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  1. the Angry Green wave at midfield, needs some of the blue in there.
  2. I agree, that uni looked great. Saw some wishing the Red Sox would go back to that road uni but I'm not in that camp. Their current ones are superior. If they would just use those socks full time.
  3. I'm not sure this is unpopular, but I hate the Pirates current Fam-i-lee throwbacks. It's the cap and the pants that bug me. It's not a true pillbox hat and the black pants are terrible with the pajama style.
  4. Wazzu looked fine before, these new ones are ok, just needed a few stripes.
  5. oh absolutely. Thankfully, the socks are easily changeable. I saw a few more that were ok. Brewers, the giants/ O's ones w/o logo. The black and white ones w/ 10 stripes. I really dislike the MLB logo on all of them.
  6. I'll chime in on the stance socks. The Diamond edition ones I like Cleveland, STL, Tampa. They rest are pretty meh. The team logos are too big and the strips on some are too high on the calf. But, like someone said, if it gets rid of pajama pants, I'm all for it.
  7. when I think of the Twins, this is what come to mind. You can wear the cream throwbacks on sunday at home.
  8. WIlliam Clay Ford. Was the owner back in the day.
  9. all of it is fine, except the sleeve wordmarks. And how about some stripes on the socks?!
  10. Giants matte helmets look boss
  11. when I think Arizona basketball, this is what I remember.
  12. Arizona 's white with gray gradient unis are terrible. They've had great unis for years.
  13. me two, just a little too much navy.
  14. I'd say (like I've said before) I just want some color back in sports. All the dark or muted colors has made everyone look the same. I like everything Old School vikings posted above this one. As far as the Brewers, I don't mind the ball in glove, but give me some royal blue and yellow. M's look great, the best they have ever looked.
  15. you have to have light or white numbers and lettering to make it work