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  1. I don't necessarily hate it. It's a little too much for me but it's okay.
  2. Bravo, Cal. Bravo, UA.
  3. So I guess in Arizona's case, a pickaxe because copper miners?
  4. What is the Nike speak on the West Virginia font for Arizona? Didn't Nike say that the font was an ode to something in West Virginia?
  5. I was watching that game and did not see any pregame coverage. I'm glad I didn't!
  6. This would have been great a few years ago. But I feel that it is a little too late for a city like Atlantic City. The city has been struggling for years due to dwindling numbers of visitors. Having casinos open up in the Philadelphia area contributed to that. I am a little over an hour away from AC and used to go there often. Now, I probably only go once every couple of years. It is basically a ghetto with a beach, boardwalk, and a few casinos. Legalizing sports betting would help AC but not enough. It's a shame, too. I think that AC could have been a 'Little Vegas" of sorts.
  7. Those were awful to me as a 12 year old. I can honestly say that my opinion has not changed.
  8. Midnight green is unique but it's a terrible color IMO. Both the Jets and Eagles should be using kelly green again. It was fine to have two kelly green teams back then and it should be fine now. I'd like to see an updated version of the Jets late 70s to mid 90s look (with black or sans black).
  9. Well, neither did the 1993 Patriots.
  10. But I could see Nike doing that for the Patriots. We all know Nike loves to mismatch TV numbers with numbers on the front and back (Seahawks, Jaguars).
  11. I used to watch the beach roller hockey on ESPN 2 back in the early-mid 90s. That was great. Having more sports or even multiple leagues of sports is so much better than too much coverage of leagues. I'm looking at you, NFL and NBA.
  12. Sporting KC needs to wear something similar to this and I'm not talking just for warmups. I loved the Wiz/Wizards identity.
  13. I am tired of the navy or the darker blue that has been in the scheme since 1997. Time to get rid of it. This is perfect. Just aqua and orange.
  14. They finally did get Comcast Sportsnet Philly in State College. But it has only been about 10 years now. So, for years, Penn State students who were Flyers fans were stuck with Penguins games.
  15. Imagine all of that time that hockey fans will save!