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  1. CS85

    Football and CTE

    It's very much getting the same kind of treatment as the military, in some respects. From the perspective of those who played, a lot of football players, current and former at any level, all emphatically bellow about how anyone who hasn't played is an outsider to be mocked and disenfranchised. Some former players are even becoming "flat-earther"-esque in rebuking any manner of science or data, all because it came from a source that wasn't a career football player. There is obviously a tremendous issue regarding CTE/concussions/safety in the world of hockey and particularly professional football, and data is beginning to pile up regarding dementia, suicides, derangement of a similar ilk, all pointing toward repeated violent brain collision. There is also a romantic, reckless vision of the NFL that throws caution to the wind, and at what point do we simply stop treating the league as a public service that needs rigorous health scrutiny and revert to enjoying it as a simple, violent pasttime that celebrates brutality and athleticism? It's frustrating. The league continues to change things year after year, whether it's more vague rules or updated helmet policy, and we really won't know if things have actually changed for another 6-8 years. Another thing that pisses me off in all this is that the NFL is now, more than ever, a league centered around knees. No sport is more impacted by ACL/MCL injuries, and that is largely due to inhuman bulk piled up on guys who are inhumanly fast. If anything I think players should all be required to get fatter, work out less, and be thicker all around. The game would slow down, injuries would decrease, and we wouldn't have to worry as much about dudes blowing out various joints.
  2. NL CENTRAL: Brewers. I like the Brewers, mostly. They've had some jagoffs over the years, but who hasn't? NFC NORTH: Lions. The Vikings too are actually pretty cool. We all hate the Packers, and in our hatred we are united. CENTRAL: I guess the Wild? I kind of carry a gentle flame of annoyance for every team in the division, but the Wild are still in their relative infancy and their logo is kind of alright.
  3. CS85

    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

    Am I the only one who loathes the Dallas Mavericks old look? The lame M with the cowboy hat?
  4. CS85

    MLB changes 2018?

    Phillies Brewers Rockies The rest are fine. No real terrible ones in there.
  5. CS85

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    That’s embarrassing.
  6. CS85

    New Honey Comb Branding

    I feel like The Craving is the lesser known, perhaps best-forgotten cousin of The Noid and The Whammy.
  7. CS85

    New Honey Comb Branding

    Feels very unfun.
  8. My suspicions: The team will look to differentiate themselves from the perhaps over-traditional Giants. Chrome will be involved. Likely far too much of it. They'll call it "Lombardi Silver" or some bullcrap. They'll still likely keep things only moderately progressive in the design, which could unfortunately lead to a camel. The helmet will likely be super distinct and overcooked, while the uniform will be nearly bland in comparison. Look for the green to get brightened up. None of this means anything, obviously. Speculation.
  9. That quote reminds me of a drawing of a unicorn I saw online once. The unicorn's horn was replaced with a flaccid penis, which was urinating into the unicorn's mouth, drinking it down as quickly as it was spewed.
  10. That black side panel is the stuff people lose jobs over.
  11. CS85

    NHL 2018-19

    Not at all a fan of hockey teams wearing black as a primary. I'll waive a few uniforms, I guess, but black looks mostly terrible contrasted against the whitish-blue ice playing surface.
  12. I'm gonna miss the white helmet Jets if that's indeed the direction they're heading. They could definitely stand to get away from the Green Colts look, but I don't know how easily I will adapt to a green helmet.
  13. Why are we bringing the Clippers into this? Don't sully a thread debating a reasonably good if not excellent uniform update by invoking the worst NBA rebranding in history.
  14. CS85

    NFL 2018 changes

    I like the Giants road ones a lot.
  15. CS85

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    I was totally looking at it wrong. Looked at the bottom as the new one.