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  1. you know, that number font still hasn't grown on me.
  2. this looks way better, the extended shoulder loops of the last few seasons just didn't look right. I get what they (and Ole Miss) were trying to do. I just don't think it's doable, unless football goes back to bigger jerseys.
  3. I was gonna say, these two schools do look alike, with the lack of contrast bw the numbers and the tops and the crappy number font.
  4. this wasn't bad either.
  5. never understood what was so bad about this
  6. kinda disappointed that the Reds didn't wear big red machine throwbacks today for Pete Rose's statue unveiling/ Red's HOF induction.
  7. agreed, they could at least wear the caps on the road.
  8. seem about right for Penn State... a slight break from the normal traditional... just enough to not start a riot in the fanbase. Edit. I'd use the jersey font on the regular unis. White cleats full time would be ok I guess.
  9. Wish the Cowboys would go back to that Dorsett era number font.
  10. yep, the rest is luke warm garbage...not even hot anymore.
  11. these are a;; pretty great, the first three were very colorful, but I prefer the last set. Very Arizona looking.
  12. the Angry Green wave at midfield, needs some of the blue in there.
  13. I agree, that uni looked great. Saw some wishing the Red Sox would go back to that road uni but I'm not in that camp. Their current ones are superior. If they would just use those socks full time.
  14. I'm not sure this is unpopular, but I hate the Pirates current Fam-i-lee throwbacks. It's the cap and the pants that bug me. It's not a true pillbox hat and the black pants are terrible with the pajama style.
  15. Wazzu looked fine before, these new ones are ok, just needed a few stripes.