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  1. I miss those old Steelers jerseys.
  2. So....Lee Carvallo's PC, for PS4 has the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality? Interesting.
  3. A sweet lady. RIP, Molly. Prayers to Todd. Cannot be easy losing your sister and mom like that.
  4. And "The Man With One Red Shoe"
  5. I know exactly what you mean. So sad to hear about this.
  6. Rex Ryan out. I don't understand the removal of coaches with a week or two left in the season.
  7. Struggles with depression are very real and can be very crippling. Hearing about other members dealing with it is highly cathartic for me. To those who are sharing their stories, thank you.
  8. Somewhere Captain Insano and the Hellriders are weeping.
  9. Never realized the Packers had these different uniforms.
  10. There's a Hayden Christensen joke in there somewhere.
  11. Could not agree more.
  12. Nah. Just ditch the gold altogether.
  13. Last night's helmets were beauties. The uniforms felt out of place IMO.
  14. RE: Color Rush. I loved the Rams helmets. Something about the rest of the uniform just seemed off. To me, the gold felt out of place.