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  1. LuvTheNats

    NFL Draft Picks

    When did JBL get hired by the Vikings?
  2. LuvTheNats

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  3. LuvTheNats

    2018 NFL Offseason

    Now the drama will focus on who’s going to be the coach after next year if they don’t win the division. There’s always drama in Washington.
  4. LuvTheNats

    Ask A Moderator

    Is The Lounge now only accessible after logging in to the site?
  5. That doesn't mean he was showing up to games and in the locker room loaded as has been conveniently thrown out there in the last 18 hours. By no means am I intending to be combative. I just think this is another Snyder ploy. I'm not buying the Redskins' version of the story.
  6. Stop right there....allegedly. I wouldn't put it by Dan Snyder and his band of minions to plant that story to get out of having to pay him the remainder of his contract. Snyder has proven to stoop to those sort of depths in the past. Lest we forget, they banished McCloughan for a few weeks hoping he'd up and quit to dodge paying him. And for the record, I'm a Skins fan and saying that.
  7. LuvTheNats

    Football in Japan

    I expect Paul Lukas to start a crusade against this team name and logo any moment now.
  8. LuvTheNats Messed Up My Whalers Jersey

    Forget Goodwill. If you're just going to give it away....I'll gladly take it from you.
  9. LuvTheNats

    Pics where the players look cool

    I may be totally naive here....but is that ink Hasek has real?
  10. I might actually be interested in that deal. Rough much would shipping be? I will get back to you on that next weekend. I'm currently at school and can't get anyone at home to take pictures for me. I'll have to go over to the post office and see if I can get the helmet to fit in flat rate shipping box. Cool man. Very much appreciated. I'm going to message you my email address.
  11. I might actually be interested in that deal. Rough much would shipping be?
  12. LuvTheNats

    3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Million thanks Marble!
  13. LuvTheNats

    3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Does anybody have the goalie mask templates Davidson posted a while back? His site does not appear to work now.