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  1. A Game Show Thread

    I am sure at some point as well you have to have a "Story", probably part of the follow up interview process. 
  2. Palladia is now MTV Live

    MTV has too much of a strong historic branding associated with it for them to change.  Thats like saying the Red Sox are going to rebrand. 
  3. Palladia is now MTV Live

    What other stuff have they rebranded?  The article I mentioned said they were but when I looked at the list of networks on wiki nothing showed up anything different. 
  4. Palladia is now MTV Live

    Palladia just got rebranded as MTV Live here is the new logo:   Here is the original logo:  
  5. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Can't wait to see how long before channel drift happens.
  6. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    Which I would love to see him go with Ziggler, Owens, Ambrose, Cesaro, etc... 
  7. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    I think he has gained a lot more confidence being NJPW champion, and I am sure his ROH run helped.  
  8. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    The shirt sold out in 2 hours.  Any pre-sales now will not be fulfilled until Feb 26. 
  9. Star Wars Movie Thread

    I have the Lando trade on order it does not get released until Tuesday. I also have Shattered Empire on order too. Thanks
  10. New Mello Yello 2016 Logos
  11. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    Mikaze goes on the road. That is why he is on UpUpDownDown because he is there fixing gear and costumes and such.
  12. Star Wars Movie Thread

    Has anyone read any of the new Marvel stories? If so, are they any good, worth buying? I never got really into the Dark Horse series because they was never (until the end) a uniformity in the titles.
  13. Sierra Mist to change look...and name to.....

    Sierra Mist always screamed Mountain Dew 2 Why can't they just go back to calling it Slice
  14. New Mello Yello 2016 Logos

  15. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    I think the venue issues with NXT is because WWE is working with Live Nation on the tours. I think that is why they have not come to Baltimore, because Live Nation does not manage a smaller facility there.