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  1. Lights go out at the Impact Zone. "We're here" , then "What's Vance Meekmahan doing in the Impact Zone?!"
  2. The whole change over is the whole reason why after the big 20min interview I thought that the remainder of the 1st hour of Raw would be CW exclusive.
  3. Now its just needs a Blue crystal swoosh under the WWE instead of red.
  4. Does it really have all the empty "white" space between the "A Fat Free Food" and "Guldens"?
  5. The only way I can see that happening is if they bounce back and forth from Raw & Smackdown. This is where if WWE had a brand that was international or network only that featured veterans, they could hide that guy until they want him to pop back up in the main show.
  6. The appeal for WWE, as in Roman, is that she is Dwayne's cousin. The wrestling part is they wanted a Monster female heel. Problem is that they have a hard time right now with a basic Women's roster, other than squashes they will not know how to book a Monster in that division. In due time she will end up just like the Big Show, just a larger superstar that is there in that division.
  7. ...and even more it was the real WWE Title and not the "Universal Title" so AJ Styles is now in the same company as Bruno, Hogan, Austin, Rock, etc...
  8. They actually make those too. When you go to the Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg, VA they have a outlet section of candles that are off color and such, and not only are the main Yankee Candle ones there, a lot of the Store Brand generic candles are there too.
  9. I get the feeling the rest of the title belts color schemes will fall in line with time. I think the black straps will get phased out.
  10. Given the way the Smackdown Tag belts are, I want them to give the World Title a Blue Strap now.
  11. I just recently bought a 3DSXL. I bought with it Marion 3D Land, and New Super Mario 2, and I am kind of Mario'ed out. Any other good games you all can recommend?
  12. Its essentially what New Japan and UFC do.
  13. I saw this on another post thought the same thing, that is going to IBox'ed. I can't see CP closing it if that wasn't what they are doing. So will it mean Meaner Streak or just The Streak?
  14. The big 4 will be dual branded. The rest and the few more added will be brand specific.