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  1. Disagree. Cleaned up the Reebok mess. People complain when there's too much piping. People complain when there's not enough (apparently now). Jumped to top ten in my book.
  2. Well that's a little early...
  3. You actually like that mesh?
  4. There are mountains on the Colorado Avalanche jerseys?
  5. Mountains for the Av's?
  6. Toronto
  7. Works for me. Absolutely. Cleaned up jerseys and a pumped-up fanbase. Good things happening down there.
  8. To be honest, I never thought of them as fangs. Just saw it as piping from the reebok edge set. Mainly because St. Louis had the same thing prior to the last redesign.
  9. Pred's look cleaned up already.
  10. No. It's a hood ornament of a car.
  11. Oh absolutely. I only like it because it makes sense and basically existed (to an extent).
  12. Now I want that All-Star pinched hat
  13. It's not that easy
  14. Absolutely, the television and radio broadcasters receive rings. So Len Kasper, Jim DeShaeis, Pat Hughes, and Ron Coomer will all receive rings. These positions are usually listed on the team website and media guide. Todd Hollandsworth on the other hand, was simply the pre/post-game analyst on Comcast SportsNet. So, no. He would most likely not receive a ring.
  15. That's basically what they are at this point. They wear them for every Sunday home game, and have been for years now. It's basically just an alternate at this point.