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  1. 2018 MLS Kits

    I agree. A similar Northwestern stripe on the socks (probably just oriented horizontally) would have tied it all together.
  2. 2018 MLS Kits

    Confirmation of plain shorts and socks. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2018/01/la-galaxy-2018-home-kit.html?m=1
  3. 2018 MLS Kits

    Here’s some new training wear for Atlanta. I used to figure with future kit releases you’d see some that that were heavy on the black, and some that were heavy on the red. However, with LAFC using black and gold, hopefully we continue to see the use of red increase. Most of last year’s training wear was primarily black. Might have to buy this top if it comes available. New red jackets, as well:
  4. 2018 MLS Kits

    Unless I’m mistaken, LAFC put the wings on the sides of their calves. Yuck.
  5. 2018 MLS Kits

    They knocked this out of the park. DCU looks best with minimal red trim and sparing amounts of white (only the adidas stripes, or bring them back on the chest). Instead, the tonal hoops and dark gray look awesome. Also, henley collars are extremely underrated. This will be one of the best of the season.
  6. 2018 MLS Kits

    It seems late for LAFC to debut their first kits. If I recall, the last few expansion sides debuted at least one kit leading up to Christmas. I know for sure Atlanta did, and I want to say Orlando and NYC, as well.
  7. I'm not a big basketball guy (in fact, this is my first basketball concept ever), but I'm an Atlantan and very displeased with the Hawks uniforms. The shift to navy blue and red 10-15 years ago felt foreign (I know they had worn those colors before, but it was so long ago) but was at least relatively harmless. I was excited to see an emphasis put back on the Pac Man logo as they slowly reintroduced him. However, the way the redesign was executed left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The red was very prominent. That much was good. Navy blue was out; also good. In its place was a dark gray...not the familiar black, but better, nonetheless. Where it really fell apart was the hideous volt. What a terrible color that looks so out of place! I also realize the Hawks have used lime green before, but they hadn't used it paired with these new colors. The red, gray, and volt felt like a cheap knockoff version of the Hawks I grew up with. The Hawks have such great inspiration to pull from, and the current iteration with the feather pattern misses the mark. Overly detailed, poor color balance (can I say gaudy?), too trendy and already outdated. Definitely not "timeless." I wanted to come up with a design that feels familiar for the Hawks but pushes the needle a bit. The Dominique Wilkins era uniforms were near perfect for the time but don't quite translate to today's NBA. The Hawks need to emphasize red, white, and yellow. The current red and black sets are screaming for some white to balance it out because the volt makes it look dirty and dingy. Black should definitely be used sparingly and in this case, I relegated it only to an alternate uniform. It works because black is familiar for Atlanta, but leaves the main uniforms untouched. Those sets don't need any black at all. I took the forward looking graphic of the script and applied it throughout the uniform: the front and back number, as well as the NOB. I skipped name and number outlines in the interest of letting the design do the talking. It has a "loud" script so I wanted to keep the rest of the set fairly minimalistic. I originally had a contrasting collar and shoulder trim, but I got rid of those for the same reason. I created the new Nike template from scratch and if there's interest I may release it. Still playing around with it and optimizing it for use. It includes all the various seams and mesh panels.
  8. 2018 MLS Kits

    Now that the league has a team in actual LA, they can update it to say “This is Carson.”
  9. NFL 2018 changes

    This one is often forgotten about with the reversed pants striping. The original was better. I forgot which years they used this one for.
  10. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I’m also a Braves fan (have lived in Atlanta since I was young and still live here). As someone who appreciates and dabbles in design, the helmet discrepancy bugged me to no end. There was no reason for it to exist. As for the throwback logo, I can appreciate it for the throwback purposes because it is accurate for that time period. But for modern usage, the new one is way better, IMO. The old one looked hand drawn and is unbalanced. They can keep the 1970s version for throwback events, but I only want want to see the updated version on new gear that uses that mark. Lukas acknowledged the discrepancy on the helmet (not the throwback cap logo) with the team and very shortly after, they updated it to match the accurate “A” found on the caps.
  11. How much can you "update" a classic?

    Check my post above. I included some before and after pictures. They updated their home and road scripts, helmet logo, and also tweaked the throwback “little a” logo from the Hank Aaron era. Uni Watch has also acknowledged this a few times. https://uni-watch.com/2016/04/06/phils-braves-make-subtle-jersey-adjustments-for-2016/ https://uni-watch.com/2014/05/29/atlanta-braves-change-helmet-logo-in-response-to-uni-watch-column/
  12. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I agree with you on a lot of this. Definitely prefer the traditional cap over the all navy one and agree they have too many alternates. The red one from the mid to late 2000s was bad. The navy one is a little better, in my opinion, but still unnecessary. I do really love the cream alternate. It looks great and is basically a throwback. As for the helmet finish, that was a one game thing for the opening of the new park and has not been done since.
  13. How much can you "update" a classic?

    The Braves are the perfect example of making multiple minor updates that most people (non CCSLC folks) probably don't notice. They've updated their scripts and cap/helmet logos. I find the home update to be very nice. The letterforms and tomahawk were cleaned up. The away update feels a little too sterile to me, but does make that original "A" stick out like a sore thumb. At least it now matches the cap "A." Both jersey scripts did not match their actual wordmark logos for a very long time. They only just updated them a couple years ago. Pre update home: Post update home: This script discrepancy was always odd to me, because the Braves have had their off white "fauxback" jersey for many years now (dating back to before the updates above), which has always featured the correct script. So for a few years, the Braves had two different on field versions of the same script worn in the same season. Now the updated home white script matches the alternate cream set script: Pre update away: Post update away: The helmet "A" was also updated. This was a massive win. The previous helmet logo was stupid and simply "because that's how it had always been." Pre update helmet: Post update helmet: The Braves also have a Cooperstown version of the "little a" logo, which I hate. Looks weak and thin. It is technically more accurate from that era: It tends to sneak in every now and then on current day merchandise: However, on-field new gear with the throwback logo, they have an updated "little a" which looks miles better to me. Much more balanced and better line weights. Even though it's not historically accurate, I wish they'd just ditch the Cooperstown version. The new one is great and should be a permanent secondary mark for the Braves.
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Here’s another look.
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Field coming together. Looks like it’s gonna be a great looking game. That paint looks like high quality for a turf field.