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  1. They've asked for, and received, permission to talk to Gallant. It's just too bad Garth Snow wasn't fired today, too.
  2. It's hard to believe Capuano and Al Arbour are the only Isles coaches to last for at least 3 full seasons.
  3. I agree with all of those, except possibly New York. In general, if a team's dark jersey is the same color as their pants, I prefer their white jerseys.
  4. From the Dempsey field goal game:
  5. Looks like the Bills were another team that did it in the regular season. These are both from 1970 (I believe), week 1 hosting Denver and week 5 against the Dolphins.
  6. 1977 Divisional Playoff, Steelers @ Broncos
  7. True, but the East divisions were both red and the West were both blue. This time around each has its own color and instead of generic red and blue, each is in a current or former Kings color. I can see each division having a Kings-inspired jersey.
  8. Just saw on NBCSN. Hopefully each division gets its own jersey this year.
  9. Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen are All-Stars. Way to go, Garth Snow.
  10. No Islander mime costumes next year!
  11. The NFL let the Oilers play in 41,000-seat Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville after having crappy attendance at the bigger Liberty Bowl in Memphis. If they plan on having two lame-duck seasons in Oakland and the first is a disaster, I'd imagine the NFL would have no problem letting them play at Sam Boyd. Though we are getting ahead of ourselves here.
  12. This video has been making the rounds lately and I can't stop watching it.
  13. Shocker. Tom Wilson with a dirty hit.
  14. My mother's aunt (by marriage, so not a blood relative...I think) was somehow related to the guy who played Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown.