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  1. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    You might be one of the few people in America to not change their schedule around football.
  2. Florida Panthers

    Make sure the away says "Florida"
  3. Dallas Stars Alternate

    DALLAS! STARS! good work
  4. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Pattern as far as merchandise?
  5. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Agree 100 percent. Fair enough. Just curious if there were ridiculous outliers
  6. NFL Changes - 2016

    I think they're very realistic and match up to some of the rumors/pictures we've seen. Regarding the helmets comment, YES, it does add legitimacy because there have been plenty of rumors where the helmets are different colors, etc. Those you can obviously throw out the door. Take it easy, guys. Everything is worth reading with a grain of salt.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles Nike redesign

    I liked the wing pattern on the jersey, just not on the helmet. I'd switch back the pattern on the jersey and use the current helmet design
  8. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Can I ask what is wrong?
  9. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Some more rumors from a Redditor. Seems pretty legit. No helmet changes.
  10. NFL Changes - 2016

    Tons of Color Rush rumors from this guy: Some seem pretty legitimate. None involve changing helmets.
  11. NFL Changes - 2016

    that has to be the color rush helmet
  12. NCAA Basketball Court Concepts (25/32 Conf. Posted)

    B-Shield needs white keystroke around it
  13. The Shield is the New Roundel

  14. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Those are two different uniforms. He was comparing them to these:
  15. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    and Akron