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  1. What, that they'll eventually be shiny silver but remain matte gray? I'm cool with the gray as long as they get the right shade. Sometimes the gray is too pale. They should darken it up a couple shades. Even Herschel Walker wore matte gray pants.
  2. I have detailed this pretty extensively with suspicions but this is the clearest shot of Georgia updating to the Vapor Untouchable. Collar and cut definitely new and pants have the swoosh and G swapped.
  3. Watched it live at the stadium and then watched a little bit of it back on TV and there were absolutely no contrast issues at all. I would say this was definitely one of the easier games to watch.
  4. The PSG kit isn't as bad in the official photos but also not as good as it could have been. Also, I'm getting a bit tired of the kits with the same color shirts and shorts...and especially those that are the same color head to toe. I know it's what FIFA prefers, and it's fine for certain clubs who have a preference to do that (Liverpool all red, Madrid all white, Chelsea all blue aside from the socks). But it's annoying when you see these clubs use a solid color when it's not historically what they have worn. Why can't we have Roma with white shorts? Portugal with dark red tops and green shorts? I sure miss the days of the US kits with white tops and navy shorts (and navy tops with white shorts).
  5. Yes, I read the question, and yes, these pants are obviously still available. However, the fact still remains that they are clearly not Nike's best product and are an outdated material. Similar to how the Packers and Panthers (as well as up until very recently the Falcons, Eagles, and Raiders) wear the exact same style uniforms they wore during the Reebok era. At no point did I suggest that they were still handing out 10 year old pants. But they are basically old style construction with a Nike swoosh slapped on, which I believe is manufactured by Ripon. Essentially the same cut of uniform regardless of who the manufacturer is and it's up to Ripon to stitch on either the Reebok logo or the swoosh. While I haven't seen the pants in person to compare, I have seen photos up close and the old nylon versus the current materials does look drastically different (not to mention I have heard players discuss how much nicer and lighter the uniforms have become). I played enough sports over the years to know that materials can make a difference.
  6. This is the correct answer. They are the old school style. Supposedly heavier and thicker. They do not have the same cut as the current Nike styles. The Cowboys are basically using updated Nike jerseys with the old Reebok era style pants. I believe the same applies with the Raiders (and the Bucs before they updated early in the Nike takeover). Neither club has the lightweight performance pants. If you want Nike's newest stuff you have to settle for matte because you can't get the high end pants in a metallic right now.
  7. It will look perfectly fine when wet because it's basically all one material (aside from the shoulder loops). That's the problem with the current template because there are so many different panels and various materials. Each one reacts a little differently and can appear unlike the material next to it. That's where this one will be superior because it's a single material and all of the mesh is laser cut into the fabric.
  8. Hopefully this will turn into a textbook example of how not to manage your brand and the NFL will change its archaic rules. A team moves cross country and the rules prohibit them from updating their look for several years? Idiotic. It's true that the stadium delay is not related to the NFL uniform rules. However, it is a problem considering the Rams want the new set to correspond to the debut of the new building...meaning we have to begrudgingly tolerate these horrible mishmash of styles for possibly four seasons.
  9. How in the heck do we not have one single, legitimate leak of the USA hooped kit? All rumors but not one single leak. We're over halfway through May.
  10. What's remotely "nice" about them? They are bland with a custom font and contrasting squares on the sleeves. Basically using the fill tool on a template. I dislike contrasting sleeve caps without a design purpose but that's pretty common these days and I can look past it. But UAB doesn't even have a fully contrasting sleeve cap. It's literally a contrasting square.
  11. While the reasons for moving can be debated, the area around Turner Field had always been poor. Acres and acres of parking lots and run down buildings. While it was still downtown, it was nowhere within walking distance of really anything. The Braves tried for years to develop around the stadium but the city wouldn't permit it because the city owned the parking lots and didn't want to give them up. Atlanta is very much a commuter city. The vast majority of the fan base lives in the suburbs. Driving through the city to get to games was a nightmare as our two main highways converge into one single main road right through downtown. It could take 2 hours to go 25 miles. The closest our rail lines would drop you off was still about a mile away from the stadium. Turner Field was built for the Olympics and is now being converted to a football facility for Georgia State University and the surrounding area is finally being redeveloped. It's really a win-win for everyone. Georgia State gets a nice facility (and they are building a baseball park where Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium used to be). The stadium is now going into its "third life," which is almost unheard of for Olympic facilities now. So many Olympic stadiums are white elephants months after the games end. The Braves are only 12 miles or so up the road and now have things to actually do around the ballpark. You can basically spend the entire day there if you want. At Turner, all you could do was pull your car up and tailgate out in the lot. There was literally nothing to do. The Battery development around the new park is incredible and the stadium is very nice, too.
  12. Another look.
  13. The Braves had hardly any games at home in April (first game at the new park wasn't until 4/14 and they only had one other home series that month and it was midweek). They wanted to wear the traditional whites, rather than alternates, while debuting the new stadium. They have since brought back the weekend cream throwback set. They seem to alternate between the traditional gray and navy road sets. The red has been nearly mothballed but comes out maybe 2-3 times a year on select special games. Also, the picture of Freddie Freeman above uses the old script, which has since been updated a year or two ago. Here is the updated one (which is basically the logo version but there was a difference from this and the jersey wordmark for some reason). I love the traditional set but the cream throwback is my favorite.
  14. I wasn't referencing the red and white kit but rather the black and green one, which was obviously a bespoke design for Portland with the Rose City theme. Yeah I don't really take that type of design into consideration. It's not what I would consider an "exclusive" design that was so obviously inspired for a specific team. It's a generic style that works for countless teams (such as hoops, stripes, pinstripes, sashes, etc). Mexico and Manchester United have done it in the last decade or so. That's what took me by surprise with the Feyenoord shirt. It was a totally custom design for Portland.
  15. Is this the first time a European team has been issued a template jersey first pioneered by an MLS squad? MLS!