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  1. So are 99 and 85. Anyway, a team that has had 5 different guys wear #57 and 4 different guys wear #50 in one season shouldn't be banning any number.
  2. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't retire so many numbers. What looks more gimmicky, a guy wearing 0 or having your starting RF wearing 99 and your starting pitcher wear 85?
  3. Zero is definitely allowed in MLB, but it wouldn't surprise me if that team banned it. Hell, Bob Sheppard refused to call zero a number when introducing visiting players wearing 0. He would say something like "batting eighth, zero, Rey Ordonez, zero" instead of the usual "pitching, number 38, Dave Mlicki, number 38". Not only is zero a number, its development was one of the most important events in the history of mathematics. Bob Sheppard can suck it.
  4. Actual NYC Parks Department comment: NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.
  5. Don't shoot the messenger! I totally agree.
  6. I turned on the Mets radio pregame show late, but they were interviewing a DBack (probably Chip Hale) and he said they were probably going to tweak their jerseys to make the names and/or numbers more legible. Not sure if this is old news or not.
  7. Maybe the medical issue was with Nimmo after all. He stays with the Mets. Dilson Herrera, the best player to ever wear number 2 in New York baseball history, goes to the Reds. Good luck, Dilson. #re2pect
  8. Correct, it wasn't Bruce and it wasn't Nimmo from what I've seen.
  9. I believe you mean like Danny Davis fixing the match for, and then joining, the Hart Foundation. (I'm old.)
  10. Baseball needs a Jorge Pee-hands Posada rule to limit the number of times a catcher can make a visit to the mound. And they should also make a rule against peeing on your hands.
  11. I always thought that the Shea chop shops would be a great place for the Islanders. It's much more accessible for Islanders fans. When I used to live in Suffolk, I'd get home around 10:30-10:45 after Isles games at the Coliseum and around 11:00-11:15 after Mets games. I would've gotten home after midnight taking the train to Barclays. It's also accessible from the city with the 7 train and the LIRR from Penn. Getting to Citi Field from LI via train is a bit of a pain if you don't live on the Port Washington line (it's actually easier to get to Barclays), but I'd imagine most fans would be driving. But the even better part about an Islanders arena near Citi Field is that there wouldn't be room for a soccer stadium there for New York (AL) Football Club Soccer Team FC NY City. That said, I doubt it will happen.
  12. I was expecting news about the Islanders talking to the Mets about a Willets Point arena here. I should read full topic titles.
  13. They had to take that game off the Citi Field out-of-town scoreboard because they can only fit 19 runs. Also, I saw Tank at the game! Worlds were colliding.
  14. I rooted against Team USA in the first World Baseball Classic. There was no way I was going to root for a team with Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, and Yeah Jeets. If that makes me a bad American, so be it.
  15. Yes I do. But it's the Yankees' call to stop the game to sing God Bless America. And it's the Yankees' call to have their grounds crew stand and do nothing during the song, and then once it ends to finally start putting the kitty litter on the mound, which delayed Luke Jackson's warmup even more. And I'm pretty sure the Yankees had the most input in the pregame delay. It used to be up to the umpires when a team was making its last trip into a city, but I think that changed once teams stopped making multiple trips into non-divisional cities. And it was Girardi's fault for coming out to complain in the 9th inning when the rain had been falling at the same rate as it had for the prior few innings.