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  1. Source: Mods, if this has already been posted, merge accordingly.
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Meanwhile in the NASL, first-year team San Francisco Deltas defeated the New York Cosmos 2-0 to win the NASL Championship. Here is the video of the second goal and the post-game field rush:
  3. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    That was the case for me when I first approached this design job, but it was another soccer team's logo that actually, in your words, hammered it home for me: While people would call this a diamond, it's also called a lozenge, as well. This is something I learned when creating my design. Initially, my design was going to be a lozenge-based one that incorporated the four suits of a deck of cards, but then I remembered the Welcome Sign's shape, which is similar to a lozenge. The only things different are that it is rotated on its side and that the sides are curved, unlike the soccer team logo above. A bonus of the Welcome Sign being the base for my design was that while the sign itself is owned by the Young Electric Sign Company, the design itself is within public domain. This is due to the fact that it was never copyrighted since the designer of the sign, Betty Willis, considered it her gift to the city and wanted it to be public domain. In my opinion, where I went wrong with my design is that I cluttered it with the circles with the "LAS VEGAS" lettering on top of my design, and that was just another part of concentrating too much on the sign itself and not on what can be done with its shape.
  4. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    I guess with my design, I was focusing too heavily on the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign itself and not what can be done with its shape. As far as the actual team logo is concerned, it is pretty good. The CMYK color scheme is a bonus.
  5. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    It's all good, @Gothamite. I had submitted to the contest and had wanted to see the results of the contest. That was mainly why I made the thread. Here was my submission: Which admittedly, after seeing what they went with, looks a bit too retro and gaudy by comparison.
  6. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    Just released this morning, the logo for Las Vegas' USL team: Source:
  7. Outback Steakhouse New Logo/Font?

    It's Haettenschweiler:
  8. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Meanwhile, in non-FIFA news:
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    A quick search turns up this: Both basketball teams are defunct (St. Paul's existed briefly in the '50s, and Las Vegas's existed in 2007).
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The Las Vegas USL team that will start in 2018 will be called Las Vegas Lights FC: H/T // Source
  11. From Oregon State's official site: Also from Oregon State's official site, a video and graphic explaining the logo:
  12. Largest court logo?

    CSU Bakersfield
  13. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Phoenix Rising of the USL have revealed their 2017 kits with Mad Decent, Diplo's* record label, as the kit sponsor. *Diplo is an American DJ/rapper/producer who is also co-owner of Phoenix Rising
  14. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Sort-of off-topic, but along with a new stadium to be called Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico Madrid will have their logo changed for next season. New: Current:
  15. UWM Home Unis UWM Away Unis