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  1. CS85

    Worst owners in Sports

  2. CS85

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    I love the script I, and while the block C is uninteresting, it's innocuous and inoffensive - in other words ideal for a team trying to gracefully work toward a rebrand. I hope beyond hope they roll with Spiders. That would be gnarly.
  3. CS85

    2018 MLB Postseason: Team Twitter Emoji Hashtags

  4. Better team won. Cubs are misery to watch. Bryant in particular looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.
  5. CS85

    2018 MLB Season

    Wasn't trying to wave a signal flag for pity, friend. I'm well aware of how good the Cubs situation is in comparison to others. Just kinda throwing my two cents out there since I don't really talk sports on this forum much anymore.
  6. CS85

    2018 MLB Season

    It's been very disenchanting watching the Cubs slowly decline into a kinda-fun-kinda-good-but-can't-win-when-it-matters team. The culmination of things that led to the 2016 title was worth it all, and it's difficult to complain about rooting for a team that is always competitive and in the hunt. That said, whatever magic made 2016 happen has been voided in subsequent seasons thanks to crappy decision making from Maddon and Theo. Losing Travis Wood and counting on Mike Montgomery to be your sole long-relief option. Banking on a closer with a history of injuries to give you a full season. Ponying up the cash for a crumbling, wonky Darvish instead of retaining the devil you knew in Arrieta. Abandoning the "develop hitters and swap for pitching" plan and simply hope to god the team doesn't crawl into themselves; a habit they have never seemed to shake. Stupid bullpen moves. Injuries. Regressing talent. Lack of discipline. Declining defense. The Chatwood signing. 2018/19 offseason will be a crucial one. I don't foresee the Cubs winning the wild card and I don't imagine they'd win more than a game in any series they'd end up in.
  7. CS85

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    I've always felt like the Islanders have never had an identity, at least not one that was at all inspired or tangible. It feels a lot like the Houston Texans, in that it's not a BAD name or identity or whatever, but it's all empty-feeling. Thirds like this and the all-black a while back simply echo my thoughts on this odd franchise.
  8. CS85

    Game Show Network Logo

    I like it. Colorful, fun, simple. Has personality.
  9. CS85

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    "America runs on Dunkin" is their famous slogan, so it's basically doubling down on people's familiarity with that.
  10. I was kidding. I merely have no faith in the Padres to do anything right.
  11. The logos/colors/etc are fine. There's design-wise nothing really objectionable, aside from the same designer/design firm doing every look. The major problem for me is that they all feel collectively devoid of history (because they are), so there's no sense of disparity between a timeless look, a vintage look, a retro look, and various shades of modern looks. It's all just kinda "Custom Madden Team" feeling.
  12. CS85

    Goodbye, Weight Watchers, Hello..... WW?

    puts two capital Ws on top of one another "That'll be $150,000 please."
  13. CS85

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    They'll bring the donuts part back in 4 or 5 years when they rebrand. That said, the interim will be one of those silly, "no no no---we're only dunkin, now! Haha, yes you can still buy donuts. Ma'am I am the manager. No I can't explain this, heh. Please stop asking me about this" type things.
  14. CS85

    NHL 2018-19

    Where's all the random flags? Where's the piping? Where's the BFBS? Garbage.