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  1. NHL Adidas TechFit

    Very nice stuff all around! That template looks so nice and clean, any plans to release it?
  2. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I would melt the statue down and give the proceeds to the victims. 900 pounds of bronze must be worth something right?
  3. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Well kind of. the ESPN article states that the trustees are thinking about relocating the statue to their sports museum or the library which still bears his name. The Happy Valley cult will just have to make a different pilgrimage then.
  4. Domestic Soccer 2012

    Seattle falls to Chelsea in Roger Levesque's last match. Goodnight sweet, mustachioed prince:
  5. Say it ain't so, Joe

    http://www.deadspin....enn-state-mural In what may be a sign to come, the halo painted above Paterno at a local mural has been removed.
  6. Domestic Soccer 2012

    When I lived in Rochester, the Open Cup was a huge deal -- especially when the Rhinos won. At that time, however, the Rhinos were trying to make the leap to MLS (when no one else cared) and an Open Cup win was seen as legitimizing. Turned out for naught for the Rhinos though; they totally missed their window to build a new stadium (which they did but is kind of crappy) and make the jump. MLS, dare I say, is too big time now. I should have said any MLS club instead of anybody period. It's unfortunate that other MLS clubs don't put much effort towards winning the Open Cup. Champions League qualification for one. Winning the oldest soccer trophy in the US for another.
  7. Say it ain't so, Joe Might as well rename Happy Valley Joestown.
  8. Domestic Soccer 2012

    I'm kind of serious: Does anybody but Seattle care about the Open Cup? The Sounders get to their fourth straight final, beating Chivas USA 4-1, and will face SKC in the final. A somewhat good week to be a Sounders supporter as John Spencer gets his walking papers from Portland earlier in the week.
  9. Logo Revolts

    Portland's not the first Northwest MLS club to have an identity controversy:
  10. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    That article offers an intriguing alternative that I haven't seen being discussed here (probably): Folding the Coyotes, and collect an expansion fee from either Quebec City or Seattle (although the SODO Arena has hit a snag.) It obviously makes the NHL more money, and it means that whoever (more than likely Quebec City) can bide their time until their new arena is running.
  11. New Las Vegas Wranglers Logo

    Why? Is this what happens when minor league hockey teams turn 10? Replace really good logos with crappy generic ones? Cause Idaho did that in 2007 before they got their bearings last year.
  12. Why not have just the crown on the third? It'll be a better modern interpretation of the old crown.
  13. What If?: the North American Premier League

    I would choose option 2. It seems that the stems in option one blend into the side stripes.
  14. What If?: the North American Premier League

    That is very clever. The only snag is that advertisements are meant to advertize obliviously. A sponsor that is not readable by its customers, defeats the purpose of advertising it in the first place. Like I said, it's unique way to get around the sponsor issue.