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  1. It's time, these usually start around this time of the year and there really isn't anything else left to discuss pertaining to 2016/17. Spurs and Chelseamoving to Nike, so look out for those 2. Seems like Barca is always one of the first to leak..
  2. They've already tried that. Lucky it was on a halved shirt, but still, it was hardly a resounding success
  3. i think they'll just invert the order from this year, with shoulder stripes for home kits and side stripes for clash kits. Not really a huge fan of the tiny shoulder stripes honestly, Adidas always used those stripes on their cheapest templates before so it looks kind of pub league. The tradition of Adidas is full shoulder stripes, they've done it since the 70's, it looks more like a design element and less like an ad if it reaches the end of the sleeve. Now I'm not against using alternative placement, the side stripes are nice, but if they use stripes on the shoulder I'd rather it reach the end of the sleeve than finishing awkwardly on the shoulder (big reason why I hated the 2010 template)
  4. Or as most people call it, the Good old days
  5. Wait, did they drop the navy SD alternate, AKA the only jersey in the set which looked decent with just navy and white? Shame, i rely liked it, it was the only uniform which highlighted the double piping that they use. at this point, it's clear they're just throwing at the wall to see what sticks, problem is that they're doing it while watching the paint on the wall dry. If you can't choose an identity, go the soccer route and unveil one every few years,but for the love ofG-d try to make it interesting. I dunno, switch yellow for orange on last year's uniforms. Or try brown and sand, or brown and metallic gold, if you really are afraid of stupid piss and poop jokes. Or even go outside the box with brown and light blue, or directly copy the chargers colors, or try navy, orange and yellow like the Taco Bell set but with navy. All of these sound better than going with navy/white
  6. Are those really white outlines on a white shirt? Could you be any more boring and uninteresting?
  7. The NBA had the Pelicans. Really like the logo. As long as the adjective knights are only known as knights, it's better than I expected, very classy. The gold also looks brassier than Vegas gold
  8. Can't help like feeling like USSF is going backwards if they hire Arena. Out of the MLS coaches, vermes would be the superior option IMO. But if I was USSF, I'd go all out to try and get Marcelo Bielsa. Would be a risky bet, and after Klinsmann I think they want someone less outspoken, but if it pans out it could very well change history for the USMNT.
  9. The Oilers 80's identity was fantastic, definitely my favorite football uniforms.Love it, it's footballing uniforms perfection. Great colors, great striping consistency, great logo that was simple and instantly recognizable. Even though the titans couldn't reach those heights and they're a "modern" team, I would't mind if they just took those Oilers uniforms and just swapped red with navy, since the oilers aren't coming back anytime
  10. Except for the Celtics and Jazz, they all have at least some redeeming elements which make them at least not terrible, with most being very good. IMO the highlights arethe Sixers, Blazers, Magic and cavs. what the hell happened, NBA?
  11. Hate hate hate the completely red back. Even with gold numbers, no real reason a striped back couldn't be worn. A shame, because the front is quite nice, though I would have also liked a stripe on the sleeve
  12. Isn't the Bologna blue a bit too light? Their blue currently is almost navy. good job on these, love the chievo third If I may ask, where are you getting all the fonts?
  13. With That raised right paw, it looks more like a Heil Cat
  14. With Rudi Garcia, a good chunk of those will be spent in bringing in Gervinho
  15. All of your designa are pretty great, but you hit it out of the park with that bayern concept. My personal preference is the all red look, but your concept is just great, love the white one