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  1. Only thing Mauro ever had going for him was that he'd call the moves and that he wasn't Michael Cole. I think he's too far gone with his style to work his way back into being a wrestling commentator. Really what the show needs is for Mauro to be a fan. The "voice" of the commentary crew is meant to channel the viewer without being patronizing (see Cole, M.), putting yourself over (see JBL), or being dull (see Otunga, D.). The voice needs to be full of passion, sincerity, emotion, and spontaneity. All the greats of the business have had a terrific heel-ish foil, outstanding chemistry, sound calling of maneuvers (or in VKM's case, simply shouting WHADDAMANUEVER/etc), and created driving energy that pushed things stuck in the middle up a notch. Instead we praise Cole a lot because he simply has gotten better at recognizing when to be silent (plus he's dropped virtually every gimmick he ever had), or Mauro because he's not Cole. It's not the WORST time in commentary history, but it could certainly be better.
  2. The title picture across all the belts hasn't meant less perhaps in the history of WWE. I admit right away that I don't keep up with the WWE as much since they split the rosters, so some people more passionate and loyal will obviously find much more to like about the current state of things than I will. I simply wish WWE had the gumption to start a third promotion run entirely by not-Vince but owned by Vince (since he'd have it no other way) that could organically develop and better-utilize the lower classes of McMahon-perceived talent. NXT wouldn't get "call ups," necessarily. They'd go to WWE if they're cartoon characters who help sell merchandise; they'd go to Promotion C if they are beyond NXT but not picturesque or polished enough for the big lights. While I'm Fantasy Booking©, I'd want the set up to look almost like the early Raws: Minimal lighting, commentary/production, and barely an entrance ramp with a modest media screen. Just stripped down, old-fashioned "vintage" stuff that gets broadcast in HD and has a swelling of talent beyond the indie circuit. Backstage reporter in front of a backdrop does interviews, show would be 90 minutes or something like that, if not an hour. Three titles: World Heavyweight, Women's, and tag - none of this Freebird Rules crap, either. Stables welcome/encouraged.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Kalisto get his skull caved in against a pile of chairs Ellsworth does nothing for me, and I think they're going to drag this odd three-way feud for a few months too long Cool to see Harley Quinn win the women's title Ziggler gets two kicks to his sack and one quality paycheck for doing the J-O-B I'm getting really nonplussed whenever I see these damn spotfest finishes to matches like the Alpha match had. It was like 10 minutes of blatantly choreographed spots that got very little reaction from the crowd, and justifiably so. It was athletically impressive, but it's not wrestling.
  4. The Paterno/Sandusky stuff is odd right now. Happy Valley cretins are happy to gaslight themselves into this weird "football program & sports history over HERE, and child rape over HERE" thing where they want to completely exorcise this unspeakable evil out of people's memories via WINNING, YEAHHHHH!!! But to just summarize the issue, nothing says it better than this now-deleted tweet by some PSU chump:
  5. Selections from my personal stash, but as with everyone opinions vary based on your tastes, and there are no doubt hundreds of Christmas variations from artists that I simply haven't enjoyed yet, so this thread gives me an odd festive Christmas boner. Compilations: "The Best of Christmas" "The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas" "White Christmas" - Bing Crosby (1992) "Christmas Classics" - Bing Crosby (2006 remaster) Singles: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - Judy Garland from Meet Me In St. Louis. Breathtaking performance. "Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth" - Bing Crosby & David Bowie from a TV special in the 60's. Charming & timeless. Albums: "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - The Vince Guaraldi Trio "Elvis' Christmas Album" (1957) - Elvis Presley "The Magic of Christmas" (1960) - Nat King Cole "A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra" - Frank Sinatra "The Christmas Album" - Neil Diamond "Christmas" - Mannheim Steamroller "The Christmas Sessions" - MercyMe "Let It Snow, Baby. Let It Reindeer" - Relient K The Christmas Trilogy (Christmas Eve & Other Stories/The Christmas Attic/The Lost Christmas Eve) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Other artists that are staples: Dean Martin, Burl Ives, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, and don't forget to look into The Beach Boys, Carpenters, Johnny Cash, or really any artists you're big into. Chances are excellent they or someone within that genre has put out holiday tunes.
  6. Looks like unless the 49ers decide to care (they won't) the Bears will "win" the 5th or 6th worst pick in the draft. Only the Bears could lose when they win.
  7. Let me make it clearer for you:
  8. Jay Cutler to IR so have can have surgery on his torn labrum. He's the 16th player put on Injured Reserve for the Bears this year, and it's possible his last play in a Bears uniform was a pick. Chargers lead the league in IR'd talent with 17 players, FYI.
  9. Meh. The NBA sideline duties are probably just to give him exposure and set him up to become ESPN's future equivalent to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. Maybe not. Eh, I say.
  10. X-Men needs, and has needed for years, an expensive HBO series.
  11. It's got "wait for Red Box" written all over it, unfortunately. Will have an ok opening weekend, but ultimately doomed to be released onto video format/streaming within 2-3 months of release.
  12. That's kind of the point, though. It takes issues that are generally hard to make kids understand without being clumsy or ham-fisted with phrasing things. I don't feel like it was corny or uncomfortably dumb. The "twist" was kind of unimaginative, but oh well. It was a treat to the eye.
  13. Watching closely at the Panthers/Blackhawks game, Florida's unis give me a bigtime Atlanta Thrashers vibe from a distance. It's the gold around the numbers. Can't shake it.
  14. Watched part of the women's title match last night. The women's title program needs one title, not two, and honestly the title pictures in general need cleaned up. There's way too many titles right now, especially split titles.