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  1. Been awhile since I've posted in our Color Rush thread. But next up for me is the Washington Nationals. I spent the last year living and work in the Washington, D.C. metro and this is where I got my inspiration for this jersey. George Washington's family coat of arms is the D.C. city flag and very common site around D.C. - I decided to work this into the Nationals jersey and bring back the old DC logo for this version. Next up for me after the Nationals will be the New York Yankees.
  2. It's certainly true. I can't speak much to it for obvious reasons, but the stripes will alternate each year according to adidas. 2018 is back to the side. 2017 will have the short shoulder stripes.
  3. From what I've been told, adidas will alternate every year going forward. So shoulder stripes next year, then back to side stripes.
  4. Next up for me is the St. Louis Cardinals. This is one of those clubs that I think would never participate in such a series. But nonetheless this is a concept! For StL I used their early 1900s logo and brought in navy to counteract the large amounts of red. The back collar also features the St. Louis script minus the bat and birds.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm Nate, part of the NeatO Gang and Creative Lead with Sporting Kansas City. Next up is the Kansas City Royals my local team and submission to this great concept series started by Michael. This set is a fauxback to the Royals 1985 jersey. The hat features one of my favorite and relatively unseen Mr. Royal logo. Left sleeve also features a "City of Fountains" circle patch.
  6. I think Crystal Palace looks great. Their blue and red work really well together and it helps their sponsor (Mansion) is willing to adopt their colors to fit the uniform.
  7. Haha I'd say you're giving little to much credit to the designer. My experience working in the NFL would make be believe that this has nothing to do with Color Rush.
  8. New Sounders kits
  9. Minnesota Loons FC? Would totally approve of any use of a team name of Loons.
  10. Next up - Seattle Sounders & Sporting KC -
  11. I'd even say its a better 'Sounders' It's a great balance between rave green and the capital blue. It's going to look great.
  12. That was me. Not really based off anything. But if its the primary. It's likely rave green with shale or blue sleeves. They've been teasing a Navy and Light blue on Mobile App creative
  13. Next set and staying with the LA theme: Los Angeles Galaxy: Home - Staying tradition with the LA the past few seasons and similar theme to 2016 home kit. Away - Using LA's two shades of blue for a "sea to sky" feel. Third - Throwback to their old colors and a take on an old kit.
  14. It's full-sleeve. He just has it pulled up on his arms.
  15. Thanks for the reply! Black looks Navy for sure. I'm using the official logo/color palette from the MLS Pressbox site. It reminds of the Sounders "Cascade Shale" For third I used "red" for Wolff's color palette he posted after the LAFC went live. I liked the idea of an alternative color for the third. MLS Pressbox Site