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  1. AFC BOURNEMOUTH ...and now for that request from MontyK17. Here's their current crest... ...and here's my concept. Nothing fancy. Just something cherry-flavored, since their nickname is the Cherries.
  2. I'm working on it as we speak. In the meantime, here's another English team... BURTON ALBION FC Current: My concept: As you could probably guess, I was heavily inspired by the logo of the 1977 NBA All-Star Game, but I did try to make it look more like a tribute and less like a ripoff. The Brewers play in the Football League One, which may explain why you may not have heard much of them.
  3. Sacramento Kings 2K16 Concept

    I like everything except the colors. Too close to what the Hornets are doing.
  4. Well here's what all they had as far as logos go, in chronological order... So seeing this, you kinda have an idea of how they arrived at a plain W inside what is almost a circle, as well as how I came up with my concept.
  5. VfL WOLFSBURG This German team had a decent logo, but it's been simplified so much, it barely represents what it's supposed to represent. My concept features a return to the castle theme used for much of Die W├Âlfe's history. Their current crest... My concept... Remember, requests are welcome. I'm looking for any bad, mediocre crests, or just emblems that are past their prime or need fixing up.
  6. CHICAGO FIRE SC You'll probably see quite a few American concepts here. The Fire has a decent logo that just needs a little tweaking to make it future-proof. First thing was to get rid of the grey. No reason for that to be there. Next I wanted something besides the letter C in the middle. I figured a six-pointed star was as good a solution as any. Their current logo... My concept...
  7. MLS series by Chippers. (Mutiny Added)

    Love the Wiz look on SKC's away. Makes me wish they kept those colors.
  8. I used this one because it resembled a donkey more, which is the Neapolitans' mascot. They're not called I Ciucciarelli (Little Donkeys) for nothing. CARACAS FC In case you don't know, Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, and home to one of the country's most powerful teams. Their emblem was taken directly from the city's coat of arms. For my concept, I put a wild, Mesoamerican twist to the classic lion. The rounded hexagon shape is meant to resemble a panel on a soccer ball. Their current logo: My concept:
  9. SSC NAPOLI Napoli is famous for producing such legends as Diego Maradona, Fabio Cannavaro, Gianfranco Zola, and many others. Their crest, a blue circle with a Times New Roman N is often mocked as a dull logo, despite it being used since the 1940s. For my concept, I try to retain the traditional N while bringing back O Ciuccio, a donkey-based emblem Napoli used long ago. Left: their current logo Right: their donkey crest My concept
  10. PERTH GLORY Perth Glory FC is the only name for pro soccer in Western Australia. For my concept, I wanted to give it a fauxback spin, something that would look right at home next to some NASL logos. Their current crest: My concept:
  11. I'm doing this for a contest on another site. Yeah, this is sort of a weekly thing. I'm considering putting all these random crest concepts in one thread. EDIT: Yeah, I'll go ahead and make a series out of this. I'll do random crest concepts from all around the world. Requests welcome. I'll do clubs and national teams. Anyway, here's my crest concept for Sparta Praha, who plays in the capital of Czech Republic and is one of the most powerful teams in Central Europe. Here's their current crest... ...And this is my concept. I wanted to go with a wax seal with ribbon, which I feel makes better use of the team's tricolor. What do you think?
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

    It would make a handsome shoulder patch.
  13. I've been making concepts on Paint for a long time, but now I think I'm finally ready to evolve my game to the next level. Anybody know about any good apps for making concepts onan iPad?
  14. South Africa FA Crest Concept

    So more like this, then?
  15. South Africa FA Crest Concept

    This is for a contest on another site. For the Boys, I wanted to make something that looks good, so they don't have to wear two crests at once. So, I went with a stylized king protea blossom with a ball in front of it. One thing I'm wondering about are the letters on the petals. Can you read them well, or should I go for something less fancy? Or perhaps I don't need the letters there at all? Maybe the protea and ball are enough to get its point across. What do you think? My concept: Their current crest: A photo of an actual king protea I used as a reference.