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  1. No, because that home vest uniform is still the best look they've ever worn. (It would have looked even nicer with gold drop shadows instead of black, though.) The worst uses of black are still the 2000s A's and the 2003-2011 Marlins (I know black was one of their colors, but they still sucked at using it). A dishonorable mention goes to the early-2000s Rangers, who often wore an alternate version of their regular cap with a black brim for no reason other than to sell merchandise. They didn't even bother to make the squatchee match the brim.
  2. That Chinese New Year wordmark is really cool - too bad the uniform design is still a mess.
  3. Kind of reminds me of how Miami wants everyone to refer to them as the HEAT in all-caps.
  4. Speaking of the Cardinals, they need to bring this field design back:
  5. I don't think that's quite as good as this look: A rare exception to my general dislike for big sleeve stripes.
  6. They didn't just bring the old logo back verbatim. They tweaked it substantially: Notice how the S, the B, the Y, and the arrows are all different (and better designed) in the new logo. All in all, the new look is much better than what they've had for the past 14 years. Now if only they'd upgrade their food so it isn't disgusting anymore...
  7. Count me in as another guy who was suckered in by Josh Freeman. It's still inexplicable to me how he fell so far from his first couple seasons. It's like he had the career yips. Similarly, I also bought into David Garrard and Derek Anderson after '07. In my defense, Garrard was very impressive that season in Jacksonville despite injuries, and anyone who can coax a winning season out of the Cleveland :censored:ing Browns like Anderson did deserves respect. I also thought RG3 would be the best quarterback of his draft. Whoops. I actually bought into the Clippers after winning that series against the Spurs. Then Games 5, 6 and 7 against Houston came along and reminded me that we can't have nice things. Speaking of the Clippers, I was thrilled about the Doc Rivers trade. I thought Eric Gordon and Al Thornton would develop into stars for us. Like a lot of fans back then who were wowed by his dunks and his 35-point game in MSG, I thought Mike Taylor was going to be what Eric Bledsoe turned out to be. I was excited about the Baron Davis signing and the Andre Miller trade. I always thought next year was going to be the year that Mo Taylor got it together and lived up to his potential, for real this time. I thought the Astros were going to win it all in 2004 (after they got Beltran) and 2005. I thought 2000 and 2006 were going to be the Mets' year for sure. I picked the Mariners in '01, the Rockies in '07, and the Rays in '08.
  8. Very disappointing. It's clear that the Rams are going to pull a Chargers/Padres and actively avoid the color scheme and uniforms that the fans want. I'll never understand why pro sports teams, who presumably like money, do things like that.
  9. Let's be real - Ballmer's not going to move from being a tenant in one arena to being a tenant in another one. He's also not leaving LA for Anaheim - even Sterling wasn't dumb enough to make that move.
  10. Nothing with that awful stretchy fabric and tire-tread pattern all over it can ever be described as "clean." I thought Adidas was done with that crap... guess I thought wrong.
  11. In all honesty, I think you've made their identity a bigger mess than it already was. The home and road scripts still don't match, and now you've added an extra trim color on the roads that doesn't match the one on the homes. It's less cohesive, not more.
  12. MLB: A's, Mets NHL: Blues NFL: Ravens, Packers NBA: Spurs, Bucks
  13. Serious contender for greatest song title of all time.
  14. I actually liked the white outline. I also liked the blue buttons that they used to use on the road: