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  1. The Six

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    The draft in every sport should be eliminated. All eligible players should just be free agents. Let workers choose where they want to work.
  2. The Six

    2018-19 NBA Season

    We are getting a Finals rematch. It's the Warriors vs. Lebron.
  3. There's never been a more appropriate user name juxtaposition than "who do you think" and "dont care" talking to each other.
  4. Every time a smaller team gets far in the playoffs, people say "Uh oh, ABC/FOX/NBC is really going to hate this matchup!" We love to yelp about how those teams make for terrible ratings, yet somehow when the salary cap issue comes up, they're suddenly essential teams.
  5. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    17 is definitely old enough to know better. Even if you use word like that in real life, you can't be stupid enough to put it out there on Twitter using your real name. At the same time, even if he said those things today I can't bring myself to care anymore. Dumb people say dumb things. The only cure is public shaming, and the Internet Outrage Machine will take care of that easily. I don't have the energy to get outraged over what every random nobody (basically what a Brewers relief pitcher is) has to say.
  6. The Spurs shipping Leonard off to Them the North despite all his claims that he doesn't want to go there is hilarious.
  7. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Move the Marlins to Montreal and the Devil Rays to Miami.
  8. No league should have a cap. Caps only exist to artificially lower players' salaries and save owners from spending their own money. That it protects any semblance of competitive balance or parity is just an illusion. Let workers earn what they're worth.
  9. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Strange because Moreno was loved when he bought the team. The fanfare he got made it seem like the previous owner was Donald Sterling. He got a lot of positive press coverage for lowering beer prices! Vlad and Torii Hunter! Then came the team name change, threatening to move to Irvine (?), Josh Hamilton...and this is where we are.
  10. The Six

    New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    That whole Carl Hardee Sr. campaign was so bizarre. All that fanfare and apparently they canceled it after, what, one ad? And now everything's back to before like it never happened?
  11. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Too bad the Angels have wasted his great career. Has there ever been a player that great whose team has done absolutely nothing with him?
  12. I have the sudden urge to buy a Paul George jersey now.
  13. The Metro station in Inglewood will be 2 miles away from the Rams stadium. Not exactly a walk most people will want to make 10:00 at night after a game. Getting to North Hollywood isn't hard, so it's not going to alienate as many people as Inglewood will. Traffic on the 5 and 101? What about traffic on the 405 and 105 to get to Inglewood? There's traffic everywhere. And the Red Line stops right there.
  14. Inglewood is a terrible location, and Ballmer should have targeted the San Fernando Valley. By itself the Valley has a higher population than most NBA cities, and there's pretty much nothing there in terms of attractions besides Universal Studios. Inglewood just sucks and has no decent public transportation.
  15. Well, yeah. Wondering implies some sort of cognitive ability.