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  1. The pants remind me of "Little Giants."
  2. They also need to decide whether they're a brown or black team, and they need to stop mangling their helmet logo. Personally, I think they got it right all the way back in 2003 and every change since then has been a downgrade.
  3. nfl

    I was just coming in here to say that it looks like an intersquad game. Cleveland really should have worn their brown pants today.
  4. Those BP jerseys look terrible. Thank goodness Majestic is losing the MLB contract. Hopefully UA brings back the days when every team had a unique BP jersey instead of an ugly template.
  5. Now that they've fixed the collars, I'm inclined to agree - though I don't think Nike's template is bad.
  6. I don't think anything is actually too far down. I think the lack of collar/armhole trim makes everything look like it's too far down.
  7. The Senators and Penguins look amazing! I'd use the Sens' custom number font and the Robo-Penguin crest respectively, but that's just a matter of personal preference. For the Flyers, I like how you worked references to the logo into the striping. It's an idea I've tinkered with in my own Flyers concepts, albeit in different ways than yours. Overall, it's good, but the white sweater looks awkward. You should get rid of the orange boxes underneath the yoke - they just look awkward. Looking back at some of your earlier concepts, I love your purple-and-gold take on the Kings. It's a HUGE upgrade over what they wear now. Your Habs concept is fantastic, too. If they ever announced that they were changing their uniforms, that might be the one look they could switch to without pissing off their fanbase. Overall, great series so far - keep up the good work.
  8. I don't get the love for LSU's post-Katrina alternates. Those truncated "shoulder stripes" look awful.
  9. I actually like this really old-school look for Fresno: Obviously, it would have to be modernized a lot. Get rid of the yoke and the sleeve stripes, maybe make the V on the front tie in somehow with the V decal on their helmets, and it'd be a distinctive look.
  10. I love the Fiesta Bowl combo, but I like how it's reserved for special occasions. And I generally like the all-blue and stormtrooper combos and wouldn't mind them wearing those exclusively during the regular season. Plus, I prefer the current helmets - all that needs to be done with them is to make them symmetrical by putting the horse head on both sides. I know that the oversized helmet logo has become a fad in CFB, but Boise can get away with using it because their ProCombat uniforms are where the trend started in the first place. As for Arizona State, I might be the only one who hates Sparky and greatly prefers the pitchfork. It's just a stronger helmet logo that gets unfairly criticized because it came in with Nike and replaced one of the overly-cartoony retro mascot logos that everyone seems to like except me. With that said, Adidas (as usual) is intent on systematically destroying their look with hideous uniforms like that grey-and-copper trash. In general, though, there was nothing wrong with these:
  11. Maryland finally fixed their collars: All they need to do now is make the armholes match the collar and they'll never need to change again.
  12. Unless the Giants pull it together in a hurry, we're guaranteed to get a World Series champion that hasn't won it in a long time (or ever).
  13. You know the Chargers are pathetic when they do their usual chokejob again and nobody notices or cares enough to post about it. It's just another wasted Sunday for Cleveland Browns West.
  14. It's an improvement, but I think it would look better if you used the wordmark from their uniforms.
  15. Not bad at all! My only nitpick is that the home and road wordmarks are still not quite consistent. The "AN DIEG" text in the middle of the road wordmark needs to be moved up a bit so it's aligned with the middle of the S and the O.