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  1. The Warriors are light years ahead of every other sports team. If you want to witness history, you gotta pay up.
  2. Anaheim - Teemu Selanne, Randy Carlyle, Ilya Bryzgalov, Brian Hayward
  3. Los Angeles - Pooh Richardson, Darius Miles, Loy Vaught, Bill Walton
  4. The Prodigal Son has returned!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!
  5. Every time Simmons says a word about ESPN I can't help but think it's bitterness. And he's always talking about them, too.
  6. He won first first ring in 2010 and then was World Series MVP after that, Grant Brisbee wrote an article detailing how the Giants could actually be in a better place if they had kept Pablo, mainly because Matt Duffy wouldn't have gotten enough playing time to get traded for the awful Matt Moore. The team would be bad now either way, though.
  7. Yeah, those contract's are big albatross's for their respective team's.
  8. Looks like Johnny Cueto may only have one more start before he's finally traded. Crazy, considering he was such a star for the Giants last year, and this year he's basically irrelevant. Too bad Matt Moore has no value and can't go with him. Terrible pitcher.
  9. Well that was odd. Not sure how the Rockies let a poopy team like the Giants sweep them like that. Guess the NL West belongs to Arizona now.
  10. Relevant lyrics within:
  11. If they call themselves T&AT&T Sports, then all will be fine.
  12. Odd hiccup by the Rox there, but I guess that happens when you face the Giants' ace. Tomorrow's another day!
  13. Finally the Rockies have come back to San Francisco! I wonder how many runs they'll score. Too bad they won't be able to tee off against Matt Moore again in this series.
  14. They brought Jerry West in to make moves. This should surprise nobody. Everyone's been saying the Clippers should blow it up, so you can't criticize them for trying to shake up the roster.