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  1. Reason C resonates with me the most.
  2. One step forward and ten steps backward.
  3. I fear for you but I think it may just be a change to the name and numbers. I feel it is a wildly popular look.
  4. I guess it could have been less detailed. However, I think this was a pretty detailed logo and it was around for a little while.
  5. Yes. It was relegated to small use inside the stadium. That's a shame.
  6. I really wish that the Seahawks had made more use of this.
  7. Nah. That's Lurch's cousin, George.
  8. Getting married tomorrow to my best friend! I know some of you more seasoned veterans in married life will jest and say that this doesn't belong in this thread.
  9. I think its only replicas sold in the arenas? I may be making that up though...
  10. We can probably discard a few teams.
  11. That is awful news. I'm not a huge Berman fan but my heart goes out to him.
  12. Well at least it's not a Von Dutch trucker hat
  13. My guess is no hem stripes but I think that is basically what it will look like. Also, I can't stand that shoulder patch logo.
  14. I think that both of these could really still work today. I'd maybe make a few changes but solid looks overall.
  15. It reminds me of the cover of a book that I own.