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  1. I'm ready for all the hot takes about how Bochy ruined Moore's arm for nothing!
  2. I see the Gawker case as being similar to the Donald Sterling exile. Did he deserve to be banned from the NBA? Yes. Was the way that it happened fair? No. Sterling was allowed to be a terrible owner and person for decades, but it only became an issue when the public heard a tape. You shouldn't be able to take someone's team away from them like that. Gawker probably deserved to be cast off into the abyss, but not by drowning in legal fees defending themselves. I'm sure there are tons of small businesses that are forced into bankruptcy because they can't afford lawyers, and we never hear about them.
  3. Matt Moore is not very good. The Giants are not very good.
  4. Jhoulys Chachin just made the Angels regret sending down Lincecum.
  5. And competing against someone doesn't make it a sport. It turns it into a race. I wasn't playing a sport when I drove to work this morning; trying to go faster than someone else wouldn't suddenly transform it into a sport.
  6. Autopia is straight garbage. The entire area reeks of gasoline and there's absolutely no charm to the ride. It's a novelty that stopped being novel 40 years ago and needs to go away.
  7. Well, the Giants had a good run. 3 championships and, for the most part, being in contention every year is something to be proud of.
  8. Again, "It's hard" is not enough to make something a sport. Playing the guitar can be hard, and it requires physical exertion. Sitting in the seiza style for a tea ceremony can be hard, and it requires physical exertion. That's doesn't make them sports. Swimming is a singular activity. If I take a dip in a pool and do a couple laps, am I playing a sport? No. Put other people in the pool, along with a ball and nets, and call it water polo? Yes, now we're playing a sport, with swimming being the main element. A sport has to test the human body in multiple ways. In, for example, basketball, you have to run, pass, catch, shoot, dribble, defend, rebound, and jump. In swimming you...swim. You may not even get to swim in different ways, with the 50 different categories we have so everyone gets to compete in their own individual length/stroke type. There's such a discrepancy there that I just can't put the two things in the same category. Even baseball, despite being slow, tests such a wide variation of skills. In golf, you swing a club. Sometimes you swing it hard, sometimes you putt. In baseball, you swing, run the bases, watch the pitcher for a steal attempt, catch, throw etc. Clear difference.
  9. Swimming isn't a sport. It's an element of a sport. It's an activity.
  10. The Giants are poop and so are their trades.
  11. Someone doesn't understand context. It was only the second home game they've won since the All-Star break, and losing in the most ridiculous of ways. Their 6 game lead was down to 1 yesterday, despite the Dodgers not having Kershaw for weeks. Nobody's going to say, "well at least we're not the Braves!"
  12. Sounds like Blackhawks fans in the NHL threads every year!
  13. Bases loaded with nobody out into a triple play just about summarizes the season.
  14. Golf is definitely not a sport. If the best defense of it is "it's really hard to walk the course when it's hot", that's not a good sign. It's not enough of a physical test. Performing one repetitive motion with a little variation is not enough. It's a game of skill, not a sport.