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  1. In the 1985 AFC title game, one of the Orange Bowl end zones had "Patriots" in it.
  2. PurpleRush

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Have they raised their AFC South 3rd Place banner yet?
  3. PurpleRush

    Searching for your 'whale'

    Wow, a Boston Breakers helmet. Looks better than I remember it!
  4. PurpleRush

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    After years of wondering why some of the Celtics banners have a solid green circle with NBA on it in white, and others have a green NBA on white in between the top and bottom of a green circle, the answer is found in the making of the 2008 title banner (3 minutes long) https://www.newenglandflagandbanner.com/videos.php?page=making-the-celtics-championship-banner For those wishing to skip watching, a full green circle means they won the title on the road, the white circle with the green top/bottom means they won it at the Garden. I lost the pic, but the Celts did hang division banners in green with white printing at one time, in the old building.
  5. PurpleRush

    Super Bowl XLVIII

    The end zones since the double helmet era have been a disaster. Conference logo - wordmark - NFL shield : the AFC logo is to close to the wordmark due to the stars on the right of the A. Helmet - wordmark- conference logo : the helmets were tiny, not matching the size of the wordmark or conference logo. Team logo - wordmark - conference logo (in a light blue banner) : the conference logo in a light blue banner interrupting the teams' end zone colors. Sad. Team logo - wordmark - conference logo : The height of the conference logo is the same as the last letter in team's wordmark. It should be the same height and with as the team logo, bookending the wordmark. Instead it's the same as the miniature helmet. Not to mention the hideous blue outlined, small and stretched Pats wordmark vs Green Bay, the need to put Arizona and Seattle in the end zones because casual viewers had no idea who these teams were, and the switch for no known reason to place the home team's end zone on the right. This year: The orange wordmark is bad enough, but with no white outline it's even worse, and erroneously placing the NFC logo before the Seahawks wordmark is ridiculous. The size of the conference logos looks better now, but we'll see tomorrow. For a league trying to standardize things logo wise, this is an embarrassment.
  6. PurpleRush

    Week 2 NFL Jersey Thread

    Bills - Chiefs is the uni matchup of the day. Excellent!
  7. PurpleRush

    2011-12 NBA Season

    Another game 7 in hand for 3 quarters, and then offensive self destruction, and the opposition making all the key plays. "That Boston team should have won more than just one championship." - Yup, they had 2010 in the bag. That was their shot. This group has now lost the same number of game 7s as the entire franchise did before them, and they've blown the only 3 series in franchise history, when being up 3-2. For all the title we Boston fans have had since 2001, we have had about an equal number of gut punch losses.
  8. PurpleRush

    2011-12 NBA Season

    Celts blew the game, and while the officials didn't help, a 5 point lead with the ball and 2:49 to play was a tremendous opportunity they should have cashed in on. Celts win game 3, with a 'make-up in the FT disparity' advantage. Heat then win a normally officiated game 4, and put a pasting on the green in game 5.
  9. PurpleRush

    Clarence Campbell Bowl/Prince of Wales Trophy

    Well, I don't know about total stats, but teams that have touched their conference trophies have only won four of the last ten Stanley Cup finals: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=563750 Have "only" won 4 of 10? That's 1 shy of being equal to the number of teams that won it without touching. Not a big margin of difference there in that stat.
  10. PurpleRush

    2011-12 NBA Season

    Wow, three questionable technicals on the Celts in the first half. Just let Miami beat the Celts on their own accord. They really shouldn't need the help.
  11. As tonight's game 7 looms in Boston, here's some lengthy and much unnecessary game 7 info. The Celtics and the Bruins have lost the most home game sevens in their respective leagues. The Celtics have also won the most NBA road game sevens, including two in the Finals (LA '69, Milwaukee '74) Interesting baseball tidbit, in a 4 year span, the Yankees would lose a game 7 at home only to beat the same team in game 7 on the road the next year (lost at home to Brooklyn 1955, won @ Brooklyn 1956, lost at home to Milawuakee 1957, won @ Milwaukee 1958). Here's how each team stacks up in their respective leagues: NBA 22 game 7 road winners: Celtics 3 (2 Finals) Bullets 2 (1 Final) Knicks 2 Pacers 2 Rockets 2 76ers, Clippers, Jazz, Kings, Lakers, Magic, Mavericks, Phil Warriors, Pistons, Spurs, Suns all have 1 win. Home losers: Celtics 4 Heat 2 Knicks 2 Spurs 2 Suns 2 76ers, St. Louis Bombers, Bucks (Final), Grizzlies, Hornets, Kings, Lakers (Final), Rockets, Supersonics (Final), Warriors all have 1 loss. NHL 57 Road Winners Montreal 5 (1 Final) Pittsburgh 5 (1 Final) Toronto 5 (1 Final) New Jersey 4 Calgary 3 Edmonton 3 NY Islanders 3 Philadelphia 3 San Jose 3 St. Louis 3 Carolina 2 Detroit 2 Los Angeles 2 North Stars 2 Quebec 2 Vancouver 2 Wild 2 Anaheim, Boston (Final), Chicago, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington all have 1 win. Home losers: Boston 7 Pittsburgh 6 Washington 6 Detroit 5 Calgary 4 Montreal 3 Philadelphia 3 Vancouver 3 Chicago 2 Colorado 2 New Jersey 2 Phoenix 2 St. Louis 2 Buffalo, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, Los Angeles, North Stars, NY Islanders, Oakland, Ottawa, Toronto all have 1 home loss. MLB 22 Road winners (All World Series wins except as noted): NY Yankees 4 St. Louis 4 (1 LCS) Pittsburgh 3 Detroit 2 Atlanta (LCS), Boston (LCS), Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Florida (LCS), Kansas City (LCS), Los Angeles, Milwaukee Braves, Oakland all have 1 road win. Home losers (All World Series except as noted): NY Yankees 4 (1 LCS) Baltimore 2 Boston 2 Brooklyn 2 Chicago Cubs 2 (1 LCS) Detroit 2 Cincinnati, Milwaukee Braves, Minnesota, NY Mets (LCS), Pittsburgh (LCS), San Francisco, St. Louis, Toronto (LCS) all have 1 home loss.
  12. PurpleRush

    2011-12 NBA Season

    Congrats to the Clips, the 22nd NBA team and the 101st road team to win a game 7 in the NBA/MLB/NHL playoffs.
  13. PurpleRush

    The Rite of Spring

    2 games apiece. I was worried coming into this series, and it was well founded.
  14. PurpleRush

    The Rite of Spring

    I'm hoarse from yelling shoot. Nobody likes to shoot. They wait, or then they inch their way closer and get blocked, or they pass to a guy who gets covered immediately.
  15. PurpleRush

    The Rite of Spring

    Hey, power play Bruins. Big chance here.