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  1. He wore 90 on most of the teams he played for: When he was on the Grizzlies, Magic, Clippers and Bucks, he wore 0, the number he wore in college. At some point, he also wore 9 with the Magic.
  2. The fact that even after this, we all know nothing is going to happen to Penn State because of the conference they play in is a disgrace. College sports is broken from the top down, yet the only example of it that anyone ever wants to talk about is paying the players. There are other issues besides that, but the NCAA would prefer that the conversation remains focused only on paying players and not on the unequal treatment of FBS schools and the unequal enforcement of the NCAA's rules.
  3. The S has always looked fine to me. It's a bit wonky, but it has character and doesn't clash with the rest of the font. The letter that's bothering me now is actually the E in DETROIT. If you look closely, you can see that the crossbar is slightly thicker than the top and bottom bars. It just looks sloppy.
  4. I actually don't mind the pants stripe at all. It reminds me of their basketball shorts from the Keith Van Horn era, which is what I assume they were going for. My only complaint is that the stripe on the white helmet doesn't match the white jersey or pants.
  5. Can't say I agree that our D-League team's logo is any better than the parent club's. I can't tell what that multicolored blotch is supposed to be. Is it a wave? If so, it's a :censored:ty ripoff of the Santa Cruz Warriors' alternate logo:
  6. Golden State Valkyries Los Angeles Schooners Los Angeles Okapis Brooklyn Knights Miami Blaze Memphis Sounds
  7. The Mariners are a slight downgrade, as the wordmarks just look boring without the compass rose. But the rest of this batch looks nice.
  8. That Astros concept is a big improvement over their current bland set.
  9. A few that haven't been mentioned: 1967 Rams and 1967 Colts: Both teams - one led by the Fearsome Foursome, the other by the great Johnny U - tied for the best record in the NFL at 11-1-2. Neither of them managed to make it to the Super Bowl. In fact, the Colts didn't even make the playoffs! Both teams were in the same division, and the Colts got edged out by the Rams on tiebreakers. Only the division champions made the playoffs back then. 1970 Vikings: Despite having the best record in football (12-2), coming off a Super Bowl appearance the previous year, and leading the league in fewest yards and points allowed for the second straight year, they went one-and-done in the playoffs against the NFC West champion Niners. 1986 Bears: The '86 Bears' defense may have been even better than their vaunted '85 defense. They allowed only 187 points all season: fewer than they did in '85, and the fewest points surrendered in any full season in the 1980s. Unfortunately for them, they unraveled in the divisional round against Washington after two fourth-quarter fumbles. 1988 Bills: Though they were tied for the best record in football (12-4), their dominant "Blizzard Defense" was no match for the Bengals' loaded offense in the AFC title game. 1993 Oilers: Stacked on offense and defense, the Oilers seemed to have put their infamous 32-point choke from the previous year behind them with an 11-game win streak heading into the playoffs. Ultimately, they couldn't get it done against Montana's Chiefs, blowing another lead and giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter. 1995 Chiefs: Another loaded AFC team that couldn't get it done in the playoffs. At least the Chiefs had the excuse that Marty Schottenheimer, the consummate playoff loser, was their coach. 1998 Jets: The '98 Vikings are often mentioned as an ultimate example of teams that came up short, and rightfully so. But the '98 Jets deserve a mention as well. They were just a good, balanced team on both offense and defense. They were the second team in NFL history to win seven regular-season games against eventual playoff teams. They just flat-out choked against Denver in the second half and that was that. 2002 Packers and 2002 Eagles: Much like in 1967, two teams in the same conference tied for the best record in football and ended up watching the Super Bowl from home. For the Packers, Favre was incredible as usual, Ahman Green had another Pro Bowl year, and Donald Driver emerged as a star. Come playoff time, they had the misfortune of running into Mike Vick at his absolute peak. The 2002 Eagles had a loaded offense, but the Bucs' defense proved too strong in the NFC title game. 2006 Ravens: The 2006 Ravens defense is still the closest Baltimore has come to replicating that 2000 unit. They were the league's top-rated defense and sent six players to the Pro Bowl. It's tough to blame them for the offense only managing to put up six points against the Colts. 2007 Packers: Led by a revitalized season from Favre and a great pass rush with Aaron Kampman, Corey Williams and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, the Packers just couldn't overcome one bad throw at the worst possible time.
  10. The Clippers are finally getting their own D-League team for next season (with a ridiculous name to boot), so I decided to mock up what they could realistically look like: This is not necessarily how I want them to look, just what I think they will look like. And before anyone asks: no, Ballmer is not putting the Clippers' affiliate in Canada. It's going to be located in Ontario, California, 35 miles east of downtown LA.
  11. To me, not having the silver makes the logo look unfinished on a white or light background, like they forgot to color half of it in.
  12. I think they got it right the first time, way back in the early '80s when they launched as CNN2: "Headline News" has always been a clunky and generic name.
  13. This isn't a bad update, but it would have looked better with silver instead of white:
  14. A laker is a type of cargo ship with a distinctive shape. I could easily see someone making a logo out of it: For both the Lakers and Clippers, a shipping theme makes perfect sense because LA has a significant maritime industry.
  15. The NBA and its affiliates have been rife with this annoying trend for decades.