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  1. Oldschoolvikings' NHL concepts - Blues added 11/15/17

    The numbers look better, but it would’ve been nice if they were yellow again. They had yellow numbers for the longest time and then suddenly they switch to white for no reason.
  2. NHL in Houston

    Maybe we don’t have to call them the Aeros if it’s that unpopular, but it would still be nice to have a space theme to it. A while back I made a concept of a potential NHL team in Houston that I named the Apollos. Also red and light blue would look great together. The Nordiques pulled it off alright. What if they used an alien-themed name? Martians, Wayfarers, Travellers, Extraterrestrials (X's for short,) Xenos, Starfighters, Cyborgs, Galaxians, Invaders, that’s all I can think of for now.
  3. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    CFA MANAUS Manaus is a bustling metropolis located smack dab in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, accessible only by air, river, or train. Naturally I had to do a jungle theme for CFA Manaus. The logo is the head of a golden lion tamarin, its mane evoking the image of a leaf. Comments appreciated. Only four left to go!
  4. NHL in Houston

    We could... but would it bother you that much if they ended up being the Aeros? It is a cool name. Be a shame if it went to waste.
  5. Major League Rugby

    Some of these logos I don’t care for. Is there a reason the Raptor needs to have three heads?
  6. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    I don’t suppose the CFL would be interested in trying American expansion again?
  7. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    BALEIAS DA BAHIA As Baleias, or Whales, play in Salvador, Bahia. Naturally I wanted to make them a blue team, but had to avoid making them look too much like Os Guardiões. I decided they would predominantly be a lighter blue, supported by a rich ocean blue and green. The triangle motif on the sleeves and logo are inspired by Bahia's state flag... Feedback welcome. Manaus is next.
  8. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    GUARDIÕES DE FORTALEZA Sorry about the confusion... I was wondering why this place wouldn't let me upload images anymore, and then I just now read the forum announcement that they did away with that... Not sure how such a convenience would become obsolete, but whatever. The Guardiões, or Guardians in Portuguese, feature a helmet logo with a stylized coat-of-arms of the city. I figured something simple and modern would look best for this team. Bahia is next. Enjoy.
  9. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Titans, but with the Spartans' logo. Not sure if people would get the "ΑΤΛ" right away.
  10. NBA court database

    I never realized this until now... if you cover half this court then turn your head sideways, you’ll see a giant M on the court!
  11. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    SPORT CLUB DO RECIFE When it was announced that two whole divisions of NFL Latinia would be dedicated to Brazil, three established sports clubs, all of which are best known for their soccer teams, have decided to field their own gridiron teams. One of these clubs is Sport Recife. The Lion of the North went with a look that closely resembles their soccer-playing counterparts with their trademark crimson and black. C&C appreciated. Fortaleza is next.
  12. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    Sorry, I should’ve mentioned, the logo for the Cabs isn’t completely mine, but I made some edits to the NYNJ Knights logo. I mainly took out the shooting star/eye.
  13. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    CABALLEROS DE MONTEVIDEO I went for a Raiders-style look for the Caballeros, or Knights in English. The jerseys, pants, and helmet all have tapering stripes, resembling broadswords. The Knights would have a rivalry with their closest neighbor, Buenos Aires, their rainbow colors an antithesis to the Caballeros' monochromatic look. Feedback welcome. Next stop, Brazil!
  14. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    Thanks for the tips. I changed the list accordingly. And the only reason I picked Fluma to represent Rio was its unique color combination. Flamengo would’ve looked too much like Sport Recife and Botafogo and Vasco would’ve looked too much like Corinthians.
  15. MLS Expansion Project

    Agreed with Angel. Maybe if you swapped the gold for silver, you’d have less of that Mardi Gras vibe and more of a Hornets feel, which I assume you were going for? Second one is my fave, btw.