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  1. They removed the gold option to add yellow. I think the previous font also had a royal blue option. Liga NOS also does this, frankly I always found it unnecessary.
  2. Always thought the Senators should use the All-star logo as the base for their next set. Untilt the circle containing the peace tower so that it looks like an O, integrate some green and you're ready to go
  3. Never thought of it like that, that could very well be the reason. The equipment manager could have been sent the numbers from adidas with no clarification, and seeing the double outline he could have thought that it was the knicks changing uniforms and not the disingenuous outline-that's-the-same-color-as-the-jersey.
  4. The knicks used white outlines inside the numbers in the 2010 media day, due to the Rev30 switch. In the end they kept the normal blue outline with an additional outline that was the same color of the jersey
  5. Here in Toronto? I thought you lived in the Pacific Ocean.
  6. If they don't have a Cerberus team I'll be disappointed
  7. That reads way more like Toers, which sounds like a foot fetish
  8. None of the striping matched because they kept wearing monochrome when those uniforms were intended to be worn with contrasting pants. They only really wore them as intended in the first season. If worn as intended they would still have been bad, but probably not 'undisputed worst uniform in the NFL' terrible
  9. Albania's new kits. Not a fan of national teams releasing a new kit every year which they only play a couple of matches in. The design isn't bad though
  10. Those Knicks white uniforms were really good. The black heavy away was a mess though. The knicks have a nice clean look now, but it's a bit boring
  11. Arsenal's been leaked. Have to say this might be the best rendition of the raglan look puma has used
  12. Traveling IMO is the best thing in the world, if I was a billionaire I'd just be constantly exploring new things. Unfortunately, I'm not. Hence the need for a bucket list - Visit every European country (16/44 so far), especially want to visit Portugal and go to Copenaghen and Nordkapp -Go on a cross-American road trip,especially to see the west coast since I've never been there -China sounds fascinating in how it's become a world power in such a different culture from Western culture -japan -I'd love to see Persian artefacts in Iran -India -the pyramids in egypt -Mexico - Machu Picchu in peru, Brazil and Argentina more generally in South America
  13. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I liked the inclusion of black in their latest uniforms, they were very solid uniforms and the striping patter worked way more than the outline-ridden mess of the Millen era, and and frankly better than the Sanders era too. Black allowed to include white into the uniform without making it disappear or muddle up the silver in every single application. If the Lions eliminated black, I'd rather they eliminate white from the home uniform too, taking inspiration from the 60's uniform, IMO the best ones in their history along with the current
  14. Here's Daunte with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL
  15. Might be, but it was the most memorable seasons he played there, being robbed in the conference finals and all