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  1. But I think he means in game action. It may become less noticeable when the guys are skating around. The collar needs at least a strip of black. That's the way that sweater has looked even back to the Bullies days
  2. I didn't even know he pitched into the days of the powder blues in the early 70s.
  3. I was never a fan but it is so sad that many lost a voice in the soundtrack of their childhood/adolescence. So young, too. What a shame. RIP.
  4. Articles like this should be given a green light by Chris Creamer and the CCSLC, Paul Lukas, and Phil Hecken (and maybe orhers, too) before the masses can read it. There are no right or wrong opinions, but this one is damn close to wrong!
  5. Is that really a stretch with him? AI has never been a smart decision maker. Why else wouldn't he have played? I agree with you on your last statement. It was handled terribly and Philly will never want to see this league again, if it even lasts.
  6. Wawa stores are basically on every corner where I am reside. I love the diet green tea.
  7. Not a good year to be an Orioles. Man, they are brutal.
  8. I agree. His body took a beating throughout his NBA career. Combining that with he not taking great care of it, he is completely done on the professional level. I personally think that he has been embarrassed by his play in the fledgling league and didn't want to disappoint his Philly fans. Many people in this area have fond memories of him and he might have thought that this would tarnish them. Full transparency would have been nice but then again, AI hasn't always made the best of decisions. He needs to go the coaching route in order to remain in the league.
  9. IMO a regular pant stripe is much welcomed these days. So many plain or oddly striped pairs of pants in college football today.
  10. 90s soccer/football "aesthetics" should be locked away in a box, never to be seen again.
  11. You are still welcome in the American dude club
  12. And les Expos...and the Cardinals...and the Cubs.
  13. Agreed. The Eagles font is one of the worst in the league.
  14. Gray. If anything, let the teams wear alternate hats. That will provide some color. I think alternate uniforms should be worn during the HR derby. I know the host team specific jerseys are huge money makers but I think they have run their course.
  15. So is Puma making any shirts in a color other than black?