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  1. I get the feeling that AJ may go into a program with Ziggler. Miz needs to face a big NXT call up, and given Joe did not factor in to the recent NXT Tapings I think a call up may happen. Ambrose will "feud" with Ellsworth until the Rumble, that way Dean is freed up to be in the Rumble match with AJ and Dolph doing a WHC match .
  2. WWE Already redid the 205 Live logo. New on Left Old on Right
  3. He went to the PC for a tryout and they did not want to sign him because of Weed. He openly supports medical and recreational use on Social Media. WWE is was the one who got him signed to Evolve until he decides to stop and get clean.
  4. #AudienceOfOne
  5. 11pm and it will discuss 205 and SD
  6. Basically 3rd hour of SD dedicated exclusively to CW and only on the WWE Network, and I am OK with this. Hunter to the rescue.
  7. I think HHH had different ideas of what the CW Division was supposed to be, look at how the CWC was booked not just all flippy :censored:, and then Dunn got involved, got in Vince's ear, and said this could be the new Divas division and just have generic people doing filler matches.
  8. Like Hogan's bandana having the blonde hair sewn in on it, the wig is on Taker's hat.
  9. I think what is also hurting the CW Division is the change over to make everything purple. I don't think they have gaps to fill to do that more than once a show. I would love for them to dedicate the matches in the 1st hour to CW matches. They need more time to flesh out the performers for people to care about them.
  10. They show on the site that they will be streaming WWE and ROH "PPVs" for the moment, rumor is more coming. Not at all what I hoped the announcement was going to be today.
  11. Lights go out at the Impact Zone. "We're here" , then "What's Vance Meekmahan doing in the Impact Zone?!"
  12. The whole change over is the whole reason why after the big 20min interview I thought that the remainder of the 1st hour of Raw would be CW exclusive.
  13. Now its just needs a Blue crystal swoosh under the WWE instead of red.
  14. Does it really have all the empty "white" space between the "A Fat Free Food" and "Guldens"?