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  1. I think lake blue should only be an accent color for the Cards. So the white jersey numbers should be red with blue outline and I would definitely ditch the blue pants. I think having the set be white on red on blue is really clustered. The blue pants could work with the white set, but I'd rather see a set of white pants. Also I dont think the cardinal beak should be red, it gets lost in the logo, maybe try white or grey? Bears look good though, I second the other comment about having a black outline on the grey jerseys numbers. Other than that they look great!
  2. That white hat for Sask is gorgeous! My only real gripe with them is the Prairie Sox word mark on the jersey. It's off balance and the Sox part is in a really weird spot. Not really sure how id fix it though. Maybe eliminate the word Prairie and just use Sox (like the white sox do)?
  3. GDLions

    BellaSpurs vs The NFL (Titans Update Added)

    Not bad. Few things I would change... The thin white stripe on the helmet should be light blue. Drop the lines inside the numbers or change the font. The main font is very rounded and smooth, but the inner lines are very square with sharp corners and don't blend well. You need a second color for pants. The home unis would always be white on light blue on navy and to me that looks like a mess.
  4. Ok the presentation here is awesome. Love the little touch of putting the logo with the other team logos for the area. Boston is nice, the logo is fun and the colors are a nice mix of local teams. Funny how those colors are mostly associated with Seattle and thats the other team you pair it with lol. Seattle is fantastic. Love the color scheme, that dark brown is beautiful. Really like the secondary logo too. My only minor complaint is that aside from the hem stripes and a slight thickness difference in the stripes, these two teams jerseys are very similar. Still an awesome start to this series!
  5. Oh man I am excited about this! The team names and logos look unique and interesting too! Pumped to follow this!
  6. GDLions

    Fresh NBA Concepts | Phoenix Suns (5/30)

    My god! The Pacers set is insane! It's an original idea thats perfectly done, bravo!
  7. GDLions

    NHL 19 Concepts (Responses Needed)

    You really need to give us more. Is this the WHA bulls or the ECHL bulls? Why did you make the choices you did? What's wrong with the current set etc. Help us understand why you feel this is an upgrade. I think the logo is too modern for such a classic looking Jersey set. I also think the logo should be red so it doesnt get lost on the home set. Also you should know that most members of these forums frown on the use of video game create a teams for concepts. I dont mind it personally, but your post wont get a lot of attention.
  8. GDLions

    NHL 19 Concepts (Responses Needed)

    You should probably write a little description about your concept. It's hard to judge it or give feedback without knowing what it's supposed to be. Do they have a name? Is it an expansion NHL team? A rebrand? That said, the unis are nice. Pretty simple and safe, but I know the game can be limiting. Seems like the logo gets a little lost on the homes. Other than that they're ok.
  9. GDLions

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Cowboys look good. Love the silver you gave them, super unique and a color they could own. I agree that the stripes do stop kind of abruptly, but this is still a fun take on the Boys. Also the white pants are fire dude, that silver on white on white would be one of the best looks in football.
  10. GDLions

    National Hockey Federation

    That All-Star game logo is really cool. Love how you worked in Baltimores logo.
  11. GDLions

    National Hockey Federation

    PHI - I like the home Jersey, but the logo gets lost on the sand colored away. Also dont care for the shiny silver horse shoe on a pretty classic styled Jersey. POR - super clean set. Looks great. Not sure about the number font. Looks really cool, just not sure it fits the style of the uniforms. QUE - love this look! Not sure how the people will feel though considering the rivalry with MON lol. ROC - Dont care for this set. All the different colored panels dont work great IMO. Also I think the home should be red. I do really like the font, especially for a modern looking team. SAS - These are beautiful! Absolutely love the yellow "C" great touch. One of my favorites so far. SEA - these are almost there. The away set is great, but the home needs a few things. The large white stripe by the collar is too big and the numbers need a green outline instead of white. Looks good other than that. WIN - I really like these! Unique colors and stripping make them stand out. Not a huge fan of the number font though. Seems very minor league to me. Looking forward to the full sets!
  12. GDLions

    Some NFL Concepts in MS Paint (LIONS and BENGALS)

    Pretty standard Raiders concept. That's not a knock at all, it's done really well. The white pants are an interesting choice, you dont see that for them often but looks good. The bears are great, love the stripes!
  13. GDLions

    National Hockey Federation

    Wow these are really nice! Especially that white one. I think the numbers and logo are a little big, no names on the back is an interesting choice. Feels a little empty on the back, but its unique and I like that. Well done on these. Probably my second favorite set, behind Boston.
  14. GDLions

    National Hockey Federation

    I'm pumped for pants and socks haha. I found myself going "is Boston wearing black or red pants!? What about Miami?! Black? Teal?" Hahahaha LV is probably my least favorite so far. The logo seems very static and simple, especially compared to the others you've done here. Personally I'd like to see some white on the home jersey to help break it up some. If you dont want to do that I would at least add a yellow outline to the numbers and NOB. Also just personal preference but I dont like that shade of yellow, it reminds me of the Atlanta Hawks, but that's just me. I do think a white away would be a better look for color balance, but I'm sure you went colord because the logo gets lost on a white Jersey. Really looking forward to the updates and the rest of the teams! (Also already hoping for expansion lol)
  15. GDLions

    National Hockey Federation

    Boston looks great! The logo is interesting too, not sure if it's on purpose but if you rotate it 90 degrees it makes a "B" as well. I know it would kinda look like a 3, but with it being Boston i think it would read right. Pretty cool that you can use the primary as a secondary lol. Miami is nice. Unique color scheme. Good that you kept the mustard and real away from each other. The logo is ok, not a big fan of the grey with it not being in the actual color scheme and the large black rectangle on his side makes it blocky. Maybe try tapering it with the shape of the shark, I think that will give it some more movement.