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  1. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Really like Montreal going to stripes, but the execution is far from perfect. Other than the unnecessary seams that as usual cut off the stripes in every way, the blue panel on the back is not needed and is an eyesore, and the stripes cut off really awkwardly on the front. the sleeves should also be striped   like New England. Looks kind of like the mutant child between last years PSG and this years Hamburger SV,     RBNY also looks sharp
  2. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    A bunch of Puma clash kits releases...   Austria (should be the primary)   Slovakia with that funky pattern on the front   Czech Republic
  3. New Premier League logo

    It's just a gigantic downgrade that I'm really surprised that there could be anyone praising this. Yes, design is subjective and all that, but I thought that it was pretty much universally regarded as truth that the previous PL logo was perfect. This one looks much too trendy and cartoony, the lion looks a lot less regal and the jersey patch (which is the most common application where  this will be used, not a :censored:ing app) looks absolutely terrible. I'm all for taking out extraneous details and making logos legible in minuscule applications, but personally a lion silhouette will always be easier to make out than a face. They also went from an instantly recognizable typeface to one that could be used by a bio frozen yogurt stand. I'm not sure what they mean by changing colour schemes every three years, but it doesn't sound good.     And that doesn't even take into account that Premier League is a pretty common name for leagues of every sport in every country in the world, in a football sense it would be assumed that it would be the EPL but India's cricket league is also the premier league and they have nothing to distinguish it.   Here's the application on the ball   Just a reminder of what they left
  4. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Frankly I think it looks like crap. I've never been a huge fan of Nike Balls (apart for the T90 Aerow), but this version is really really bad. A ball should always be majority white, that allows for the best contrast between the pitch and the ball so that it's easier to see for everyone. This one looks like a winter ball that's used to contrast from fog and rain. The Liga version is even worse, way too bright, I have no clue how the winter ball could look if they need to make it brighter than this       PS:Wasn't the PL supposed to change their logo?
  5. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Since there continues to be talk of creating a European League that would replace the Champions League by having games played every week and creating a huge cash cow, I thought I'd attempt at making it feasible without completely destroying domestic play. The teams for the first league would be the top 2 teams in each of the top 4 leagues and the winners of the next 3 best leagues getting an automatic spot and the other 9 teams coming from the third and second place teams of those with automatic spots and the champions of the leagues that don't participating in a playoff. Counting the 2014/15 season as the last regular league, conceivably the super League would be something like this (just took the participants  based on the 2014/1 final Uefa League ranking   European Football League Chelsea Manchester City Barcelona  Real Madrid Juventus AS Roma Bayern Munich Wolfsburg PSG Benfica Zenit Borussia M'Gladbach Atletico Madrid Arsenal Porto Shaktar Donetsk KAA Gent PSV Eindhoven Galatasaray FC Basel   With no midweek European games, the travel would balance out. Season similar to current schedule, from mid-late august to early june  And when you get the initial league sorted you have 6 teams relegated back to their national league. A high number, but I feel that the constant renewal of the league would add an element of excitement  and if one of the bigger teams faces a difficult season like Chelsea being relegated wouldn't be impossible. From the promoted teams 1 spot would be given to the winner of the UEFA Cup 5 spots to the winners of the Champions tournament (so that the big 4 don't monopolize the promoted teams)   The Champions Tournament would be  held from   the week after the national leagues finish in mid-april to early june. Home and away knockout stages, quarterfinals winners are promoted while the losers of the quarterfinals get another chance by winning from those who lost. admittedly not perfect by any means, but it would be kind of like the European Cup of old with only champions participating and having it be just knockout stages. With the domestic leagues finished, they can easily play 10 or so games in 6 weeks   Even European League teams participate in domestic cups, which would significantly add to their value, becoming the best  chance at silverware for most European League teams.    UEFA Cup is contested between the champions who failed to get promoted to the European League and the second and third best teams. Would probably be more exciting than the current Europa League, since the reward for winning it is direct promotion to the European League. If a team wins both the Uefa Cup and the domestic League, the runner ups in the domestic league participate in the tournament.   Domestic leagues with a maximum of 18 teams participating so that there is enough time for the promotion tournament.   Since the European League seems inevitable, a format like this would be able to create a huge cash cow, while significantly improving the significance of the current Europa League and of domestic cups, as well as creating another event  in the promotion playoffs.
  6. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Union looks beautiful. Finally they stopped adding extraneous spikes and piping, the blue with the gold stripe is already so far apart from everything else that they don't need a third color.   gaLAxy look good, but the sash looks a little bit too vertical and i don't like how it doesn't cut cleanly.   I don't like the MLS star system. A star above the crest should be a really big achievement, a reward for organizational excellence, not something you add because you  got lucky in the playoffs one year, that should only be present on your kit the year immediately after the win at most. A star for every championships just reeks of the "everybody gets a medal" attitude.  5 championships for a star is a good compromise, eventually other teams will reach 5, there's no need to rush things to make teams look more storied than they are. For the current champions bring back the scudetto or make the MLS patches gold or something like that.
  7. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    The NYCFC one with the subway tiles is fantastic. Use that. The New York tricolor is allright, but the shade of blue doesn't match
  8. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Here's the first real picture of Real    Milan clash    And though this is more 2015/16, Union berlin 50th anniversary shirt
  9. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    What I think would be the perfect compromise for the Rams would be to return to the Royal blue &yellow home jerseys but with white numbers so that the pants stripe doesn't come out of nowhere, and then for the road uniform try to make it as similar to the Fearsome Foursome uniform as possible, while keeping the yellow horns helmet and horns on the jersey, 5 minutes of modifications later:
  10. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Well, yes, it's not a major problem however 1. European leagues didn't have the luxury to decide which colors their teams would have, or even the teams participating thanks to pro/rel. That leads to some years half of the league having the same kits (Example-Serie A 2005/06 had 3 teams that wore black and white stripes, another one that usually wore black and white stripes that changed to quarters for the season and two other teams with white shirts and black details). When too many teams have the same colors it becomes more difficult to understand at first glance who is playing, and it leads to a more widespread usage of clash kits than otherwise needed. 2. European teams have established 100+ year traditions. They're not coming out with color schemes on the spot, and when they adopted them brand recognition was hardly even a thing. MLS teams however do need to take that into account. Personally, for me it's more about avoiding equal applications than equal color schemes. I'm not against LAFC wearing black and red, it creates a beautiful contrast against the white/yellow/blue of the galaxy. If their target audience was more focused towards the iclass It'd be perfect, a dark no nonsense color scheme vs. a Real Madrid-like "Don't stain this"' look. Another color would be nice, even a silver could work. I really want a team to try a halved shirt and with a red and black color scheme it could be great, however since AtlUtd uses stripes and DCU uses black they'll probably use a red shirt.
  11. Matt Forte in new Nike Vapor Uniform Today?

    If the Giants use it, I hope they bring back the red triangle on the collar. The template seems Tailor made for it and it was such a great little detail
  12. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Colombia will have a white first kit. I'm really sick of adidas messing with national teams colors, and not having even a hint of yellow is awful River Plate. I'm not sure why they didn't get the premier adidas template with the stripes on the sides, it would have been a perfect fit for the sash, like this years with the stripes horizontally on the sleeves.
  13. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

    CaliBear tells us why he appreciates the Tostitos fiesta bowl logo
  14. Toronto Maple Leafs Modernization Throwdown

    Oh what the hell, everyone's doing it There's really no need to reinvent the wheel. The leaf is the one that the blue jays used, but with no curve and a stem, and the Subway system font
  15. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    The shield inside a roundel will always, always look terrible. And the flat city just adds to that