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  1. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    It's the equivalent of the 2000's Bills nightmare.
  2. Volkswagen redesigning its logo

    "The change in logo for the German automaker is because the new management thinks that the automaker's appeal globally is 'too German' and unemotional. Incidentally, the 'too German' part has always been the core communication of the Volkswagen brand in the past across all forms of advertising " I guaran-damn-tee you that their next logo will be some sort of a squiggly, scripty thing that is evocative of a signature. It will contain a color (probably light blue) and make the viewer more likely to crave a seltzer water than buy a car.
  3. Yeah...that's objectively an improvement.
  4. Can we get some photoshopped versions of these promotional photos with proper contrasting trims on the numbers?
  5. I really really dig these: The road white is a little bit too blah for me, but it's still a very good look. It's boring, but oh well. Boring is better than tacky.
  6. This is a big win for Miami. Look tenfold improved.
  7. I wish more people would simply admit that this is a big part of it. Fans here should be more savvy than to let the media's romanticizing of this team's run so far get to them. Maybe the Sharks will be your 2018 Team Justice.
  8. I don't share this dread. Feels silly. Just enjoy or ignore the thing and lighten up. Hockey's died 1000 times, sometimes annually in these threads. It'll be fine.
  9. Numbers look great. Uniforms are an intense over-correction but as I said before, the NFL benefits from this overall.
  10. I think it's a very good step in the right direction and something that Nike needs to do more of, instead of, well, virtually everything they've been doing otherwise. Give or take a Vikings.
  11. Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019

    I like the Aviators suggestion. It'd be funny if their alternate logo involved a set of aviator sunglasses.
  12. The mockups never do the actual uniform justice. We'll need to see it on a gameday in natural light to really embrace it's quality.
  13. I'm sorry for what I'm about to say: I genuinely am going to miss their number font and the touches of gold on their old look. I mean we don't know anything yet, but still. From the front, all-black was a solid look. Their road look, on the other hand, was abominable.
  14. They look like the Houston Texans in black and teal, but whatevs.