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  1. I for one am looking forward to a new era for the Clippers. The Big Three was never going anywhere in the playoffs and we needed a change. Hopefully a coaching change is next - Doc has got to go.
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't think the new number font is bad at all? It's definitely a lot better than the WVU number font it's being compared to.
  3. I know Nike has always been the boogeyman on here, especially when it comes to football uniforms, but this isn't even remotely true. If anything, their uniforms have been getting plainer and more conservative by the year. If any manufacturer can come up with some unholy monstrosity to rival the BYU bibs, my money is on either Adidas or Russell.
  4. Here's the first two Winter Classic concepts. I've decided to use the old-school CCM cut for all of them just to accentuate the vintage feel. The Ducks get a modernized version of their old third jerseys, which happen to be my favorite look they've ever worn. Arizona also gets an updated take on an old third jersey as the basis for their Winter Classic gear. For the main crest, I decided to use one of the prototype logos that the Coyotes showed to focus groups while designing their current logo. I felt it was a good intermediary between the "Picasso" coyote and the current one. Not every road sweater will be vintage white, BTW - it was just coincidental that the first two are.
  5. Here's a couple defunct teams: For the Thrashers, I decided to use their original proposed color scheme instead of their actual color scheme. The home and road have a striping design based on their alternate logo, while the infamous asymmetrical sweater returns as a third jersey with a different color scheme. For the Whalers, I blended the design of their final uniform set with the emphasis on green that they had for most of their history. The alternate is a fauxback based on their mid-'70s road sweater.
  6. Here's a couple redone concepts for the Flames and Kings:
  7. Also, the throwback they're actually wearing isn't even accurate. On the road jerseys worn during that era, the "HOUSTON" text was thinner and more condensed, positioned a bit lower and overlapped the star.
  8. I wish they'd throw back to the superior version instead.
  9. I didn't even realize the sleeve stripes were a different width on the road until you mentioned it. Yikes. Well, now I'll never unsee that.
  10. Those weren't as good as the pre-Edge set, which in turn wasn't as good as the 1980s set. Getting rid of the hem stripes, double outlines on the yokes, and purple alternate were big mistakes on Reebok's part. Still, they're a damn sight better than the garbage that the Kings are wearing now.
  11. This is quite the reach. The old-school Kings sweaters you're comparing the current look to have more in common with the Flyers than the current look. Notice how the yokes on those sweaters curve at the ends, are filled in with color and aren't interrupted by sleeve stripes. They also have thick outlines, not thin piping. They don't resemble the current Kings look at all. Piping is fine if it's actually useful to a design. It's completely useless on the Kings' sweaters, though. It adds nothing and most people probably wouldn't even notice if it were gone. Add in the gratuitous contrasting armpits, and it's obvious that the Kings were hopping on Reebok's fads while pretending to go "back to their roots." It's a compromise that just looks like a jumbled mess.
  12. The current Kings look features piping and contrasting armpit blotches - two widely-hated hallmarks of the Edge era. Just because it wasn't their original Edge look doesn't mean it isn't Edge-by-numbers regardless. If anything, it has more Reebok clich├ęs than the first Edge look, so they didn't "fix" anything at all.
  13. The Avs look great. Maybe the stripe outlines on the road jersey should be blue, but they don't look terrible the way they are. I may be a bonafide Adidas hater, but I have to give them credit where credit is due. They did a fantastic job with the Avs. Also, the Avs deserve praise for listening to the fans and finally correcting their decade-long mistake. That's more than can be said for the Capitals, Senators, Flames and Kings, who just tried to retrofit their old Edge templates onto the new Adidas sweaters and called it a day - without even bothering to make minor tweaks like matching the hem stripes (Kings) or ditching the side panels and flags (Flames).
  14. We've come to the last two teams! For their new home and road, the Blue Jackets get a striping design based on their unused logo. I also worked in some neon green and periwinkle to further set them apart from all the other navy/red teams in sports. The third pays homage to the Cleveland Barons. The presidential seal color scheme makes its return for the Capitals. The Caps get a classic uniform with a tasteful striping design based on the flag of Washington DC. The main crest is a greatly toned down version of the logo from their old third jersey, and the Weagle remains on the shoulders. Next up, I plan to tweak some of my previous concepts I'm unhappy with, then maybe do some defunct teams and some Winter Classic/Stadium Series ideas.
  15. I honestly don't think it's anywhere near as bad as people made it out to be. The problem is that there were better concepts that the team and/or designer(s) passed over that probably would have been better received. For instance, the roundels on the very bottom right: