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  1. I'm glad my hometown got it right the first time when it comes to flags... ...If it were me, though, I'd get rid of the seal so it would be just the purple with the white cross.
  2. I like it. Kinda gives off a Stonehenge vibe, especially from inside.
  3. This would suit them well. They were leaning toward the light blue in their later years, and I could see them simplifying their logo like the Predators did.
  4. Here's a concept I made for my home state of Illinois. It was the 21st state to join, represented by the 21 stars on the staff edge. The colors represent the state itself, divided into three distinct regions. The north is known to border Lake Michigan, and has most of the state's largest cities. The central region is known for its farmland, and the south is known for its wealth of natural resources, such as coal and oil. I was quite proud of this design when I made it some years ago, but I may consider something different now. Coal and oil isn't as popular as it once was, so it may not be wise to celebrate those things on a flag.
  5. You could try Drillers. The old NASL had a team there once with that name.
  6. I don't see a problem with white shoes, unless they wear their pant legs down with them.
  7. Padres were meant to be brown. That third spot belongs to the Rays.
  8. NFL: Cowboys- They have a nice logo and name, but their home and road uniforms look like they're from different teams. They have these nice dark blue jerseys they refuse to wear, and then there's these white ones with royal blue numbers and stripes, which inexplicably have thin black outlines. Worst part is, apparently that's a tradition for them so they refuse to change anything. NBA: Thunder- Too many colors, nothing about it says Thunder. MLB: Rockies- No purple on your home uniforms? Why? NHL: Jets- Logo isn't very exciting, neither are the colors, jerseys look dumb. MLS: Sounders- Colors are alright, but the logo looks a little phoned-in. As if they created the crest before deciding what to name the team.
  9. I found this image on some other website, and I was wondering if anyone can give me info about it... I've never seen a Dodgers uniform like this, but I assume these are indeed the LA Dodgers, and not just some minor league team calling themselves the Dodgers. Their hats say LA, and this photo was apparently taken at Dodger Stadium, but I don't recall ever hearing about them wearing uniforms with stars all over them. Thoughts?
  10. Those Yankees ST hats are my favorite, especially the one with the pinstriped brim. Those complaining about tradition can get off their high horses. If Juventus can throw out their primary logo that they've been using for 100+ years, then the Yanks can get away with an alternate cap every once in a while.
  11. You could make them magenta and orange, like the WFL's SoCal Sun.
  12. Not bad. That's about the best you can hope for from a name like Sockers.
  13. They've been showing BBL games in the US lately, which got me interested in this league in the first place. I'm just starting to understand how cricket works thanks to watching these games, but there's still a lot left for me to learn. Anyway, I came up with some simple logo concepts for all eight BBL teams... I thought about doing uniforms and perhaps some expansion ideas, but I guess I can always come back to that later. Here's some details on my concepts... Adelaide Strikers: A simplified version of their current logo. Inspired by the Atlanta Braves' cap logo. Brisbane Heat: A neo-retro emblem that can be interpreted as both a "b" and an "h." Hobart Hurricanes: Had a bit of trouble with this one. Atmospheric hazards aren't very easy to make logos for, I realize. Here's a lockup of an H and the hurricane symbol. Melbourne Renegades: Another one inspired by the past. The NBA's Pacers and NL's Phillies inspired this logo. Melbourne Stars: A patriotic logo featuring the Southern Cross constellation inside an oval resembling the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. Perth Scorchers: The Perth skyline against a sunset. A wordmark could go underneath it, if desired. Sydney Sixers: A stenciled number 6. The magenta parts look like the right side of a letter S. Sydney Thunder: An S-shaped lightning bolt inside a triangle. Nothing too complicated, but it should get the point across. That's about everything. What do you think?
  14. I've been wanting a pro soccer team in my home(ish)town ever since I started following MLS, and the conversation for a team in the Gateway City has been ongoing for quite a few years. I was there when they were talking about building a stadium in Collinsville, IL. I was there when ACSTL came into being, only to last just a single season. And I'm still here now, still hoping, still listening for any news. Throughout these years of waiting, naturally I came up with some good ideas of how my team would look. My ideas changed drastically each time I revisited the concept. Have a look... 2013: This was made when I still thought this still-imaginary MLS club would be playing in Collinsville. I chose black and orange as their colors, to honor fans on both sides of the Mississippi River. They were taken from the collegiate colors of Illinois and Missouri. The roundel was made to look like a riverboat wheel. Spring '14: For this one, I created a custom fleur-de-lis that looked like an arch and the letter A. The colors were inspired by the flag of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. Summer '14: This one was meant to be a modernization of the St. Louis Stars identity from the old NASL. Spring '16: I was inspired by the more plain, simple crests used by Brazilian clubs. There is the Gateway Arch, and underneath is a custom made STL monogram, not unlike the one used by the NL's Cardinals. Now: This latest one is based on the old St. Louis Browns. A new monogram was made. The sword you see behind the disk is based on the one held by the Apotheosis of St. Louis. So... What do you think? Which one do you like best?
  15. As a Birds fan, I wouldn't say my team is completely 'unalterable.' I've always believed that so-called honor belongs to the Yankees, Tigers, and maybe the Cubs. I never did like the plain look myself. I think the Cards looked their best during the pullover era, with that red/white/blue jersey trim, or the late '40s, when they had piping for days! So... on to your concept. Not bad. A bit safe for my tastes, but I wouldn't object to them wearing this for real. I like the sleeve patch.