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  1. The DH needs to go the way of the other innovations of its era like Astroturf, cookie-cutter stadiums, sansabelt pants, and Charlie Finley's orange baseballs.
  2. Just saw this. Strangis and Thorne (along with Chris Cuthbert and Jiggs) will fill in on some Kings broadcasts since Bob Miller is cutting back on road games. Also, Strangis was on Press Your Luck.
  3. Because pitchers can hit and the DH is stupid.
  4. I'm pretty sure they were on WFAN during the playoffs unless the John Sterling-Suzyn Waldman Clown Hour was on, in which case they were moved to WCBS. That might not have been an option here since the Devils and Nets use WCBS as their overflow station when the other is on WFAN. WRCN should make up for WNYM's weak nighttime signal if it's an issue. When I lived in Suffolk, I got their signal just fine.
  5. Hey, the Islanders won't be on NPR this year! 30 games will be on WFAN (they also have the Devils and Nets) , the other 52 will be on WNYM which apparently exists and airs right-wing talk radio and Syracuse football. Hofstra radio will still be simulcasting in Nassau, as will WRCN in Suffolk.
  6. My team lost, but what an entertaining game to watch.
  7. I don't get why the single team package costs more than the full package. But whatever.
  8. I'm not sure, but these guys ordered the Pirates single team package of and only got the Pirates feed: I would guess that would work the same way since MLBAM is running their show. That's just a guess though. Your best bet might be to wait for the season to start and check out the twitters to see what people are saying, since it's the first full season for MLBAM. Or you can try twittering them at NHLTVSupport if you haven't already.
  9. And that's that. Wild card game in Flushing on Wednesday.
  10. Syndergaard's going to start tomorrow no matter what. If the game is meaningless, he will throw around 25 pitches and go home. The only way tomorrow's game would be for home-field only (I think) would be if the Cardinals lose today, the Mets blow this lead to the Phillies, and the Giants beating the Dodgers. And in that case, if Collins pitches Syndergaard for more than those 25 pitches, he should be fired. (The Mets have the tiebreaker over the Giants.) EDIT: And now they've done the smart thing and aren't even fooling around with the 25 pitches. He'll just throw a bullpen tomorrow.
  11. So are 99 and 85. Anyway, a team that has had 5 different guys wear #57 and 4 different guys wear #50 in one season shouldn't be banning any number.
  12. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't retire so many numbers. What looks more gimmicky, a guy wearing 0 or having your starting RF wearing 99 and your starting pitcher wear 85?
  13. Zero is definitely allowed in MLB, but it wouldn't surprise me if that team banned it. Hell, Bob Sheppard refused to call zero a number when introducing visiting players wearing 0. He would say something like "batting eighth, zero, Rey Ordonez, zero" instead of the usual "pitching, number 38, Dave Mlicki, number 38". Not only is zero a number, its development was one of the most important events in the history of mathematics. Bob Sheppard can suck it.
  14. Actual NYC Parks Department comment: NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.
  15. Don't shoot the messenger! I totally agree.