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  1. I read the same thing, its also of note that Feld has been in the process of moving all operations to the Tampa area so that they can be closer to Disney for show collaboration.
  2. The plan until NXT UK (or whatever it gets called) is for the champion to tour the UK indies that WWE is affiliated with (Rev Pro, ICW, OTT & Progress) and defend the title NWA Title style. There is also rumors going today that WWE is very close to having ICW ( content streamed on the network, which could lead to being defended primarily there.
  3. I have a feeling that its not Vince directly, but more the fact that the job scared agents who work the match know Vince is around so they are not going to do anything to piss him off, by contrast I don't think he was at Full Sail at all during the CWC and Triple H was in charge. Its the same reason Raw writers wont change the format of the show, because of the Audience of One.
  4. I am not in the market to get one, but I plan to check it out this weekend and get it possibly. I just want to put some AJ or KO plates on it in the long run.
  5. This may be sub-commerative. I looked on and the commemorative allows you to change the plates out where the TRU does not look like those plates pop out. Color#srule=Pricelow_high&sz=48&start=57
  6. I went in Vegas one year, and Todd Newton hosted the show. The main game, got 4 new people to play the pricing game for each of the 6 rounds. They pretty much bid on, items that were <$500 like digital cameras, watches etc... When they played the main games that's where the prizes were more large appliance and cheap trips, which sometimes included a free stay at the casino they were doing the show. The Showcase round, they had one of those 3 trip combo showcases where like the others were more within the continental US, and the other was for a car, and at that time it was a Nissan Versa which at that time was only 9,000 and small enough for a model to drive out on stage. I will also point out in Vegas 3 of the 4 people called on stage for the bidding round were part of the casino's rewards program.
  7. I love anything they do, but not many of those have made to the US.
  8. I am all for Jarrett and Dutch booking, as long as Jarrett does not show up on TV and they never mention GFW.
  9. My go to lately has been Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion IPA. The story with the beer is they make the same beer (grain bill) and each time they brew it, they change the hops. They are on #4 right now, and they have all been excellent
  10. Deal or No Deal got that way the last 2 seasons of it. Everybody had some sappy tragic story were trying to play for the $1,000,000. I also think Gladiators got that way too. Its an NBC thing.
  11. Jericho needs to stay in the cage for the Royal Rumble, and when his number is called, he is lowered and unlocked, just for the comedy of it all.
  12. All players are just identified by jersey number:
  13. I got from my wife and daughter: Mario Kart 7, Paper Mario and, Dragon Question 7 for 3DS 3 Alton Brown Cookbooks 3 Home Brewing {beer} books
  14. I think they were for the CWC. As well as the large ROH/Evolve style turnbuckles, which were easier for them to get balanced for high spots. There is a time issue that prevents them from fully changing the ring.
  15. I wonder if they did that because Monster Energy did not pay as much for that sponsorship as much as they were getting from Sprint.