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  1. Was led to believe that I would be getting a promotion, but my really good friend got it instead. So now I'm upset that I didn't get the job and even more upset that I'm upset, if that makes sense. I should be really thrilled for him--and if my supervisor never suggested that I would be getting it, I would be. He probably deserves it as much as I do, and like I said, he's become one of my best friends. But when he was going through training at the office tonight, I kept thinking that it should be me (or even both of us, since we had two managers leave recently but they're apparently only adding one). And I feel like crap for thinking that. I want to know what happened, but I'm not going to say anything; I don't want to risk hurting my buddy's feelings if he finds out I'm disappointed I didn't get his gig. I value his friendship more than the job. But if there was any chance at all that I wasn't going to get the promotion, my boss should've either said so or kept his mouth shut and not gotten me excited about it. Guess I won't be able to quit any of the 3 jobs I'm currently working at any time soon.
  2. The (minor) chatacter Frank Thomas played in Mr. Baseball, the Tom Selleck playing baseball in Japan movie.
  3. That's horrible news. Loved that guy when he played here.
  4. I can understand Richards' reluctance to go under the knife for Tommy John. The rehab is very long--what, 18 months minimum?--and the results aren't guaranteed. (And what's the line about minor surgery? It's only minor when it's happening to someone else, or something like that?) Richards had the stem cell dealie less than a year ago and he was back on a big league mound tonight. And initial reports are that he left with a biceps cramp, not an elbow injury, so no need to hit the panic button just yet.
  5. It was a news crew. You can kind of see the microphone and mic flag in the corner.
  6. Pretty sure this was at Secaucus Junction, where they have tracks E, F, G, and H, for those of you scoring at home.
  7. He made it to the game.
  8. (nothing to see here, posted in another thread)
  9. Thanks to the horrible rule that is the DH, piece of human garbage Roger Clemens, with the help of Joe "Clemens was a headhunter when he was in Toronto but now that he's on my team he's not" Torre, was able to put off having to hit against Mets pitchers after drilling Mike Piazza in the head and then throwing a broken bat at him a couple of months later in the World Series. When he finally had to bat, Shawn Estes threw at him...but missed because the 2002 Mets couldn't do anything right. But then this happened.
  10. The Blue Jackets are 9-0-0 at home on Tuesdays this season.
  11. Michal Neuvirth just collapsed on the ice. Scary stuff. He showed some movement though and is being taken off on a stretcher.
  12. If--and it's a huge if--there's a viable stadium plan in Montreal (and probably Vancouver too), then there's a very real chance they'll get a Major League team. MLB expansion isn't imminent (especially with the Oakland and Tampa Bay stadium situations), but Manfred has said he sees expansion in the not too distant future, and he has been on the record supporting international expansion, specifically mentioning Montreal (and Mexico City). He recently mentioned Las Vegas as another viable expansion/relocation market so it wouldn't be a slam dunk. But Montreal and probably Vancouver would be seriously considered if they have their ducks in a row.
  13. Arena that was renovated: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum presented by New York Community Bank
  14. For Madison Square Garden, via the Rangers' site: I'm guessing Garden vs Gardens was just a style choice.
  15. And what a hypocrite Mario Lemieux is.