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  1. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Dwight already did it better ten years ago: Gotta say, I was pretty disappointed by the dunk contest. Way too many tribute dunks in old players' jerseys. The only dunk that impressed me was Dennis Smith's 360-through-the-legs dunk, and he didn't even make the finals.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    As foreshadowed by the promo photos, Lou Williams debuted the Clippers' San Diego fauxbacks in the Skills Challenge! They look great on the court.
  3. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Kansas is wearing 2008 throwbacks against West Virginia today, and those uniforms still look fantastic (other than the jersey collars, which Adidas has made even worse with their typical gimmicks).
  4. Interesting Field Designs


    The NBA really seems to love recycling its All-Star Game logos. In addition to that, the '90s Rockets logo definitely ripped off the 1992 All-Star Game logo: The '90s Jazz logo was clearly based on the 1993 All-Star Game logo: The Sixers later adopted this alternate All-Star logo for use on merchandise:
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I've done a concept like that in the past.
  7. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    The new-look Clippers had a great win against the Celtics last night. Believe it or not, DJ had the first 30-point game by a Clippers center since Olowokandi in 2002.
  8. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    I actually like the bright aqua they use now better. I hope the tweak is just featuring orange more prominently. The '70s throwback look is way overrated.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Unpopular opinion: the old North Stars numbers with the gigantic drop shadows looked minor-league too. Another unpopular opinion: I actually like that old Wild number font. It pairs well with their primary logo and their wordmark.
  10. NHL 2017-18

    The "performance armpits" weren't nearly as noticeable on the ice as they are on that template. Besides, that's more CCM's fault than the team's fault. I suppose they could have come up with a better shoulder patch, but besides that, the overall design is sound and it makes good use of the full color scheme. And at least they had a consistent identity back then.
  11. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    The Kings dumped him because he couldn't get along with Cousins. The Suns dumped him because he couldn't get along with Dragic. Playing under Brad Stevens is the only time Isaiah actually wasn't a cancer, it seems.
  12. 2018 NFL Offseason

    It's not just the Colts that McDaniels screwed over, it's these guys, too. For all we know, maybe they didn't want to work for the Colts unless McDaniels was there, but they signed their contracts before he noped out. Just poor character, showing he hasn't changed at all since his Denver days. If the Colts hire someone like Toub, they might be better off in the long run.
  13. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Backing out of a job at the last minute when the team he committed to had already hired some of his assistants and announced his introductory press conference would be tough for other teams to overlook. Especially with how terrible he was in Denver.
  14. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Wow. This is one hell of a gamble by McDaniels. He's basically cost himself any future interviews for any other team's head coaching job, all so he can be the guy who followed Belichick/Brady.
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Cool idea and all... but couldn't they have drawn inspiration from uniforms that both teams actually wore in Los Angeles? Plus, the only thing the World uniforms really have in common with that Braves set is the color scheme.
  16. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    No way. LeBron's 2016 Finals alone is more impressive than Brady's entire career.
  17. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Collinsworth was awful. His shameless New England homerism all game was reminiscent of Tommy Heinsohn calling Celtics games. He actually did the impossible and made me wish I was listening to Joe Buck instead. Meanwhile, someone needs to tell Al Michaels that Jay Ajayi's last name is not pronounced "AH JAH *long pause* EEE." That was getting on my nerves all game.
  18. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Belichick has had stacked teams too. The early 2000s Patriots had some of the most stacked rosters ever and even the 2014 Patriots were loaded. Gibbs won rings despite never really having stability at the most important position in football. And two of the three QBs he won with were nothing special. He also won with three different starting running backs, BTW. Additionally, Gibbs changed the game of football by inventing modern tight end sets and the Trips formation. Most impressively, Gibbs came back in his 60s and dragged the Snyder Redskins to multiple playoff appearances. Finally, his legacy isn't tainted by a Spygate or a Deflategate.
  19. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    The SEC. And to a slightly lesser extent, the B1G.
  20. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    My opinion hasn't changed, personally. Montana is still the GOAT QB and Gibbs is still the GOAT coach.
  21. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    This is a real tweet, folks.
  22. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    And one cheating scandal away from being winless in the rest of them.
  23. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    And with that, this season has officially been redeemed. Never been happier to be wrong. Congrats, Eagles!
  24. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    The catch rule is just awful. Congratulations, NFL, you've ruined one of the most basic parts of your sport.
  25. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Another awful playcall on 3rd and short. Thankfully, Ertz made up for it on 4th down!