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  1. 2016 NBA Offseason thread

    Kevin Durant to the Warriors
  2. 2016 MLB Season

    Santiago Casilla just embarrassed himself pretty badly there.
  3. Which team has the worst identity?

  4. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Has Cam Fowler been traded yet?
  5. 2015-16 NBA Thread

  6. Rigged: Discussions on Fixing in Sports

    Wrestling is a sport and wrestlers are athletes.
  7. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Needing to be lectured by a retired star player during a jersey retirement is so midwesterny.
  8. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I can't wait to go on a road trip to watch Randy Carlyle's Ducks play the Vegas Wise Guys.
  9. Bonino, Hagelin, Lovejoy, and freakin' Schultz. Can't believe any Ducks fan would be happy with this outcome.
  10. 2016 MLB Season

    Weird that him would still have a house there. This is the legacy of Matt Latos:
  11. I've learned to be be positive and enjoy the playoffs despite my team being a flaming bag of poop. These playoffs have actually been really good - No Kings, no Blackhawks, no Canada. It's rare to get a great combination like that, so I had to savor it while it lasted. The only thing left is to see the Cup back in California so that the best rivalries in hockey can get even better. Keep the Cup in the family, Sharks. You know what to do.
  12. What Grinds Your Gears...

    When did "I feel like" replace "I think" in our everyday language?
  13. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Karma's coming back to bite the thug Warriors now.
  14. 2016 MLB Season

    And now we know the Chicago Evil Empire is beatable.