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  1. rumored MLS 2006 addidas kits

    As an American living in the UK, I would desperately love to see the MLS become a viable league. I get loads of crap by all my workmates about "SOCCER". That said, until something is done to pump more money into the league, all the MLS will be is a sad imitation of Coca Cola Championship (the old 1st Division) football in the UK. It pains me to say this but a team of current MLS all stars would struggle against the likes of Reading, Leeds United or Sheffield United. Simple fact is that MLS will never be a top attraction in the US until world class players wanted to play there. Simple fact is that until you can show those top flight players the cash, it wont happen. The MLS doesnt have the money because it doesnt have the cash to splash about like the Euro teams. Why is that? Simply put, football / soccer does not lend itself well to American television. There are not breaks every 10 minutes so you dont get a round of commercials. No commercials = cheap broadcast rights. So what do you do? You put sponsorship on the shirts, not team names. Do you think that Manchester United are hurting in the shirt sales department because it says Vodafone on the shirt? Hell no. Do you think anybody mistakes them for Vodafone United? Not a chance. The two compliment each other nicely. I never tried Chang beer until they popped up on Evertons gear. It is pretty good beer I must say. Emirates is a heck of an airline and Chelsea are a heck of a team... etc etc... So instead of "Earthquakes" accross the front of the kit, why not "Apple" or "Google"? Instead of DC United, why not "United Airlines"? FC Dallas? American Airlines and the list goes on. Big money advertisers get 90 minutes of brand exposure, the league gets cash and the big name players get going to the States. If you are a David Beckham, would you not want to play on the biggest media stage in the world that is New York or Los Angeles? Solve the cash crisis and the big names will come. If the big names come, the crowds and fan support will follow. Then the networks jump on board and VOILA!! You have a viable football league that can compete against the likes of Seria A, Spanish First Division, the Bundesliga and of course, the Premiership. Just my £.02!
  2. World Cup 2006 Shirts

    Last I checked in the FIFA rankings, the US was 7th.