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  1. Big loss for the Isles tonight. But Josh Hi-Sang has been a pleasure to watch, even today when he was kept off the scoresheet. If he keeps this up, he'll have everyone forgetting about TJ Brodie and Yanick Dupree and the rest of those guys who wore 66 before he did.
  2. The rule is that a team doesn't have to put someone in the box to serve an ejected player's major right away, they can put someone in after a stoppage to serve out the remainder of the penalty. I think I've seen it happen twice before, where a team makes a strategic decision to delay putting anyone in the box right away (so they won't have 2 guys unavailable for a full 5 minutes) but they don't get a chance to have someone serve the remainder of the penalty because there were no stoppages during the later half of the power play. It was a risky move by Toronto, but it certainly isn't on the refs. Edit: it's rule 20.3 for those playing at home.
  3. At this point, the Islanders and Lightning have a better shot of catching Boston than Toronto. Especially since the Bruins' next two games are vs. Tampa Bay and at Brooklyn.
  4. They can't give up a home date at MSG without risking the arena's tax-exempt status.
  5. The NHL really wanted to get one in New York City, and the Rangers are obviously the big draw of the three teams in the area. The problem is they're not allowed to give up a home game without risking millions of dollars in tax breaks (the Islanders and Devils don't have that issue with their leases, which is why those teams served as hosts at the games at Chase Headley Stadium a few years back). So to get the Rangers in a Winter Classic in New York, the options are Rangers at Islanders, Rangers at Devils, or Rangers "at" someone else. Apparently the league decided that the Sabres would be a bigger draw for NBC than the Isles or Devils, and since the Sabres play in New York State, having them serve as the home team on Long Island wouldn't be as big a stretch as, say, the Flyers or Caps or Bruins even though those teams are closer to Queens than Buffalo is. The league will spin it as a nod to the 10th anniversary of the first Winter Classic in Buffalo, but that's BS. (It's possible that the city and MSG worked something out allowing the Rangers to serve as the home team, but I haven't heard anything like that. And if that were the case, I'd image they would've picked a sexier opponent than the Sabres since they wouldn't have to make a case for an out-of-town team serving as the home team.)
  6. It's a typo. It will be Rangers-Sabres. Because if any team should host a Winter Classic on Long Island, it should be the Sabres (the Rangers' lease doesn't allow them to give up a home game, and it's not like there's a team on Long Island with a star player and history).
  7. I really don't get the NHL's postponement policy. Today's blizzard turned out to be much weaker than expected. The Jets made it to Newark overnight. Yet tonight's Winnipeg-Devils game has been postponed. But I can't count how many times Long Island was hit with over a foot of snow with county and state officials begging people to stay off the roads yet the Islanders game had to go on because both teams were in town. I'm not saying tonight's game shouldn't have been called off; I'm just miffed at all the times I had to drive out to the Coliseum in much worse conditions because the league refused to call the game even though the team and town, county, and state wanted them to.
  8. I went to school in Pittsburgh. Great city, nice people. But my time there made me hate their sports teams.
  9. I met Gino Odjick when my high school had a trip to an Isles game! I have his autograph somewhere unless it didn't survive my latest move.
  10. I see your point, but a bunch of players have worn 77 without anyone worrying about Ray Bourque or Paul Coffey's legacy. Doug Weight said he wore 93 and Doug Gilmour didn't care. And I don't remember any outrage (maybe there was some, I honestly don't remember) when Liam O'Brien first wore 87 for the Caps.
  11. This "controversy" is beyond stupid. I guess Justin Schultz shouldn't wear #4 for the Penguins since that was Bobby Orr's number.
  12. He also ran the bases with a weighted ball in his pocket. Suck it, DH people.
  13. So sorry dude. I was the same way when it was time for our family dogs. Two of them had to be put down and I couldn't bring myself to go when it was time; the rest of my family went. The other died in his sleep, my mom asked me if I wanted to say goodbye and I couldn't do that either. I had work a few hours after one was put to sleep and I had to wear sunglasses because I was crying like a 10-year-old girl. Luckily it was outdoors so I didn't look too weird. Here's hoping for the best!