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  1. Designcision '16: The Logolection for the CMYK House

    What the heck is a Progressive Conservative, are they just trying to confuse people?
  2. Stop feeding the troll.
  3. don't agree, what leaf has rounded points like that? looks bloated.
  4. really like the leaf, but you've proven the leaf doesn't work if you want to use a wordmark.
  5. you the real MVP
  6. Screw this, I guess I'll see the logo when I wake up..
  7. Are they waiting for everyone to go to sleep before this logo is released?
  8. Blue Jays did what you're asking the Leafs to do.. how did that work out? Too many risks going with a modern look, 9 out of 10 times they usually revert back to an older look because modern dates quickly.
  9. The point is they are changing their primary logo and uniform. They will no longer wear a uniform with this logo as their primary.
  10. If the logo is anywhere close to these... they are exactly what I was looking for
  11. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    (I'm a Yankee, Jets, Maple Leafs fan) Red Sox Patriots Bruins Canadians Orioles Senators Blue Jays (mostly just Jose Bautista) Bills Dolphins Giants