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  1. I see Ms. Edens's most recent tweet is about what the NBA would be like without a salary cap. I like her already.
  2. Maybe the Giants won't have to worry about Johnny Cueto opting out after all.
  3. Such great fans and a great atmosphere there in Nashville. If the Ducks had to lose, I'm glad it's to a city that treats the game right. Subban is just perfect where he is now.
  4. I thought the Penguins were a good hockey team, but apparently it's just the karma magic voodoo gods getting back at the Senators' social media guy. Huh. Learn something new every day.
  5. The Ducks are better because they're the team that I root for. Now get out of here with this rational nonsense.
  6. If an NBA Game 7 falls down in the woods, but the Warriors and Cavs aren't in it, does it make a sound?
  7. Whatever happens this round, we can all sleep soundly knowing that we did get to see a Battle of Alberta in the end. It was Flames vs. Oilers: which team can look worse playing a California team. And the Flames won that battle! Congrats, Calgary!
  8. Entitled to what? To watch their team play? The word has lost all meaning.
  9. I remember, before the internet, when the word "entitled" had meaning other than "person I don't like".
  10. When did the admiral wake up from his cryogenic sleep? Why does he only seem to hate hockey when the Blackhawks are out of it? Does Ice Cap get notifications on his phone whenever admiral posts just so he can "like" them? So many mysteries. Fans shouldn't project the failures of their own team as being a failure of the league. 4 different teams winning a championship in 6 years isn't exactly a terrible sign. Sports fans are too finicky. They want to see someone new win, but as soon as that team starts winning regularly, they want them gone. They somehow want the league to fix it so Connor McDavid is in the Final, but hate that Sidney Crosby has been in more than one. Nobody's happy and nobody is ever satisfied. The NHL isn't last of the Big 4 because of Bettman, it's because the fans are miserable, even when things go their way. It's a league full of Patriots fans.
  11. You could fault goaltending or the defense, but you really gotta blame the officials for that loss. Ducks didn't get away with any goalie interference and only had a paltry three power plays. Refs are gonna have to step it up.
  12. In before we learn that the Blues are Morgo's fifth favorite team because blue is also one of the Canucks' colors, and the Predators his seventh favorite because his second cousin vacationed in Nashville once.
  13. Can't say for sure that Duffy would have gotten injured if he hadn't been traded. Moore just looks like he doesn't know how to pitch now. I understand the Giants needed pitching, but Duffy was a lot to give up for the largely unspectacular, and now mostly poopy Moore.
  14. The Giants traded Matt Duffy for Matt Moore.