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  1. Seems like the front part of the sleeve is of the same mesh material the aeroswift has on the front while the back part is the little stripes like last year
  2. You can kind of see the transition to the darker shade of the sleeves on Nainngolan's shirt, very weird. I think the transition from the two ends of the sleeves will be less noticeable than the transition from back sleeve to back panel
  3. The font is terrible The black is completely unnecessary and is what really bring a no-nonsense kit down. I'd be okay with black socks, that combination has historical precedent, but not with red pants, that has nothing to do with Roma's history. Usually not a fan of teams wearing next years kit in the final day of the season but it would be stupid not to this time, practically license to print money. i'm interested in how the contrasting sleeves on the back but not on the front look. We'd need to see it worn, and we still haven't had one clear image of how it looks.
  4. It's supposed to be so that you can get name+numbering done on any shirt at any shop in the world, since there's only 5 number colors for the whole league and pretty much any shop that customizes will carry the font. Plus it identifies the league, which is why the little logo is there, on top of making it harder for counterfeiters. personally I'm not a huge fan of it, especially limiting the colors available like the EPL does, which leads to disasters like gold numbers on shirts with volt trim or black numbers for teams that don't use black
  5. Adidas hit another one out of the park, that Ajax kit is beautiful.
  6. The shade of red and yellow are much better than the FH mockup, which was way too light. The black stripe should have been yellow, there's really no need for black and for gigs reason there hasn't been any in Roma since the mid-2000's. The black socks are only good if they pair them with white shorts, otherwise terrible.
  7. Of course, the wrongest of them all was this one at Platini's farewell game
  8. Maradona wearing a Brazilian shirt (first one looks post match, maybe 82 World Cup, second one was a commercial)
  9. Not a huge fan of either the blazers or the Heat (it needs a little yellow) , but WOW that's a good design on the Pelicans. Love the crescent, something that can be unique to NOLA without being obnoxious like the sublimated pelican
  10. That's exactly what Milan should look like. Probably my favorite kit of the season so far since for the first time in almast a decade it doesn't feature extraneous colors or darkened red. And the best part about it is that it doesn't feature all of the annoying glitches we've seen on striped shirts recently, like single color backs or sleeves. The only minor nitpick I have is that the black part of the adidas stripes should continue down the sleeve, it looks weird how the red stripes is divided into 3 stripes suddenly. Other than that, flawless.
  11. That's a good update on the pinwheel. Not really sure about the bar joining the lines, it kind of undermines the dynamism that the pinwheel is meant to convey. My biggest gripe is the refusal to use the 70's font full time. They even use it in the Pride uniform, so they know that it's a recognizable part of the Blazers brand. Not capitalizing on that is just stupid
  12. So who's gonna drop $500 for those Lonzo Ball shoes? I was thinking of getting the $1000 autographed version, but eventually I settled on buying the $220 big baller brand flip flops
  13. Depay Can't play in Europa League anyway
  14. I don't see any reason to shoehorn white into the striping when blue on silver/silver on blue work perfectly well. Really would just muddle things up. contrast perfectly fine as is, so why isn't it good enough for the lion? It worked fine in the 60's, figures that there would be no problem now with HDTV and all that