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  1. You are aware of the Jags helmet right! That makes the Rams look like the best dressed of the NFL.
  2. They are making AJ face right now for sure by doing this! Any chance Shane will be booed out of the building. The story makes zero sense. Randy gives up the spot two weeks earlier then all of the sudden out of nowhere burns the Wyatt Compound. To make matters worse they give Randy the shot after he turned it down! Just do not get it & I know it is wrestling but still come on man!
  3. I agree totally I think Luke Harper is great but World Championship material I dont think so... Sami Zayn does nothing for me but a masked Sami fighting the odds might... He just does not have the "It" factor. Cody Rhodes had it all but great size but it could have been overlooked. BBVT I am glad you have finally seen AJ Styles like I have seen him for years... I always been a fan of the guy since I saw him in WCW years ago in a tag team called "Air Raid" with Air Paris.
  4. Glad to see this keep going here! One of the few things on here I follow. Great work Veras on this league makes me wish the MLF was going on in here but just don't have the time.
  5. She is 17 & interested in football but I did not think she knows much about the Chargers other than I have talked about how I like the powder blue uniforms. I am sure she heard they moved to LA but recognized it as a Chargers logo quickly.
  6. I don't really think it does get lost I think it is subtle enough which I like but recognizable as well. I showed the logo to my daughter on here without even telling her what it was or anything she guessed right away it was for the chargers. She loved it before I even told her I created it! I did try to do what you suggested early on I did not like it at all.
  7. Thanks I appreciate the kind words! When I first saw the new abandoned logo I had something like this in mind it just took me a minute once I had time to flesh it out!
  8. Here it is on a coaches polo & t-shirt. Really looks good on the merchandise!
  9. That is great here is my take on an LA Logo for them! You can see the rest here
  10. I updated the caps to make the logo bigger I kinda did those in a rush before I posted!
  11. Thanks feel free to post yours I would be glad to see it
  12. I thought I throw my hat into the ring on the LA Chargers logo. I love this color scheme so I wanted to see what I could come up with. I wanted to make this more inline with the Bolt logo. I would never want them to change their branding I love it. A few tweaks here or there but nothing major.
  13. Its not dead last but it is close but agree with the rest!
  14. To me this argument to change makes no sense the colors would be close but no way anyone mistakes the two teams!
  15. IMHO The Force Awakens was far superior but if your a Star Wars fan you will at least like Rogue One but it is way down the list of my favorites it is just ahead of the prequels for me...