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  1. Cincy got the color rush right.
  2. This year marks my 25th season of fantasy football. Bush Sr. was President, the Bills had only lost back-to-back Super Bowls, and; at one time; Todd Marinovich and Cleveland Gary were in my starting lineup. My God...I've done nothing with my life.
  3. Dear Orlando, Your weather is strange and your drivers suck! --Jim
  4. The score nails early 80's. The show's ok so far. Only a few episodes in. I hope it gets better. Just finished binge-watching Arrested Development. The show is genius and I can't believe I waited this long to watch it. However, ending season 4 like that pisses me off.
  5. I had a similar experience over a decade ago. I was working for a highly successful software company and offered to help out the design department with a project they were supposed to be helping me with. It was a simple design project, but I found that not only did I have an eye for it, I really enjoyed it. I ended up transitioning from software development to graphic design. What really helped me out was getting my design degree. I went back to school, The Art Institute of Seattle, at the age of 34 (married with two kids). I took night classes at first, easing my way in. It took four years of night classes and part-time school, but I made it happen. I'm fortunate to be an "official" graphic designer in a corporate setting. Schooling can be a great value. I learned a lot of things I never would have discovered on my own and made a lot of good design industry connections. Practical application helps, too. Teaching yourself Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, reading design books, becoming friendly with sketch pads are an added value. Good luck.
  6. Snoop Dogg is on 100,000 dollar Pyramid. Snoop. Dogg.
  7. Tree Rollins punching and biting the crap out of Danny Ainge's hand 33 years ago is still good for a few points in my book.
  8. 27 million a year? You can call me anything you want. And it's funny to see how a few seasons of success can all of a sudden make a team "evil". Three seasons ago Golden State wasn't much of anything.
  9. Durant leaving fills me with warmth. I can finally root for him and not feel bad.
  10. My first live Creamer sighting! Meeting the BigBrain. How cool is that?
  11. My job as a localization producer was to handle screen and manual text translation and localization, work with the debug team to locate and fix bugs, work with marketing and advertising to help execute their plans, packaging to make sure production schedules were met, legal to make sure everything was kosher (trademark names, avoid infringements, etc.), be able to liaise all of this to the parent company, meet every launch deadline, and play the crap out of every game I worked on. Oh and they listed me as manual editor in the credits. Jerks. Ocarina was one of my last localization projects. It almost killed me. Six days a week, 14 hours a day, it was brutal. Fun but brutal.
  12. Yep. That's me. Had no idea they used my voice. Too bad I can't do anything about it.
  13. Gaming Historian is a great channel. I was with the company during most of that run. Got to meet Griffey and his dad. Good times, good memories, good people.
  14. Totally agree. LOVE the soundtrack to FIFA 11. And as someone who hasn't played a Disney game in a long time, were their later entries that bad? I loved Duck Tales Remastered, but that's a Capcom game. Come to think of it, most of the older Disney games I enjoyed weren't made by Disney.
  15. Especially when the Seattle DOT said otherwise: SDOT report and positive recommendation for street vacation submitted to the City Council. “The FEIS shows that this portion of Occidental does not serve as a critical function to the street grid.” “The FEIS shows that this portion of Occidental does not serve a critical function to maintain freight mobility.” “The segment proposed to be vacated is not included in the Port's important Heavy Haul Network. This is a clear sign that Occidental is not necessary to freight movement or Port Operations." “The SDOT does not find adverse land use impacts associated with the proposed vacation.”