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  1. I love that collar. Same as the Germany 2014 World Cup kit and that was also a beaut.
  2. That font looks like a bad mix of styles. The normal block O (and somewhat the right side of the D) with the angled corners clashes badly with the 90 degree angles of the G and S. Hope it's not an indicator of the number font because it needs cleaning up.
  3. Sure enough, they did do it! Thanks for the insight. Looks like it wasn't actually 2008 but was 2009. Saw a couple of 2008 videos and it was red versus white.
  4. Nothing new at all, but Georgia went red versus black in the spring game. To my knowledge, they had only ever done red versus white. I was hoping we'd see new uniforms that I've been speculating will transition to the Vapor Untouchable but alas I will have to wait a little longer. Positive note is that it seems the black set is here to stay. I'm obviously biased but I do think they are one of the nicest alternates in college football.
  5. Somewhat unrelated but thought it was interesting. The Gwinnett Braves are doing an Atlanta United theme night. The normal caps, pants, and socks aren't great when paired with the red, black, and gold jerseys but that's the minor leagues for you.
  6. Also, I know a lot of people said the Lions numbers looked white. Most of the pictures we saw were promotional shots from the team or Nike, so to my knowledge, this is one of the first shots of the uniform out in the wild. In this setting, the numbers clearly look silver with a dark gray outline.
  7. Falcons inaugural season patch found on a link to their 2017 schedule. Unclear if it will be worn or if league rules permit Mercedes-Benz to be worn on the jersey (would not surprise me if they are unable to). Vikings stadium patch was generic without a reference to US Bank. Braves SunTrust Park patch on uniforms are stripped of SunTrust: versus Mets did the same thing with Citi Field: http://images.atlantafalcons.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/AF_2017-Schedule_Download.pdf
  8. @hendocfc I've been hearing contrasting information regarding the US Gold Cup kit. Most sources have heard that they are using hoops and most assume red and navy hoops. I heard from another source that it could be red and dark red hoops paired with navy sleeves. What have you heard? I can't see a primarily red kit exciting people much, especially considering they have already been promoting the new all red kit with the dark red sleeves. It seems like that would water down Nike's ability to sell these jerseys to fans. They would be too similar.
  9. Here are better pictures. Don't recall seeing these yet. They also give us a good look at the new side stripes on this template.
  10. If it were a team without the history of Barca, then it's passable. Still not a great look, but not awful. But considering Barca is supposed to use red and blue stripes, this is pretty bad. Aside from that narrow dash of red down the middle, this kit is going to be 90% blue.
  11. The Vapor Untouchable still had pretty decently sized shoulder stripes. They weren't anywhere close to the Techfits. Adidas had a totally jacked up stretchy garment that warped the appearance of all the stripes and numbers, while Nike's still had respectable shoulder stripes and all of the proportions remained true to the previous template. The Vapor Untouchable might just be the most perfect template in the market right now. It has all of the performance aspects the manufacturers and athletes like while employing extremely minimal seams and materials (like the Flywire Elite 51 with discolored chest and back panels). It uses a traditionally shaped collar, and also stays true to the look of a normal football uniform, unlike adidas.
  12. Not great.
  13. Good look at the Lions new lid.
  14. Cardinals had that new all black set with the different colored stripes and numbers. I haven't looked at the schedule much yet, but if it's Hawks at Cards on TNF, black and neon green should be fine.
  15. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I think I prefer the white shorts over the red. Maybe if they went gray / red / gray?