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  1. I am guessing you really dont care anymore, right?
  2. I think tonight we will have the World Womens Championship & World Tag Titles (hoping they bring back the old design to go with IC title) on Smackdown to start to come to fruition with Natalya & Becky Lynch @ Summer Slam & Ready, Willing, & Gable vs Breezango at Summer Slam....
  3. Finn Balor is a star... he has it I hope he stays healthy... I like the universal championship... I still think the cruiserweight should have went to smack down & the women should just be on Raw... I really enjoyed tonight's show here is hoping for more...
  4. Their entire identity is a shame right now but especially that awful helmet. At least we are talking about Jax I guess that is what they want.
  5. I think the helmet is tons better than what they have now. I just hate their current logo so I would not be in favor of anything with that on it. The spotted helmet if you wanted to go black & gold that would be the way only way to do it to distinguish yourself.
  6. I would gladly take this over what we got for a helmet! Can we get back to topic here!
  7. No way is the Chargers a futile organization. If you said Cleveland, Detroit, Jacksonville then sure. All of these teams would love to switch records with the Chargers since the Spanos family took over in 1984 I would say Houston, Tennessee, Oakland, Kansas City, Miami, & New York Jets would all switch records with them as well. I am sure there are others I might be missing.
  8. I actually think this can be a good thing because with it being live you can treat both shows equal. I guess we are getting ready to see some dissension between Steph & Shane. I just wish they would compete for signing a wrestler instead of just random drafts.
  9. I do not get why Reigns is so hated to me it just does not make sense. He is not the problem at all the only problem with WWE is the crappy story telling which leads to the lack of big angles that hook you. I think that WWE has the most talented roster maybe ever but are failing where it always matters most which is the story telling. I think they missed big by not having the club turn into something & costing AJ the title. I am hoping they set up Finn Balors arrival last night with AJ & The Club. Word is there are big plans for Styles I am sure I am not the only one hoping for a match with Rollins.
  10. Also Undertaker started using the last Ride in 99' I think & did so during the Biker gimmick. I think the Tombstone was even banned but could be wrong.
  11. The wrestling to me in WWE is really good no problem there as far as am concerned but these two are not very strong for WWE & has not been since WCW closed.
  12. WWE is nowhere near the worst it has been... the mid 90's was a whole lot harder to watch than now even some of the late 2000's were to me a lot worse than it is now.... Of course I am not nearly as upset as most that Roman Reigns is champion... I think they are some real high spots for the company right now they just do not have a real direction which is the main problem they have had for several years....
  13. And the worst part is Ryan Leaf is as wrong about Reigns being a terrible wrestler as he was at hitting WR's in the NFL! People can hate the guy if they want but he is not a bad wrestler. He is actually a good in ring performer, has a great look and if booked properly could be one of the biggest stars in wrestling! I watched Smackdown last night & many grown adult men were cheering him in that crowd.
  14. Not sure who did this logo but it looks a little like Davidson's work. Whoever did it I wish the NFL would have let them do the Panthers & Jaguars logos they would be so much better.
  15. Great Job on this Zion I have always like your work!