense reactions toward repudiating the sources.
  7. Wait, republicans are now insisting on George W Bush idolatry? That 8 years of creepy post-9/11 fear mongering, pointless Iraq invasion, and general sliminess/stupidity emanating from his entire staff/presidential tenure is something people miss? Throngs of people sang "Nananana, hey goodbye" as he left the White House. They didn't do that because he was a beloved president. His best contributions to America were juicing Will Ferrell's SNL career and getting a shoe thrown at him.
  8. http://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/nhl-vegas/bill-foley-registers-new-domains-names-team-could-be-called-las-vegas-desert Desert Knights.
  9. Bosa's been kind of a dildo this whole process too, but his douchery pales in comparison to the befuddling nincompoopery of Alex Spanos, high lord of wacky sports idiocy.
  10. Hillary is a whatever candidate with the gravitas of a rusty bike horn. I don't trust her nor do I find her an appealing candidate, yet she isn't some abominable evil or reprehensible force of corruption. I'd sooner see her elected than Trump, and honestly his candidacy is such a dumpster fire that she doesn't even need to really debate to win the election. Give him a microphone for 90 minutes on national television and let him bury himself in his own blood. Rarely has a candidate for president ever been given such an easy road to victory.
  11. The jokes have only just begun.