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  1. For :censored:'s sake, does everything on the Internet have to be politicized nowadays? I know it's always happened to some degree, but it's gotten insufferable over the last four years. This is a football thread - whether you like or dislike the current president has nothing to do with the playoffs at all.
  2. It was game set match when their defensive coordinator came out in soft zone all game despite all the years of evidence that it doesn't work against Brady.
  3. I'm already groaning at the "Brady vs. Goodell" crap, like we're supposed to believe that Goodell's angry that a top-ten media market with the league's most marketable player is headed back to the Super Bowl. Vince McMahon called, he wants his storylines back.
  4. The most sickening part is, the Pats have $67 million in cap space after this season. They're going to roll the Falcons and then go buy themselves a repeat in the offseason. Thirty years from now, when someone writes the book about the death of the NFL, the Patriots will need several chapters devoted just to them.
  5. I'll just say it now: congrats on the championship, Pats fans. This league gets less likeable by the year.
  6. I don't get it - Brady hasn't lost yet.
  7. The Chargers just changed their profile picture across social media yet again. Their brand is a total disaster!
  8. Not happening as long as the Spanos family owns the team.
  9. Expansion will absolutely happen again. At some point, the league's desire for the new revenue streams they believe they'll get from other countries will override all logic to the contrary. Even with a San Diego expansion team, any owner with a brain would aggressively market it in Tijuana, thereby giving the NFL a foreign revenue stream.
  10. They can put a team in San Diego, a team in one of those foreign cities (most likely Mexico City) and still be able to use the other one as the city that every owner points to when they want a new stadium. I don't disagree that the NFL is more focused on foreign markets now, but the LA Chargers have become a historic PR disaster. It would behoove them to change their plans in order to make things right.
  11. If the NFL really feels that strongly about what Dean did, then they should put an expansion team in San Diego. Put a reasonable owner in charge and watch how quickly a stadium gets built in Mission Valley.
  12. It's funny you mention that, as I've always thought that the Clippers would be wise to brand themselves as the blue-collar team of LA - the opposite of the glamorous, star-studded and flashy Lakers. It would have been pitch-perfect branding back in '06, when we had a scrappy team with Sam Cassell's veteran savvy, Elton Brand's dominance down low, and Quinton Ross' defense. Certainly beats empty slogans like "It Takes Everything," "Together We Will," "Pure Basketball" or "Love the Game."
  13. The Wizards were playing in the early game against the Knicks.
  14. I disagree that the NBA is the worst when it comes to national TV schedules. Just last night, the Wizards and Timberwolves were on TNT. The Bucks have been on TNT and ESPN. So have the Jazz and the Kings. Even the Sixers have had multiple national games. The networks do have a love affair with the Knicks, Lakers and Bulls no matter how badly they suck, but they're good about giving as many teams their time in the spotlight as possible. The MLB is easily the worst. I feel like ESPN only ever shows games that feature at least one of the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals and/or Cubs.
  15. But they weren't making fans. They were hiring "fans."