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  1. Juve would be the perfect team that would do this, because other than winning they truly don't have anything to fall back on to represent. They're more of the football division of FIAT/Exor than a team which represents a location (Barca, Bayern) or an ideal (Real Madrid). The bull and crown of Turin wasn't needed, the vast majority of their fan base consists of bandwagons for whom the bull didn't mean anything. And it's not sinonimous of worldwide success like ManUtd's crest, so they were free to create their own brand without the heraldic constraints other clubs face. It really brings home the point that Juventus is everybody's club, since it doesn't represent anything outside of FIAT and the Agnelli family. Just think that the it was presented in Milan, and not in Turin. So they can afford to have a hip logo, to be used in digital media, and they really have no need to have a traditional crest in the modern football landscape
  2. I Really hope that's an apparel/alternate mark and won't be used on the shirts instead of the current crest. Rube has used the J on the shirts as a crest a few times, but that just doesn't work
  3. While I agree with the sentiment that CONMEBOL is the one getting the short stick here, I don't think 6.5 is necessarily too much for CONCACAF. The real association that's being over-represented is the AFC. They only have 5 more members than CONCACAF, and roughly similar quality, and they don't have the depth that the CAF has. They're only getting 8.5 spots because FIFA is desperate to make headways in those huge markets, but the quality isn't there yet, certainly don't see any reason they should get 2 more spots than CONCACAF. The easiest fix would be to just give the half spot to CONMEBOL so that at least it's a real challenge to qualify. Right now there's 7 CONMEBOL teams in the top 20 of both the FIFA and ELO rankings, and it's absurd that even in an expanded World Cup one of those wouldn't qualify. The actual planning Of the World Cup sounds like a huge mess honestly, 32 teams was the right sweet spot between quality and inclusion
  4. Yep, I always thought that Fc Dallas's crest would have been a far superior logo for the mavs
  5. Just found out that Stance is making boxer briefs designed after NBA shorts. While buying NBA-styled underwear isn't really something I'd do, I don't recall anyone else doing this before. Don't know why it was only launched for 9 teams though. And it's annoying that due they need to have a team logo somewhere on them, and for teams that don't have a logo on the shorts it feels forced
  6. These are brilliant, Oregon is very well done. Maybe you could do Alabama as the paw/half of the body of an elephant? Louisiana seems like it could fit both a tiger and a wave. And Pennsylvania's shape could work well for the body of a large cat. Kentucky too.
  7. Reportedly, the first state to use the St. George cross was Genoa, and the English were allowed to use it to ensure safe passage in the Mediterranean. Sampdoria and Genoa use it too (Samp on their shirts, Genoa on their crest)
  8. For parts of the 2011/12, 2012/13, and 2013/14 seasons Cagliari Calcio, who usually play their football in Sardinia, used Trieste as their home stadium, some 500 miles away.
  9. It's time, these usually start around this time of the year and there really isn't anything else left to discuss pertaining to 2016/17. Spurs and Chelseamoving to Nike, so look out for those 2. Seems like Barca is always one of the first to leak..
  10. They've already tried that. Lucky it was on a halved shirt, but still, it was hardly a resounding success
  11. i think they'll just invert the order from this year, with shoulder stripes for home kits and side stripes for clash kits. Not really a huge fan of the tiny shoulder stripes honestly, Adidas always used those stripes on their cheapest templates before so it looks kind of pub league. The tradition of Adidas is full shoulder stripes, they've done it since the 70's, it looks more like a design element and less like an ad if it reaches the end of the sleeve. Now I'm not against using alternative placement, the side stripes are nice, but if they use stripes on the shoulder I'd rather it reach the end of the sleeve than finishing awkwardly on the shoulder (big reason why I hated the 2010 template)
  12. Or as most people call it, the Good old days
  13. Wait, did they drop the navy SD alternate, AKA the only jersey in the set which looked decent with just navy and white? Shame, i rely liked it, it was the only uniform which highlighted the double piping that they use. at this point, it's clear they're just throwing at the wall to see what sticks, problem is that they're doing it while watching the paint on the wall dry. If you can't choose an identity, go the soccer route and unveil one every few years,but for the love ofG-d try to make it interesting. I dunno, switch yellow for orange on last year's uniforms. Or try brown and sand, or brown and metallic gold, if you really are afraid of stupid piss and poop jokes. Or even go outside the box with brown and light blue, or directly copy the chargers colors, or try navy, orange and yellow like the Taco Bell set but with navy. All of these sound better than going with navy/white
  14. Are those really white outlines on a white shirt? Could you be any more boring and uninteresting?
  15. The NBA had the Pelicans. Really like the logo. As long as the adjective knights are only known as knights, it's better than I expected, very classy. The gold also looks brassier than Vegas gold