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  1. The Flames shut out the Maple Leaves. Freddie Hamilton and Kris Versteeg each scored in the first minute of the game.
  2. Putting locations other than the main city's name is fine. Variety is good. Protecting the sanctity of the "CITY NAME PLURAL NOUNS" naming convention is not a battle worth fighting. If you speak in hushed tones about how much better the Patriots would be if they were the Boston Patriots because Boston is a CITY and not a REGION, then you're being kind of silly. We're talking about sports teams. They can represent themselves and their area however they please—imagined rules and uniformist fantasies be damned.
  3. Ducks get screwed because officials don't understand that you can't push the goalie's leg.
  4. Clippers are the best team in the league so far. Just dominant.
  5. Red Sox/Cardinals would have been better. Just think of the storylines. Ortiz's final series. The 10th anniversary of the '06 WS team.
  6. Randypuck is out in full force tonight. Carlyle could be turning these Ducks around faster than expected. Or maybe the Kings are just awful. We'll see.
  7. Thank you, thread, for reminding me that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals. Good times.
  8. The city of Cleveland is a sports powerhouse and cannot be stopped.
  9. Another crisis averted - Hampus Lindholm has signed. Can't wait to see how Randy uses him.
  10. I'm impressed the Cubs even bothered to show up after being in that insurmountable 1-0 series deficit. Truly a team for the ages.
  11. The Maple Leaves are ruining Frederik Andersen. 7 goals on 24 shots. Poor Freddy. He and Gibson were such a great tandem.
  12. Three more wins, boys!
  13. Dodgers are gearing up for a big comeback here. I think A-Gon has gotten into the umps' heads. Puig is gonna explode. There's something magical with this team—don't let tonight's result fool you.
  14. Looks like any ol' generic arena.