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  1. Man, that schalke third is fantastic, top-notch stuff. If I had to find a critique, it would be a bit too many striped teams with solid colored raglan sleeves, but I suspect that's due to the the constraint of nike's templates, and it's just personal preference anyway. Anyway, Really great job. Will you be doing other leagues?
  2. I'm hoping we'll get to see Stars throwbacks. That was quite a nifty logo they had
  3. Sampdoria's 70th anniversary shirt
  4. Crotone's first Serie A kit
  5. Shevchenko Gabriel Omar Batistuta at inter Bobo Vieri on the wrong side of Milan Henry with Juventus Bergkamp with Inter
  6. I'd say His only really wrong uniform is Milan Another player whose move from Chelsea to Milan gave us a wrong uniform, Micheal Essien Keeping with the Chelsea theme, a double whammy And the two other wrong uniforms for Cashley
  7. I was thinking that maybe the NFL could take a page out of how soccer handles dangerous play. A helmet to helmet hit is an immediate ejection on top of a suspension, and charging into a tackle with your head is a warning. Do that a number of times (let's say 3) in a game, and the player is ejected, kind of like the dangerous play yellow card in soccer. It doesn't get rid of the problem with the smaller hits, but players would be way more careful about properly tackling and thus tackling technique would be prioritized
  8. Not going back as much as finally standardizing the colors with those of the city, as it was supposed to be, hard to say Roma ever these colors in the past 80 years. No more maroon/highlighter orange, light red and orange , or pale yellow and light red.
  9. They've changed like 4 times in the past 10 years. IIRC, they've had the one they got inspiration from, the Ireland FA knockoff, and the ruby encrusted one (which personally I found very quirky). This one is the best of the bunch, but jeez, make up your minds.
  10. Bari has a new crest, and while the classical look is a marked improvement over the previous soulless trainwreck, I still prefer the abstract 80's version (New one is the oval)
  11. Napoli third with its usual awful sponsors Bologna clash ChievoVerona, can't say I've ever seen a Henley collar that opens on the shoulder Brescia
  12. prison stripes probably wouldn't have been well received, a shame really. Would have been more fitting
  13. And vintage white finally reaches soccer
  14. ^no, Inter and Barca have the same s last year, Roma has a new one Sampdoria. Awful font,even if it does fit the aesthetics of th clash, which I love Lot of leaked adidas kits confirmed... Real Madrid is beautiful, though I wish they would have also used the mauve on the home kit Bayern AC Milan Athletic has much better stripes than Atletico, stripes on the sleeves, and no weird size variations thatyou can barely notice Atletico away