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  1. "Questlove" is a stupid name.
  2. Well, Deadspin agrees with you.
  3. These Giants wins over the Cardinals are bittersweet. Sure, I'm glad they're finally winning some ballgames, but these wins are hurting the Cardinals' chances of getting the other Wild Card spot! Obviously we won't get another classic SF-STL postseason series this year, but a Wild Card game would make a fine consolation prize. Hopefully the Mets choke down the stretch so we don't get deprived of this prestigious matchup.
  4. This bullpen is a disaster. It doesn't even matter who Bochy puts out there. Well, after 3 World Series' worth of excellent pitching, the tide was bound to turn eventually. Time to rebuild.
  5. Niners get blown out by 30 next week.
  6. Cubs only manage to win 3 out of 4 from the Giants. I don't see them going very far in the postseason if they can't even sweep a poopy team like that at home. Probably gonna get swept by the Dodgers.
  7. I know Giants players will be all sitting down next they watch the playoffs from home.
  8. Very lame burns.
  9. I'm ready for all the hot takes about how Bochy ruined Moore's arm for nothing!
  10. I see the Gawker case as being similar to the Donald Sterling exile. Did he deserve to be banned from the NBA? Yes. Was the way that it happened fair? No. Sterling was allowed to be a terrible owner and person for decades, but it only became an issue when the public heard a tape. You shouldn't be able to take someone's team away from them like that. Gawker probably deserved to be cast off into the abyss, but not by drowning in legal fees defending themselves. I'm sure there are tons of small businesses that are forced into bankruptcy because they can't afford lawyers, and we never hear about them.
  11. Matt Moore is not very good. The Giants are not very good.
  12. Jhoulys Chachin just made the Angels regret sending down Lincecum.
  13. And competing against someone doesn't make it a sport. It turns it into a race. I wasn't playing a sport when I drove to work this morning; trying to go faster than someone else wouldn't suddenly transform it into a sport.
  14. Autopia is straight garbage. The entire area reeks of gasoline and there's absolutely no charm to the ride. It's a novelty that stopped being novel 40 years ago and needs to go away.