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  1. Just some Soccer Concepts

    Very nice, I actually like the blue short combination, it has a really fresh look to it.
  2. The America League

    I don't know if it's too soon to comment again but what the hell. Still a great series, I seem to be finding it harder to keep up than you do making these. Is there any chance that the first post could get transformed into some sort of index? EDIT: Just notice that the Fort Worth logo has a bit of Bolton in it, quite cool to see.
  3. The America League

    This is a tremendous series and your logos are works of art, really looking to seeing this expanding. The only place where I would put any criticism is your player models, I don't think their realism lends itself very well to your overall project look.
  4. Just some Soccer Concepts

    I didn't quite get the Beckham joke but all the kits are solid concepts. The only problem I had is the collar on the Arsenal kits, it looks really dodgy, but other than that everything is great.
  5. Just some Soccer Concepts

    Well this template was copied from work I did and I am quite happy releasing what I have of it if there is demand for it which there certainly seems to be. I'll post it up soon once I clean-up the .PSD, I only made the front and the head doesn't have as many styles as Berlin Wall's but i'm happy to share, It'll be in a separate thread of course.
  6. Just some Soccer Concepts

    Slavia is a brilliant concept, all the others work but nothing leaps out as amazing.
  7. Just some Soccer Concepts

    Did you by any chance use my player model when creating that new template? There are a lot of similarities (Entry number 2 ) I'm not going to make a big deal out of it but asking is nice, especially since I know you from SG and as Aserbaijan23. Out of all of these I like your Hungary kit and the two Danish teams the most the rest are pretty average though in terms of design.