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  1. Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    As an Illinoisan, I'm okay with this.
  2. Chicago Fire Redesign

    Instead of giving critique, I want to ask a question. What do you think of this concept of yours? Do you really think this is an improvement over what they have now? If so, why do you think that? 
  3. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    BUFFALO BILLS   I wanted to base this concept around the thick stripe that comes off the charging bison on their emblem. While they do have a striped jersey, this one is strictly an alternate. With 2 helmets, 3 shirts, and 3 pants, this makes a total of 18 possible combinations.    Feedback welcome. Jets are next.
  4. NFL Redesign - Update: Pro Bowl Unis Added

    The 49ers, Giants, and Ravens are my favorites. I would've never thought of using red in a Ravens concept before seeing this. My least favorite is the Rams. I just don't get why suddenly everyone wants to see them wear yellow at home.
  5. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Version 2   Sorry about that. I was just trying out some ideas. I changed a few things you said you had a problem with. The jersey pattern is subliminated a little more, and the logo has a little more green.   NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS   With that out of the way, I can finally start on the AFC. The Pats were a challenge. Their current logo looks good on a helmet, but looks lousy on merchandise. Pat the Patriot has the opposite problem. He makes a great t-shirt logo, but not a very good helmet logo. I still wanted to bring him back, however, and I figured if he at least showed up on the jersey, that would be good enough.   C&C appreciated. Bills are next.
  6. I have an idea about your Yankees' concept. I wonder how that white bill would look with blue pinstripes on it?
  7. USFL Redesign: Pittsburgh Maulers Now Up (4/8)

    New Jersey- The uniforms are gorgeous, but I'm not sold on the logo. Maybe go for something a bit more symbolic, like the real Generals did.   Washington- Another nice set, and the logo is sharp. Any reason you switched the silver for gold?   Birmingham- No complaints here. Love the classic look.
  8. My Own Super Bowl Logo Concepts

      Is that allowed, though? A non-NFL city hosting a Super Bowl? If that's the case, you'd think they would consider hosting one in London or Las Vegas or something.
  9. BigRed's MLB and More (Brooklyn Added, Series Complete!)

    BROOKLYN BLUE SOX   Thank you to everyone who's stuck with me throughout the series, but this will be the finale. With this done, I can focus more on my football concepts.   The Major Leagues will expand again eventually, and one of the locales under serious consideration is Brooklyn, NY. With the name Dodgers taken, I wanted to come up with an identity that could be an instant classic like the Dodgers, like they've been around for decades. This is how Blue Sox came to mind. The biggest challenge, and the reason it took so long to make this was coming up with a unique identity that didn't look like it was copying off the other "Sox" teams. The cap logo was once used by the Braves in the mid '30s, and I thought it would still look good today.   The primary was inspired by the few teams that have obscure nicknames along with animal mascots. The A's have their elephant, the NFL's Browns have the bulldog, and to a lesser extent, the NBA's Lakers have the giraffe. For my Blue Sox, I came up with... A Siamese cat. I figured their dark paws, which resemble socks, would represent the blue socks the players would wear. I hand-drew the emblem myself. Not very intimidating, I know, but I'm a firm believer in the team's performance making a logo intimidating or not.    Well, here it is. C&C appreciated, as always. I hope you enjoyed the series.
  10. My Own Super Bowl Logo Concepts

    You think STL will have a team again in time for SB56?
  11. New Subway Logo

    The new theme color will take some getting used to, but I can understand the new slogan. Whatever they need to do to distance themselves from Jared "Likes His Women Like He Likes His Subs... Undercooked!" Fogle.
  12. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS As you may have noticed, I'm making it so each division has at least one team with patterned jerseys. The East had New York, the South had the Bucs, the North had the Bears, and the West shall have the Hawks. I brought back their silver helmets, and tried to give them a nice, robust look. The logo has been recolored slightly so it could stand out better against the silver of their helmets. With this, the entire NFC is done. Next comes the AFC East, starting with New England. C&C appreciated.
  13. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    Aaaanyway, here's a double update for you. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS First thing to go was the black, even on the logo. I then went with a single red stripe on the pants and helmet. I just figured something without white would look better and not look like it's competing with the stripes on the jersey. I was also curious to see how serifed block numbers would look on the Niners. I think it turned out good, don't you? ARIZONA CARDINALS I agree that the Big Red's current look doesn't suit them. They need a more traditional look, but I don't want a return to their plain-looking set from before 2005. Red and white with bits of black here and there is how the Cardinals were meant to look. I also came up with a secondary logo, found on the upper chest in front. It was inspired by the club's early years in Chicago. For the first decade or so of existence, the Cardinals wore a logo on their sleeves that consisted of a round, Bears-style C with a smaller block C inside. This inspired me to make a modernized version but with an A instead. C&C appreciated. Seahawks are next.
  14. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    Nobody said anything of the sort. Not here, anyway.
  15. Bigred's NFL (18/32 Bills added)

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I promise I'm not ignoring you. I'm taking your suggestions into consideration and may do some edits of my concepts when I get around to it. LOS ANGELES RAMS I was hoping to have this submitted before the league made their decision to move my Rams... well, they were my Rams... back to Tinseltown, so I could say I've made the last St. Louis Rams concept, but what're ya gonna do? I've been looking at various Rams concepts, and almost all of them involve a horn on the shoulders, yellow home jerseys, or both. I decided to do something different. Thin motion lines is the theme here. You'll find them on the shoulders, the numbers, the helmet decal, I even edited their primary to include the lines. C&C appreciated. 49ers are next.