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    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    The draft in every sport should be eliminated. All eligible players should just be free agents. Let workers choose where they want to work.
  2. The Six

    2018-19 NBA Season

    We are getting a Finals rematch. It's the Warriors vs. Lebron.
  3. There's never been a more appropriate user name juxtaposition than "who do you think" and "dont care" talking to each other.
  4. Every time a smaller team gets far in the playoffs, people say "Uh oh, ABC/FOX/NBC is really going to hate this matchup!" We love to yelp about how those teams make for terrible ratings, yet somehow when the salary cap issue comes up, they're suddenly essential teams.
  5. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    17 is definitely old enough to know better. Even if you use word like that in real life, you can't be stupid enough to put it out there on Twitter using your real name. At the same time, even if he said those things today I can't bring myself to care anymore. Dumb people say dumb things. The only cure is public shaming, and the Internet Outrage Machine will take care of that easily. I don't have the energy to get outraged over what every random nobody (basically what a Brewers relief pitcher is) has to say.
  6. The Spurs shipping Leonard off to Them the North despite all his claims that he doesn't want to go there is hilarious.
  7. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Move the Marlins to Montreal and the Devil Rays to Miami.
  8. No league should have a cap. Caps only exist to artificially lower players' salaries and save owners from spending their own money. That it protects any semblance of competitive balance or parity is just an illusion. Let workers earn what they're worth.
  9. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Strange because Moreno was loved when he bought the team. The fanfare he got made it seem like the previous owner was Donald Sterling. He got a lot of positive press coverage for lowering beer prices! Vlad and Torii Hunter! Then came the team name change, threatening to move to Irvine (?), Josh Hamilton...and this is where we are.
  10. The Six

    New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    That whole Carl Hardee Sr. campaign was so bizarre. All that fanfare and apparently they canceled it after, what, one ad? And now everything's back to before like it never happened?
  11. The Six

    2018 MLB Season

    Too bad the Angels have wasted his great career. Has there ever been a player that great whose team has done absolutely nothing with him?
  12. I have the sudden urge to buy a Paul George jersey now.
  13. The Metro station in Inglewood will be 2 miles away from the Rams stadium. Not exactly a walk most people will want to make 10:00 at night after a game. Getting to North Hollywood isn't hard, so it's not going to alienate as many people as Inglewood will. Traffic on the 5 and 101? What about traffic on the 405 and 105 to get to Inglewood? There's traffic everywhere. And the Red Line stops right there.
  14. Inglewood is a terrible location, and Ballmer should have targeted the San Fernando Valley. By itself the Valley has a higher population than most NBA cities, and there's pretty much nothing there in terms of attractions besides Universal Studios. Inglewood just sucks and has no decent public transportation.
  15. Well, yeah. Wondering implies some sort of cognitive ability.
  16. Sometimes I wonder about this board.
  17. El Paso's a dump. It's Albuquerque or bust. New Mexico deserves a pro team, and Ballmer could start his own little tech community there.
  18. The only people worse than Warriors fans are Lakers fans. If those two teams had all the stars, we would truly enter an NBA apocalypse of insufferableness.
  19. It's funny, but this year is probably the first time that the postseason has actually lived up to its title of The Rite of Spring. If you don't know, Igor Stravinsky's ballet The Rite of Spring was so dissonant, unconventional, and avant-garde that it caused a riot during its premiere in Paris. There was booing, hissing, the throwing of objects on stage, and the police were called. The delicate sensibilities of the audience could not handle it, and it's likely that Russians were involved in the staging perhaps intensified things. By the time the performance was finished, those who appreciated the work were cheering louder than usual to try to drown out the detractors. Compare that to this year's NHL playoffs, where an expansion team dared to be good, and darling teams like the Jets were eliminated with little fanfare or suspense. It's the perfect formula for the beau monde elite fans to cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with this NHL"? The ones who appreciated good hockey just watched and enjoyed it, while the detractors worked themselves up in a frenzy, never allowing themselves the pleasure to be entertained by the masterpiece that was right in front of them. Just like in Paris 100 years ago.
  20. Imagine if Ovechkin had signed with the Penguins after one of those postseason losses. All the emotion, all the feelings of finally overcoming failure and redeeming yourself, would all be gone. Sure, his new team would be a juggernaut and he'd probably have 3 Cups by now, but they'd be hollow. Every postseason would turn into a joyless slog towards an inevitable result that nobody enjoys, and not even Ovechkin himself would be able to celebrate because he'd know that he did nothing more than hitch himself to a team that didn't need him. There's probably a comparable player for this in another sport, but I'm drawing a blank right now.
  21. The Six

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Except most of the league isn't actively trying to be trash. The Western Conference playoff race was tighter than it's been in a long time, Anyone from the 4 to 10 seed could have realistically made or missed the playoffs. Saying the majority of teams in the league are tanking just isn't true. The competition is there; it just doesn't matter when the postseason actually starts because we know what's going to happen. A lot of teams are trying to win, and just because they can't beat the greatest team of all time doesn't mean they're trash.
  22. The Six

    2018 NBA Post Season

    That's not really fair. Other teams are trying. The Jazz are building something, the Pelicans have improved, and even They the North tried to win, bless their maple-soaked little hearts. Not every team can have a Kevin Durant or Chris Paul join them to instantly make a super team; there aren't enough superstars to go around. What are other teams supposed to do in a league where you need multiple generational players just to be competitive?
  23. The Six

    2018 NBA Post Season

    LeBatard often makes the point that what makes the NBA compelling is that even though you usually end up with the obvious result, the way we got there is unexpected. Anyone could have predicted GSW-CLE from the beginning, but who saw these series being so close? This is the drama that you have to savor right now.
  24. The Six

    2018 NBA Post Season

    It's fun watching the media and everyone else overreact to every game in GSW-HOU: Game 1: The Rockets will be lucky to win one game! Game 2: Curry is finished. The Dynasty is over. Game 3: The Rockets are dead, the NBA sucks, Kevin Durant ruined basketball. Game 4: Uh...Warriors in 6???
  25. The only thing that matters is that we get another year without a Canadian team winning the Cup. It would have been especially dreadful if a team from a place that isn't even real won it. Thank you, Vegas.