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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Cavs- bad but we already knew it, GFGS with no wine at all. Bulls-Good use of the Chicago script and the city flag imagery. Bucks- Nice to see them use the striping pattern that’s barely noticeable in their other uniforms to its full extent Sixers-obviously tough to say on a video game shot but the vintage white looks too dark and pinkish. Pretty nice though Hawks- meh leaning on bad Grizzlies- I appreciate the backstory but they look like the Nets 2. Clippers- probably the best out of this lot Celtics- if they had to have a gray jerseys this is probably the way to do it. Kings- Conrad’s mock-up with the number and logo at the same height was better Hornets-Meh Pelicans- a very nice uniform with disastrous number placement Jazz- It’s not a bad look but there’s nothing there I associate with the Jazz. Mavs- they’re in full identity crisis mode. I’ll tip them to rebrand within 3 years. Magic- guessing this will be a huge hit with collectors in a few years. A joke of a look Lakers- I might actually prefer the purple-free mock-up Conrad made. Is this the first Jersey designed for a specific athlete? Knicks- The logo used on the front like that is brilliant. Not a fan of the silver, have a feeling that stripe on the side will wrap around the back to mimic firefighters uniforms Pistons-Meh Pacers-Number in the front is huge. I like bit of their alternates more than their primary OKC- i’m A fan of them using grey, the streaks are as bad as they are in the logo. Nuggets- Booooo another navy uniform. Like the pickaxe logo on the front more on their white and light blue jerseys Nets- a potentially pretty good uniform ruined by the silly string Suns- Double purple count me in as a fan. Needs some orange though. spurs, rockets- meh. Never been a fan of the spurs camo stuff Wizards-looks a bit too plain. Warriors- would have been a great look, the CNY stuff probably isn’t needed. Blazers- again, liked Condrad’s mockup more Wolves- meh. Outlines on the numbers and not the word mark is dumb
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Ok so Nike is going back to the ‘unveil them however and whenever you want’ stance? Really bizarre. For the life of me I don’t get why Nike only had a united release for the Statement where half of them where alternates that were already in use, and then had these completely unplanned releases for everything else
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    This immediately reminded me of this
  4. I actually think the Tarpons did it perfectly. Unique name, but a brand clearly derived from the parent with navy pinstripes.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18 so the hats leaked and forget what I said about yellow trim for the rockets, just Chinese New Year. I was sure the Knicks were going to mail in a navy uniform but that firefighter inspired logo is VERY cool. Black&Gold for OKC? Are they copying the Raptors Drake stuff or is it going to be a ‘what could have been’ with the Barons? Clippers bringing back the San Diego Clippers logo is great. I’m assuming there will be some kind of wolf fur trim on the Wolves. These uniforms make much more of a ‘Statement’ than the ‘Statement’ ones did, a lot of these look like you’ll either love them or hate them
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Hmm so that red Clippers uni we saw can make its way to the unused uniforms thread. I’m assuming the Rockets will have yellow trim, don’t know what the Pacers could do with another navy uniform
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Derek Jeter is the bad guy for owning a 4% share in the Marlins?
  8. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Quoting Tacitus, the corrupt state has numerous laws
  9. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Bologna third kit SPAL's 110th anniversary kit to be worn this weekend vs. Hellas Verona
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The yoke looks terrible with that stupid scapula shaped seam. Also just noticed that the two three pointed stars have become just a stripe which bisects near the armpit and the paw ball logo was removed For reference, how it looked before Nike
  11. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Something like that was tried in the late ‘80’s. Here’s Maradona and Lothar Matthaus with the Serie A team they played against England and Scotland league teams but I can’t seem to find any pictures of those
  12. I think this might be the only Jersey that actually benefited from the disappearance of sleeves. That raglan-like panel ends in a roufgh way on the sleeve
  13. Teams with similar colors as the Houston Oilers?

    The Clippers sleeved alt was light blue and red they’ve also worn throwbacks to the ABA Los Angeles Stars who used that color scheme
  14. Players with the wrong hair style

    There is a reddit post on Dirk’s hair affecting his stats. While I’m not sure which is the correct one between long hair and short (i’d Lean towards the medium-long he won his championship in), the two wrongest one are the headband and the full on beard
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Random thought: I really like how the westchester Knicks use the circular Knicks at the top of the key (the chase center court logo is another matter)