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  1. I agree. The main problem is both Outlook and Word being very similar shades of blue. If they don't want Outlook to be yellow any more then maybe go to a more turquoise/lighter blue for Word like it had for several years.
  2. Thanks, Teal. I hope Sport Green works out for them. Nike has too many issues with green and I'm hoping they can get the green to match throughout their uniform. And if not, then I am looking forward to the black uniform. The Jets current look is one of my least favorites in the league, and I welcome changes.
  3. msu

    One tradition you NEVER want to change

    A's white shoes
  4. msu

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The more I look at the Notre Dame jersey, the more I dislike the colors of the Cotton Bowl patch. It's tough because those are Goodyear's colors, but I don't think that color scheme works for too many teams but especially not for ND since gold and yellow on the same jersey clashes badly.
  5. msu

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    I love that Dolphins wordmark. It reminds me of a time when sports was less serious and fun. I think we got away from that a bit in recent times, and I like the shift back.
  6. msu

    2019 MLB Changes

    By this logic, MLB should make bats aluminum so we have more awesome hits or the NBA should lower the hoop to 9 feet so we can get more awesome dunks. If more entertaining is better then let's go for it! But seriously, I'm just not that impressed that players are using these advanced gloves to make one-handed catches that probably wouldn't even be possible without the modern materials on gloves. The gloves have altered the game too much in my opinion. Stickum was giving an advantage and was banned, so i don't see why these modern gloves are allowed either.
  7. msu

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I'm surprised Under Armour didn't make their logo the same gold that surrounds Notre Dame's numbers.
  8. msu

    2019 MLB Changes

    I'd like to go back to an era before most everyone wore gloves. Some of the amazing catches that happen in football are mostly just because of advancements in gloves and not necessarily skill. I don't think equipment like gloves should have the impact on the game like they have had.
  9. msu

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I was thinking Oregon would go with yellow since the last time they were the home team vs Michigan State, they wore yellow and destroyed the Spartans that day.
  10. I'm still surprised the Detroit Tigers changed their home jersey. In theory the consistency should be something that works, but it just doesn't. In fact it's made me start to resent the hat D, a logo I've always actually liked until they slapped it on the chest. Hat D belongs on the hat, jersey D belongs on the jersey. I have found myself wearing the vintage roundel logo more and more instead of anything with an Olde English D on it:
  11. I like their uniforms except for the numbers.
  12. I'm surprised the Birmingham franchise is going with a blank helmet. I wonder if they'll add reward decals or something throughout the season.
  13. The blue on blue Globetrotters text is not very good and hard to read.
  14. I assume the numbers are staying the same, right? With the block C being emphasized, I think Cleveland should be wearing the numbers the Nationals currently wear. And the Nats should get rid of them.
  15. msu

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I think they are good for a traditional sport like baseball: good colors, simple but still with some uniqueness going for them with the Miami at night vibe going. For those wanting to see something more, just wait until Players Weekend. I think that's a good time for teams to experiment but day-to-day I appreciate the more classic look the Marlins went with.