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  1. MLS in 2020

    Next set and staying with the LA theme:   Los Angeles Galaxy:   Home - Staying tradition with the LA the past few seasons and similar theme to 2016 home kit. Away - Using LA's two shades of blue for a "sea to sky" feel. Third - Throwback to their old colors and a take on an old kit.
  2. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    It's full-sleeve. He just has it pulled up on his arms.
  3. MLS in 2020

    Thanks for the reply! Black looks Navy for sure. I'm using the official logo/color palette from the MLS Pressbox site. It reminds of the Sounders "Cascade Shale"   For third I used "red" for Wolff's color palette he posted after the LAFC went live. I liked the idea of an alternative color for the third.   MLS Pressbox Site
  4. MLS in 2020

  5. MLS in 2020

    Hey all,   It's been quite awhile since I've posted actively in the concepts forum of   I wanted to start up an old concept series I never really got to posting from the past. MLS in 2020.  Just a hypothetical look at MLS.   I'm going to start off with LAFC and special thanks to Raysox for the template.   Major League Soccer:   Western Conference (12): Los Angeles FC - Completed Los Angeles Galaxy - Completed San Jose Earthquakes Portland Timbers Seattle Sounders FC Vancouver Whitecaps Colorado Rapids Real Salt Lake Sporting Kansas City FC Dallas Houston Dynamo Minnesota United Sacramento Republic   Eastern Conference (12): Montreal Impact Toronto FC New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls DC United Philadelphia Union Columbus Crew Orlando City SC Chicago Fire Atlanta United St. Louis FC     - May expand beyond the 24. Or dive into a NASL series as an extension of this.
  6. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    I don't mind the design at all. However I'd rather see the light blue be the blue of the three lions.
  7. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    While I don't think its actually a primary due it being a two year old teamwear jersey. There is a MLS patch on the right sleeve. It's hard to see but you can see the 45º angle of the blue/white from their version of the MLS badge. If you can't see it, note the disruption in the 3 adi stripes doing down the sleeve about midway.
  8. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    It's a fake. It's a photoshopped screen. Product ID Number is the same as the US bomb pop jersey.
  9. Sports Font Database

    The Washington Redskins technically don't have an official font. It's close to Pythagoras, but Kabel Bold is also used.
  10. NFL 50th Logo

    According to our logo slick provided by the NFL colors they noted are: Gray - Cool Gray 11C • RGB 85/86/90 • #55565A Light Gold - 7555 C • RGB 215/162/42 • #D7A22A Doesn't exactly help with all the gradients. Hope the helps!
  11. Ball State updates logo slightly

    Looks way better. Much more balanced. Also like the new shade of red being slightly darker.
  12. MLS Kit Concepts (Updated with Philadelphia Union)

    Not sure how I missed this thread. All your concepts are amazing and I think would work very well in real life. Can't wait to see the rest of the league. I'd like to suggest seeing the Cascadia teams (SSFC, PTFC, VWFC)
  13. 2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    CONCACAF Champions League requires you to wear that patch on your sleeve. Easiest is to cover up one of the MLS patches.
  14. Los Angeles Crusaders (Madden 15) Football Staduim

    Love the Minecraft stadium! I use to build stadiums a lot in Minecraft too, hella good detail. Great work!
  15. 2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    Sounders white kit is certainly interesting. Only thing for me to hold out hope on is that replica often over exaggerate design elements in the authentic version. I'm sure its a leak of sorts too as the Sounders Pro Shop pulled the shirts after word got out. Anyone think its suppose to somehow replicate a slightly light grey thick pinstripe shirt? Hard to say but we'll know this coming week