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  1. The Maple Leaves are ruining Frederik Andersen. 7 goals on 24 shots. Poor Freddy. He and Gibson were such a great tandem.
  2. Three more wins, boys!
  3. Dodgers are gearing up for a big comeback here. I think A-Gon has gotten into the umps' heads. Puig is gonna explode. There's something magical with this team—don't let tonight's result fool you.
  4. Looks like any ol' generic arena.
  5. They're Leafing it up.
  6. That decision is something that could haunt the organization for decades. The Cubs are in deep trouble.
  7. Unfortunately I don't think even the triumphant return of Stanley Cup Champion Randy Carlyle will help this Ducks team. They'll start off 5-10-4 and then get knocked out of the playoffs on the last day of the regular season.
  8. It's a lot easier to shrug and say "meh" when your team has won three recent championships. You feel a nice sense of calmness. Just look at how rational Blackhawks fans are when their team loses.
  9. Bochy pulls pitchers like that all the time.
  10. The Giants and Red Sox both really miss Pablo Sandoval this postseason.
  11. I used to think Pearl Jam was fine. Not one of my favorite bands, but decent enough. When I actually listened to one of their albums, I was horrified by how bad it was. Still have good singles, I guess.
  12. Come on Giants, #WinForVin! Let's do it!
  13. What a joy it was to listen to Vin Scully end his career by calling the Giants, his boyhood team, sweep the series and get a postseason berth. There couldn't have been a better way to end the season. And yes, Scully even said on-air that now that he's retired, he can root for the Giants on Wednesday. The only time I could watch the Giants growing up was when they were playing the Dodgers. I didn't care who was playing, though, as long as Scully was calling it. I've heard his voice more often than I have some family members'. From one LA-residing Giants fan to another, thank you, Vin.