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  1. What Grinds Your Gears...

    "Him and Lebron are the best players in the NBA."
  2. Congratulations to Nashville for being such a great host. The crowd had great energy, they cheered the right people and booed the right people for the most part..Best fans in the Central Division, and it wouldn't have been the same without them. 3 on 3 was highly entertaining and a big improvement over the normal format. Great weekend for hockey.
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    When people say "I wanna say" instead of "I think".
  4. Sierra Mist to change look...and name to.....

    I had no idea this was meant to replace Slice. I drank that all the time as a kid (but only could get it when I went on vacation to my local grocery store). I've been avoiding it now because Sierra Mist is a dumb name. This new name is just as bad as Pibb Xtra.
  5. Hagelin was putrid. I can't believe Ranger fans were bemoaning losing him when the trade happened. Ducks basically traded Palmieri AND Etem to get him, which makes it worse. And then gave him an extension before training camp.
  6. Ducks need to end this fruitless fantasy of theirs and pack it in for the season already.
  7. New logo for Cici's Pizza

    Reminds me of the Cialis logo. Beyond boners.
  8. What Grinds Your Gears...

    When did every other sports broadcaster start saying "on the other side" when talking about going into commercial? It sounds like insider jargon that they suddenly decided would sound cool to use on the air. "COMING UP ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BREAK"
  9. Let The Hot Stove Heat Up: 2015-2016 MLB Offseason

    I can see pmoehrin being the Chuck Klosterman to the admiral's Bill Simmons.
  10. They haven't been elite since 07. Keler's deal is basically a Pujols for the Ducks, or at least a Hamilton. Or maybe that's Bieksa's. Either way, teams that go "all in" and hand out huge contracts don't typically recover quickly.
  11. Let The Hot Stove Heat Up: 2015-2016 MLB Offseason

    Aoki's defense wasn't that bad, and the baserunning has been overblown. He also didn't require a new contract, just the Giants picking up his option for 5.5 million, which is perfectly reasonable for a third/fourth outfielder. He was at an All-Star level before he got hurt (which I believe is more than "the minimum"), so you can't blame him for that. Keeping him would have been an easy solution to fill the LF hole, and good insurance for the inevitable Pagan injury.We know the Giants aren't signing any more big free agents, so there are not many acceptable outfielders who are available. They at least could have picked up his option and then used him as trade bait. Instead he was let go for nothing, which was just a bad move.
  12. Let The Hot Stove Heat Up: 2015-2016 MLB Offseason

    The Giants desperately needed starting potching, and they got it with maybe the two riskiest pitchers who were available. This is very different from what the Giants have been doing because they always could rely on the farm for another arm, but not so much snymore. Still need a left fielder, and they had a perfectly good Norichika sitting right there.