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  1. I have enjoyed his more recent work as historical figures such as Sam Houston in 'Texas Rising' and 'Hatfields and McCoys'. But his resume includes some great movies. Very sad, indeed. So young, too.
  2. I agree. I don't see Conte or Guardiola going away anytime soon. I'd say maybe Wenger but let's be honest, Arsenal isn't winning the title.
  3. So, Claudio Raineri was sacked by Leicester City 9 months after leading them to a Premier League title. That makes it a streak of managers being fired after wining the league.
  4. Haha I love that one! "I don't want to look like a runway model!"
  5. I haven't watched SportsCenter in about 10 years. ESPN is just awful. For example, I accidentally watched about 30 seconds of First Take. The topic was "is the Davis/Cousins combo the best of all-time?" They hadn't played a second together yet. The only show that I really watch on ESPN is College GameDay. Even that has gotten progressively worse.
  6. They really have no clue. It's a shame.
  7. They are already trying to move Bogut. IMHO, Okafor will be gone in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Embiid will miss the next 4 games and I don't expect Simmons to play at all this year. The Sixers Tank Era continues! But hey, TRUST THE PROCESS!
  8. I was just spit balling. It would make sense for Las Vegas...I mean, Vegas, to use it but everything they have done is a dumpster fire.
  9. So, in order for the logo to make sense, the people should be angled to make it look like an abstract version of a horse. Using the top of the P as the head and the stem of the P as the neck
  10. Since the Kings don't want to own it, I vote for the Avalanche.
  11. Shamrock Shakes are nasty, and so are the numbers on the St. Pats sweater.
  12. I love the white socks with the all black spikes.
  13. We aren't going crazy with the two colors. Flowers and miscellaneous items will have these colors.
  14. Congrats, in advance, to 20 years! If my fiancée didn't want purple, I probably would have gone the navy and white route.