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  1. I'm fine with all of those, but the JW2 can go to hell. It's gonna be more popcorn-retreaded bad CG/stories/acting featuring some mega-mutated dinosaur fighting other dinosaurs.
  2. If it means anything, I don't think a single major publication has endorsed Trump. They've all gone for Hillary or Johnson.
  3. Future President of the United States Donald Trump: USA Today has given an anti-endorsement to the Future President:
  4. Ah yes, I love this malice. St. Louis should sink into the earth and descend down into the hell from whence it came and ultimately to which it belongs.
  5. I think I prefer the old one simply because it stands out. The new font is kind of thin and forgettable. Old one was bold, fat, and saucy. New one is good too, but sort of dry.
  6. Right, which makes his comments even more bafflingly dopey.
  7. Two Worlds: 1. Chicago Cubs extend Theo Epstein for 5 years; fans rejoice 2. Chicago White Sox threaten to extend lame duck Robin Ventura, but on the condition that he wants to return, all in the likelihood that he'll resign at their insistence in some awkward face-saving "one of our own" thing that the Sox/Reinsdorf insists on doing 2a. White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton insists that the team should try to bring back the same roster next season in the belief that they can make more exciting headlines beyond their ace hacking up alternate uniforms
  8. Hubcaps and tire pressure may be the tip of the iceberg for this vehicle. May want to have a professional or somebody with a ton of knowledge give it a once over.
  9. Not if Giant Meteor has anything to say about it.
  10. What? I'm waiting for him to throw the gameplan out the window and call her a bitch. Let it ride, Donald.
  11. I feel like Donald is knitting an invisible scarf.
  12. Trump is absolutely treating this like the kid who forgot he had to give a speech and is 100% making this up and recklessly sharting generalities and deflections everywhere.