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  1. Understandable. It’s tough doing a big league for a place like Canada because there aren’t a whole lot of huge cities there compared to the US. Or in the case of Australia, almost all the main metropoli are on one side of the map, so you can’t really do East and West divisions. Scorebugs are nice. I see you’ve incorporated elements from the league logo, which is a nice touch.
  2. You sure you don’t want to add one more team so the list is even? London or the Tri-Cities would be a nice place for #14. Or if you want somewhere outside Ontario, there’s Kelowna, BC, or Trois Riviéres, QC.
  3. BigRed618

    NBA | New York Knicks Primary Logo Refresh

    Perfect color balance, and the lettering is a bit easier to look at. Well done. We’re you planning to make unis with this?
  4. BigRed618

    Pro T20 Cricket coming to America?

    I’m curious to see how they will make this work. There are only a handful of cricket-specific grounds in the US, and I’m not sure if all of our football and baseball stadiums are big enough to support cricket.
  5. BigRed618

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (New York added)

    NEW YORK RUSH It wouldn't be the XFL without at least a few of its teams named after something that can't be counted. In this case NY's team is the Rush, as in rush hour, and the logo and uniforms have been inspired by classic taxi cab designs. Washington is next.
  6. BigRed618

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I never understood that. You spend all this money to build a stadium, and then a couple decades later spend even more money to demolish it, and then drop even more to build the next stadium to get bored with 20 years later! Wrigley Field in Chicago stood for over 100 years. I don’t hear anyone from the Cubs crying about a new stadium.
  7. BigRed618

    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    I don’t like the navy blue, I don’t like that the wordmark looks thinner than before, and I don’t like that you can’t see the stars as well. I may be okay with it once I get used to seeing it, or maybe the official version will look better, but for now I don’t care for it.
  8. BigRed618

    XFL Team Nicknames

    I already posted my ideas in my own thread, and I’m confident that the league can come up with respectable identities for these teams that we can take seriously. I believe in this league. I believe that with good management at the top, and a good product on the bottom, it can give the NFL a long-overdue run for its money... but it all starts with the right packaging.
  9. BigRed618

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (New York added)

    TAMPA BAY THRESHERS The Threshers are named after the thresher shark, a rare creature found in the Gulf of Mexico. They are known for their extra long tailfins that they use to whip their prey into submission. Some say their tails can be deadly weapons when expertly wielded, and are even powerful enough to split water molecules apart. I thought naming a team after them would help raise awareness for the threatened species. Let me hear your thoughts. New York is next.
  10. BigRed618

    NHL Seattle Concepts

    I think your Pilots one is the best so far.
  11. BigRed618

    Pro Football Guild of America (PFGA)- Carolina Added (4/10)

    I like the old version of the Stallions helmet more, with the wraparound logo.
  12. BigRed618

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (New York added)

    Thanks for the input. I’ll at least lose the pointy things on the numbers. The Piasa Bird is a unique breed of dragon, whose face has been described as human-like, which is why it doesn’t look as reptilian as you might expect. I'll make this a series. See OP for more details.
  13. BigRed618

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Well, I’ll give you this, you don’t see that many concepts for a Ft. Worth team. Why go to FTW when Dallas is right there, people say. ...or they just put the team in Arlington so both cities are represented.
  14. My own ideas for identities for the eight XFL teams coming up... x- New York Rush - Washington Potomacs x- Tampa Bay Threshers x- St. Louis Dragons - North Texas Orions - Houston Blackhats - Seattle Surge - California Wave First off, my idea for an XFL identity in my hometown... ST. LOUIS DRAGONS The name and logo are based on the Piasa Bird, a dragonlike cryptid from Native American folklore. In nearby Alton, there is a painting of the creature on the side of a cliff, over a dark cave where the beast is said to have lived. The Piasa's unique looking wings appear on the helmets, its tail on the pants, and the jerseys have a subliminated dragon scale design. I feel like there's a bit more I could do here, but I can't put my finger on it at the moment. What do you think?
  15. BigRed618

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I just got word that the St. Louis board of aldermen approved the tax-incentive plan for the soccer stadium. Now all we need to do left is come up with a good stadium plan and then wait for the commish to give the good news, probably sometime during the MLS Cup final. This makes me wonder... I haven’t heard much from the other cities that were supposedly trying to land a team. Have they all thrown in the towel? I heard Austin had an owner and a stadium, but needed to pay an expansion fee since they’d be getting a new team instead of having one move in from somewhere else, like they originally planned.