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  1. Wasn't there a recruit or player the last year or two that wore the gray helmet and pants with the white away jersey? I thought that looked very cool.
  2. Looks like the jersey was actually worn back in 2015. I can't keep up sometimes. So many uniforms over the years.
  3. Is this new from Texas A&M? I don't remember this previously.
  4. Those are the old pants. Probably haven't gotten the new ones in yet. Apparently it came off. The pants G was a plastic application that was sewn onto a single patch so it must have ripped off. Here's what it looks like up close. Edit- couple more professional shots of Georgia.
  5. My suspicions are now officially confirmed those they're wearing the old pants for this photoshoot. New pants probably not in yet.
  6. Can't remember if this has been posted but Florida will be switching. The team has been doing a photoshoot which appears to show new pants. These shots still show the NFL cut jersey so perhaps the new jerseys have not arrived yet. The swoosh swapped sides on the pants and the Gator was moved from the side stripes to the hip. Also, you can see Florida has streamlined my biggest beef with their set. The pants always had an imbalance with the weight of the pants stripes versus the sleeve stripes. The orange stripes were obviously much thicker. Now it seems like they match perfectly. Here are the old pants which show the bad mismatch between the jersey and pants striping. ...which reminds me how bad that helmet is. The tapered stripe is awful, as is the different logos on the two sides. The "F" side is awesome. "Gators" could work if it were on both sides. The tapered stripe is a different style than anything else in their wardrobe and is bad.
  7. Yeah, I would really like the silver set if it had the blue pants (maybe even white) and blue numbers. The white numbers on gray looks really weird.
  8. Ha! iPhone autocorrect made accent into accident. Whoops.
  9. Well yeah, I was just talking about the numbers. Gray mask is better.
  10. This would be a great way of tying in the navy blue and keeping it a traditional UCLA uniform. It makes the navy helmet logo work. I love the new UA set but do think the helmet logo was a misstep and I was also one of the few that thought navy trim worked on the road. Maybe if they have both blues with navy as an accent like this picture, it would be nice. Edit- I'm talking about the navy number trim and the navy helmet logo. I do not like the navy facemask.
  11. Interesting observation: the home set has a thin gold number with the white outline, which gives it a little extra weight. The road set does not have an outline, but it has the same weight as if it did have the outline. The numbers are a little bit thicker. For example, pretend the white jersey had the normal blue number, plus a hidden blue outline with the same stroke width as the home set. But to the naked eye, it's a slightly thicker number. Also, can't remember if Texas had been shown yet but they are moving to the new template.
  12. UA is killing the game right now and they are doing it with beautiful and timeless designs. These would look just as good if they were worn 30 years from now. They are showing a wonderful level of restraint to come up with great designs for the teams and not pushing their own brand with ugly flourishes and finishes.
  13. Hard to tell because it's not the best picture, but I believe this shows USC on the Vapor Untouchable template. Same updated design with the new font and trojan striping around the collar. That PAC12 patch needs a yellow outline. The white clashes.
  14. Highly doubtful. Unless I'm mistaken, these have been advertised as a kit exclusive to the Gold Cup so they will presumably go away after the tournament, as much of a shame as that will be. It's a damn nice kit. Another fix for the odd stars thing on the sleeve would have been to just stop them where they cut off currently, but to not include the very bottom star. Then you could have a consistent design whether there are patches on the sleeves or not and the retail jerseys would match the on field design.
  15. No picture yet but disappointment about the USMNT Gold Cup kit. The gap in the stars looks fine on the one sleeve with the tournament patch but the patch isn't on both sleeves, so you still have a gap on the one side. Should either have the patch on both sleeves or stars down the entire other side. Edit- best picture so far.