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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Didn't the Jaguars give some bull :censored: reason that the new logo was stretched to imply movement? I distinctly remember that. I've grown to like the new logo, it was definitely more succesful in creating an illustration type logo than the Bucs. Still don't like how the tongue sorts of floats there in that cavernous mouth and I really liked how the black helmet kind of drew in the blanks of the old logo. However after after getting dis-used to it I've gron to notice things like the broken jaw and the is that supposed to be an ear black shape
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Colombia away leaked
  3. My Vision for the Future of the NBA

    You don’t need to restrict a star players freedom of movement, a player should not be forced to live 15 years in Detroit with a :censored:ty front office just because the Pistons tanked a season. What they need to do is to make it inconvenient for star players to team up with other superstars. This could easily be done by using a Designated Player like MLS where a star player can be given a 300 million contract if the team so chooses and only a portion counts against the cap. Doubt LeBron and Wade team up if one of them has to leave 100 million on the table, or Durant goes to Golden State and both Curry and him renew. Superstars could still look to join the team with the best supporting cast of not-star level players, but it’s Better than looking to play with another superstar This would also pay the top players on a scale more commensurate with their impact on the court.
  4. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Spurs bizzarely attempted to look more classic and old school by dropping the Eurostile they’ve had since the ABA and going generic block. It’s faux-retro and it’s bad, the Spurs previous uniforms managed to combine classic with the 70’s where the franchise has its origins, much like Eurostile does. This reeks of update for the sake of update
  5. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Very nice ring. What does the XVH on the side mean?
  6. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    If not for the sock and baselayer that would have likely looked as bad as the Kevin Ware injury during march madness a couple of years ago. Just awful
  7. NBA Changes 2017-18

    So if Nike can make split numbers for the G-League Hustle... why can’t they bring back split numbers for their parent club Grizzlies?
  8. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Knicks posted this seems pretty clear it’s a sponsor patch. Chase?
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    The same guy who leaked Italy’s kit mocked up a few of the adidas ones. It seems fair to say that the early 90’s are back. Germany not bad, kind of mixes the Italia90 kit with their traditional colors. Still, the original with flag colors can’t be beaten Russia Almost a straight throwback to the gold medal winning 1988 Olympics kit And pending qualification... Colombia Another Italia90 tribute Edit: and with a real? Pic Argentina
  10. New NBA All-Star Format: No East vs West

    The thing that doesn't make sense to me is keeping the 12 players from each conference. There's more than a few All Star level players in the West who would easily be All Stars in the East but can't get even close in the West, with this format you'd figure that they could just select the 24 best players instead of arbitrarily dividing it by Conferences when they're not playing as conferences. And yeah, not televizing the draft is stupid.That would absolutely be the best part of this.
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I thought the point was to get away from the dolphins? This only makes them look more alike and also diminishes the jaguar fur connection.
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    So the latest leaks were Italy and Cote D'ivoire, and it seems like Puma is really pushing the futuristic angle this year. Don't know what that pattern means for Italy, but it's supposed to look like a robotic full front view of an elephant for Cote D'ivoire (which the collar will likely be the Ivory coast flag instead of the more common african colors). I'm not a huge fan of the Italy kits, I don't mind the navy and the flag details on the cuffs but the pattern is so random and the collar looks bad. Worse of all the back is a mess. Also worth noting that Italy changed their crest, finally the four stars are outside of it, and while it's an upgrade IMO it's slightly too vertical and I'd have preferred a more classical flatter shape on top to better conform with the historical ones and it will be paired with blue shorts and socks Switzerland shorts and Socks Meanwhile it looks like adidas' theme this year is 90's designd recreated with tonal pinstripes Mexico got leaked a while ago Germany will recreate their famous 1990 World cup winning kit with tonal black pinstripes, while the away will have the same tealish green color of the Woman's Euro Spain will instead recreate the 1994 World cup diamonds, I'm assuming also in the tonal pinstripe pattern. Away will be light blue with red details Argentina Colombia's away will be orange and blue Belgium will be inspired by the argyle chest band of the 1986 World Cup, I'm assuming this will also be recreated in tonal pinstripes. Away is yellow And the adidas GK template Nike at least seems they've decided to give a damn and not hand out templates to everyone. @Conrad. gave us a rough estimate of what to expect for the U.S. of A., and they certainly look like an improvement England will have a tonal St. George's cross in the same exploding stipes style, red away. Also good that it seems like they will wear blue shorts which means FIFA gave up the stupid monochrome policy (not that anyone told Puma) It looks like Nike will bring back the Mariniere inspiration for France Portugal looks  intriguing, very interested to see how Nike will pull this off
  13. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Quite a few teams already qualified and more will qualify in the coming international break, so it's time.There's been a steady trickle of leaks for months, but now the leaks are really starting to be flooding in Logo Official Ball Referee kits (available in blue, black, red, yellow and green)
  14. Indianapolis Colts works because Colts is just one syllable, it's not much more of a mouthful than say Carolina Panthers. I guess it could also work for the Pacers but then you run into the problem that it would be hard to put Indianapolis in front of a jersey, while the Colts don't have that need. And basketball is such a statewide phenomenon in Indiana that it would be silly for it to be just Indianapolis
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Did the blue outline in the wordmark get thinner in favor of the silver? Compare this to this You can barely see the silver on D-Rose, I doubt anyone would even notice it was there if it wasn't mentioned. Whereas you can DEFINITELY see the silver on Porzingis, and it seems like it's the same thickness as the blue now. If I'm not just imagining things, I'd say it's a downgrade. Yeah there was no point to the barely there outline on the adidas jersey, but the silver really shouldn't be there anyway so at least it was inobtrusive. Now the blue is barely there like the orange on the Dolphins, and there's a really noticeable difference in the weights of the blue outlines of the number and wordmark which irks me. A shame too, the Knicks were one of the few teams the Nike template upgraded