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  1. Could this be a new primary logo for the Clippers on the blue shirt?
  2. I like the green/blue Twins more than I thought I would, but IMO, the scripts/numbers on the regular home and road should be green with blue outlines instead of the other way around. They'd be easier to read that way. I'd still prefer purple and gold for the Twins over any other color scheme, though.
  3. Hopefully that A's hat is foreshadowing a return to their superior elephant logo.
  4. No, it's really not.
  5. I see no reason why the armhole trim can't loop all the way around the back even with those weird seams. Hopefully that's just an error on the Kings' part.
  6. Looks like there will be a strong Expos contingent in the crowd at Cooperstown for the induction ceremony:
  7. As a brand new franchise in a non-traditional market, Vegas was always going to be the trickiest team to come up with a Winter Classic look for. I eventually settled on a fauxback inspired by the Las Vegas Thunder of the IHL. The Capitals get a slightly simplified version of their 2015 Winter Classic uniform, with a matching white sweater. The Jets get a mix between their inaugural WHA-era uniforms, their original NHL-era uniforms, and their current look. That's it for the Winter Classic looks. I was planning on doing Stadium Series concepts for every team too, but I think I'm going to end the series here for the time being because I'm getting bored of making NHL concepts. I hope everyone enjoyed it!
  8. Hopefully they've fixed the inconsistent striping on their orange jerseys too.
  9. Toronto's Winter Classic gear is inspired by their 1927-30 uniforms. As much as I dislike their new logo, it looks appropriately vintage for a Winter Classic setting, so I used it. Vancouver's Winter Classic set pays homage to their inaugural uniforms from the early '70s.
  10. There's still yellow trim in the Warriors' collar, just slightly less than on the Adidas jerseys.