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  1. MLB has Billyball. The NHL has Randypuck. Catch the fever.
  2. Randypuck is catching on in Anaheim at just the right time. He's pushing all the right buttons and never forgets to put people in the penalty box.
  3. A writer said the team that I root for is going to be bad, but they're good! I hate writers!
  4. The outdoor games reached their zenith with the Dodger Stadium game. Nothing else needed to be done. Retire the Winter Classic and move on.
  5. The Lambert hate on this board is almost as bad as the Patriots hate.
  6. Carlyle wins 1-0. Indian Heads needed more truculence.
  7. Is this an actual controversy? Every article I've seen just says "some" are angry, but there's nothing resembling an actual quote from anyone who's against this. Is this fake news? Are we just drumming up outrage over an imaginary group of people's outrage? WHO'S ACTUALLY AGAINST THIS?
  8. There are three "United" teams in MLS. MLS is dumb.
  9. It's finally Brian Hayward's time to shine as the premier voice of hockey in Southern California!
  10. What.
  11. People erroneously said the Clippers were screwed when Chris Paul got injured a few weeks ago, but here we are: now he's back, and the team is fine. The Warriors will be fine.
  12. Le Batard/Stugotz are basically the only enjoyable people on ESPN these days.
  13. Jericho did something that Bret Hart couldn't do - be great in WCW. #2 is high but he's easily top 10 for that era.
  14. We all had fun ribbing this dude for years, and as soon as he joins the Warriors everyone gets their feelings hurt. What a whiny, self-important bunch of killjoys.
  15. The show has a great nickname. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually come on at 6:00. This is ESPN trying to normalize east coast bias by naming a show after a specific timeslot and insisting we all refer to it as such. I won't stand for it.