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  1. Because the college baseball season starts in February, when it's usually too cold for outdoor baseball in Minnesota. Starting the season in a dome allows them to play more home games than most northern schools. I believe they play the second half of their season at an on-campus outdoor stadium once it gets a little warmer.
  2. Life has just really kicked ol' cmm in the nuts repeatedly the last few weeks. 2017 can suck it.
  3. The Islanders are no longer butt.
  4. I think each team will still have one bye week. But they won't be spread out like they were this season. So half of the teams will all be taking their byes on, say, February 1-5 and the other half will have theirs from February 11-15.
  5. They're common enough that the trade-off of saving a few seconds here and there isn't worth it. A more effective rule would be to limit or eliminate catchers visiting the mound to talk to the pitcher. Call it the Jorge Posada rule. (YANKEE SLAM! The season has officially started!)
  6. Are we really going to make a major rule change to shave 20 seconds off every other game?
  7. Being forced to move...anyone in NY need a roommate?
  8. If this was MLB's primary concern, they wouldn't schedule night games when a team has a game in another city the next day.
  9. You read it here! Or at least in the hot stove thread.
  10. The owners won't approve of a 26th roster spot until the players agree to reform the September roster rules. It looked like something would happen on both fronts during the recent CBA negotiations but they couldn't agree and left the status quo.
  11. Just like with automatic intentional walks, this is trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. There were a whopping 14 games last year that went 14 innings or longer. Out of 2,428 (two games were cancelled and not made up). That's 0.58%. There were another 18 that went 13 innings. So are we going to turn extra innings into MLB's version of 3-on-3 overtime because 1.32% of the time the game goes 13 innings or longer? If they want to do something like that in the low minors where they limit pitcher usage and don't want position players pitching every time the game goes extra innings, fine. But there's no way they should do this at the big league level.
  12. Just for the record, the Isles organ guy played "Brass Bonanza" at the game tonight. Either because they were playing Carolina or because he has a great sense of humor.
  13. Also black isn't a team color. Also it's an ugly jersey. The 1997-2001 Mets were a lot of fun. 1997 felt like they finally turned the corner and became respectable again. They were alive until game 162 in 1998 (I still have nightmares about Jay Payton's baserunning that last weekend). They finally made the playoffs again in 1999, and won the pennant in 2000. They were 10 games under .500 in late August 2001 but got red hot in September to get right back in the race, capped off by that Piazza homer at Shea, before the wheels came off that last week. There was also 2006, where maybe if they had a healthy Pedro Martinez and El Duque, they could've beaten the Cardinals and won another pennant. There are a lot of good memories from this era. But none of that makes this a good look. It's an even worse look for a team never had black as part of its color scheme. And it's even worse when that team's color scheme was chosen for a specific reason (blue from the Brooklyn Dodgers, orange from the New York Giants). They were a good team in a bad jersey that I hope to only see again in highlight videos and never on the field.
  14. The Cubs and White Sox played a couple of exhibition games against each other in 1981 before the season restarted from the strike.