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  1. No, the CBA did. There are many reasons for players to avoid the Kings like the plague right now, starting with their inept ownership and front office, but the rules of the league aren't one of them.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Wolves got it right with these:
  3. I would like to see some more offensive balance around the league. With that said, it's not like the current three-point barrage is any more repetitive than when teams used to just spam post-ups or isos all game. And the rise of the three-pointer has also brought spacing and ball movement back to the game.
  4. Recent discussions about the Nets' final New Jersey-era uniform set in the Sports Logos forum inspired me to make a concept fixing what always irked me about it. So, without further ado:
  5. There's only one team named the Kings that can get away with social media snark, and they don't play in Sacramento.
  6. LeBron added a new title contender to the league by going to Miami without taking any of them away. (No matter how many games Cleveland won in the regular season, the "LeBron and scrubs" approach was never going to get it done in the playoffs, so they were more of a pretender than a contender.) It's not like the Celtics, Spurs and Lakers just disappeared overnight as soon as LeBron signed his contract with the Heat. And we even saw new contenders emerge in the Mavs, Bulls and Pacers. LeBron has still kept making the Finals every year and winning many of them regardless because he's the best player on the planet. In contrast, Durant destroyed the Thunder and replaced them with nothing. He joined a team that was already championship-caliber without him. And now there isn't a single team in the West that can even make the Warriors sweat a bit like the Pacers did to LeBron's Heat, let alone beat them. We're now back to the '80s where everybody knew which two teams would be playing in the Finals pretty much every year. And outside of the actual series in June, it's boring as hell for everyone who isn't a fan of one of those teams.
  7. The Thunder were up 3-1 in the WCF last year and the only thing stopping them from going to the Finals was Durant's own chokejob. Let's not pretend that the OKC front office didn't build a damn good team. It's not like Durant was being asked to carry a glorified D-League roster by himself like LeBron was during his first stint in Cleveland. But let's be real - even if they found a way to add another star, it still wouldn't compare to what the Warriors were offering. Durant wanted to be carried to easy rings by the NBA's closest equivalent to the Dream Team. There's nothing OKC could have done to change his mind. Also, I never said that the onus was on Durant to be loyal to the fans. In fact, I even said he could have left OKC and gone to another non-Warriors team without anywhere near as much backlash. The issue isn't that he left, it's the specific team he signed with.
  8. Yes, Durant's actions were far worse. LeBron made bad PR moves, but his free agency decision was still made in the spirit of competition. He didn't go running to the Celtics, Lakers, Magic or Spurs. He wanted to BEAT those teams. And if the Cavs had ever gotten their :censored: together long enough to build a team that could do that, he wouldn't have left at all. But they couldn't, so he built a new team elsewhere that was capable of doing it. Durant, on the other hand, made the most anti-competitive move imaginable. It's not even that he left OKC. There would have been a lot less backlash from fans if he had gone to the Spurs, Clippers or Celtics. But he didn't do that. He went to the 73-win Warriors after he had just finished choking against them in the playoffs. He sent the message that he's not a competitor or a leader, he just wants to be carried to easy rings. To sum it up: LeBron made the league more interesting and more competitive. Durant made the league less interesting and less competitive. Of course Durant's decision was worse. It's not even close! As for Vince: I wasn't comparing the way he left Toronto to the way Durant left OKC. I was only comparing the crowd reactions during both players' first games back in their old cities with their new teams. Vince's return to Toronto made LeBron's return to Cleveland look like a walk in the park by comparison. It was brutal.
  9. What Durant did was far worse than LeBron's decision, so it makes sense that he'd get a worse reception from his old team's fans. The only comparable moment is probably Vince coming back to Toronto after he blatantly quit on the Raptors and forced his way out of town midseason. Much like OKC fans went wild with the whole cupcake thing, Raptors fans wore baby bibs and "Wince Carter" T-shirts to that game.
  10. Charlotte wore their black sleeved alternates at home today, forcing the Clippers to take their road red uniforms out of mothballs for the first time all season. I would like to see the Clippers work the red uniforms back into the rotation. BFBS for every road game was getting boring.
  11. I don't see helmets going away anytime soon. But honestly, stuffing the helmets full of fancy expensive tech might subconsciously convince players to be careful with them and not use them as battering rams. And that would accomplish the same goal as getting rid of them entirely would.
  12. That 14-2 season was one of the most deceptive records in recent memory. The truth is, the Chargers played against only three other playoff teams that entire regular season. One of them was the 13-3 Ravens, who had the best defense in the league. The other two were the Chiefs (twice) and Seahawks, two mediocre teams who went 9-7 and backed their way in. We didn't have to play the Colts. We didn't have to face the Patriots until the playoffs. And in our only games against real teams, we were a miracle game-winning drive in Seattle away from going 1-3. And then Marty promptly did his usual chokejob in the postseason. I can't muster up any outrage over Marty's firing, because (a) the "he got fired after going 14-2!!!" talking point ignores how that record came against a cupcake schedule; and (b) he deserved it. People act like he was fired immediately after the loss to the Patriots. He was actually fired a month later for reasons that had nothing to do with winning or losing (which we all know the Spanos family doesn't give a rat's ass about). The reality is, Marty had spent the last three years being insubordinate and all but daring the Chargers to fire him. He stubbornly refused to give Rivers any garbage-time minutes in 2004 or 2005. He damn near got Brees killed in 2005 because winning his stupid pissing match with AJ was more important to him than anything else. And the final straw was when he interviewed his brother for the defensive coordinator job in 2006 after being told not to by the organization. Don Coryell and Bobby Ross had legitimate gripes about the way they were pushed out of the organization. Marty never did. His firing was his own doing. He pushed his luck a few too many times off the field and then had to face the consequences.
  13. More helmet concepts from Gridiron Labs: That's cool as hell. I'm ready for this to be real. Especially the animated graphics on the helmets.
  14. I would argue that Marty wasn't even a good coach. A good coach wouldn't have spent the better part of three decades refusing to change their approach to playoff football despite the mountains of evidence that it didn't work. Marty was the ultimate mediocre coach. He could drag a bad team up to mediocrity. He could drag a good team down to mediocrity. And he was never going to win you anything significant.
  15. As an Expos fan, baseball will be a lot better now that scumbags like Selig and Loria are no longer in it. :censored: them.