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  1. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Not surprising. There's been legal battles surrounding the arena pretty much since it was announced. That being said, this was also the case with the Rams' stadium in Inglewood and that is under construction now. Judging from the article, this particular lawsuit seems to be about the city of Inglewood shirking their obligation to build affordable housing rather than anything the Clippers are doing.
  2. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    I'd agree with you if the taxpayers were being asked to foot the bill, but the Clippers' new arena is going to be entirely privately funded. It's also a good financial decision for the Clippers to get their own arena where they're the primary tenants instead of the current arrangement at Staples, where they're an afterthought when it comes to scheduling and get a smaller share of revenue than the Lakers and Kings.
  3. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Thankfully, Ballmer isn't dumb enough to downgrade the team he paid $2 billion for from the #2 market to the #12 market. Hence why he's building an arena in Inglewood instead.
  4. Lights Out

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    They also made Tulane's basketball uniforms at around the same time.
  5. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Laker fans have had no problems being mean to Clippers fans throughout our franchise's whole :censored:ty history, so screw 'em.
  6. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    In fairness, the Venn diagram of both groups would almost be one circle.
  7. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Nothing, sadly - which means we're in the same boat as all other teams in the league. I never said we would be better than the Warriors, anyway.
  8. Lights Out

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Jerry West is going to pull off something crazy this offseason, isn't he?
  9. Lights Out

    NHL 2017-18

    The Stick in Rink, much like the Ball in Glove, looks like a generic team logo from a video game that couldn't get the official license to use the real teams.
  10. Lights Out

    2018 NBA Post Season

    The "imagining" is based on facts. LeBron has already had a better career than Durant... fact. LeBron still gets criticized a lot more than Durant... fact. So based on these facts, guess what one can reasonably project would happen if he had the same career as Durant?
  11. Lights Out

    2018 NBA Post Season

    And fans are equally entitled to think less of a star player for joining the 73-win team that they had just choked against.
  12. Lights Out

    2018 NBA Post Season

    LeBron is by far the most criticized and scrutinized player in the NBA right now and it's not even close. Probably in all major sports, actually. It's not the stretch that you'd like to think it is to imagine that he'd get far more criticism if he was in Durant's shoes.
  13. Lights Out

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Not only that, they had Al Horford ready to sign there if Durant decided to stay. The Thunder were going to be better than the team that was up 3-1 on the Warriors, and it still wasn't easy enough for Durant's liking.
  14. Lights Out

    2018 NBA Post Season

    It's not fanfiction, it's Durant's actual career in OKC.