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  1. Darth Brooks

    Custom Pocket Pro helmets-Got Any to share?

    This is funny. I was in a flea market and saw a bag of the Pocket helmets and thought of making some of the defunct NFL teams from awhile back.
  2. Darth Brooks


    I like it. It really wasn't a request but I'll take it anyways. That's neat to see.
  3. Darth Brooks


    This is the old Milwaukee Badgers logo an old old NFL team. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Badgers I have no idea how accurate the colors are. I saw a version of this that had green mixed in.
  4. I have some tweaking to do but I wondered how the Badger logo would look on a modern helmet. I wonder if the red and white one is the real logo or a bad copy of the real logo and if the green and orange is real or a recreation.
  5. A good deal for the credit for this method has to go to Frazier Davison, who first started showing people how to make realistic templates in Photoshop. There's been a great deal of interest in the Vicis Zero1 football helmet. I'm going to show you how to make your own unique template using their website. To make a template you need two things, a copy of the helmet or uniform as if it was totally white, and a copy that looks like it if it was totally black. What I mean by this isn't a completely white or black object. Most items that you look at will have shadows and reflected light. Take this Soccer ball for example. Even though it's a white ball, it's not a perfect white. The shadows and reflections give the ball it's shape. Same with a football helmet. Lighter objects are defined by their shadows, darker ones by light reflecting off of them. If you try to just use either Multiply or darken or any single tool, you're not going to get a good image. Let's go with Multiply. We have a black set up for highlights (reflected light) and a white set up for shadows. Just using multiply white is ok but dull and the black is awful What about Screen (which we saw above is a better way to lighten a subject)? This time around the black is, well, it's there. Neither image is dark enough. Let's combine techniques. Now we have a nice solid looking image that runs the gamut of values from light to dark. It comes out feeling real rather than that puzzling "I know something's wrong but I can't figure it out" feeling. What has this to do with the Zero1 helmet? Vicis is nice enough to put up images that will work for the black and white on their website. Go to https://vicis.com/products/zero1 They have quite the selection of finishes, facemask designs, whether a strap is in black or white and angles. You get to pick what you want AND YOU AREN'T GIVING SOMEBODY THIRTY BUCKS TO GET SOMETHING YOUR HAPPY WITH. Once you have an angle/design you like get a copy with an all white finish and a copy with an all black finish. The white is there to provide the shadows, the black is there to provide the highlights. (it sounds backwards but it's not.) Save the images and then place them as layers in a Photoshop document. They are 1000 x1000 so it's nice and big. Set it up as follows: The top two are masked off to keep stuff like bolts and straps from changing color. The next folder (and it's helpful to lock this away once it's done.) is where the work is done. White image set to Multiply. Black image set to Screen. A copy of the black image set to overlay. Then you have a masked off layer for the Facemask followed by the helmet colors. You're going to want to have the decals stripes, whatever, on top of the base color of the helmet. You'll need to make a mask for the helmet so that the whole background isn't the same color as the helmet. An example copy can be found at: https://www.deviantart.com/darth-brooks/art/Vicis-Zero1-Helmet-Template-772528268
  6. Giving the Akron Pros a go. Logo is mine as is the template. (The Zero One helmet) Once I get the bugs ironed out I might release it. Team ended op with a very 70's feel to it. I may have to go through and modernize the modernized helmets. The Akron Pros were the first NFL Champions. I figure that if they had survived they would be The prototype NFL team, the one you always saw on cereal boxes and in comic books, so I went with an elemental design for the helmet. Primary colors, with the logo echoing the US flag.
  7. I'm rebuilding the Badgers logo based on the first one of those, because that was the only one I found. That second image is super clear, even though they are both tiny. It really is a great logo. Did you notice the "M" in the design?
  8. I have that right in the "new" concept but wrong in the old. I'll have to fix that. Now that I've thought about it, I could have just gone with the company logo for Kardex. . darkpiranha, A lot of what you're saying is stuff that's been nagging me. I might square up the Dayton logo to see if that looks better. I'm working on Akron Pros, Staton Island Stapletons and Milwaukee Badgers
  9. Well, does anyone want more of these or should I let this die? 200+ views, no response is really discouraging.
  10. A few years ago I did a number of concepts for defunct NFL teams. I'd seen a lot of concepts for modern teams and wanted to do something different. The results of the previous thread is here: https://imgur.com/a/P5PMx When I did them I kept getting requests for the Tawanda Kardex and the Rochester Jeffs (and other teams) At the time I couldn't come up with concepts I was happy with. Now I do. First up is the Tawanda Kardex. The team is famous for playing a grand total of one game in the NFL. Like a lot of local champions they simply weren't ready to play the better teams in the nation. At inception they were very similar to the Green Bay Packers. Local team, subsidized by local businesses made up of semi pro players. Difference is that GB had success early and Tawanda did not. Ironically, the company they were named after still exists. I started with the first name of the team, the Lumbermen. There is a high school team, the North Tawanda Lumberjacks. The high logo didn't really fit this project. This is what I came up for a logo. and this is what it looks like on a helmet. "Kardex" was going to be a little more difficult. How do you make a logo using a typewriter? I tried just using the outline of a typewriter but it didn't fit. While driving it hit me to combine a T&K in old typewriter text with the outline of a football covering where they would overlap in the corner. What I came up with didn't work as a modern logo but it formed the basis for a modern descendant logo. The Faux old time logo. Here's the "Modern" logo on a helmet. Here's the Workspace where I figured out my ideas. I'll work on unis later. First, I wanted to revisit a couple of the teams I did before. A revised Dayton Triangles. One of the ideas I had in making the designs was that somehow these teams had survived all the decades that in reality they didn't. It hit me that the team wouldn't keep such a dated logo during the 40's and 50's, 60's 70's etc... This is meant to be a Descendant of the original design, refined down to repeated triangle shapes within a larger triangle. A revised Oorang indians. I wanted to get rid of the feathers in the old design. It was too close to the Redskins and I wanted Native American iconography in the design. Tell me what you think.
  11. Darth Brooks

    3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    I saved just about every template I came across. Send me a PM with your email in it and I'll send it to you.
  12. Darth Brooks

    Yet another Jags concept

    A reworking of one that I did for Frankfort Yellow Jackets. I need a template / effect for a matte helmet.
  13. Darth Brooks

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I'm sorry but these really look fake. The presentation looks homemade and the design is worse than any dozen designs off the board.