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  1. One of the 14 teams he roots for was beaten by a California team, so now he's bitter.
  2. Yeah it's crazy how a team that went to the Finals two straight years without Durant is still playing well without Durant who expected that guys
  3. The Matt Moore and Mike Leake trades really have not worked out for the Giants.
  4. Saying the Clippers should blow it up is stupid. They have no draft picks and no means to rebuild. They need to re-sign Chris Paul. Then see what they can do with Griffin, like a sign and trade to get someone to better complement Paul. Blowing it up would just doom the franchise to Nets territory.
  5. 10-year-olds are allowed here?.
  6. Damn, you know what, I actually feel bad about what the Ducks have done. They selfishly denied everyone a Battle of Alberta. We could have watched the Flames play a sloppy mess against the Oilers, which surely would have been much more entertaining than watching them play a sloppy mess against the Ducks. Damn this California Hockey!
  7. Let that be a lesson to you kids. Injuring your first round opponent's best defenseman doesn't matter when your team still sucks.
  8. Doc Rivers gotta go.
  9. Somewhere, Lambert is smiling.
  10. Apparently Cam Fowler could be back to skating by next week already. Looks like Giordano's evil plan wasn't as effective as he hoped.
  11. Never got why it's so hated in the first place. Alright, it's not the most professional-looking font, but so what? There are tons of fonts and it doesn't look any worse than most of them. It's just something people jump on because it's the cool thing to do.