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  1. This Nike template would be seriously nice if it didn't skew the colors to all of these off shades and appear differently than they are supposed to. Otherwise, it's a nice design and well fitting shirt. But by now we've seen purple sleeves on the US training wear and now PSG, maroon on the US away and third kits, silvery blue on England, etc. Not to mention the inclusion of black on the US away, as well as the trim on the France (blue home...thankfully they said they won't wear their new black kit ever) and England kits (new navy kits). I'm fine experimenting on some club secondary kits. But with international kits, colors are king. Thank heavens for squads like Brazil and Holland sticking to their guns and still going with their classic colors. Brazil is so strong on this stance that they don't allow anything other than their traditional yellow primary and blue alternate. That's why they never wear these Nike alternate kits. All I want is for the US to consistently come out in some variation of red (real red, not maroon), white, and dark navy blue (no royal...though I am oddly cool with the light blue sleeves on the white kit...the navy trim on the shirt helps). And I'd like to see a mix of those colors, not just one color emphasized. That's where this new red kit goes wrong. You've got our real red, dark red sleeves, black trim, as well as a silver swoosh and monochrome silver crest. What's American about that? So today, while I already own the new red kit, I am wearing the classic 1950 shirt. Our backs are against the wall and we need three points. And it sure as hell looks more American than what the Yanks will wear tonight.
  2. Ah, gotcha. I only visited their site a couple of times right around the launch of the new crest. So Juve might be a little unusual then.
  3. This is a great look. Once it's stripped of all the gold, it looks awesome. It's that in-between phase right now that's causing it to look goofy. Royal blue and yellow > navy and white > navy and pale gold (practically tan). But if they go navy and white, this looks pretty good.
  4. You guys were talking about a club unveiling a new crest and then reverting back for a while...isn't that exactly what Manchester City did? If I recall, they launched the crest months and months in advance and then switched all their accounts for a short period of time, just to gain awareness. And then, they reverted back to their current (at the time) crest with the eagle since that was the one on their shirts during that campaign. Once the season was over, they brought the new crest back out.
  5. I would be very surprised if MLS goes in any other direction than renewing with adidas. The two just seem paired at the hip. Adidas does wonders for MLS as far as strengthening the league image and it helps that they are generally putting out great designs. Might be a few boring kits out there, but there are very few bad ones (new DC away, the now retired Columbus kit). I think the partnership is beneficial for both parties. Hypothetically someone could come in like Nike or Under Armour, but that would seem so far out of left field. And I think those are the only two that could do it. MLS won't take a smaller brand like New Balance because that does nothing for them as far as increasing the stature of the league. Any brand less than those three would be a big step back for MLS and I would be very surprised, but I am fully expecting a renewal with adidas.
  6. I kinda like the England kit. Though, it's a shame England managed to keep the cool crest application (rubbery finish with some depth to it) whereas the US got stuck with a boring print application. US for comparison: This way was was much nicer: England crest in the lighter blue reminds me of this:
  7. Here's confirmation. http://www.scout.com/college/north-carolina/story/1759562-unc-football-wear-jordan-brand?utm_source=SocialMedia&utm_medium=HootSuitePost&utm_campaign=HootSuite I really hope their uniforms stay the same. They're practically perfect now. Maybe streamline them since the helmet argyle is within a stripe and the jersey and pants aren't but that would be about it.
  8. Y'all notice the Rams mockups are on the new Nike template?
  9. IMO, the primary set and the throwback set with the classic stripes are too darn similar to justify both. I'd pick one and the classic stripes are superior in every way. Nothing wrong with the primaries, they'd be fine for another team. But just knowing the classic stripes are so ingrained in the OSU history, I'd pick them in a heartbeat.
  10. I would hope OSU will exclusively use the throwback sleeve stripes. No more of the stripes that match the helmet and pants. Helmet and pants are fine as is but not everything needs to match. Also, while I liked the black numbers on the red jersey as a throwback thing, I'd prefer they just return to white shoulder numbers for their permanent set.
  11. This new TFC kit just looks dirty to me since it's so dark. I like the contrast of the white stripes, personally.
  12. Knew I'd seen that TFC kit before. I'd say the old one is better than this new one.
  13. Ha! It just happened to be the best picture I've seen so far of the helmet. I like them a lot. The BP caps with the white panel front and the all blue, both with the little A have been some of my favorites.
  14. Another picture of the Braves spring helmets and I noticed something odd. The blue outline is a noticeably lighter shade compared to the helmet. It seems like a lot of the Braves print and digital files uses this lighter shade, though the game uniforms use the darker shade. Seems like they overlapped color schemes a bit. Should have just made the outline either clear or matched it to the helmet.
  15. I'm 90% sure it's a Vapor Untouchable. I've got a couple pictures of last season's brand new black jerseys (Elite 51 or whatever it's called...basically NFL template sans Flywire like the Texans...our home and road sets were same template with Flywire) and the collar sits totally differently with how wide it is. Also there isn't "DAWGS" in the collar. Look at the jersey in the background. Here's another shot of the possible new jersey and it's a traditionally shaped v-neck, "DAWGS" is in the collar, and you can sort of see the triangle at the base of the collar. Sorry for the cut off shot, but so far this is the best hi-res shot I've found aside from the grainy one above I previously posted. This is the triangle at the bottom of the collar I'm talking about. Lastly, there's not an SEC patch on either the red or black hanging jerseys yet. They are #55. You can see the back of the black #55 jersey hanging behind the red jersey and new pants I posted and the nameplate ends in the letter "A." I am guessing it says "GEORGIA" which is common practice for Nike samples. Check these below. All #55, a lot of them are free of conference patches. Most from what I tell have the school name on the back. (Also, the Oregon example I showed? #55) I suspect the entire set (home, road, black) is transitioning over.