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  1. jmac11281

    MLS Kits 2019

    I still have the original home shirt without the sponsor. It's the only Union shirt I have. The sponsor logo looks better in just white and navy but not good enough for me to buy a shirt. Just like you said, it's a shame because I love the current identity too.
  2. jmac11281

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Anybody younger than me (or even just more in tune to the world) want to tell me what drip is?
  3. jmac11281

    NHL 2018-19

    If I didn't know any better, I'd think that he is the white Russell Westbrook.
  4. jmac11281

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Chiefs Rams Patriots Saints
  5. jmac11281

    Philadelphia Phillies Retro Cap Returns as Alternate in 2019

    I completely agree. I like the P on the cap but I'm not a fan of the jersey script. I always throw that "they won in them = they must be good" aspect for the ones who like to bring it up.
  6. jmac11281

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I'm going to the Cheesecake Factory tonight. All I will think about is this now. But at least I'll have a story about Cheesecake Factory to share with my wife that came from "my site" (that's what I call these forums when talking to her because I'm on here a lot).
  7. jmac11281

    Uniform matchups that never happened

    This one may be a bit of a stretch because it was a matchup that was two years away from happening but I wish we could have seen it. The maroon Phillies and the teal Marlins.
  8. jmac11281

    Philadelphia Phillies Retro Cap Returns as Alternate in 2019

    I think the Phillies identity is a little stronger than the current Brewers one (to avoid confusion, the Miller lite M look). If it means anything, the Phillies did win a world series in the current look.
  9. jmac11281

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Houston Seattle LA Chargers Philadelphia
  10. jmac11281

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

  11. jmac11281

    Forgotten Rivalries

    The Seahawks in AFC West. I miss those days. I still feel that they don't have a true rival in the NFC. Rams? Niners?
  12. 1999...this Y2K thing has me worried
  13. jmac11281

    New Arena League logo for 2019

    Atlantic City? I know that this is a complete bush league but surely they could have found a better city.
  14. jmac11281

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Please change from Tennessee to Indianapolis