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  1. NHL Adidas TechFit

    Very nice stuff all around! That template looks so nice and clean, any plans to release it?
  2. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I would melt the statue down and give the proceeds to the victims. 900 pounds of bronze must be worth something right?
  3. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Well kind of. the ESPN article states that the trustees are thinking about relocating the statue to their sports museum or the library which still bears his name. The Happy Valley cult will just have to make a different pilgrimage then.
  4. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    I'm sorry, did you know any of the victims names yesterday?
  5. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    Alright to bring a little light into this situation: Redfield's blog only had two entires. One is the Eaton Centre post she made three weeks ago, the other was an article last August entitled I Like My Hockey How I Like My Men. Even though the first time I saw her was today, it's obvious that she was a bright, beautiful young woman. (I take a little offense with the Canucks being relegated to a buddy, but what am I gonna do ). Remember the way she and the other eleven lived, not as they died. RIP.
  6. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    I wouldn't guarantee it, but the odds are good. Realistically, a good shot with a handgun can kill a row full of moviegoers without much effort if that's what he wants to do. Let's not forget the massacre that happened at V-Tech was done with 2 handguns and had a much higher death toll. I think gun control is one of the issues that is hard to politely and calmly talk about in person much less the internet so I wont go more into it but I just wanted to point out mass casualties can happen without automatic riles or semi-automatic assault rifles. but wasn't the Va Tech shooting done across a large campus? Weren't groups of people caught off-guard during that? There's also the fact that one of those killed at Va Tech was the shooter himself.
  7. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    The gun lobby will call it a violation of second amendment rights. Then they'll give boatloads of cash to politicians and ad campaigns to scare the populace that their second amendment rights are being violated, it all calms down, and then the next Columbine/Blacksburg/Tucson/Aurora happens and we go through all this bull again.
  8. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    Never thought about the psych test for gun owners. But like many people are pointing out, even if the guy fails it, he can probably still get himself one from an illegal ressource. So I don't really know if that will ever lead to killers being forever deprived of a gun. I can probably guarantee that if the killer had just a handgun or hunting rifle, he would not have killed twelve people. We can't stop killing, but we can stop or prevent mass killing. Additionally, if anyone's on Twitter #RIPJESSICA.
  9. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    I'll second this if I have any jurisdiction. It's also nice that nobody posted a "Today we are all..." yet.
  10. Mass Shooting @ Aurora Mall after TDKR Premiere

    When something like this happens, I feel remorse and a sense of lost but I usually move on in a day or two, but this? Her tweeting this 20 minutes before she was murdered by a remorseless peice of garbage? I feel like crying.
  11. Domestic Soccer 2012

    Seattle falls to Chelsea in Roger Levesque's last match. Goodnight sweet, mustachioed prince:
  12. Say it ain't so, Joe

    http://www.deadspin....enn-state-mural In what may be a sign to come, the halo painted above Paterno at a local mural has been removed.
  13. Domestic Soccer 2012

    When I lived in Rochester, the Open Cup was a huge deal -- especially when the Rhinos won. At that time, however, the Rhinos were trying to make the leap to MLS (when no one else cared) and an Open Cup win was seen as legitimizing. Turned out for naught for the Rhinos though; they totally missed their window to build a new stadium (which they did but is kind of crappy) and make the jump. MLS, dare I say, is too big time now. I should have said any MLS club instead of anybody period. It's unfortunate that other MLS clubs don't put much effort towards winning the Open Cup. Champions League qualification for one. Winning the oldest soccer trophy in the US for another.
  14. Movies, Movies, and Movies

  15. Say it ain't so, Joe Might as well rename Happy Valley Joestown.