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  1. CS85

    Florida Panthers to Celebrate 25 Years in 2018-19

    The tree/stick icon is so, so small. If it was just it and the 25 that'd be sufficient,
  2. Smash Mouth got heated over the finals outcome. Whole thread is weird.
  3. CS85

    NFL 2018 changes

  4. CS85

    West Michigan Whitecaps to play as Beer City Bung Hammers

    Bung Hammers sucks but the branding is legitimately good! The stupid thing about the Pizza Rats is that they should've already done the full-on rebrand by now, what with the contest and such, but I guess there's legalities that held it up? That or maybe they chickened out and want this trial to push them over the edge.
  5. CS85

    West Michigan Whitecaps to play as Beer City Bung Hammers

    I wish these teams would cease the gimmicky temporary nature and simply full-time rebrand. Bung Hammers, Creamies, Pizza Rats, etc - embrace it all 100% from top to bottom.
  6. CS85

    Staten Island Yankees now the... Pizza Rats?!

    As a devout TMNT fan and appreciator of quality uniform/logo design, this is all wonderful.
  7. CS85

    Aviators Appears to be New Name for Las Vegas 51s

    Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints. Serious, now. Show me all the blueprints. Show me all th- show me all the blueprints. I wanna get this done right, so show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints. Showmealltheblueprints, showmealltheblueprints, showmealltheblueprints, showmealltheblueprints, showmealltheblueprints. Showmealltheblueprintsshowmealltheblueprintsshowmealltheblueprintsshowmealltheblueprintsshowmealltheblueprintsshowmealltheblueprints
  8. CS85

    West Michigan Whitecaps to play as Beer City Bung Hammers

    Between the Creamies and the Bung Hammers, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw teams get temporary rebrands of "Hairy Banjos" and "Skin Flutes" here soon.
  9. CS85

    UFC Thread

    Punk needs to walk away.
  10. CS85

    Cyclones to play as Brooklyn Bagels

    The hat logo feels like a shame, as it's a lot of detail lost on a small space, but the overall look is wonderful. Minor League Sports + Food Branding = Perfection.
  11. CS85

    New logo for me

  12. Pepsi simply needs to make up its mind. They pretty much own the blue can, but their current branding is acceptable...? but it's a major departure from the timeless portions of their brand. I think personally they should focus on this, as it has a vintage air and the "signature" style that says "we've been around a long-ass time, so we must be doing something right" as well as indicating a craftsmanship of sorts. That said, culturally they seem to have forgotten that their 80s/90s branding on the mostly-naked cans was huge. This look is absolutely flawless, but no blue is a problem of sorts. I dunno. Pepsi is one of the more controversial logo/branding companies in this board's history, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.
  13. CS85

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    Dull as hell. Bit of good stuff here and there, but forgettable as anything the NBA has known.
  14. CS85

    2018 NFL Offseason

    Moderators removing my posts?! Of course they did. Bastard mods. Did you take your <mod redacted - inflammatory language> pills this morning, <redacted>?! Either way, y'all are cowards. Do you believe in freedom of SPEECH? I didn't think so....commie. There's no more justice in this world....not for the strong...