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  1. It's honestly not a bad option. I appreciate that they're offering a cheaper version, but I'm having a very hard time thinking $80 is worth it for THAT. I'd think about it for $50.
  2. Last year's font was only an outline....this year's have it filled in. (3rd season with Adidas)
  3. I'm not sure what you're trying to do with your "list" but leaving Chicago and Green Bay off of it is asinine.
  4. (as not an insider)... my guess is the pants are available but not the jerseys since there seems to be little to no rule about them. We've seen pants come out of nowhere in the past couple years from Carolina (black pants) and Baltimore (gold pants). Again. just a guess
  5. Great thoughts from everyone. I think the missing part of all of this (confusion on the schedule, etc.) is these jerseys clearly seem to be for more than 2016... like they might even be "permanent". So therefore, these are literally an alternate uniform for the team IF they play on TNF. My assumption is the NFL 5 year rule will apply to these as well.
  6. A look at New England's Limited jersey
  7. Especially with some teams trying different fonts, like the Bengals.
  8. Helmet we saw in the video 100 percent confirmed
  9. Different decals and YELLOW FACEMASKS
  10. Geez. Someone post a pic when they find one. Should be available in team shops now.
  11. Beautiful hat. (Sorry doubters, these are too good to be photoshopped. He clearly got these on the backend of a website...leading candidate:
  12. Neither was this:
  13. Completely understand the hesitation with the NFL Leaks guy, but these seem legit.
  14. The pictures that have the "ColorRush" on the inside collar are the Icon jerseys. Just for fans. Ignore the template.