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  1. Right. We all know nobody's beating the Warriors this year, and that this season is just an extended deathmarch towards the inevitable Cavs rematch in the Finals. The season means nothing. It would make the most sense for all of us to politely sit on our hands and wait for June, but as basketball fans we need something to talk about and hope for. And when the playoffs come, the Spurs will try and save us, the Rockets will try and save us, and They the North will try and save us, and a healthy Clippers has just as good a shot as any of them.
  2. Not sure how that translates to them being done. If the team is healthy for the playoffs they have just as good a chance as any other team at beating the Warriors, no matter the seeding.
  3. You know he'll be back for the playoffs, right?
  4. His tweet at the porn star was a failure of a comeback and paying tribute to the man who ruined WWE is a disgrace. Other than that, he's cool.
  5. At least the Raiders aren't moving here!
  6. Oh come on, now. Let's not go overboard. Winnipeg is definitely not a city.
  7. I wonder if this run will finally make Canada respect the Columbus Blue Jackets.
  8. Why doesn't he buy anything for the Phillies players? What a cheapskate.
  9. I can't wait for 2016 to be over. Not because it's been a horrible year, but because I'm tired of idiots with their "Waaah! A famous person died! 2016 is so mean!" yipping. Guess what: famous people will die next year too. And the year after that! I'm pretty sure some also died last year.
  10. A triumphant return for Randy to Toronno tonight! MLSE can't be happy.
  11. The Ducks traded the wrong goaltender.
  12.   You should. They're pretty terrible.
  13. What a Toronto way to lose.
  14. You think too simply. When were the Giants eliminated? Game 4. Who started that game for them? Matt Moore. Whom did they trade to get Matt Moore? Matt Duffy. Whom did Duffy replace at third base? Pablo Sandoval. If Sandoval's still on the team, Duffy gets traded for someone else, likely bullpen relief. The starting pitching is slightly worse because Moore isn't there but Chris Heston gets added to the postseason roster instead and pitches a gem, and the extra offense from Sandoval propels them to the NLCS. Pretty easy to figure out. Oh, and if the Red Sox had a healthy Panda, they would have gone to the World Series, too.