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  1. I like the big cross on Charlotte's jersey. I wonder if any real teams do that on a regular basis. I know AC Milan had a white jersey with a big red cross on it briefly, but that's the only real life example I can think of.
  2. So... something like this? (At the bottom)
  3. I may likely use this for a soccer concept, as I know SA is trying to get an MLS team. What do you think so far? What kind of colors do you think this logo should have? It's black and grey for now, until I can think of something better.
  4. I like the crest update for Fire. I never did get why there had to be grey there. The home and third kits look good too. I don't care much for the change jersey with the skyline. It's hard to make a skyline look good, I know.
  5. I use Paint for my concepts. It's all I have for the time being. Thanks for your ideas, though.
  6. BLACKPOOL FC Current crest Concept crest So it's basically an jazzed-up version of the crest they used from '79 and '86, with a slightly more convincing profile of Blackpool Tower. Here's the original for comparison, second from the left...
  7. I wonder how the shorts would look if more of them had a number on them or perhaps a logo, like basketball or soccer. EDIT: Wait, looks like you already did that with the Pirates. Looks great. You should do that with more teams.
  8. Quite a list there. I can't promise that I'll fill the whole thing out, but I have a few ideas already on what to do with some of these teams. But first... Jeunesse Sportive Kabylie Current Concept Kabylie is a club operating in the city of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria. They are meant to represent the Kabyle people living in the area. Their main colors are green and gold. I added blue and red as a tie in to the Kabyle flag... The strange lettering on the blue bar is meant to spell out the team name, "JSKabylie," in the native Tifinagh alphabet. So yeah, a lot of story behind this one.
  9. What does "Banquet" mean anyway? I always thought that red box looked like a separate logo from the Coors wordmark, like how some Dairy Queen signs used to have the word "Braizer" under it.
  10. Yeah, I was going for a cartoony look, like Chief Wahoo or that Irishman on the Boston Celtics logo. Not sure what you mean by "smoothing out the silhouette."
  11. For my next concept, I go back to Italy! UC SAMPDORIA Current Concept Samp's current logo sort of puzzled me. The team plays in Genoa, a seafaring town, so the team uses a sailor's silhouette as their emblem. Trouble is, the sailor, who I've learned goes by the name of Baciccio, is rather scruffy looking, and is hard to make out with just a profile. I would've never guessed for myself what that shape was supposed to be. So I drew a new logo, adding a little more detail to Baciccio's head. The next problem I try to solve is one a few other soccer teams have... Using more than one logo on the same shirt. In addition to their primary, Sampdoria wears the arms of Genoa, a white shield with a red cross, usually on the chest. Figuring this is an important symbol for the fans, I tried to fit the cross and the sailor on the same logo. I ended up with a sort of double-shield setup. What do you think?
  12. Maybe 40 would be the next logical benchmark. When it comes to composing schedules, multiples of 4 are easier to deal with than fives, so I've heard. That's why the major leagues are all trying to go for 32 teams apiece.
  13. I live near St. Louis, and my teams are... NL: Cardinals AL: White Sox NFL: Rams, Chiefs, and Bears NHL: Blues, though I don't worry about hockey that much outside the Olympics. NBA: Pacers MLS: Kansas City and Chicago Liga MX: Club América. One of the first soccer games I've ever sat down and watched involved the Aguilas, so they'll always have a special place in my heart. EPL: Tottenham Hotspur NCAA Football: Illinois and Notre Dame NCAA Basketball: SLU
  14. The tracks look a little weird to me, being used as a sash, but otherwise good work as always.
  15. Only four sports? What happens to Sporting KC? Anyway, nice series so far. I would've kept the blue trim on the Scouts' logo. Looks weird in just plain yellow, especially considering that it doesn't show up anywhere else on the jersey.