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  1. Blackpool looks amazing. They really do need a new crest. The town CoA looks nice, but how do you market that as a sports logo? Doesn’t that symbol belong to the city?
  2. BigRed618

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    Love the ACSTL revival. Can I see how it would look in brown and orange?
  3. BigRed618

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    You see silver/grey used a lot in sports, but mostly as secondary colors or on an away baseball uniform to differentiate oneself from the home team, but as far as I know, the only team that wears grey as their main color is Minnesota United FC. If Im wrong, let me know.
  4. I’m just glad to see that Green Bay is getting more attention in the sports world. Outside of Lambeau Field, that is. They got this, an indoor football team, and a baseball team. Do they have hockey yet?
  5. BigRed618

    2019 MLB Changes

    I like this recent trend with ball teams making their main logos simple and to-the-point. That said, I would like to see the 1966-91 logo come back as a sleeve patch.
  6. First off, this is my first concept done on something besides Paint. I made this on MediBang instead. I’ve made a few concepts for this team before, and each time the theme is the same: An emblem that radiates Americana, nothing too ornate or "cresty" like you would expect from a European team. Something that would look almost as good on a football helmet or a baseball cap as it would on a soccer jersey. So, here it is... Taking some inspiration from the White Sox's old Batterman logo, I wanted to make something involving a simple, Olympic-style icon of a soccer player. It was going to be an NE monogram, but I had a hard time pulling it off without it looking like the New Era logo. Soon I decided to just make it an R for Revs. I wanted to include some kind of stars-and-stripes design, but I feared that would muddy things up. What do you think? Can you see New England's team using this? Or is there more I should do? What do you think of the "Kickerman?"
  7. BigRed618

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    Love the rebrand on Houston and the train-looking logo for Atlanta.
  8. BigRed618

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    I have mixed feelings about the Cosmos one. This means some other city gets cucked out of an expansion team because NY had to have three teams. I do like the Metrostars revival though.
  9. BigRed618

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    I wasn’t aware there were other sports logo sites besides Logoserver.
  10. BigRed618

    Football Reclamation Project

    Hard to imagine a Pittsburgh team wearing anything besides black and yellow... let alone purple and orange...
  11. BigRed618

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    It’s "Soccer Night"at Enterprise Center during tonight's Blues game. Word is there may some new scuttlebutt revealed pertaining to St. Louis' MLS bid. Some new stadium renderings, perhaps?
  12. BigRed618

    Denver Broncos 2021

    Hard to believe 2021 is only two years away. It still sounds like some far-off future year. Maybe because it’s in a different decade...
  13. BigRed618

    Rhino Logo

    Outline could be thicker on the horns, otherwise not bad.
  14. BigRed618

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    I hope they get someone else to do their logos. It’s Brandoise's fault this is even happening. If the Zephyrs never rebranded, or at least not into something idiotic like "Baby Cakes," and alienating their entire fan base, they would’ve stayed in New Orleans, which was their home for over 25 years, might I add.
  15. BigRed618

    New Animal Planet Logo

    I always figured the sideways M was supposed to resemble the jaws of some reptile, like a crocodile or a lizard. Anyway, I like the new logo. I don’t really mind the blue because it represents the planet Earth at least as much as green would.