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  1. I'm guessing the Mets' use of a chest logo instead of their script is supposed to be a throwback of sorts to the '80s and early '90s:
  2. The Saints screwed up when they ditched this look on the road: The only change needed was to make the pants stripe match the helmet stripe.
  3. It just dawned on me that Mississippi State's Patriots ripoff wasn't totally unprecedented.
  4. Florida's white helmets are butt-ugly. Mismatched stripes, mismatched logos, and overall inferior to their orange helmets. Not every school has to wear the stormtrooper look. This is just fine on the road: Even this looks better: Florida has a perfect color scheme for football, whether in the sun or under the lights. They should always be showing off those colors as much as possible.
  5. I might, if I have time. I do still have to finish up my NHL series, so I might come back to this when I'm done with that.
  6. It takes a lot to make the Cult of JoePa look sympathetic by comparison, but somehow, you're doing it. Seek help.
  7. It's looking like another nauseating Red Sox/Patriots championship year. Even the Cardinals pulling another World Series out of their ass is more palatable than that. At least the Warriors choked. Can't have everything, I guess.
  8. I actually think the Puddles-inspired uniform is genius and a lot better than the other crap they've worn this season. At least it has actual ties to the program's history and identity.
  9. ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: For the Diamondbacks, I tried to compromise between what I like most about their current uniforms and the purple era. I kept the bright shade of teal and distinctive dark charcoal road jerseys. However, I eliminated red and tan in favor of purple and gold. I also brought back the snake-skin trim from their old alternates and applied it to the pants. Finally, I gave them new wordmarks and a new font that I think looks better. No more ridiculous "D-Backs" abbreviation - the full team name appears on their home jerseys for the first time since the 2000 season. BP/SPECIAL: No Diamondbacks concept would be complete without me paying tribute to my second-favorite baseball uniform of all time - Arizona's TATC. They also receive a Spanish-language alternate.
  10. SAN DIEGO PADRES CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: The Padres' uniforms are inspired by several of their looks from the past, including their inaugural uniforms, their early-'70s uniforms, and their late-'70s uniforms. I gave them a more modernized take on their rounded wordmark from the late '70s and early '80s, and topped it all off with some subtle teal trim. BP: The batting practice jerseys take more direct inspiration from the Padres' late-'70s uniforms.
  11. COLORADO ROCKIES CAPS: The number "5280" on the batting practice caps represents Denver's elevation of 5280 feet above sea level. The Nuggets' current court already references this; I thought it would be cool for the Rockies to do the same. After all, the elevation has played such a big role in the Rockies' on-field product that they actually keep all their game balls in a humidor to keep them from drying out. Why not embrace it? NORMAL UNIFORMS: The Rockies get a complete redesign from the ground up, because - let's be honest - they need it. The "purple mountain majesty" theme takes center-stage here, especially on one of the home alternates, which also draws inspiration from the Denver Bears' infamous "strike zone" uniforms. BP: The batting practice jerseys are also inspired by the Bears' uniforms, but in a more subtle way.
  12. SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: The Giants are another team that doesn't change much. I fixed their road jersey, getting rid of the pointless black piping and giving it a wordmark that actually matches the home jersey. I brought back the 2010-2013 orange alternate as well as the 2001-2002 black road alternate. Finally, I gave them a fauxback to the 1916 New York Giants' infamous plaid uniforms. BP/SPECIAL: The batting practice jerseys are based on a rather eye-catching look from the early '80s. The Giants also get a Chinese-language alternate.
  13. LOS ANGELES DODGERS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: The Dodgers' uniforms don't change too much. The scripts have been tweaked to match their official script wordmark, which I greatly prefer to the fat scripts that appear on their current jerseys. One quirk I used to like about the Dodgers' uniforms is the blue buttons they used to use on the road, so I brought those back. I also gave them two classy Dodger Blue alternates. BP: The Dodgers' batting practice jerseys are inspired by both the aforementioned road jersey and the powder-blue jerseys from the Brooklyn era.
  14. ANAHEIM ANGELS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: First things first: the absurdity of the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" is over. They're just the Anaheim Angels again, as they should be. As for the uniforms themselves, I replaced navy with the unique periwinkle color they used in the Disney era, and gave them shoulder loops based on the design briefly worn by the Los Angeles Angels of the PCL. BP: The batting practice jerseys are inspired by the halo and the wordmarks in general. ============================================= Next up: the series concludes with the NL West.