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  1. I'd wear that white Chelsea shirt.
  2. That APL is one crazy list. I wish this was real. No matter where you'd be, you would never be far from a soccer stadium. I came up with a scenario of my own for MLS. In the near future, the league reaches 30 teams. Only then do they decide to give division play a chance. Here's how they would divvy them out... EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division New York Red Bulls New York City FC Montreal Impact New England Revolution Philadelphia Union Southeast Division DC United Orlando City SC Miami Flamingos Atlanta United FC Hampton Roads FC Neptune Great Lakes Division Chicago Fire Columbus Crew SC St. Louis FC Toronto FC Spirit of Detroit WESTERN CONFERENCE Heartland Division Sporting Kansas City Minnesota United FC FC Dallas Houston Dynamo San Antonio Rangers Cascadia Division Vancouver Whitecaps FC Seattle Sounders FC Portland Timbers Colorado Rapids Real Salt Lake Golden State Division Los Angeles Galaxy Los Angeles FC San Jose Earthquakes Sacramento Republic FC Las Vegas Eleven
  3. I knew you'd get a kick out of that Revs concept. I'll fix it up later, but for now, I want to do one more MLS concept... DC UNITED Current Concept (2013 version) I made this three years ago when DCU was still using that older logo from 1997. I just wanted something involving the DC flag. Recently the Red and Black came up with a new crest, which was an improvement over their old. I wanted to make yet another concept to try to beat it... Concept (2016 version) This is my newest DCU concept. Lately, I noticed, I've been drawing inspiration from other logos in other sports. This concept, for instance, might remind you of the American League logo, which also involves an eagle perched on a ball.
  4. I actually learned that there is some modicum of reason as to why the stars are placed like that. Look at those stars again. Notice how the tips touch each other in the center.
  5. NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION Current Concept I came up with this one with a little help from one of our more famous Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin. It's semi-common knowledge that he was not pleased with the decision to use the eagle as our country's symbol, going on to state that the turkey, being a "more respectable bird" and a true "Native of America," was a more appropriate choice. Reading his words inspired me to create a sports identity with a patriotic theme with the turkey as the centerpiece, just to see how that would look.
  6. Anyone remember Dewshine? That's basically Crystal Mtn Dew.
  7. ...But that IS what it is... At least that's what I was going for. I thought about doing that, but I was worried about making the logo too long. I figured if I made the state outline too realistic, it would lose some of that modern vibe. I'll give it a try, I guess.
  8. Thought I'd throw in my own idea of how Sin City's team should look. I don't have the jerseys sorted out yet, but I do have logos and a name... NEVADA NIGHTHAWKS First off, I would call them Nevada so people don't get turned off by the name Las Vegas. I used purple as their main color for color parity. Since the Kings went back to black and silver not long ago, there are now no purple teams in the NHL. The logo should be self-explanatory. There's a stealth fighter taking off against a night sky, all encased in a stylized profile of the Silver State. C&C appreciated.
  9. HOUSTON DYNAMO Current Concept For these guys, I brought on the tradition started by "Dynamo" teams in Europe by making their logo a big letter D, but with a cool, googie, retro-futuristic twist. What do you think?
  10. FC SANTA COLOMA Current Crest Concept Crest FCSC is not a well known club, but in the short 30 years they've existed, they became the strongest club the tiny nation of Andorra has to offer. The dove is an important symbol of the club and the town in which they play, so the bird stayed. Everything else has been simplified. Yellow was taken out because they traditionally wear white primary kits, with red or blue alternates. Sorry it took so long to come back to this. I've been busy with work the past couple months.
  11. It's the best one can do with what they got. Personally, they can go without the light blue altogether. Blue and orange would be a unique color scheme for MLS, and they'd look more like a New York team and less like Man City USA.
  12. Here's my take... The two blue parts represent the two Great Lakes that Wisconsin borders. The white field makes an arrow pointed "Forward," and the white represents the state's reputation as a leading dairy producer. The horn o' plenty is taken from the coat of arms, serving as a general emblem of the state, like Texas' Lone Star or Pennsylvania's keystone.
  13. Good start. I always imagined Fall River to be more of a green team, for some reason, and there is of course the question of whether it's acceptable to have firearms on your logo. I mean, if a certain basketball team isn't even allowed to call themselves the Bullets, then that should say something.
  14. Maybe make the bottom part of the crest orange so the heart is more visible?
  15. Here's an old concept I had for a new MLS logo, before they came up with their shield... The rounded hexagon is inspired by the panels on a soccer ball. The groovy shapes inside is actually a highly stylized map of North America, the red part being Canada, the blue being the US sans Alaska and Hawaii. I showed this before, but it wasn't well received.