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    That Clippers logo isn’t too amazing, but I bet they would’ve looked great in aqua and orange.
  2. VANCOUVER SILVER Like the Pirates, the Silver have a grey set instead of white. The logo is meant to be a stylized V with a star in the middle, though looking at it now, it also reminds me of some sort of plant. SEATTLE SEVEN And now we meet the teal team. The Seven are named for the seven players that make up a typical wopo team. I hope you all enjoyed my series. If no one has any suggestions for expansion clubs, I'm gonna go ahead and call this series done.
  3. SAN DIEGO SAILS I'm rather proud of how the logo turned out. Since this series isn't very popular, I may repurpose this logo for a possible Clippers concept or something. COLORADO BEARS This one has more of a modern vibe. The hard part was making a decent bear logo that doesn't look too much like all the other bears out there. I thought a full-body depiction would help. Almost done here. Silver and Seven are next.
  4. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    I don't suppose it would be feasible to update the basketball templates for the current styles?
  5. The New XFL

    I guess Archers would do fine too. That helmet logo is on point, at least. I was wondering, you said the Kodiaks would be playing in Fort Collins. Was there any particular reason you chose that city instead of, say, Colorado Springs or Pueblo?
  6. DALLAS LIGHTNING The Lightning was originally going to play in Houston, but I moved them to Dallas when I came up with a more suitable name for the Houston team but didn't want to trash the Lightning identity. The team is named not necessarily after thunderstorms, but after the lightning whelk, the state shellfish of Texas. HOUSTON ATOMS The Atoms' logo, with its three electrons, is meant to depict a lithium atom, famous as an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source. Bears and Sails are next.
  7. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SURF The Surf would play in Los Angeles, of course, and wear double blue. The Lakers wore these colors for the first few years of playing in LA, and I thought they looked nice together. OAKLAND INVADERS For some reason, I went with an space alien theme for Oakland's team. Purple, yellow, teal, and a strange squid-like creature for a mascot, the Invaders would look as outlandish as their namesake. C&C appreciated. Atoms and Lightning are next.
  8. CHICAGO AQUATICS The Aquas' main logo is based on the city's Municipal Device, a symbol of the city which is based on the Chicago River. ST. LOUIS ARCHERS The Archers have a vaguely Native American look, with its main logo based on a feather, which also evokes the image of their famous Gateway Arch. Their secondary logo is worn on the sides of the trunks instead of the front. Any advice is appreciated. SoCal and Oakland are next.
  9. TAMPA BAY MERMEN When I came up with the Mermen, they were originally going to play in Charlotte, NC, but I later moved them at someone's suggestion. MIAMI GIANTS The Giants use the manatee as their mascot to raise awareness for the threatened species. This was the last concept I made before I lost interest in the first version of the NWPA project. Since picking it up again, I made some improvements to the logo and made a better wordmark for the trunks. Feedback welcome. Aquas and Archers are next.
  10. VIRGINIA PIRATES I try to keep the logos simple, so they can be seen easily from the swimmers' caps. The Pirates, who would play in the Hampton Roads area, would wear blue and silver, and a simple skull-and-bones emblem that also resembles a wopo (a shorter term for water polo) ball. Let me know what you think. TB and Miami are next.
  11. TORONTO SHAMROCKS For Canada's first NWPA team, I went with an Irish theme, a-la-Toronto St. Pats. The shape that contains the TS lockup is meant to be a four-leaf clover. Maybe something new could liven things up here. Virginia is next.
  12. I brought it back, and I changed a few things. I did some touch-up work with my existing concepts, and added some new teams... EAST DIVISION x- New York Eagles x- Boston Pilgrims x- Toronto Shamrocks x- Tampa Bay Mermen x- Miami Giants x- Virginia Pirates x- Chicago Aquatics x- St. Louis Archers WEST DIVISION x- Southern California Surf x- Oakland Invaders x- San Diego Sails x- Dallas Lightning x- Houston Atoms x- Colorado Bears x- Seattle Seven x- Vancouver Silver That's 16 for now, but I'd like to expand the project to at least 24, so if you have any city or name suggestions, feel free to send your ideas my way. Water polo is an aquatic sport that is most popular in Southeastern Europe, where they have the majority of Olympic gold. There is some popularity in North America, but mainly at the high school and college level. The National Water Polo Association was created in 20XX as a place close to home for American college talent to play professionally. Here's two concepts to start off... NEW YORK EAGLES I made this template myself a long time ago for my previous NWPA project. The Eagles are purposefully a simple design, to give you a basic idea of how a water polo uniform, what there is of one, is meant to look like. The numbers and team identifiers will be on the caps where the fans are more likely to see them. BOSTON PILGRIMS The Pilgrims are the Eagles' main rival. Their colors were meant to be maroon and gold, but looking at it now, it looks more brown than anything else. Eh... I think it still looks okay. I'll be doing the rest of the East Division before moving west. Feedback welcome. Shamrocks are next.
  13. Logos that really need to be updated.

    It’s a cool lion logo, but I can see how some people could confuse it with a wingless griffin.
  14. Quidditch World Cup (England Kits UP)

    I think you could’ve done more for Ireland and England's crests. Think about their teams in muggle sports. Ireland uses clovers and harps in their logos. England uses lions and roses.
  15. Quidditch World Cup (England Kits UP)

    I too am looking forward to this. I remember when I was younger I read Quidditch Through the Ages and it described all the major teams of Britain. I came up with logos for all of them, but not uniforms because I didn’t have a clear idea what a Quidditch uni was supposed to look like.