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  1. The big 4 will be dual branded. The rest and the few more added will be brand specific.
  2. I get the feeling that Mick is going to draft someone Steph does not like and gets fired on the spot. Makes no sense to have 2 face GMs.
  3. New Smackdown Logo
  4. My whole concern with TNA and the Brother Nero saga is what happens if this gets a big ratings pop. Does TNA switch their whole format to just do on location matches with no crowds? Does that mean Eddie Edwards v. Lashley will be at some abandon warehouse where they will convert to a empty MMA gym? At least with Lunch Underground things still played out in the ring with a crowd.
  5. The explanation of the logo is that they are switching the primary focus from Media (CD's and DVD's) to go full on pop culture collectables (Everything else that is currently in the store that is not DVD Or Music) . Basically filling the void of what Hastings was supposed to be had they not just declared bankruptcy.
  6. I watch this Pop Vinyl show on YouTube and they were paid to go checkout one of the new concept stores for FYE, in part of the video I caught this.
  8. I think thats what they are testing the waters with, with the SyFy replay on Fridays. The fascinating part about Smackdown Live on Tuesdays.....NO NFL (they run Monday and Thursday). If they get higher ratings than RAW ....
  9. I think the Brand Split is a good idea. There does not need to be a new WHC created, I believe this show will be IC Title focused.
  10. Per Jim Lee "The nooks and angles are meant to evoke the Superman "S", the Wonder Woman "WW" emblem and the Bat logo #dccomics #newmark"
  11. I think the only Network not streamable with a service BTW is CBS, which is trying to push people to over pay for their own service.
  12. With the online NHL and MLB one, even though the local broadcast is blacked out, you can watch the away brodacast right. Like if Mets at Philly, you would still be able to see the Mets feed in philly right? It looks like Sling is working on carrying regional sports channels.
  13. Yes, he said in his twitter message he gave his notice, and they talked it over and they gave him an early release.
  14. As well as pyramid with Michael Strahan
  15. This is my go to thing for my wife. Though her college gave up on textbooks per se. Now if she needs to read anything, she can just open it up on the schools library website OR we use my offices Safari Books account.