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  1. I think its usually in April, at the earliest.
  2. Wasn't it that they didn't allow Tecmo Bowl to use their names?
  3. That's right! I forgot! Still, he is a Red to me.
  4. I still think of him as a Red and not a Cub, no matter how many championships he may win in Chicago.
  5. Last place and 2nd to last??? I would have automatically put the Jackets 4th because I know my Flyers and the Islanders would both take steps back and I know that Jersey and Carolina are not good.
  6. Wow. That's sad. I was just on the website last week.
  7. Every time that I will see the state of Minnesota, I will start humming the Alfred Hitchcock theme. Da-da-da-da-da-da-DAAAA!
  8. I agree which each point you make. Red and blue touching muddies it up in my opinion. The Nordiques fleur de lis was unique in design, too. It definitely is much different than that of the Saints. It would be a perfect crest and the igloo would be a perfect shoulder patch. This way you are still holding onto the nostalgia of the Nords 1.0.
  9. Well, sometimes the team plays like a little league team. It is appropriate.
  10. I HATED Robo-oil. In fact, I hated the whole Oilers look at that time.
  11. I love the striping on this set. The Jets 2.0 should use this striping pattern.
  12. Reviving this thread for this question...will I lose 21 or 22 lbs??
  13. Stupid is. Stupid does.
  14. I started my Seahawks fandom due in big part to my love of their colors and uniforms. They presently have their worst look ever but my allegiance hasn't wavered. If uniforms/logos/colors of teams have no effect on you and your (dis)like of teams, they why even join a board like this?
  15. I agree that the rotation is downright awful at times but I feel like the offense can help them steal a few games.