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  1. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    I saved just about every template I came across. Send me a PM with your email in it and I'll send it to you.
  2. Yet another Jags concept

    A reworking of one that I did for Frankfort Yellow Jackets. I need a template / effect for a matte helmet.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I'm sorry but these really look fake. The presentation looks homemade and the design is worse than any dozen designs off the board.
  4. Funniest Sports Logos

    I will never stop wondering what was up with the Providence Steam Rollers.
  5. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    These are very nice. I like the template as well but it's weird not seeing people in the uni. Very clean presentation, very neat series.
  6. Templates Requests

    https://sports.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=1963+793+794+1577+792+2088&Ntk=SI_Titles-Desc&Nty=1&Ntt=jersey&limitTo=all&ic=homepage-search-A-K-X-071316 Find a jersey you like. When you click on it and then click on it again you get a very large image. Like this: https://sports.ha.com/itm/baseball/1993-tony-phillips-game-worn-detroit-tigers-jersey/a/151738-43211.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515#
  7. Templates Requests

    Frenchie, I could probably make some. I'd have to find source material.
  8. NFL Uniform Concepts

    I really like the side stripes on your Cardinals.
  9. Stolen Work

    It's very simple, if he's pulling your logos off he's trying to take (steal) credit for your work.
  10. **TEMPLATES**

    PM me your email.
  11. Photoshop Advice Megathread

    Before we start off on teaching about using Photoshop you need to learn something about design. These principles will guide you when technology fails you. Learning Photoshop without knowing these is like taking the wheel of a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. Art and design is about communication. These principles of design are universal across all forms of communication. Art, music, speech, you will find elements of these throughout all of them. We're going to use three very different pieces of art to illustrate how these work. It's also going to require you to do some googling. The pictures are by Norman Rockwell, Rembrandt van Rijn (looking very cheeky) and Homer Winslow. Elements of Art Line Line is the divsion between spaces. How areas are divided can greatly effect how someone feels. The line can be angry or calm, Rembrandt's line has a lot of action. It's not very static and that's good because he's catching (himself) being very alive. Shape The general shape of an image. If you squint, you should see a strong outline between the dark and light shapes of the work. If the shape of an image is strong, you'll be able to make sense of it even when it is far away or small. Color Has to do with the overwhelming hue of an image. The Rockwell is almost completely brown except for the father. Winslow's painting is evenly divided between blues and browns. Value The overall light and dark of an image. It's what gives Shape from above. Some paintings have very harshly black and white, others are more of a gray, with little difference between the light and dark part of the image. Texture This has to do with the tactile feel of the image. Patrick Nagel's paintings have a very smooth, crisp texture to them. The Rockwell painting uses a number of textures, from the smooth suitcase to the silky fur of the Collie to the rough feel of the car. Space Space refers to the area in which art is organized. Does it feel as though it has depth? The Rockwell image takes place within a small, intimate area but the Homer Winslow is very open. Another artist who makes very good use of space is Thomas Moran. Principles of art Repetition Repeating design elements, exact or varied, which establishes a visual beat. It's a way of reinforcing the Center of Interest. It can be repeating shapes, textures or colors or whatever. It doesn't have to be exact which brings us to Rhythm Rhythm is using that repetition but bring in variation. For example, in the Homer Winslow painting there are three painters but they are all different. The red in the Kid's tie (in the Rockwell) is repeated in the cloth, the lantern, in his shoes and in the banner on his suitcase. Thematically the use of a repeat color (or other element) can give separate elements a connection that tells a story. Proportion Proportion is the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another. How much of your design is used for an element? If you have a ton of area devoted to something trivial, it's going to make for a weaker design, but open space with a purpose can be powerful. Balance Balance is the impression of equilibrium in a pictorial or sculptural composition. Balance is often referred to as symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial. Pathways Pathways determine how and where your eyes go. You want to keep directing people back to the center of the piece but you also want to show them the whole thing. In the Rockwell painting, he's set a path for your eyes to follow. It keeps the viewer from trying to see everything at once and gives them reason to keep looking at it. In the Homer Winslow painting the shape and color of the clouds guide the viewer from one side of the painting to the other, providing a visual "highway" for the eyes to travel. Center of interest The place in an artwork where your eye first lands and where it goes back to. It's usually the area of strongest contrast and detail. Note: I'm going to fill these as time goes on. Next is some general Photoshop tips and then we're going to have fun with this fellow below. If anyone else wants to contribute go ahead, in fact I'm hoping that more people join in.
  12. Custom NFL Fields

    Hey, your using my old templates. Cool.
  13. NFL redesign according to 24/7 Sports

    The collar thing is really bad. If it was on one team, OK, someone might make that choice. But on most of them? That's just a lazy copy & paste of ideas.
  14. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    A mockup of the white helmet and old "B" logo (tweaked a bit) I screwed up my watermark...
  15. Playing around with the Pirates logo

    I was doing something else and ran into a page with the Pirates logos though the years. I saw that when they did the retro thing in 1987 they used a fairly weak drawing from the 20's instead of the nasty looking fellow from 1934. So this is the 1934 head, the 1987 square and the modern wordmark. I thought it looked cook and wanted to share. What do you think?
  16. Playing around with the Pirates logo

    Those two suggestions would turn it into the 1987 logo that I thought looked washed out.
  17. Playing around with the Pirates logo

    The color came from the 1987 diamond logo.
  18. Playing around with the Pirates logo

    Here it is without gradients.
  19. They should have a contest to redesign their boxes. The winner gets some stale and crumbly corn bread.
  20. New Riddell Speedflex template

    H11k asked me to make a template from a photo of a Riddell Speedflex. Here it is: And it can be found here: http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Ridell-Speedflex-front-521504226 Here it is in 3/4 view: It can be found here: http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Riddell-speedflex-3-4-view-521503929 http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Riddell-Speedflex3-4-reversed-with-guide-524593176 3/4 view reversed. Side View: It's here: http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Riddell-Speedflex-Side-522212246 Pretty simple template. Most of the how was covered in the Photoshop advice thread although I did need to make a fake shine for a glossy helmet. What Fraser Davidson makes is waaaay better but someone might get some use out of this.
  21. New, um OLD Helmet Template

    http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Leather-Football-Helmet-templater-644051043?ga_submit_new=10%3A1478325129 .... yes, it's very old school. Works like any others, put in the color and logo and you're good. Have fun with it - post up some stuff if you don't mind.
  22. New, um OLD Helmet Template

    Well, fudge. Somewhere in making the example, the original was flattened.
  23. Old & New School NFL Helmets

    You're using the Birmingham Fire helmets for the Titans?
  24. New Riddell Speedflex template

    I haven't updated the template although it's easy enough to add a visor. I've been busy rebuilding NFL letterheads, although I've been working on a new helmet.