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  1. Arkansas' regular uniforms are a modernized update of their national championship set, with the side stripes now appearing on both sides of the uniform. The Razorbacks also get a throwback to the uniforms worn by the great Sidney Moncrief. Michigan State gets an updated version of their late-'90s wordmark and side striping based on their current shorts. They also get a remixed throwback: the uniform that Magic wore and the script that Scott Skiles wore are blended together to create a fresh take on an old classic.
  2. At some point, they ditched the awkward side panels on the jersey from that last road uniform you posted: I still think that's the best that the Bulls have ever looked on the road. As for the script "Chicago," it looks like that had its own share of inconsistencies. Weirdly, the version that the NBA uses for its "Hardwood Classics" line doesn't seem to match any script that the Bulls ever actually wore: In a vacuum, it's a pretty nice brush script, but it's like they didn't even try for historical accuracy. (On a side note, I remember seeing a "Bulls" version of this script in an Adidas catalog a few years ago - I'll see if I can find a picture of it.)
  3. Florida gets a set that's based on their iconic football uniforms. I've done several basketball-inspired concepts for Florida's football team over the years (some I haven't posted on here), so I might as well try the same thing in reverse. For South Carolina, I liked their first Under Armour set, so I took those and tweaked the trim and side panels a bit.
  4. Notre Dame gets an appropriately classy look with an Uncial font and a Gaelic knot pattern running down the side panels. I like Villanova's late-'90s uniforms with maroon trim worked in here and there. I also like their current uniforms. So I tried to blend them together, and here's the result.
  5. Baylor gets a simple look with a nod to the bear claws on their football jerseys. They also return to their actual school colors - no more neon! West Virginia returns to their Marcus Goree-era uniforms, since I think it was the best they ever looked. Duke's current uniforms are okay, but extremely bland. There's no collar or armhole trim and the thinly-outlined side panels are barely visible from far away. To freshen up their look, I gave them a custom wordmark/number font to match their logo (which would ideally be standardized across their whole athletic department) and brought back the side panels that players like Chris Carrawell, Elton Brand and Shane Battier wore. I also gave them a throwback to Coach K's very first team at Duke.
  6. For Rhode Island, I based my concept on their two-tone logo as well as the uniforms that Ram legends like Tom Garrick, Carlton "Silk" Owens, Cat Mobley and Lamar Odom wore.
  7. That's assuming Ohio even keeps the UCLA stripes. Last time they were with Adidas, they didn't have them.
  8. For Creighton, I spiced up their bland look with some blue Irish Rainbow-esque striping and a much-needed powder blue alternate. Clemson gets a simple, clean and classy look based on the iconic striping from their football helmets. Clemson basketball may not play like the national champs, but they can at least dress like them! I like Syracuse's current uniforms for the most part, so I didn't want to change them too much. The biggest change here is the long-awaited return of the Syracuse script font. I know Syracuse loves to use their custom block font everywhere (except for football, strangely), but let's be real - you can't beat that script. The second-biggest change is the elimination of navy as a secondary color. Syracuse basketball has been trending towards being an orange-and-white-only team for a while now, and it's a change I support. It looks good, and now that they're in the ACC, dumping the navy separates them from Virginia and (to a degree) Clemson. Given that the only navy remaining on their current uniforms are the thin outlines on the numbers and shorts logos, most fans probably wouldn't even realize it was gone. I also added some contrasting trim to the jerseys so they wouldn't look so plain, and threw in a throwback to the days of Billy Owens and Derrick Coleman as an alternate.
  9. March Madness has got me back in a concept-making mood, so here's a few college hoops concepts. I will probably follow these up with at least a few more teams in the near future. For Auburn, I decided to use a modernized take on their traditional Northwestern stripes as side panels and bring back their custom font. For Butler, I took their mid-'90s uniforms and modernized them a bit. Ideally, Butler would wear navy on the road most of the time, but since black road uniforms seem to be a Butler tradition, I gave them that option as well. For Nebraska, I based my concept off the uniforms that the Polish Rifle wore, albeit with their distinctive classic script instead of plain block wordmarks and all the silver trim taken out. I also added side striping based on the pants stripes from these football uniforms, which I thought were pretty clever.
  10. Forget the '90s, the Oilers could start wearing those uniforms right now and they would be a massive upgrade over their current set. Well done.
  11. Too bad the Chihuahuas aren't a Diamondbacks affiliate. If they were, they could have brought these back too:
  12. Another day, another prototype. From the looks of things, the yoke on the road sweaters from the Coyotes' last set was added late in the process.
  13. Yet another Edge prototype has emerged on eBay - this time, a Red Wings proto sans hem stripe: