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  1. This is stupid. If you want to walk someone, throw the four balls and walk him.
  2. "They have terrible management, so that fanbase should lose their team!"
  3. Cousins ain't re-signing with N.O.
  4. In general, the Warriors and Seahawks do seem very similar, right down to the fanbases.
  5. Awesome combination. Good ol' eggplant and jade. NBA needs more of this.
  6. It's not faulting him personally. He has the right to go get a better job, and we as paying customers have to right to complain that it makes the NBA as a whole into a worse product. There's no suspense this season at all.
  7. That's not the quote. Jordan said "73 don't mean bleep". But it does. It's the all-time record. The Mariners probably were the best team in baseball that year. What proves more: 162 games or baseball's random-ass playoffs? The postseason does not exist to prove who is the best; it's there to make money and give us an exciting ending. One miraculous helmet catch didn't make the Football Giants better than the Patriots. I know people only care about the end result, I'm just saying I disagree with that line of thinking. If the regular season is completely meaningless and obsolete, what the hell are we all doing spending money on it/yelling about it for most of the year? Have his Bobcats even won a playoffs series? Try winning something as an owner before you start trash talking.
  8. It wasn't really a good burn. 73 wins does mean something because it's never been done before, despite the populous "WIN THA RINGZ OR IT DOESN'T MATTER" mentality. Also, Jordan's been a pretty terrible owner himself.
  9. Not on purpose, anyway.
  10. Right. We all know nobody's beating the Warriors this year, and that this season is just an extended deathmarch towards the inevitable Cavs rematch in the Finals. The season means nothing. It would make the most sense for all of us to politely sit on our hands and wait for June, but as basketball fans we need something to talk about and hope for. And when the playoffs come, the Spurs will try and save us, the Rockets will try and save us, and They the North will try and save us, and a healthy Clippers has just as good a shot as any of them.
  11. Not sure how that translates to them being done. If the team is healthy for the playoffs they have just as good a chance as any other team at beating the Warriors, no matter the seeding.
  12. You know he'll be back for the playoffs, right?
  13. His tweet at the porn star was a failure of a comeback and paying tribute to the man who ruined WWE is a disgrace. Other than that, he's cool.