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  1. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    PAC-12 South USC USC's classic look gets only a few tweaks. The most major change is with the helmets - I don't like the cartoonish trojan logo they currently use and I'm certainly not a fan of their grey facemasks, so I changed both. The road jerseys get gold outlines on the numbers, and USC also gets an alternate gold-over-cardinal combo for special occasions. Finally, the pants stripes are slightly adjusted to match their basketball team's uniforms. Arizona State Not much changes to their current look other than the addition of pants stripes to match the sleeve stripes. Arizona I may be alone in thinking this, but Arizona's current uniforms are not bad at all. However, I do think they're a couple tweaks away from perfection. I added outlines to the numbers and NOBs for the sake of readability, reintegrated white into the striping pattern, and added matching stripes to the helmets and pants. I also extended the stripes further out on the front, which serves as a subtle nod to the Arizona state flag. UCLA Not much changes with the Bruins' classic look. The UCLA font makes its long-awaited return, and the grey facemasks are replaced with blue ones. I also gave them a BFBS "LA Nights" alternate for special occasions that - unlike the crap Adidas would have them wear - does not stray too far from tradition. Utah For the Utes, I tried to mix their new "Utah stripe" with their old mountain-pattern identity. I also made the striping more consistent across all parts of the uniforms. Colorado I tried a bunch of horn-themed designs but couldn't really come up with something I liked. So I decided to just give the Buffs a modern-classic striping pattern that emphasizes their true school colors - silver and gold - as much as possible without being illegible. I also ditched the italics on their font.
  2. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    SEC East Georgia Georgia's look is based on their old basketball uniforms, which I greatly prefer to their current "Bulldog Bold" identity. Georgia happens to be a school that can pull off the Oregon-style mix-and-match approach while still being traditional - throughout their history, they've already worn silver and black helmets, black jerseys, and red and black pants. I worked all of those elements in together while also giving them some striping consistency. Florida The only change for Florida is consistent striping on the white helmets and orange jerseys. South Carolina The Gamecocks get a new look based around the striping from their 1983-88 helmets. Admittedly, this is a busy striping design, but it's a unique one that they can own - unlike their current two-tone stripes that are reminiscent of Ole Miss' pants. Kentucky UK's current uniforms are pretty good, but I wanted to bring them closer to their basketball uniforms. Missouri I'm not a huge fan of Mizzou's current identity. I think they had the right idea with the two-tone sleeve trim from their previous uniforms, but the piping and panels ruined it. I decided to focus on that element and base the uniform around it. Instead of using their current awkward custom font, I brought back one of their old wordmarks and used a number font that would match it. Tennessee Not much changes for the Vols. I decided to go with orange facemasks on the helmets because I liked the way it looked. I also gave them a brand new road alternate inspired by the road uniforms of the Condredge Holloway era. Instead of black outlines on the numbers, I decided to work in some of the powder blue typically used by the Lady Vols. Vanderbilt Vanderbilt gets a striping design based on the Commodore naval insignia.
  3. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    PAC-12 North Stanford Stanford's current look is very boring and - aside from their helmet - derivative of Alabama and Oklahoma. I decided to work green back into their identity and give it a more prominent role in the color scheme. The pants stripes are based on their basketball team's PK80 uniforms. Washington I couldn't decide what to do for Washington, so I just gave them a simple, clean, no-nonsense look that allows their great color scheme to shine. Washington State Washington State's current uniforms are dreadfully boring and don't even use their color scheme correctly. I decided to give them a new look based on their basketball team's new uniforms - though I further tweaked the design by trying to reduce the amount of white as much as possible in favor of silver. Oregon The Ducks get a new look based on the contours of their famous "O" logo. Although their mix-and-match schtick remains intact, I've pared it down to just their school colors, which always look amazing. No black, no anthracite, no volt, no silver... just green and gold, as it should be. Cal First and foremost, Cal's teams are known as the Golden Bears. I have no idea why the focus of their athletic identity has always been on various shades of blue, but I've rectified that as much as possible. No mix-and-match here as far as the regular uniforms are concerned - the white pants would always be worn with the gold jerseys, and the gold pants would always be worn with the white jerseys. The regular home and road are based on their Jahvid Best-era look, which was my favorite set of uniforms they've worn. I also gave them a Joe Roth-era inspired fauxback with the Sather Stripe integrated into the striping pattern. Oregon State The Beavers get a simple striping pattern based on the custom tartan that Nike designed for them. As it turns out, both Chapeeko and mattwillcox have used a similar idea for Oregon State in their concepts, but I've done it a little differently here.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    They could easily fit the word "RANGERS" there in a more condensed font.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The current identity is "me too" as well - it's blatantly derivative of the Spurs and (color scheme aside) the Celtics. It also debuted at a time when the aesthetic fad of the moment was adopting very safe, conservative, "classic" looks. The Cavs, Jazz, Wizards and Knicks all switched to retro-inspired uniforms at around the same time the Nets did.
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Actually, the worst part is that this hand gesture is far more associated with Miami than it is with Utah. Yes, I realize the Utes' version is slightly different - the casual college football fan still isn't going to notice the difference, though. I bet most non-Utes fans who watched the game were wondering why Utah's helmets were paying tribute to another school in another conference.
  7. Uniwatch story on the Vikings' original uniform

    Option A looks great. The Vikings should wear that as a fauxback someday. I also never understood the point of the mismatched road jersey. Especially since they looked too similar to LSU, and NFL teams shouldn't be dressing up like college programs. (It's the same issue I had with the Patriots' pre-Elvis uniforms, which typically looked like Ole Miss or Louisiana Tech.)
  8. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    Big 12 Oklahoma Not a whole lot changes for the Sooners, who have a classic look. I used their new font and updated the OU monogram to match. The pants stripes are slightly tweaked to match the basketball team's uniforms, and the crimson "Bring the Wood" alternate returns in a more toned-down form. TCU TCU gets some slight tweaks. A red "blood stripe," inspired by the blood that horned frogs shoot from their eyes to defend themselves from predators, appears as a motif throughout the uniform set. The frog skin pattern is relegated to the helmets, sleeves and pants. The helmet features one of the unused logos from TCU's abandoned rebrand, as I prefer it to their current frog logo. Additionally, the arched TCU wordmark has been brought in line with the rest of the school's athletic identity. Not much changes for Texas. Their iconic sleeve stripes move down to the cuffs in order to accomodate TV numbers on the sleeves, like they used to have until recently. The fonts are also tweaked in order to match the rest of their sports teams' uniforms. The Longhorns also get a throwback helmet for special occasions. Iowa State The Cyclones get a new look inspired by their basketball team's uniforms. The cyclone-bird logo returns to the helmets. Oklahoma State The Pokes' current uniforms are pretty nice, so I only made minor tweaks. The "COWBOYS" wordmark moves from the pants back to their traditional spot on the front of the jerseys. I also updated their oSu monogram to match their new font, since the current one is now outdated and clashes with the rest of the identity. West Virginia Weirdly, I actually like the addition of black to WVU's identity. However, I really dislike their current uniforms. I gave the Mountaineers a new, simplified look with a legible number font that actually pairs well with their iconic "WV" logo. The oddly-shaped side panels are finally removed from the jerseys. Kansas State The only changes I've made to K-State's classic look is making the font match the rest of their athletic identity and giving them purple pants again as an alternate option on the road. Texas Tech is another program with nice uniforms that I didn't want to change too drastically. However, for a program known as the Red Raiders, they wear black uniforms far too often. I eliminated the black helmets, jerseys and pants from their uniform set entirely, and gave them a throwback to their 1930 uniforms. Baylor Another school where only minor tweaks were necessary (IMO). The bear-paw design is shifted downwards on the sleeves, the pants stripes change to a more traditional look, and the "BU" monogram has been changed to reflect their custom font. Kansas This set is inspired by my favorite Kansas basketball uniform set of all time.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I disagree. The pants stripes were clearly not designed to be worn with the same color jersey. When the white pants were worn with the purple jerseys and vice versa, the side panels from the jerseys seamlessly transitioned into the pants stripes. When worn monochrome, the stripes effectively had a random cutout in the middle.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I still maintain that they were good when worn properly (i.e. not monochrome).
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    That Reds cap logo would be perfect in an alternate universe where the Wishbone C, the Tigers and the White Sox don't exist. It's not awful, just off-brand for the team.
  12. NBA Changes 2017-18

    "Cringe" is the first word that comes to mind for that Lakers uniform. I genuinely don't understand the continued fixation with Kobe over Kareem, or Wilt, or Magic, or Shaq. The media hype over Lonzo playing Black Mamba Dress-Up is already nauseating and it hasn't even started yet. I also don't get the space pattern on the Magic uniform. I know the Kennedy Space Center is just an hour away from Orlando, but nothing about the Magic's identity is space-themed. That pattern would make a lot more sense for the Rockets. I do like the Bulls', Wizards' and Pelicans' alternates, though.
  13. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    ACC Coastal Miami IMO, Miami is one of those schools that looks better in modern uniforms than classic ones. With that said, others feel differently. I thought Adidas had the right idea with their first uniform set for Miami in blending their classic look with modern elements, but the execution was poor. I took the general idea of the striping design there and toned it down so it's not as overbearing. I also finally made their striping consistent throughout the whole uniform, and I brought back their custom font. Georgia Tech The Jackets get a simple, classic look. Having two slightly different white jerseys seems to be their thing, so I rolled with it. I also gave them a gold alternate jersey because it looked nice. A sublimated honeycomb pattern in the stripes gives a slight nod to modernity. Virginia UVA's current uniforms are a boring, mismatched mess. I decided to give them a brand new look based on their current basketball uniforms. Virginia Tech Like UVA, VT also gets a basketball-inspired set. Their basketball program uses an interesting striping design, so I decided to apply it to the jerseys and pants here. I also decided to bring back their old quirk of contrasting TV numbers on the sleeves, because it was a distinctive element and uniquely VT. Pitt Royal blue and gold make their official comeback for Pitt, as this appears to be the direction their brand is headed in. Simple Northwestern stripes appear on the helmets, jersey collars and pants. Instead of their current custom font, which is kind of clunky, I elected to go with a rounded number font that pairs well with the Pitt Script. Duke Basing a Duke football concept on their basketball uniforms is admittedly clich├ęd at this point, but there's a reason everybody does it. Here's my take on the idea. North Carolina I really like UNC's current football uniforms, but I wanted to bring them more closely in line with their basketball uniforms, so here's my attempt to accomplish that.
  14. Lights Out's NCAA Football: PAC-12

    ACC Atlantic Clemson I decided to keep it relatively simple for Clemson, focusing on their nice color scheme and traditional stripes. The biggest changes are the use of their custom font, purple helmets to go with the purple jerseys and pants, and a Howard's Rock-themed alternate. NC State NC State has had a very boring uniform history. Their one uniform set in recent memory with any character to it was a blatant ripoff of the Atlanta Falcons. I decided to remove black from their regular home and away gear to differentiate them from Louisville and place their "wolf pack" alternate logo on the sleeves. I also decided to keep their "Black Howl" alternates, but tone them down considerably so they don't look like clownsuits anymore. Wake Forest I like Wake's current uniforms, but I figured the striping could be simplified a bit. I also switched to a number/NOB font that matches their logo. Boston College I reintroduced black trim to BC's uniforms in an effort to differentiate them from Florida State. I also ditched the contrasting sleeves, brought back normal pants stripes and made the striping more consistent across the uniform. I didn't think their current look needed any huge changes, just minor tweaks. Louisville I actually like the wing stripes on their current uniforms - it's the rare modern Adidas element done right. I added matching stripes to the helmets and pants, and that's about it. Florida State I like Florida State's uniforms a lot, so I didn't want to change much. I brought back white numbers on the garnet jerseys to differentiate them from BC and also because I just like the way it looks. I also replaced their BFBS alternates with a gold jersey, which would only ever be worn with the alternate garnet helmet and pants pictured here. Syracuse Syracuse's current football uniforms are a disaster, to say the least. Instead of trying to fix them, I elected to give them new uniforms that match their basketball uniforms. This will be a recurring theme for more of my concepts as we move into the Coastal Division.
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    That helmet is definitely green.
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I actually like how the black numbers look on the teal jerseys. It further separates them from the Dolphins, too.
  17. NBA Changes 2017-18

    It's funny that they wore those against Philly, because they look like these:
  18. German Football Concepts: Gelsenkirchen Devils

    The Blackhawks are pretty good, but the hawk in the logo is way more yellow than black... doesn't seem to work with the team name. The Devils look fantastic. That striping design is brilliant.
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars Concept - Teal Pants!

    Looking at all the options here, I've come to the conclusion that teal pants would only look good with the black jerseys. There, they balance out the color distribution along with the teal sleeves on the jerseys. With the other two jerseys, the teal pants only serve to make that helmet stick out like a sore thumb. And anything that calls attention to that dumpster fire of a helmet is far from optimal.
  20. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Congrats on your work actually being worn by a major college program! I didn't like the helmet very much, but still a cool accomplishment.
  21. Other than those God-awful helmets, the Jags look great today.
  22. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Not a fan. It looks cheap and clashes with the rest of the uniform.
  23. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    Canada doesn't need any other color on their sweaters. They just need this design back:
  24. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    My guess, based on the rest of the uniform combo, is that the helmets will be white with orange decals instead of the usual blue decals.
  25. It's a nice combo. I've long said that the only times the Titans' uniforms look halfway decent are when the pants match the shoulder yoke. Even then, the uniforms suffer from inconsistent striping between the helmet and pants, the "yoga pants" look when they wear navy pants with the same navy socks, and red being completely absent outside of the logos. Still, though, their set looks nicer and more visually balanced this way: As far as I can tell, before this week, the only time they had ever worn navy jerseys with powder blue pants was against the Falcons a decade ago.