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  1. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    I considered that actually, but I didn't want the Bombers to look like a discount LA Chargers. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGH RIDERS I wanted to make a new logo for the Riders, but I couldn't come up with anything that could measure up to what they have now. So I just came up with a pattern on the jersey based on the wheat stalks from the emblem, along with green and white options for every part of the uniform, in case they want to do a whiteout or greenout or what have you. Let me know what you think. Stamps are up next.
  2. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS Made a new logo for the Bombers, something more interesting to look at than a plain old "W." Let me know what you think. Riders are next.
  3. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    HAMILTON TIGER-CATS I was toying with the idea of a yellow alternate, but maybe I'll do that later. Feedback appreciated. Bombers are next.
  4. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    That's actually a wing-like design based on the paneling of an old-school leather helmet. This design was made famous by the University of Michigan's football team, and to a lesser extent, Princeton. It’s meant to give it a timeless look, like this is a team that’s been around for decades, even though it technically hasn’t.
  5. BigRed618

    The American Soccer Association

    Nice series so far. I’m also a big fan of a minimalist logo. It’s my belief that a good logo gets its point across without relying too much on fancy titles or details you wouldn’t even see on a player. The Stars, for instance... As simple as its badge is, there’s no mistaking that this is Chicago's team. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
  6. BigRed618

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I don’t see what the big deal is about Bridgeview. It’s literally next door to Chicago, a 10, 15-minute walk from MDW. Guess I have to actually be from there to understand.
  7. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    OTTAWA REDBLACKS Nothing too special here, just wanted to give them a more timeless look, since Ottawa football is a tradition almost as old as Toronto football. Also, I have a list of teams I plan to do, including the current 9 teams of the CFL, plus 7 fantasy teams, including the failed expansion team, the Atlantic Schooners. If any of you have suggestions for names for the other teams I have planned, I’d like to hear them. TiCats are next.
  8. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    MONTREAL ALOUETTES Just wanted to bring back the triangular logo they had back in the early '80s, and create a nice, modern looking uniform that matches it. Let me know what you think. Ottawa is next.
  9. BigRed618

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    So it seems the league is gonna forget about stopping at 24 teams as I heard. MLS is now 26 teams strong, including clubs that haven’t played yet. I hope St. Louis gets one. I’ve been a huge fan of this hypothetical team since the conversation for one began about 10 years ago. I remember when they were talking about building the stadium in nearby Collinsville, IL. That plan went nowhere pdq. I sat by and watched other cities get tapped by the league over us... Seattle, Philadelphia, Montreal, Atlanta... Each time I got more worried that we would lose our chance at having a top-tier team of my new favorite sport. I wish there was something I can do, but I live on the Illinois side of the river, and landing a pro team in St. Louis is a Missouri issue, so I’m not certain what kind of voting power I would have.
  10. BigRed618

    Bigred's CFL (Riders added)

    Not gonna lie, I've only been seriously following Canadian football for a few years, so I may not have the same relationship with these teams as some of you who are actually from Canada. But I will do my best to make decent concepts for these teams that look good and respect their history. EAST x- Toronto Argonauts x- Hamilton TigerCats x- Montreal Alouettes x- Ottawa RedBlacks WEST x- Winnipeg Blue Bombers x- Saskatchewan Roughriders - Edmonton Eskimos - Calgary Stampeders - British Columbia Lions EXTRA - Atlantic Schooners - Marins Quebec - Western Ontario Superiors - Saskatoon - Victoria Royals TORONTO ARGONAUTS For North America's oldest pro sports club, the Argos, I kept it simple and classy. The modernized boat/ball logo is not mine, but it looked nice and I really wanted to use it. Feedback appreciated. I'll do Montreal next.
  11. BigRed618

    Carolina Hurricanes Logo Concept

    I may tweet this to the team if you guys think it looks good. Just something that popped into my head. Not sure how well it would gel with what they have now.
  12. BigRed618

    NHL Double Series (Hurricanes added)

    Call it nostalgia, but that shark just isn’t the same without the triangle and hockey stick. I have no idea why everyone likes the full-body shark better. Love the new look you gave my Blues. I’d love to see that for real.
  13. BigRed618

    Heavy's Expansion Concept thread

    I rate it 8/10. 10/10 if you bring back the red/blue stripes on the home jersey.
  14. BigRed618

    Austin MLS Concept

    Like many, I wasn't impressed with what the league came up with for a potential new identity for the Crew when (if) they move to Austin, TX. Here's my take... With this identity, the former Crew can keep its old colors. The reason I chose the tiger as a mascot is to represent the many wildlife refuges in Texas, making the state home to the world's largest tiger population outside of India. (so I was told) I don't own the tiger emblem. I found it online and thought it looked nice and fit the same aesthetic that tree logo was going for. Feedback appreciated.
  15. BigRed618

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    You say you’re "desecrating" the NFL, but I don’t feel very offended by any of these. That Bears concept looks like something I could’ve come up with.