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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    No I just missed his contributions to the thread since this thread has kinda went off the rails I just helped it some more! All in jest of course!
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Just because Teal can't I did!
  3. yes I just have not completed all the teams I will though if I can find the time & creative juices I have a primary for all but 1 team & most for everything else.
  4. WINNIPEG WOLVES Founded 1937 Based In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Home Field Investors Group Field Head Coach Wayne Giordano General Manager Wayne Giordano Owner(s) Winnipeg Wolves Football Club (Community Shared Owned) Colours Brown, Gold, & White Canada's Cup 3 2017 Season: Winnepeg's season can be described in one word as disappointing. The 7-11 season started out so well with a 4-2 record with big wins over defending champion Regina but finished with a 3-9 record including five straight losses. QB Anthony Brady was in & out of the lineup which led to backup QB Ricky Belzer having a pretty good year. Offseason: Its been a really quiet offseason except for QB Ricky Belzer re upped his deal to stay with the team.
  5. VANCOUVER CRUSADERS Founded 1949 Based In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Home Field BC Place Head Coach Kent McMahan General Manager Mike Benning Owner(s) Ed Fraley Colours Red, Blue, & White Canada's Cup 4 2017 Season: Vancouver suffered one of the worst seasons in franchise history going 3-15. QB Malcolm Jones missed the all but just a few minutes of the season. RB Curtis Logan was out the last eight games as well. A real season to forget. Offseason: GM Eric Walters was fired during the season they hire Mike Benning and he immediately fired Ron Patrick & replaced him with Ottawas defensive coordinator Kent McMahan. He hired Chris Stephenson as offensive coordinator away from Hamilton and also brought in former Montreal head coach Pete Mueller to run the defense. Benning is shopping around DB Shaq Lee to any and all suitors.
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I really miss the guy/girl! I assumed he/she must have been really young but maybe not...
  7. TORONTO TOROS Founded 1882 Based In Toronto, Ontario, Canada Home Field BMO Field Head Coach Marcellus Reed General Manager Ray Armstrong Owner(s) Northtel Communications & Ray Armstrong(minority owner) Colours Toronto Blue, Gray, & White Canada's Cup 11 2017 Season: The Toros missed the playoffs by one game going 8-9-1 but did beat tie the eventual champions Calgary. QB Donald Graves had another season where he missed several games due to injury. The 40 year old is contemplating retirement. RB Travon Sutton had a nice year with 1,569 all purpose yards and 11 total TD's. The defense was really good & kept them in some games with Solomon Mitchell in the running for MOP on defense. Offseason: Former Vancouver head coach Ron Patrick was brought in to run the offense with former Hamilton head coach Tim Kelly as the defensive coordinator. Armstrong brought in QB Cory Finnerty as a replacement for Graves if he retires. Finnerty has had success in the MLF Spring League with the Orlando Suns before coming on board last year with Atlantic.
  8. REGINA RAIDERS Founded 1903 Based In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Home Field Mosiac Stadium At Taylor Field Head Coach Michael Jones General Manager David Kilmer Owner(s) Regina Raiders Football Club (Community Shared Owned) Colours Silver, Green, & White Canada's Cup 5 2017 Season: The 2016 Canada's Cup victors turned in another solid season at 12-6 but lost in the first round of the playoffs. QB Leon Joseph was not the problem has he had another solid season with 4,525 yards 21 TD's and 9 Int's. RB JJ Koons coming over from Calgary really filled the spot vacated by Jerome Scott's departure. WR Terrance Watt was out for the season and they really missed his big play ability. The defense was still solid led by All-Pro DL Darius Adams. Offseason: No major changes.
  9. OTTAWA CAPITALS Founded 1891 Based In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Home Field TD Place Head Coach Matt Dutton General Manager Stan Bruno Owner(s) Robert Harvey Colours Black, Red , & White Canada's Cup 5 2017 Season: After hiring Matt Dutton to be head coach things were expected to go up but a 9-9 season followed. They did make the playoffs but QB Danny Graziano struggled down the stretch throwing 18 total interceptions with only 17 total TD's. RB Andre Moore is still the go to player on this team he had 12 total TD's. The defense was a force all season long with DE Demetris Jefferson & LB Adam Munoz doing it all. Offseason: The defense is expected to be even better this year with Cam Spencer coming over from Toronto to run the defense. However they will have to replace DB Quentin Phillips who signed with Montreal.
  10. MONTREAL MONARCHS Founded 1957 Based In Montreal, Quebec, Canada Home Field Memorial Stadium Head Coach Kit Cameron General Manager Andre Julian Owner(s) Jim Bergman Colours Montreal Blue & Gold Canada's Cup 5 2017 Season: The Monarchs have been the worst team in the league for 5 years with the past year being the best of all but they still only went 6-12. Marquel Kenner had is best year at QB after coming over from Calgary. DE Adrian WIllis is still the most effective player on the team. Offseason: The offseason has had a lot of changes with Bergman firing GM Kyle Young & hiring Andre Julian. Julian then went and hired former Vancouver head coach & current Regina offensive coordinator Kit Cameron to lead the franchise back to respectability. Julian then traded for back up QB Deontey Bishop from Ottawa. Cameron hired two first time coordinators in former QB Tony Barrett for offense and Ronald Embree for defense.
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I could handle a thinner version of stripes on the pants & jersey but no to the helmet... I really do not mind the new jerseys but I cannot say I like them either but I will give them a pass because the helmet was the worst design in the history of the NFL & everyone involved should have gotten a firm beating for letting them see the light of day... just kidding... maybe...
  12. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    nor will you ever its one of the worst decisions in design history. the only other thing that annoys me more is the cut off pant stripe that abruptly ends for no reason see CFL for reference. Not of fan of the bucs & jags current stripe either.
  13. HAMILTON HUSKIES Founded 1948 Based In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Home Field Tim Hortons Field Head Coach Adam Ferrari General Manager Dave Huff Owner(s) Bob Weston Colours Green & Yellow Canada's Cup 8 2017 Season: After losing in the 2016 Cup Final 30-33 to Regina the Huskies felt like they would walk away champions especially after having the best record in the league at 13-5. QB Kerry Allen had another outstanding season with 33 TD's & was named the Most Outstanding Player but threw three interceptions in the East Final loss to Atlantic 28-36. The were able to overcome the loss of Anthony Bell with the pick up of Jerome Scott but he was not available in the playoffs with a ACL injury in the second to last game. WR Cory Smith did solidify himself as one of the best at his position with 85 catches for 1322 yards & 9 TD's. The defense was a solid group let by All-CFA Paul Trembley. Offseason: Jay D'Orazio was brought in as offensive coordinator when Chris Stephenson left for Vancouver. There has been some talk of a trade of Kerry Allen because they are unsure if they can resign him.
  14. EDMONTON OUTLAWS Founded 1945 Based In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Home Field The Brick Field At Commonwealth Stadium Head Coach Tom O'Donnell General Manager John Hunter Owner(s) Edmonton Outlaws Football Club (Community Shared Owned) Colours Outlaw Orange, Black, & White Canada's Cup 10 2017 Season: The season was a roller coaster ride with losing 5 straight then winning 4 straight to close the season at 10-8. The upset of Regina in the playoffs just continued it. This team has been consistent with no real changes to the core players. Dave Peterson again had a strong season with 4,824 yards with 19 TD's & 11 Int's. The big surprise of was WR Mike Morin catching 115 balls for 1,233 yards & 8 TD's. The defense once again was strong led by DE Byron Barnette's 12 sacks. Offseason: No real big offseason moves.