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  1. The Chargers just changed their profile picture across social media yet again. Their brand is a total disaster!
  2. Not happening as long as the Spanos family owns the team.
  3. Expansion will absolutely happen again. At some point, the league's desire for the new revenue streams they believe they'll get from other countries will override all logic to the contrary. Even with a San Diego expansion team, any owner with a brain would aggressively market it in Tijuana, thereby giving the NFL a foreign revenue stream.
  4. They can put a team in San Diego, a team in one of those foreign cities (most likely Mexico City) and still be able to use the other one as the city that every owner points to when they want a new stadium. I don't disagree that the NFL is more focused on foreign markets now, but the LA Chargers have become a historic PR disaster. It would behoove them to change their plans in order to make things right.
  5. If the NFL really feels that strongly about what Dean did, then they should put an expansion team in San Diego. Put a reasonable owner in charge and watch how quickly a stadium gets built in Mission Valley.
  6. It's funny you mention that, as I've always thought that the Clippers would be wise to brand themselves as the blue-collar team of LA - the opposite of the glamorous, star-studded and flashy Lakers. It would have been pitch-perfect branding back in '06, when we had a scrappy team with Sam Cassell's veteran savvy, Elton Brand's dominance down low, and Quinton Ross' defense. Certainly beats empty slogans like "It Takes Everything," "Together We Will," "Pure Basketball" or "Love the Game."
  7. The Wizards were playing in the early game against the Knicks.
  8. I disagree that the NBA is the worst when it comes to national TV schedules. Just last night, the Wizards and Timberwolves were on TNT. The Bucks have been on TNT and ESPN. So have the Jazz and the Kings. Even the Sixers have had multiple national games. The networks do have a love affair with the Knicks, Lakers and Bulls no matter how badly they suck, but they're good about giving as many teams their time in the spotlight as possible. The MLB is easily the worst. I feel like ESPN only ever shows games that feature at least one of the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals and/or Cubs.
  9. But they weren't making fans. They were hiring "fans."
  10. Raines and Brock were similar types of players, but Raines is ahead of Brock in batting average, OBP, OPS, OPS+, slugging, wOBA, wRC+, WAR, number of times on base, stolen base percentage and home runs. In Brock's best season, he had an OBP equivalent to Raines' career OBP. He also was never as efficient on the basepaths as Raines was. I think it's safe to say that Brock was the prototype and Raines was the finished product.
  11. There's a reason I didn't say "all Chargers fans." I know there's a few who are sticking around, but I was only referring to all the former fans who are now done with them.
  12. Raines' production isn't what changed. The media and fans' understanding of his production is what changed. Between Raines' first ballot appearance and his induction, a critical mass of voters finally realized that walks and steals are valuable, even if they don't pop off the stat sheet quite as much as DINGERZZZ and RIBBIES do. Raines and Vlad Guerrero (who inexplicably didn't get in first-ballot this year) are why you don't kick players off after their first time on the ballot.
  13. If a significant number of Chargers fans in LA really did jump ship to the Rams, that's Dean's own fault for deciding that it was more important to waste a year on a sham public vote in San Diego and cover his ass than just move at the same time as the Rams last year. In his typical bumbling stupidity, Deano gave the Rams a year-long head start on building a fanbase in a city where they already had more support to begin with. At the same time, he torched every last bridge he had in San Diego and guaranteed (if it wasn't set in stone already) that he'd lose almost all of the Chargers' pre-existing fanbase. Handing out free jerseys, doing lame pep rallies and moving into a tiny soccer stadium in Carson won't make up for any of that. And by the time both teams move into the new stadium in Inglewood, the Chargers will be so far behind that they'll never catch up to the Rams.
  14. Again, you're missing the point. There isn't a single Chargers fan who cares about how many miles away the team is right now or how long the travel time would be. It's disingenuous to pretend that this is a factor. Chargers fans have sworn off the team for a number of reasons: the stadium-related dog-and-pony show put on by a family that never had any actual interest in staying in San Diego, the team being moved to a rival city, and the team being moved to a city that doesn't even want them due to pure greed. Splitting hairs about how far up the road they're moving is beyond irrelevant to the emotions of the actual spurned fans of the team. Here's the catch, though. They can change the jerseys, but what they can't change is the two words in front of their name that are noxious to any San Diego Chargers fan: "Los Angeles." I get that we like to place a lot of importance on the aesthetics of sports on this board, and for good reason. But I think sometimes we get so caught up in the visual brand of a team that we lose sight of the bigger picture, and this is one of those cases. The Chargers were a San Diego staple for 55 years. San Diegans spent decades cheering for one of the most inept franchises in sports, hoping that something magical would happen and the Chargers would become winners. They were rewarded for it once, in the pre-merger era and the franchise's third season of existence. Since then, it's been nothing but one disaster after another, and between the Chargers and Padres, San Diego has been mired in a longer championship drought than the one Cleveland had. Now, any success that the Chargers have won't be the same. It'll just be more success for a city that's been spoiled by it for decades. If they ever somehow win a Super Bowl (not likely anytime soon under Spanos ownership), it won't count as the long-awaited title for San Diego. The parade will be down Figueroa, not through the streets of downtown SD. And the success will primarily benefit the family of greedy :censored:bags that betrayed San Diego. It's naive to think that something as minor in the grand scheme of things as the color that the team wears on their jerseys is important enough to cancel out all of that baggage. If anything, it will only make things worse after decades of pleas to bring back the powder blues full-time fell on deaf ears. For the record, the radio team won't be the same. Former Chargers player Nick Hardwick was the color guy this year and he refused the offer to follow the team to LA. As for the beat writers, I'm not sure what the Union-Tribune is going to do now that the Chargers have moved. Take it from someone who actually was a Chargers fan until a week ago. The San Diego fans who are sticking with the Chargers even despite the relocation do exist, but they are a tiny minority, and even most of them are only willing to be casual fans at best anymore. The vast majority of Chargers fans - including many out-of-town fans like me - are officially done with this team. And it will take something drastic like an ownership change and maybe even a return to San Diego to win us back. Deano knows it, too, which is why he's done the bare minimum of damage control with his old fanbase and is reluctant to even acknowledge that we exist anymore.
  15. For years, Dean insisted that over 25% of the Chargers' fanbase was from the LA area. He never provided any actual evidence to back it up, but that was a constant refrain in his stadium demands. If there was ever a shred of truth to that claim, why would the Chargers need to give away jerseys to get people to show up? Wouldn't all those LA-based fans he was telling us about have packed the Forum while wearing the jerseys they already owned? Instead, only 200 people showed up to a rally in an 18,000-seat arena. And, of course, we already knew from LA's reaction to getting the Chargers that Dean's statistics were full of crap to begin with. It's obvious that they weren't giving away those jerseys to fans. They were giving those jerseys to the seat fillers they hired to make it look like they have any fans in LA.