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  1. These are certainly nicer than the NFL's current generic logos, but the NCAA influence is a little too obvious.
  2. Very nice. Too distinctive for the Padres, though. They'd rather blend in with uniforms that are the sartorial equivalent of wallpaper.
  3. What an atrocious logo. That would get laughed out of the Concepts forum. And I have no words for how badly they botched the unveiling of that piece of crap. The NHL continues to be a joke.
  4. You have a clever idea for the Democrats, but it needs a different font. The parts of the equals sign in the negative space of the "E" are a little too far apart to truly read as an equals sign.
  5. This set was greatly improved when the stripes were tweaked in the '90s. It even looked nice in monochrome!
  6. College Park SWATS - make it happen!
  7. As an Expos fan, I wish we were still watching games in places like that.
  8. Brandiose has officially jumped the shark. I used to really enjoy their work, but it's clear they're just churning :censored: out on autopilot now.
  9. SMU looks okay now, but I wish they hadn't dumped these so quickly: The Northwestern shoulder stripes were a unique look that they could have owned. They just needed Northwestern stripes on the helmet and pants, and red pants to wear on the road. I will say this, though - what they're wearing now is still a big upgrade from this borefest:
  10. They made a big show of changing the team's name and then forgot to put it on any of the uniforms. What gives?
  11. That's how they looked on the actual uniforms they're throwing back to.
  12. It was used a lot on merchandise back in the day: Confusingly, Nike also had their own version:
  13. I agree with this. In fact, I have long said that this is the best the Wolves have ever looked. Getting rid of all the green and the tree-trimmed collar was a huge mistake. It sucked all the visual interest out of the uniforms and made them look bland. The original version looked even better on the court than it does on the screen.
  14. I'm honestly expecting the Clippers to get new uniforms at least when Nike takes over. That would explain why they just slapped the new wordmark/logos on the old template instead of changing the design.
  15. The pants remind me of "Little Giants."