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  1. Spike TV New Look New Name

    That was the whole concept of Rollerjam was Attitude Era Roller Derby. I loved it!
  2. Spike TV New Look New Name

    Its more that WB, who released the HP movies, owns HBO, and we are in an age were all these companies are trying to keep their assets on stuff they own. Its why a lot of TV stuff is moving from Netflix to Hulu because Universal, Disney, Fox all have some financial stake in that.
  3. Beer Cans and Bottles

    AB has made the Canned Water look nicer and Miller Coors does the same:
  4. Coke Zero to become Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

    As said before, Diet Coke is a artificially sweetened 0 calorie version of New Coke. Where Coke Zero is a artificially sweetened 0 calorie version of Coke Classic. The only other big difference is that Zero has a AceK as a sweetener in conjunction with Aspertame.
  5. Under Armour to make MLB uniforms in 2019, a year early

    The article said Fanatics bought all of VF sports clothing assets including Majestic.
  6. Under Armour to make MLB uniforms in 2019, a year early

    So the way it seems since Fanatics are buying the Majestic factory and VF sports assets that the replicas will probably be the exact same way they are now with a UA patch on them.
  7. Outback Steakhouse New Logo/Font?

    So I am vacationing with my family in Pigeon Forge, TN and saw an Outback Steakhouse logo not like anything I have seen: This is not my pic and the logo was in black in Pigeon Forge.
  8. 2016 NASCAR Season Thread

    I wonder if they did that because Monster Energy did not pay as much for that sponsorship as much as they were getting from Sprint.
  9. New Gulden's Mustard design

    Does it really have all the empty "white" space between the "A Fat Free Food" and "Guldens"?
  10. New Yankee Candle logo and design

    They actually make those too. When you go to the Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg, VA they have a outlet section of candles that are off color and such, and not only are the main Yankee Candle ones there, a lot of the Store Brand generic candles are there too.
  11. New FYE logo.

    The explanation of the logo is that they are switching the primary focus from Media (CD's and DVD's) to go full on pop culture collectables (Everything else that is currently in the store that is not DVD Or Music) . Basically filling the void of what Hastings was supposed to be had they not just declared bankruptcy.
  12. New FYE logo.

    I watch this Pop Vinyl show on YouTube and they were paid to go checkout one of the new concept stores for FYE, in part of the video I caught this.
  13. Celestial Seasonings New Branding
  14. DC Comics New Logo

    Per Jim Lee "The nooks and angles are meant to evoke the Superman "S", the Wonder Woman "WW" emblem and the Bat logo #dccomics #newmark"
  15. Coca Cola merging all Cokes into one look...

    Correct, Diet Coke was a diet version of "New Coke", whereas Coke Zero is a diet version of "Coke Classic" (but at the same time has Ace K as a sweetener). I have read some places that Diet Coke was its own formula and that "New Coke" was just an sugar sweetened version of it. It would not surprise me to find out Diet Coke is just TAB without the Saccharin using Aspartame.